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The Organizing Committee for EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea

110-793 4F #75 Yulgokno Jongno-gu Seoul, Korea

T.82-2-740-4805 F.82-2-740-4789

Carbon Neutral Accreditation Mark: This mark is given to corporations and individuals participating in greenhouse gas reduction programs
through energy-saving activities, as well as events having net zero carbon footprints.
This brochure was produced in an environmentally responsible manner using soy ink, FSC-certified paper, and thread for binding instead of adhesives.
Building a brighter future for humankind
The Living Ocean and Coast


02 OVERVIEW World Expositions: for the progress of humanity

04 THEME AND VISION The Living Ocean and Coast; conservation and Green Growth
06 CONCEPT The Ocean and Humanity in 2050

08 EXPO SITE A blueprint for the green future

10 YEOSU DECLARATION & PROJECT A call for global cooperation

12 KOREA Enthusiasm for success

14 YEOSU The charming host of Expo 2012

16 KOREA’S SOUTH COAST An abundance of natural and historic wonders

18 EMBLEM AND MASCOTS Yeony and Suny welcome you to Yeosu


World Expositions: Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea:

for the progress of humanity Opening the future for humankind
For more than 150 years, International Expositions have contributed to improving the quality of human life Oceans cover some 70 percent of the Earth's surface and are home to 90 percent of the world's species.
by showcasing innovations and inventions that have introduced new epochs; the steam engine, telephone, The sea is also the balancer of our ecosystems, producing 75 percent of the Earth's oxygen and absorbing
automobile, Eiffel Tower, and TV all debuted at World Expos. 50 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
The World Expo now shoulders the new mission of presenting ideas, stimulating creativity and encouraging Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is dedicated to the planet's health and the well-being of humanity by suggesting ways
cooperation to tackle the universal challenges facing humanity. to find the engine of future growth in the sea as well as paths for the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Legacies of the World Expositions

Key Facts
Theme The Living Ocean and Coast
Period May 12 - August 12, 2012 (93 days)
Venue Yeosu, Korea (covering 1.74 millionm2 with the exhibition site of 250,000m2)
Steam Engine Telephone Phonograph Automobile The Eiffel Tower Airplane Television Frozen Mammoth
London, 1851 Philadelphia, 1876 Paris, 1878 Antwerp, 1885
Expected Participants More than 100 countries, international organizations and global corporations
Paris,1889 St. Louis, 1904 New York, 1939 Aichi, 2005

Theme Development
The Living Ocean and Coast promotes the coexistence of the ocean and humankind through
preserving marine ecosystems, thus nurturing the Blue Economy*, the green growth of the ocean
*The term Blue Economy refers to the new economic system that can create an ecologically and economically sustainable future with the ocean.

Exhibition Items
The exhibitions will feature creative, technological, and artistic interpretations of the interaction
between the ocean and humankind for the year 2050

Following a series of highly successful exhibitions after London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851, it became necessary to create
an international organization responsible for supporting and regulating World Expos. To this end, the Bureau of International Exhibitions
(BIE: Bureau des International Expositions) was established in 1928. There are currently 156 member countries of the BIE.

• (c) Korea Tourism Organization


The Living Ocean and Coast ;

Conservation and Green Growth

The sea challenges us to make concerted efforts to reach harmony between marine ecosystems and human beings. A Vision for Restoring Life to the Sea and Coast
Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will present a new vision to change “the sea in crisis” into “a sea of hope,” Sea level rise, the loss of biodiversity, acidification and pollution are only a few dangers threatening our seas and
with the theme The Living Ocean and Coast. coasts. Restoring sustainable life to our marine environment is the responsibility of the entire global community.

A Vision for Green Growth

The sea is our green engine for future growth. Its abundant resources and potential provide us important
research into bio- and nanotechnology.
and sustinable
development of
A Vision for Cooperation
the ocean and coast
The sea offers a new frontier for global cooperation in order to realize harmonious coexistence
with the marine environment.

The Living
Ocean and Coast

Creative marine
activities and
maritime industries
and technologies
of humankind

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 04 • 05


The Ocean and Humanity in 2050 Thematic Pavilion

The Thematic Pavilion is a landmark of the Expo, conceptualizing the
Yeosu Expo will feature thought-provoking and innovative exhibitions and concepts focused on the future of humanity coexisting with the ocean.
future interaction between the sea and humanity in the year 2050.

Coastal Triangle
The Coastal Triangle is modeled after the geography of Korea's
southern coast “Dadohae” or archipelago. Visitors will have live
experiences of wetlands and the effects of sea level rise.

Expo Digital Gallery

The Expo Digital Gallery is a 600-meter-long futuristic avenue
showcasing avant-garde marine art displays complete with state-of-
the-art information technology that creates a uniquely ubiquitous
cyber space.

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 06 • 07

WIG Craft Mobile Harbor Sea Farm Sea City


A blueprint for the green future

Yeosu Expo Pavilions are created with eco-friendly principles using energy-saving material, In 2009, the United Nations Environment Programme commented that Korea leads the world
in adopting a Green Growth Vision as its key development paradigm. In fact, among all OECD
designs and technologies. members, Korea has allocated the highest percentage of its economic stimulus budget to
environment-related areas.

Korean Pavilion
The Korean Pavilion will be a zero-carbon building by utilizing green
architecture and design. It will showcase the eco-friendly standard
to which Korea's building industry is aspiring.

Energy Park Expo Digital Gallery International Pavilions Sky Tower Corporate Pavilions Korean Pavilion Sub-theme Pavilions Big-O Coastal Triangle Thematic Pavilion The Aquarium
International Pavilions
The International Pavilions that will accommodate exhibitions of
participating countries are designed in the image of Korea’s southern
coast archipelago. Using cutting-edge construction technology and green
materials, the pavilions will also feature roofs with solar panels and
eco-friendly ventilation systems.

Expo Town
The Expo Town will house local and foreign staff and will be built as
a functioning eco-friendly city. After the Expo, it will be transformed to
a model “green home” residential area.

Energy Park
The Energy Park will feature various forms of renewable power sources to
provide clean energy to the Expo site.

Wireless Tram
The wireless, hybrid low-floor tram is a form of experimental green
transportation that will be operated within the site as an alternative means
of transportation.
EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 08 • 09

A call for global cooperation

Yeosu Expo, a global event highlighting the conservation and sustainable use of marine Yeosu Declaration
ecosystems, calls on the global community to work together to address the challenges The Yeosu Declaration will be recognized as an international statement reminding all global citizens of the dangers facing marine ecosystems.
facing our seas and coasts. The document is meant to initiate international cooperation to overcome the divide between developing and developed nations in addressing
the universal challenge of the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

Yeosu Project
The Yeosu Project is a pilot program aimed at supporting the developing world’s efforts to deal with marine ecological problems by providing
training and research cooperation. With the support and participation of international community, the Yeosu Project aspires to lead the way in
enhancing international cooperative programs for the marine environment.

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 10 • 11


Enthusiasm for success

The Korean peninsula has 2,413 kilometers of coastline and more than 3,000 islands.
Most of these are located on its south coast renowned for its beauty, richness of marine culture and tradition.
Thus, Yeosu is the ideal location for hosting a World Expo promoting the relationship between the sea and humanity.
Korea has successfully played host to world-wide events including the 1988 Summer Olympics,
the Daejeon International Exposition Korea 1993, and the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will be yet another global event Korean people will present to the world.

... supported by the people

Nation-wide volunteer networks are being organized in support of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea that will inspire
enthusiastic participation of people from all walks of life.

... funded by the government

The Korean government and the National Assembly have organized support committees for Yeosu Expo, in
addition to financing the Expo and building the infrastructure projects in and around the city of Yeosu.

... assisted by neighboring regions

Six cities and provinces neighboring Yeosu have formed the Joint Preparation Support Council to support
the Expo projects. The council will also cooperate with Yeosu in the development and improvement of
transportation, accommodation, and tourism programs.

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 12 • 13



The charming host of Expo 2012:

The Dream of Yeosu

The newly built
national highway GIMHAE


The word Yeosu literally means “Beautiful Water.” Yeosu is a port city on the southern coast of Korea MUAN

renowned for its natural beauty and rich marine culture and traditions. YEOSU


A mid-size city with a population of 300,000, Yeosu has great ambitions to become an environmentally
KTX The National The Coastal
friendly sun-belt city and a home for marine industries, R & D centers and tourism by hosting Expo 2012. Highway Cruise

Scenic Beauty
SEOUL MOKPO YEOSU BUSAN Visitors shouldn’t miss the pristine islands of Odongdo, Geomundo, and Baekdo. Yeosu is located in the center of National
3hours 1hour 30minutes 2hours
Hallyeosudo Marine Park famed for its scenic beauty created by countless islands, islets and rocks.

History and Culture

Yeosu is located where the waters of Korea, China and Japan meet and has historically been a location of sea-battles among the
neighboring nations. Today, it has evolved into a center of cooperation for these regional neighbors. The area in and around Yeosu
has a wealth of historical and cultural sites: dinosaur footsteps, prehistoric archaeological sites, and ancient Buddhist temples.

Industrial Hub
Yeosu is transforming itself into a center of marine industries and research centers. A chemical and steel industrial complex, one of
the largest container ports in Asia, as well as a space center are located nearby.

• Baekdo • Geobukseon(turtle ship) • Yeosu National Industrial Complex

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 14 • 15


An abundance of natural and historic wonders

1 Hyangiram, a hermitage facing the sun
2 Geomundo, a half-way to Jeju placed at the southernmost point of the archipelagic sea
3 Jinnamgwan, the largest single-story wooden building in Korea (National Treasure No. 304)
4 Baekdo, the secret beauty consisted of 39 uninhabited islets
Yeosu and the surrounding region of Korea's southern coast 5 Odongdo, famous for its 194 indigenous plant species including camellias

are filled with points of interest.

Islands studded against the background of emerald-green 4 5
water, excavation sites of dinosaur fossils, and the location
of the world's first ironclad warship, the "turtle ship" 3

Geobukseon - the list is endless.

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 16 • 17


Yeony and Suny welcome you to Yeosu!


The Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea emblem symbolizes the harmony and
balance of all ecosystems. The outer circle symbolizes the Earth
encompassing its species (red), oceans (blue), environment (green),
and the dynamic waves of the seas (white).


Yeony and Suny, the official mascots of the Yeosu Expo, were
inspired by plankton — the source of all marine
and coastal life. Their deep blue bodies represent the sea, particularly
Yeony Suny the resources of the deep sea.

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 18 • 19

Yeosu will offer a dynamic and vibrant expo
to the world, striving towards a green future.

Sado, where 7 islets mystically connect as one with the parting of the ocean