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Saturday, September 12th: Autumn Moon Festival
Saturday, September 19th: 21st Annual Sunset Community Festival


hope everyone had a great summer! Although the end of summer is

here, there are several fun and free community festivals coming to the
neighborhood this fall. Please save the date and join us for one or more of these
annual neighborhood gatherings.

I am pleased to announce that the Annual Sunset District Autumn Moon Festival
is returning this year and will take place on Saturday, September 12th on Irving
Street between 22nd and 25th Avenue from 10:00am to 3:00pm. This holiday is a
time to reflect upon the bounty of the summer harvest, the fullness of the moon,
and the myth of the immortal moon Goddess, Chang-O. The Moon Festival is often considered a
Chinese Thanksgiving because of its celebration of gratitude and inclusion of abundant food
including the popular moon cake. The Autumn Moon Festival will be a fun, family-friendly event
where attendees will get a taste of the cultural diversity of the Sunset District. For more information
about the Sunset District Autumn Moon Festival, including how to volunteer at or sponsor the event,
please visit the Autumn Moon Festival website ( or call our office at 415-554-7460.
In its 21st year, the Sunset Community Festival is a great opportunity to spend time with your family,
friends and neighbors. Stop by anytime from 10:00am to 4:00pm to meet neighbors, eat delicious
food, and watch spectacular performances. The Festival will be held on Saturday, September 19th
at West Sunset Playground, located on Ortega Street and 39th Avenue. This year, the Festival will
feature Sunset Mercantile, a festive pop-up, open air metropolis. For more information on the Sunset
Community Festival, please visit the Sunset Community Festival website (http://sunsetdistrict.wix.
com/sunsetfestival) or contact our office at (415) 554-7460.
Finally, save the date and support our Outer Noriega Merchants who are organizing the 5th Annual
Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival (formerly the Outer Noriega Street Fair), on October 10th from
11:00am to 7:00pm. Held on Noriega Street between 45th and 47th Avenues, this street fair offers
live music and a wide variety of goods and delicious food from our local businesses. For updates,
please visit the Outer Noriega Merchants Facebook page ( or contact if you
are interested in reserving vendor space.





We are excited to welcome Wilson Ng as our new interim Legislative Aide in the
District 4 office while Ashley Summers is on maternity leave. Prior to his appointment
in Supervisor Tangs office, Wilson worked in the Office of the Clerk of the Board of
Supervisors as the Records Manager developing policy and procedures around
public records and retention for the Board. Wilson comes highly recommended
with a solid track record of work for the City and County of San Francisco. He has
been an employee with the City for over seven years working for the San Francisco
Public Utilities Commission, Department of Public Works, and San Francisco Unified
School District in various analytical and administrative capacities prior to his work
at the Board.
Wilson is a San Francisco native, and attended Lincoln High School before getting
a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and a Master in
Business Administration from San Francisco State University. Wilson currently resides
with his wife in the Outer Sunset, and enjoys home improvement.


Update on Phase II of the 19th Avenue Planted Median Project
The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) is
developing and implementing the 19th Avenue Park Presidio
Neighborhood Transportation Plan in conjunction with partner
agencies, including San Francisco Public Works and the
community. A result of collaborative community planning, the
recommendations are aimed at improving pedestrian crossing
conditions, sidewalk conditions, and bus and traffic operations.
The 19th Avenue Median Improvement Project comes from
a recommended element of the 19th Avenue Park Presidio
Neighborhood Transportation Plan.
We are excited that Phase II of the project, extending median
planting from Wawona Street to Eucalyptus Drive, is expected
to be completed early September! Phase I of the project,
was completed in December 2012, creating a four foot wide
planted area in the center median, stretching 15 blocks from
Lincoln Way to Wawona Street.
Drought tolerant plants and ornamental suc-

19th Avenue links San Francisco with San Mateo County to the
culents along the 19th Avenue median
south and Marin County to the North. As a major north-south
roadway with six traffic lanes, 19th Avenue carries more than
85,000 vehicles a day and is part of State Route 1. This complex
corridor, serving both as a state highway and as a local urban
arterial with multiple types of adjoining land uses, must accommodate bus transit, auto traffic, and non-motorized
The 19th Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project also falls under San Francisco Department of Public Works
(DPW) Great Streets Program that aims to improve the public rights-of-way for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
and to soften the urban landscape with more greening.
For more information about DPWs Great Streets Program, visit


Taraval Streetscape Improvement Project Complete
On July 31st, our office joined community members and San Francisco Public
Works in celebrating the completion of the Taraval Streetscape Improvement
Project. The upgrades include more visible crosswalks, sidewalk bulb-outs,
improved landscaping, streetlight upgrades, new sidewalks, repaved
streets, a public seating area and more. The renovation project is meant to
provide a safer and more inviting environment for pedestrians in the Outer
Taraval commercial corridor.
The improvements are located between 46th and 48th Avenues along
Taraval Street. The showpiece for this project is a mosaic-covered sculpture
in the center of the new traffic circle on the intersection of 48th Avenue and
Taraval Street, which has been unofficially named Surf-henge.
In addition to Taraval Street, Irving Street between 19th and 27th Avenues
will also receive streetscape improvements, which will include new colored
concrete sidewalks; sidewalk bulb-outs at the 20th, 22nd, and 25th Avenue
intersections; crosswalk enhancements at 22nd Avenue; new street trees;
site furnishings; and gateway features. The project is currently finishing up
the design phase with construction beginning this September. Construction
operations will begin with sewer work, and streetscape work will continue
through 2016.
For more information on the Taraval Streetscape Improvement Project, visit:
For more information on the Irving Streetscape Improvement Project, visit:

Musical Performances at the Taraval

Streetscape Ribbon Cutting on July 31, 2015

Francis Scott Key Annex Yard Project Update

On August 19th, many Sunset residents joined our office, along
with the San Francisco Planning Department, the San Francisco
Unified School District (SFUSD), and architecture firm Perkins +
Will to continue our discussion on temporary investments to the
Francis Scott Key Annex yard (located at 1351 42nd Avenue
and Judah Street). The draft design for the Francis Scott Key
Annex yard contains a community garden, a family-style
barbecue and eating area, play area for children, a space
for artist studios, improved basketball courts, and a skating
area. This was the fourth community meeting and attendees
reviewed draft revisions based on community feedback from
the last meeting. Discussions were moderated by a thirdparty facilitator, Community Boards. Overall, residents were in
agreement that they would like to see improvements made to
the existing annex yard, but our office will continue working with
the Planning Department to incorporate feedback we received
from residents and produce more detailed designs for the final
plan. Please stay tuned as we may ask community members
Francis Scott Key Annex Meeting, August 19, 2015
to attend at least one additional meeting to resolve outstanding
issues. Once a final design is agreed upon by residents, the
project would then need to be approved by the Board of Education, given that the site is under SFUSD jurisdiction.
Contingent on finalization of the annex plan, construction is slated to begin in early fall and the opening expected
in late fall.


Third Annual Back to School Supply Drive
With the new school year starting in August, Supervisor Tang and several
local Walgreens stores held our third annual School Supply Drive in the Sunset
District. Over 100 students and families came to Ortega Branch Library
on August 15th to pick up supplies in preparation for the new school year.
Public donation bins were set up at local Walgreens locations for two weeks
leading up to the supply drive, and Walgreens customers were encouraged
to donate supplies including: notebooks, binder paper, calculators, pencils/
pens, crayons, backpacks, binders/folders, scissors, rulers, and USB flash
drives. Participating Walgreens stores included the Noriega Street, Irving
Street, Ocean Ave, and Taraval Street locations.
Supervisor Tang issuing school supplies at the
Ortega Branch Library on August 15, 2015

This year, we received the largest amount of donations ever so a special

thank you to all of our donors and Walgreens patrons!

Discover Your District: Pottery Workshop at Larry Letofsky Studio

At last months Discover Your District event, Supervisor Tang attended
a pottery workshop at Larry Letofsky Studio located at 1235 47th Avenue
between Lincoln Way and Irving Street. The owner of the studio, Larry
Letofsky, is not only one of the most talented and celebrated potters in the
Bay Area, but also a San Francisco State University alumnus. Students had an
opportunity to get hands-on and learn the art of pottery creating utilitarian
pieces of clay and porcelain, learning how to use a kiln, and understanding
the importance and application of glazes.
Larry Letofsky Studio offers
hands-on and educational fun to children and families of all ages. For more
information about Larry Letofsky Studio, visit:

Larry Letofsky performing a pottery

demonstration on August 22, 2015

For more Discover Your District events, please visit:

Sunset Boulevard Construction Update

Construction has begun on the Sunset Boulevard Greenway. This is one
of eight green infrastructure projects in each of San Franciscos urban
watersheds. These projects will be used to evaluate the effectiveness
of green infrastructure in managing stormwater to reduce the stress on
our wastewater system. The rain garden design concepts reflect the
natural topography and soil conditions of Sunset Boulevard, which are
incredibly supportive of stormwater infiltration.
Another unique feature of this project is the inclusion of a learning
lab to provide educational info on a variety of subjects related to the
project, including stormwater and the hydrologic cycle, conservation,
ecology, biology, native plants, and other environmental topics. Local
schools are helping us program this learning lab and develop related
Artist rendering of the Sunset Boulevard Greenway

Credit: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

San Francisco Public Works has begun construction with a pilot phase
on the block of Sunset Boulevard from Vicente to Ulloa. This section is expected to be completed in September 2015,
with total project completion slated for the end of next year. Learn more about the project at

Sea Stack Beach Pop-Up
By: Cesar Magdaleno, District 4 Intern
Sea Stack, a beach-themed pop-up store, is a collaboration between San
Francisco-based Alite Designs and other brands which aim to prepare you
for the outdoors with its locally-sourced gear. The small, clean space places
emphasis on its wares, which include goods such as Susan Hoffs clothing line
made from repurposed sails, Sunski sunglasses, and Scrapdog Skateboards.
They even sell a foldable kayak and a folding chair that collapses to the size
of a super burrito for those outdoor adventures that require extra portability.
Sea Stacks emphasis on the beach lifestyle is a constant reminder that this
store is located only three blocks from the ocean.

Sea Stack Beach Pop-Up

3629 Taraval Street (47th Ave)
Hours of Operation:
Thursday - Sunday
11:00am - 7:00pm

Artwork from local artists line the walls of the store, and its backyard patio
comes equipped with a picnic table, lounge chairs, and reading material.
Occasionally, the store plays hosts to brewing workshops, happy hour events,
surf sessions, and art galleries. To find out more about whats going on at
Sea Stack, visit the Events section at
Take advantage of the last days of summer and let Sea Stack prepare you for
your next outdoor excursion.

Support The Riptide!

On August 18, 2015, a two-alarm fire tore through the lower strip of Taraval St.
and completely gutted The Riptide, a beloved bar to many of the locals in the
Sunset District.
The Riptide has been a staple in the Outer Sunset and a frequented meeting
spot for the community. Many locals know The Riptide as the spot to enjoy some
of the best touring and local music acts including bluegrass, rock, jazz, blues, solo
acoustic, country, and American roots music. Many have also discovered their
voice through open mic and karaoke nights at The Riptide, and enjoyed bingo
and burlesque nights.
The loss is devastating not only to residents and patrons, but for owners David
Quinby and Les James, who sustained roughly $600,000 in damage due to the
fire, according to a preliminary estimate by the Fire Department. David and Les
took over The Riptide 11 years ago, and turned the bar into a vibrant community
hub in the Outer Sunset.
Many locals in the neighborhood may know David and Les for their extensive
involvement in the Sunset community. They have hosted countless benefits at
The Riptide at 3639 Taraval Street.
The Riptide, including many ongoing events to benefit the Surfrider Foundation.
Credit: Bay City News
They have also been heavily involved in the Taraval Streetscape Improvement
Project and participate each year in the San Francisco Fire Departments toy
drive. David and Les, along with the Taraval Merchants Association, were the founding members of the Taraval
Street Fair, and they look forward to bringing this fair back in 2016.
We encourage you to help David and Les support the employees who have been left without a job and bring our
beloved bar back from the ashes! Visit the Friends of The Riptides GoFundMe page (
vw29vw5w) to support rebuilding The Riptide!


Drought Preparedness & Water Conservation
We cannot predict exactly when a disaster or emergency
will occur. However, we can take measures to prepare for
an emergency that will help prevent damage and loss to our
community. Our office will provide helpful information and
resources on emergency preparedness so that District 4 residents
may take precautionary steps from
A drought is a period of abnormally dry weather that persists long
enough to produce a serious hydrologic imbalance, causing,
for example, crop damage and shortages in the water supply.
The severity of a drought depends on the degree of moisture
deficiency, the duration, and the size of the affected area. Here
are some general water conservation tips:
Never pour water down the drain when there may be another
use for it. Use it to water your indoor plants or garden.

Credit: SFGate

Make sure your home is leak-free. Take a reading of the water

meter. Wait 30 minutes without using any water and then take a
second reading. If the meter reading changes, you have a leak!
Repair dripping faucets by replacing washers. One drop per
second wastes 2,700 gallons of water per year!

With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, we should be more proactive on water
conservation. If you want to learn more water conservation tips, please visit:

Coyote Pup Season

By: Jessica Lam, District 4 Intern

It is coyote pupping season, which means more potential
for dog/coyote encounters. Coyotes will be taking their
youngsters on treks away from their dens. San Francisco
has several dozen coyotes living in the city, and they have
been spotted in almost all of our parks. Because most folks
in San Francisco have dogs or cats, it is a good time to
brush up on coyote behavior and the guidelines necessary
for peacefully coexisting. Coyotes As Neighbors
( is an excellent all-inone YouTube video presentation which explains relevant
coyote behavior. Spanish and Mandarin versions are also
available in the video description. For an additional brief
written summary, visit Bay Natures How to Get Along
With Coyotes As Pups Venture Out (https://baynature.
org/articles/how-to-get-along-with-coyotes-as-pupsventure-out/). Please help get the word out by sharing this
Credit: Janet Kessler

Tell Muni How the L Taraval is Treating You
Muni Forward ( is the SFMTAs initiative
to make getting around San Francisco safer, easier, and more
reliable. As part of this effort, the SFMTA is planning upgrades
along the L Taraval route to provide a quicker, more reliable
connection to and from the Sunset district, and create a more
attractive, enjoyable, and safe experience for all users of the
corridor. The SFMTA will officially kick off outreach to gather
feedback on proposed improvements starting this Fall, but
before they do, the Muni Forward team wants to hear how
the L Taraval is treating you!
Posters for a text-based* survey were hung up at L stops to
gather feedback from residents and riders.
Visit or take their text-based survey to
let Muni Forward know your thoughts on the L Taraval. Your
feedback will help the SFMTA improve service and safety
along Taraval St. You can also sign up for Muni Forward
updates to stay in-the-know of upcoming L Taraval open
* Standard text messaging and data rates may apply.

New Muni Service Connections

Muni is adding new service and more convenient connections throughout the Sunset and Parkside Districts! These
new service increases, including more reliable service to Downtown and new neighborhood connections, will
help everyone get where they need to go.
Starting September 26th, you will see improvements including:

Adding a two-car train on the N Judah during morning commute hours

Extending the 7x Noriega Express from 5th Street all the way through the Financial District
More direct service between the Zoo and Stonestown on the 18 46th Avenue
Rerouting the 57 Park Merced to link Parkside, Daly City BART, Brotherhood Way, Lake Merced, and
Lakeshore Plaza
Increasing rush hour frequency and making new connections to Fort Mason and the Presidio on the 43
Extending the 28 19th Avenue to connect to Van Ness Avenue
Making quicker connections on the 29 Sunset through the Excelsior District
The newest service increases are just some of the upgrades Muni has planned across San Francisco.
Learn more at, and give Muni your feedback at


Public Safety Community Meeting with
District Attorney George Gascon and SFPD
Although the Sunset District is known for having a low level of violent crimes, residents still experience quality-of-life
crimes, such as car break-ins and robberies. After hearing many concerns from the community, our office is hosting
a community meeting with District Attorney George Gascon and the command staff of the San Francisco Police
Department on Monday, September 14 from 6:30pm 8:00pm at Sunset Recreation Center (2201 Lawton Street
and 28th Ave). Residents will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and learn more about the criminal justice
process. For more information, contact our office at 415-554-7460.

Discover Your District Event: Photography with Roxanne Worthington

Our office is partnering with local photographer Roxanne Worthington to
learn how to take better photographs with digital point and shoot cameras
as part of our Discover Your District series. Roxanne will also provide tips
on how to take the kind of photographs that you will be proud to share
with your family and friends. Bring your point and shoot camera, a fullycharged battery, and a manual if you have one. The event is free and will
take place on Saturday, September 26 from 10:00am 12:00pm at the
Ortega Branch Library (3223 Ortega St. at 39th Ave). Space is limited so
register today at
You can also view Roxannes work at http://www.roxanneworthington.
com/ and

Credit: Roxanne Worthington Photography

Interested in upcoming events in our neighborhood? RSVP for all of the

Discover Your District events here:

Free Movies in McCoppin Every Friday in October

Our office is excited to announce our fourth annual Movies
in McCoppin event! Movies in McCoppin is one of our
most popular events of the year, featuring FREE movies and
popcorn every Friday evening in October at McCoppin
Square (Taraval Street and 23rd Avenue) along with
discounted movie snacks from various Taraval merchants.
Family fun and kids activities begin at 6:00pm, with movies
beginning at 7:15pm (or upon sunset).
The movie line-up will be as follows:

October 2nd: Big Hero 6

October 9th: Jurassic Park
October 16th: Monsters Inc.
October 23rd: Maleficent

Movies in McCoppin is brought to you by the Office of

Supervisor Katy Tang, People of Parkside Sunset (POPS),
the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, San
Francisco Public Library, and Animal Care and Control.

September 3 | Thursday | 8:00pm
The Riptide Fundraiser
Support rebuilding The Riptide with a Riptide Fundraiser Benefit featuring live music, silent auction and
raffle, special cocktails and much more.
Elbo Room | 647 Valencia St.
Go to for more information.
September 3 | Thursday | 6:30pm 8:30pm
Parents for Public Schools: Train the Trainer
Learn the basics of the SFUSD application and enrollment process so that you can advise others. This
training is for those who have children currently enrolled in SFUSD schools; are school leaders, such as
PTA, SSC, or ELAC; or who help with school outreach or tours.
Ortega Library | 3223 Ortega Street and 39th Avenue
Go to or call 415-861-7077 for more information.
September 3 | Thursday | 7:00pm
People of Parkside Sunset (POPS) Monthly Meeting (formerly Taraval Parkside Merchants Association)
POPS sponsors special events, advocates on behalf of the neighborhood, and works with residents
and other merchants to improve the community.
Taraval Police Station | 2345 24th Avenue and Taraval Street
For more information:
September 8 | Tuesday | 7:00pm 8:00pm
Outer Sunset Merchants and Professionals Association (OSMPA)
The OSMPA fosters the trade and industrial interests of its membership; promotes the advancement
of the Irving Street District; and provides a place for the open exchange of ideas, discussions and
adoption of methods and policies for the good of the neighborhood and its members.
Lychee Cafe | 2333 Irving Street between 24th Avenue and 25th Avenue
September 12 | Saturday | 10:00am 3:00pm
Sunset Autumn Moon Festival
The Autumn Moon Festival is a fun, family-friendly event where attendees will have a taste of the
cultural diversity of the Sunset District.
Irving Street between 22nd and 25th Avenues
For more information, to register for a booth, or to sponsor the event, call our office at (415) 554-7460
or visit
September 13 | Sunday | 11:00am - 1:00pm
San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project Celebration Event
The San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project aims to open previously closed schoolyards on the
weekends and make them accessible for residents, children and families to play and gather.
Francis Scott Key Elementary School | 1530 43rd Avenue and Kirkham Street
For more information:
September 14| Monday | 6:30pm 8:00pm
Community Meeting with District Attorney George Gascon and the San Francisco Police Department
Discuss your public safety concerns in the Sunset District with District Attorney George Gascon and
the command staff of the San Francisco Police Department.
Sunset Recreation Center | 2201 Lawton Street and 28th Avenue
For more information, contact our office at (415) 554-7460.
September 16 | Wednesday | 7:00am 8:00am
Magic Sunrisers Toastmasters Open House
Join the Magic Sunrisers Toastmasters for a demonstration Toastmasters meeting and learn how
Toastmasters can help you conquer your fear of public speaking and build leadership skills. Free
admission, refreshments served, no RSVP required.
Taraval Police Station Community Room | 2345 24th Ave and Taraval Street
For more information, email or visit

September 16 | Wednesday | 7:00pm 8:30pm
Write Your Will Workshop
Stuart Bronstein, an estate planning and probate lawyer in San Francisco for more than 30 years,
will help participants create fully functional wills. Registration required; call (415) 355-5770 or email
Parkside Library | 1200 Taraval Street and 22nd Avenue
For more information, visit:
September 16, 23, 30 and October 7, 14, and 21
Wednesdays | 6:30pm 9:30pm
Upcoming NERT Trainings
The Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) is a program to help the citizens of San
Francisco be self-sufficient in a major disaster situation. NERT training helps citizens develop multifunctional teams that are trained in basic emergency skills. Through this program, individuals learn
how to prepare themselves and loved ones for a disaster while also creating a resilient community. All
trainings are free.
Zion Lutheran Church & School | 495 9th Avenue
For more information and to register, visit or call (415) 970-2024.
September 19 | Saturday | 10:00am 4:00pm
Sunset Community Festival
Our office is excited to host the 21st year of this festival, a family tradition on the west side of town. We
will be partnering with Sunset Mercantile.
West Sunset Playground | 3223 Ortega Street and 39th Avenue
For more information, to register for a booth, or to sponsor the event, call our office at (415) 554-7460
or visit
September 24 | Thursday | 6:30pm 8:00pm
Outer Sunset Parkside Residents Association
Join a cohort of residents from the Outer Sunset and Outer Parkside (representing the area west of
Sunset Boulevard) to discuss key issues and opportunities in the neighborhood including public safety,
land use, transportation and more.
Ortega Library | 3223 Ortega Street and 39th Avenue
Contact Susan Pfeifer at
September 26 | Saturday| 10:00am 12:00noon
Digital Photography with Roxanne Worthington: A Discover Your District (DYD) Event
Photographic artist Roxanne Worthington will give helpful tips on how to take the kind of photographs
that youll be proud to share with your family and friends. Bring your point and shoot camera, a fully
charged battery and a manual if you have one. (Free; Limit 20)
Ortega Library | 3223 Ortega Street and 39th Avenue
For more information, call (415) 554-7460 or register at
September 29 | Tuesday | 10:00am 10:30am
Baila conmigo! Dance with Me, Maria Luna
Learn about Mexican folk dance and creative movement. Children will have the opportunity to dress
in costume and learn about the history and culture of different dances from Mexico.
Parkside Library | 1200 Taraval Street and 22nd Avenue
For more information, visit: