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Rationale for This Series of White Papers

William A. Tiller
For the past forty years this author has been writing scientific
papers, articles and books in the Psychoenergetic Science area, in
parallel with his orthodox science work carried out as a materials
science professor at Stanford University with his Ph.D. students during
this same time period. The main purpose of this work was to awaken
the consciousness of humanity, the lay public as well as the scientific
community, to the importance of human consciousness and its focused
development upon both (1) the progressive evolution of our latent
human capabilities and spiritual perspectives and (2) the actual
expansion of our orthodox science to perceive and beneficially utilize
consciousness as a significant experimental variable in the study of
natures manifold expressions and opportunities.
Some significant progress has been made in the last four
decades of our work towards creating a consciousness-inclusive
science for humankinds future. However, todays orthodox physics
paradigm and establishment has absolutely no capability of achieving
such a goal. This is because they are not working within a reference
frame large enough to even allow such a possibility. Todays quantum
mechanics, quantum electrodynamics and relativity theory are stuck in
spacetime and thus can only handle thermodynamic potential functions
that are spatially (and temporally)-dependent. Whereas,
experimentally, nothing about human consciousness or human
intention appears to be spatially dependent!
Truth is always in the carefully gathered experimental data via
use of the appropriate measurement instruments. Todays
measurement instruments are primarily electromagnetic (EM) and thus
are limited by signal velocities at the velocity of light (vc). However,
the greater limitation is the entrapment of the orthodox physics
community by (1) their great expertise in specific areas of orthodox
specialization, (2) their great hubris in thinking that they have all the
relevant answers and (3) their great fear for their hard-won
reputations if they are seen by their scientific peers to give serious
credence to outside-the-box experimental data or theoretical
thinking. It was the same in Galileos day when the priests of that day
would not seriously look at the experimental data!
In any event, sad as it is, how might one change that deficiency
of our present world. What we have decided to do on this website is to
write a series of White Papers, both theoretical and experimental,
2009 William A. Tiller

that point to important, well-founded data or new concepts that should

be seriously considered by thoughtful humans of both the lay public
and orthodox science persuasion.

2009 William A. Tiller