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Craig Dempsey

60/1405 Siddeley Street

Docklands VIC Australia 3008
Mobile: 0439 431 897

Senior Engineer and Project Manager with proven, demonstrated success in complex engineering projects
with a wide range of systems and equipment especially related to logistics support of essential core
operations. Particular skills in planning, workforce and resource planning and in creative and innovative
solutions to technical problems under challenging conditions. Considerable direct leadership and
management experience and comfortable and experienced with large multi-million dollar budgets.

Experienced in working in remote environments and actively seeking to relocate to suit employment.

Masters of Engineering Science: University of NSW, Australia
Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Science: University of NSW, Australia
Information Technology
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering: University of NSW, Australia
Honours (2nd Class)

Professional Affiliations
Corporate Member Institution of Engineers Australia
Chartered Professional Engineer. (CPEng.)
Justice of the Peace, Queensland, Australia
Commissioner of Declarations

Career History
Project Manager January 2010 – Present
Australian Defence Force – Materiel Organisation, VIC

Reporting to the Chief Engineer. Responsible for the establishment and overall management of a project to
upgrade the blast protection armour for a key transport vehicle for Engineering Land Manoeuvre Systems
• Defined scope and scale of project and prepared and submitted technical evaluation and assessment
documentation. Completed project plan documentation.
• Initiated and directed a test pilot engineering evaluation, investigating various engineering solutions
in the workshop and in field tests. Completed risk assessment process and conducted tests and
evaluation for suitability of alternate designs for manufacture and for operational effectiveness.
• Selected final design and submitted design and project plans for budget approval.

Senior Engineer / Project Manager April 2009 – December 2009

Australian Defence Force – Australian HQ Afghanistan

Senior Theatre Engineer for all three services in Afghanistan, including all land based equipment in use by all
1500 personnel. Technical authority and senior engineer for all classes of deployed equipment, responsible
for technical integrity and fit-for-purpose suitability, maintenance planning and management and the
development and deployment of all engineering solutions to operational needs. Also senior OH&S
accountability holder for the design, use and maintenance of all equipment. Technical oversight and authority

Craig Dempsey Mobile: 0439 434 987

of all engineering and maintenance staff (around 100) with an overall budget of $100 million. Value of
equipment supported exceeded $750 million.

• Reviewed and adjusted the standard maintenance protocols and regimen for the core armoured
transport and mobility vehicle – of which around 60 were deployed in Afghanistan at a total cost of
around $60 million. These vehicles are essential to the mobility of personnel and equipment in hostile
areas. They had been serviced on a time-elapsed basis. By switching this to a kilometres-travelled
basis I was able to reduce downtime by 15%. This new regimen was adopted at a wider level in the
ADF, where 800 vehicles in total are deployed.
• Led a project to complete 15 local modifications to the armoured transport vehicle fleet, including
equipment changes and conversion to ambulance variants.
• Led a project to relocate and rebuild life support and welfare facilities for Australian personnel to
within the fortified headquarters precinct. Developed contract documentation, controlled tendering
process and awarded contracts to external organisations. Project Manager for the on-site
construction phase, bringing in the project on time and within budget.
• Based on the success of the earlier construction project, appointed Project Manager on larger $4
million project to relocate all living and accommodation units to the fortified precinct at Kabul

Project Engineer August 2008 – March 2009

Australian Defence Force – Materiel Organisation, VIC

Reporting to the Chief Engineer. Responsible for assessing a range of equipment and vehicle operational
change requests and for assigning priority and achievability criteria to such projects. Having identified high-
priority projects, building costed project plans complete with technical solutions and projected timescales
and financing needs and recommending and submitting such plans for approval. Key projects carried out:

• Developed design and managed project for specialised equipment mounting for Polaris 6x6 and 4x4
All Terrain Vehicles. Gained funding approval based on needs and risk assessment and on technical
design details coupled with speed of project plan. Led project through design, controlled
environment and field testing to management of the build and commission phases. This design was
approved for operational use and deployed in the field across all vehicles.
• Ran a major project to evaluate mine blast/ armour protection for deployed light vehicles in hostile
environments. Initiated a technical evaluation of existing armour in Land Rover 4x4 fleet, including
extensive testing and evaluation of existing designs. Based on this, submitted technical report and
risk assessment to support redesign and upgrading of fleet armour as an essential step in improving
mine blast survivability. Developed project management plan and schedule, became technical
authority for design, costed pilot and full-scale deployment and gained design acceptance.
• Completed a design technical investigation on the feasibility of fitting fun-flat tyres to deployed heavy
trucks (up to Mack semi-trailer size). Conducted a field trial and made design changes. This system is
now being procured as standard from Mercedez-Benz.

Fleet Engineer – Light & Commercial Vehicles January 2007 – July 2008
Australian Defence Force – Materiel Organisation, VIC

The Australian Defence Force ‘Light B Fleet’ and Commercial Fleet includes 13000 vehicles such as all-terrain
vehicles, light four and six wheel drives, trucks, buses, sedans and general logistics vehicles, motor cycles and
trailers. Overall fleet value is $650 million and equipment is organised into sub-fleets with 150 variants
ranging from general logistics trucks to specialist Land Rover 6x6 transports. The fleet operates in a wide
range of environments from main roads to remote off-road locations.

Reporting to the Chief Engineer. Responsible for all scheduled, planned and emergency maintenance for the
fleet, including the direct management of 12 staff and contactors. Also responsible for technical authority,
engineering change, acquisition technical approval and design-for-operability for the fleet. Direct

Craig Dempsey Mobile: 0439 434 987

maintenance and operating budget of $130 million, including the operation and management of the ADF
enterprise-level CMMS system.

• Introduced and managed scheduled and planned maintenance plans for all equipment, including the
production and review of technical documentation at acquisition and in-service and formal sign-off
procedures to ensure engineering suitability to task and safety standards adherence. Integrated this
into the CMMS system.
• Developed ‘full-life’ support plans for acquired and deployed equipment, including technical approval
at acquisition, provision and transport of spare parts and tooling, engineering and safety assessment,
life of support and planned obsolescence and disposal. . Integrated this into the CMMS system.
• Led $15 million project to modify, redesign and certify 6x6 and 4x4 vehicle robust electrical systems.
This was based on the electrical load demands of successive additional systems added over the last
few years. Enabled battery-only running of essential tactical systems with alarm notification of
battery capacity required for restart.
• Investigated excessive failure rates on in-service off road vehicle power steering units. Negotiated
and organised a $3 million project with Land Rover to replace and recondition units in the field.
• Chaired regular meetings with Land Rover relating to design, maintenance and ongoing upgrade

Engineering Officer January 2005 – December 2006

Australian Defence Force – 3rd Combat Signals Regiment, QLD

Technical Support Commander and Senior Maintenance Manager for the group, responsible for maintenance
engineering for all vehicles, weapons, generators and communications gear, including heavy equipment and
logistics vehicles. Total equipment value $150 million.

• Managed, trained and led 40 engineering staff and a budget of $20 Million including tooling, spare
parts, maintenance equipment and logistics vehicles.
• Developed materiel maintenance plans for the group, including full engineering documentation for
maintenance of all equipment based on minimising downtime through effective scheduled and
preventative measures.
• Responsible for all maintenance work carried out, including the control and management of external
contract organisations and staff. Scheduled and planned preventative maintenance and put in place
workplace OH&S standards and procedures to ensure safe working environment when dealing with
hazardous materials and equipment.

Qualifications & Courses

Diploma of Logistics Management
Diploma of Personnel & Operations Management
Diploma of Management
Certificate IV Workplace Trainer & Assessor
Certificate IV Personal Fitness Training

Craig Dempsey Mobile: 0439 434 987