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Patel 1

Dilan Patel

Mrs. Nguyen
Period 7
AP Calculus AB
Stand and Deliver
The movie stand and deliver is a very inspirational film, it inspires many viewers to
develop a form of desire , it does this by letting the viewer relate to a real life applicable
scenario, which in this case was a simple math class. The movie stand and deliver is about a
teacher named Jaime Escalante who becomes a math teacher at a school in Eastern Los
Angeles called James A. Garfield High School. The school was located in the Spanish ghetto
and many of the kids who lived there were perceived as illiterate, dumb, children of unemployed
parents, gang members, etc. However after a couple of days of working with the kids he began
to realize the amount of potential his students had. One of the most profound examples of
potential was a student in his class who was tied to being a gang member. Even though he was a
gang member and was perceived to be very dumb he ended up being one of the smartest kids in
the class. After discovering the potential of his students he told the students as well as the school
board at his school that he will teach these kids calculus and that they will take the college exam
when they are seniors. This was an outrageous idea, there was no way a bunch of kids that live
in the Spanish ghetto can pass the exam, But Mr. Escalante made it happen.
This movie taught me many things, but the most important thing I learned was that if you
have desire than anything is possible. Mr. Escalante teaches the kids to have Ganas which is the
Spanish word for having desire. The kids where failing simple math because they didnt care
about math, they didnt have any desire to do math. But then Mr. Escalante told them that if you
pass the exam then you can get a college credit. This revelation sparked their personal desire due

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to the fact that many of them cant go to college. In the same manor the movie taught me that if I
have the desire to pass this exam and if I have the desire to receive a college credit then it is
possible as long as I am willing to put in the effort.
Another thing the movie taught me was that, calculus may be hard for the student but it is
just as hard for the teacher in fact it may be a little for the teacher, the teacher puts in just as
much effort as the student does. Throughout the movie we saw the numerous amounts of
struggles Mr. Escalante faced. But I realized that teachers dont mind the struggle because their
main goal is to see their students prosper. And because of this, I will also put effort into calculus
and pass the exam because I want to make Mrs. Nguyens hard work pay off for a good cause.
Mr. Escalante went another step forward to help his students and ended up with a heart attack.
So if Mrs. Nguyen goes that extra step to prepare us for the exam then why cant I put in that
extra effort to listen to Mrs. Nguyen.

Another thing the movie taught me was that if you do all your work and if you put in that
little extra time then you will do great in calculus. The students in the movie had to go to school
on Saturday as well as during their whole summer vacation. But because they put in this extra
time and effort, their AP exam scores were unbelievable. The movie did a really good job at
giving an example of the famous saying hard work pays off. Even though the students didnt
want to come and put in the extra hours over the summer they still came because they kept their
goal in mind. And because they put in the extra work there AP exam results were positively
Alongside putting in hard work, this movie also taught me to never give up. Throughout
the movie there was always a few students who would want to leave the school during the
summer but they immediately changed their mind and decided to stay or they were reminded by
their peers to stay because altogether they knew their ultimate goal was to pass the AP exam.

Patel 3

Also when the students were accused of cheating the students decided to give up and that they
didnt want to take the AP exam over again however Mr. Escalante reminded them that they
didnt go through all this hard work for nothing. Consequently the students decided to take the
exam again and ended up passing the exam once again.
Another important thing I learned from this movie is that once you fully understand your
information, concepts, equations, etc. it is hard for you to forget it. Also once you understand
your information it is much easier to apply calculus to real life. For example, the students put in
so much effort and actually understood the concepts thus when they had to retake the exam they
still passed the test. I learned that once you thoroughly understand and pay attention to calculus
you can take the exam millions of times and you will most likely pass them all because the
concepts are engraved into your mind
The movie also teaches the importance of respecting the teacher. In the beginning, the
students dont listen to the teachers at all and end up not learning at all. However excluding the
first couple days the students began to respect Mr. Escalante and that is why they started to
actually learn math instead of wasting their potential filled minds on making fun of the teacher.
Similarly, the movie teaches me to pay full attention in my calculus class and that I shouldnt
waste my time doing things other than math in class.
Ultimately the movie Stand and Deliver does a great job at showing kids what could
happen and what will happen if you do or do not do certain things. It also shows you what you
could become (Spanish ghetto student) if you dont pay attention but then it also shows you how
you can go from a Spanish ghetto kid who disrupts the class to a Spanish ghetto kid who can
get a college credit. Once again the movie does a great job at presenting a story that everyone
can relate to, it also succeeds at conveying many crucial messages in a convenient manor. The
movie taught me to have desire, to never give up, to respect the teacher, and to always pay
attention in class.

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