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(October 22, 2009, Paris)

Period May 12 – August 12, 2012

Venue Yeosu, Korea


8 million Visitors (0.5 million from abroad)

100 Countries (5 international organizations)

Investments KRW 2.1 trillion (USD 1.8 billion)

• Selected as venue for Int’l Expo 2012 in Dec. 2007 (142nd General Assembly)
• Officially recognized in Dec. 2008 (144th General Assembly)
Organizing Committee Master Planners Commissioner of
reinforced system the Exposition

Staff increased from Experts activities (ocean, Appointed in May

160 to 181 construction, exhibition,
Further expansion after-use, IT and
expected (private sector) transportation)
Preservation and Cutting-edge Maritime Creative Marine Activities
Sustainable Development Industries and Cooperation
of the Ocean and Coast and Technologies of Humankind

- Climate and Environment

- Marine Creatures
- Marine Industry and Technology
- Marine City & Civilization
- Marine Arts
President of Korea visits Yeosu on Aug. 28
- Toured the Expo site and the Promotion Center
- Listened to the local issues concerning Expo preparations
- Stressed on the post-Expo utilization of the site, and support of the general public

The 5th Government Support Committee in Oct. 2009

- Cooperation with adjacent regions – designation of support areas
- Expansion of local road system
- Promotion for construction of hotels
Land ownership secured in August
- Public and private property

Public tender for development contract opened in Sept. 2009

- Contractor selected on Oct. 24, 2009
- Construction starts from Nov. 2009 to Oct. 2011
Bird’s-eye view of the Expo site

The Big-O

Thematic Pavilion
Expo Digital Gallery

Marine Life Pavilion

International Pavilions Korean Pavilion Coastal Triangle

Construction schedules

Facilities Design selection Completion

Oct. 19, 2009 Aug. 2010 Feb. 2012

Aug. 28, 2009 Aug. 2010 Feb. 2012

Korean Dec. 2009

May 2010 Dec. 2011
Pavilion (turnkey contract)

May 2010
The Big-O Jun. 2010 Mar. 2012
(turnkey contract)

Marine Life Oct. 2009

Mar. 2010 Feb. 2012
Pavilion (private investment)
Winner selected on Oct. 19, 2009
- 136 entries (111 international, 25 domestic)
- An Austrian entry selected, “One Ocean”
- Harmony with coastline, change of image depending on
- Permanent building adaptable for post-Expo uses
Construction starts in Aug. 2010
- To be completed in Feb. 2012
Winner design selected in Aug. 2009
- Image of Korea’s South Coast
- Solar-paneled roof and wave-patterned vent system
- 2-storied/4-cluster complex sized 70,000 sq. meters
- Built in consideration of post-Expo utilization

Construction starts in Aug. 2010

- To be completed in Feb. 2012
Model for zero carbon building
- Request for Proposal being drafted
- Turnkey contract award in Dec. 2009
- Construction from May 2010 to Dec. 2011
Task Force formed by Chairman Kang in Sept.
- Worldwide collection of ideas for contents from Oct.
to Dec. 2009
- Feasibility and entertaining aspects stressed
Contractor selected on turnkey basis
in May 2010
- Construction starts in Jun. 2010
- To be completed in Mar. 2012
Public and private joint project
- Hanwha Corp selected as private investor in Oct. 2009
- Construction starts in Mar. 2010

Construction budget:
- Total USD 7.5 million

Aquarium Size:
- 6,030 cubic meters
An umbrella motif of Expo theme:
“The Interaction between Humanity and the Ocean for 2050”
Exhibition plan and installation schedule
- Public tender for Exhibition Master Plan being prepared
- Finalization of Master Plan in Dec. 2009
- Exhibition contractor for each pavilion selected in Mar. 2010
- Manufacturing and installation of exhibits start in Nov. 2010
Ocean & Coast Best Practice Area
- Projected as highlight exhibits of the Expo
- Master plans for OCBPA to be drafted in Nov. 2009
- Inauguration of International Selection Committee in Nov. 2009
IOC Secretary General
National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration
Representatives of academia and thinktanks
BIE Secretary General
Commission on research for master plan in Oct. 2009
Finalization of master plan in Mar. 2010
Contract award for outdoor design and
planning in Jun. 2010
Implementation of master plan starts
in Jan. 2011

Wireless Tram
- Fuel cell-powered tram
- Total route: 1.03km
- 3 car tram (200 passengers, 24m x 2.5m, 5km/hr)
- Operated between Gate 1 ↔ EDG ↔ Gate 4
- Construction of cars and infrastructure in Nov. 2010
- Trial operation in Nov. 2011
Ubiquitous computing
- Ubiquitous interface and personalized access to visitors
- U-IT division reinforced
- Integration of IT systems of Expo
Cyber Expo
- Allowing visitors to experience and interact with the Expo
through browsers
- Offering 3-D map, Geographic Info System and cyber tours
- Turnkey basis contract planned for Dec. 2009
Prospect of ubiquitous avenue for 2050
- Interweaving cutting-edge IT with marine arts & culture
- Web 3.0 interface

The main axis (600m-long, 30m-wide)

- The world’s first ubiquitous avenue

Establishing Master Plan rescheduled for Feb. 2010

Contractor selection planned in Apr. 2010
KTX (Highspeed train)
- Construction starts in Jun. 2010
- 3-hr run between Seoul and Yeosu
- Trial operation in Jan. 2012
- 1 hour flight from Incheon airport
- Plan to upgrade Yeosu Airport as Int’l
Airport during the Expo period
- Jeonju-Gwangyang highway (118km)
Construction to be completed in Feb. 2012

- Mokpo-Gwangyang highway (101km)

Construction to be completed in Feb. 2012
Cruise Terminal
- Overseas passengers from China,
Japan and Northeast Asia
- Cruise pier: max. 80,000 G/T
- Passenger pier: max. 15,000 G/T
- Integrated terminal being planned
(total area: 2,000 sq. meters)
- Construction starts in Apr. 2010
- Trial operation in Nov. 2011
Transit Parkings
- Four parking areas within 18 km radius from the site
- Area of 440,400㎡
(4 locations for 12,000 cars, 700 buses)
- Contractor selected in Sept. 2009
- Construction starts in Jun. 2010
- Trial operation in Jan. 2012
Expo Town
- To house 1,800 overseas Expo staffs and 8,000 Korean staffs
- 4,700 rooms (1,442 units)
- Project manager: Korea Land and Housing Corporation in Jan. 2009
- Hyundai Consortium selected as builder in Sept. 2009
- Compensation for private land owners in progress (53% as of Oct. 2009)
- Construction starts in May 2010, to be completed in Mar. 2012
VIP accommodation
- Corporate VIP Guest Houses in Yeosu with 28 rooms
- Namhae Hilton with 170 rooms

New facilities planned

- Some 8,000 rooms planned by private investment

Renovation in progress
- Remodeling of 5,000 rooms in and around Yeosu
- Standardization practice to be introduced

Youth accommodation
- Camping sites and youth hostels
Confirmed participants
- Invitations sent to 152 countries/26 int’l organizations
in Jan. 2009
- Additional invitations sent to 7 non-member states of BIE
- 29 countries and 3 int’l organizations confirmed participation
Countries: Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ukraine, Panama, Turkey, Libya, Guyana, Yemen, Egypt, Thailand,
Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, El Salvador, Vanuatu, Seychelles, Ivory Coast, Oman, United Arab
Emirates, Germany, Guatemala, Vietnam, Spain, Algeria, Nepal, China, Dominican Republic, Italy,
International organizations: OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), IPCC
(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), PEMSEA (Partnerships in Environmental Management for
the Seas of East Asia)
Participants’ Meeting
- Participants’ guidelines to be drafted by Dec. 2009
- 1st Participants’ Meeting scheduled for 2010
- At least 3 meetings before the opening of the Expo
Shanghai 2010
- Yeosu and Shanghai Expo leaders meet in Seoul in Aug. 2009
(Unveiling of Yeosu & Shanghai Expo mascots)
- China’s participation in Yeosu confirmed on Oct. 11 at Korea-China summit in Beijing
- Yeosu Expo Chairman to visit Beijing and Shanghai in Oct. 2009
Milan 2015
- MOU for cooperation signed with Milan Expo 2015 in Sept. 2009
- KOTRA and ICE to promote closer link between business circles for the success of
each Expo
Yeosu Declaration
- Promotion of awareness of ecological challenges faced by
marine ecosystems
- Encouraging international cooperation to deal with the issue
- Suggestion of concrete ideas and presentation of pilot

Yeosu Project
- Cooperation programs to support developing countries address marine ecological
- Allocation of US$ 10 million for 4 years (2009~2012)
- Detailed programs being developed through surveys and studies in cooperation with
international organizations and recipient countries
- KOICA survey team to visit South Pacific islands in Nov. – Dec. 2009
Two special regulations submitted in Dec. 2008
- Special regulations No. 1 “Definition of the Expo’s theme”
No. 2 “Conditions for the participation”

Four special regulations drafts submitted in Oct. 2009

- No. 3 “Steering Committee”
No. 5 “Installation and operation of machinery and equipment”
No. 6 “Accommodation for the official participants”
No. 13 “Admissions”
- To be finalized in consultation with the BIE

Two special regulations drafts submitted by the end of 2009

- No. 12 “Privileges and Advantages of Commissioner and Staff”
- No. 14 “Prize Awards”
The 3rd International Symposium
- Date & Venue: November 19, 2009 / Jeju Island
- Theme: The Core Agenda of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea
Yeosu Expo’s Vision for Green Growth
Yeosu Expo’s Mandate: Ocean & Coast Best Practice,
Yeosu Declaration & Project
The Blue Economy

Keynote speakers
- Vicente G. Loscertales (Secretary General of the BIE)
- Patricio Bernal (Secretary General of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Committee)
- James Turner (NOAA Deputy Assistant Secretary for Int’l Affairs)
- Director in charge of Google Ocean Project
- Christopher Flavin (Chief of Worldwatch Institute)
- Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute, Korea Maritime Institute, Korea Univ.
Master Plan established for PR & Marketing in July
- Cheil Worldwide selected as prime contractor
- New brochure to be published in Oct. 2009
- PR materials including video

Cooperation with National Geographic

- 30-sec. vignette production completed in Oct. 2009, to be shown 314 times in Nov.
through Dec. 2009
- Shown in primetime 18:00-24:00 everyday, in 40 countries in Asia
MOU signed for cooperation with local governments
- Busan, Gyeongnam province and Jeju in May 2009, Seoul Metropolitan City in Jul. 2009,
Gwangju in Aug. 2009, Jeollabukdo province in Sept. 2009
- Photo book on South Coast to be published in Dec. 2009
- Operation of southern coast shuttle cruises
- Development of marine tourism contents linked with the Expo

Cooperation MOU signed with Universities

- Gyengsang Univ., Mokpo Nat’l Maritime Univ. Pukyung Univ., Chonnam Univ.,
Jeju Univ., and Korea Maritime Univ. in Sept. 2009
- Cooperation in theme development, academic events, student-based voluntary
service corps
Domestic/Overseas promotion activities:
- PEMSEA conference in Nov. 22-27, Philippines
- COP 15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in Dec. 2009
- G-20 conference in Korea, Nov. 2010
- 10th General Assembly of UNCCD in Korea, Oct. 2011
- UN WTO conference in Korea in Oct. 2011
- Opening of Promotion Centre at Expo 2010 Shanghai
UN Secretary General visits Yeosu in Aug. 2009
- Toured the Expo site and the Promotion Center
- Affirmed UN’s participation in the Expo
BIE Travelling Expo
- Date: Nov. 20 –Dec. 20, Seoul Museum of History
- Expo promotion in Korea
- National Geographic to provide 3-hr marine-themed documentary
“The Club of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World”
- An inspection delegation to visit Yeosu and the Expo site in Oct. 22-28
Expansion of corporate participation
- Participation promotion by Chairman of the Organizing Committee
- Expected to improve the quality of the Expo by opening Corporate Pavilions

Official sponsor bank selected in Oct. 2009

- Industrial Bank of Korea/Kwang Ju Bank consortium

Plans for tickets and commemorative coins being established

- Master plan to be completed by Dec. 2009
- Ticket sales starts in Jan. 2011
- Quality ticket with application of IT
- Competition on ticket design to be open from Dec. 2009 through Feb. 2010

Emblem business (sponsorship sales) in Jul. 2009

- Financial firms, automobile, electronics and construction companies
- To be implemented step by step in consideration of general economic situation and
increased awareness of Expo
- Activities expected to be invigorated in 2010 with the opening of Shanghai Expo

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