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Alejandro Javier Delgado Araujo

Dr. Yu-Lin Shen
Director of Graduate Programs
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of New Mexico
I am writing to inform you about my profound interest in the PhD Program in Mechanical Engineering
at University of New Mexico. I have been at UNM since the beginning of January 2015. My status at
UNM has been as a conditional student because I did not get the sufficient score in the TOEFL exam.
Due to this situation I have not been officially accepted yet in any PhD program in the School of
Engineering. However, the current semester I registered in two Chemical Engineering classes;
Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics & Biomaterials Engineering. Moreover, I am taking
two English language classes, and I will take the TOELF exam on May 1st.
In Ecuador I am an university professor and came here through an agreement signed between
Universidad Central del Ecuador (UCE) & University of New Mexico (UNM) I will be in the United States
for 18 months to attend the required courses and to start my PhD research. The following two years
or maximum three years in my country I will complete my research with the help of my advisor from
Because I want to study Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and process equipment design I was
advised by Dr. El-Genk to apply to the Mechanical Engineering Department. I would like to focus my
research in the application of CFD to optimize a flash evaporation chamber of a forced circulation unit.
Also I think that Dr. El-Genk could be by advisor.
As a chemical engineer I have earned a sound experience in designing food processing plants as well
as in mechanical design of process equipment. Moreover, in my country, I earned a masters degree
in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized Ecuadorian university. I have spent seven years working
as a process and mechanical design engineer. My first experience was in an engineering company in
Brno Czech Republic; APV an SPX brand. Over there I was trained as a process engineer and I was
responsible to design pasteurizers, UHT units and complete dairy processing lines. Returning to my
country, Ecuador I continued in this path and rapidly earned knowledge in mechanical design of
process lines, equipment, and installation. During this period of my life I really enjoyed working in it
and for that reason I decided to get a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering as I have before
mentioned. It was there where I learnt about CFD and I realized that it is a powerful tool for optimizing
process equipment. Finally, two years ago I have been working in the Chemical Engineering
Department at UCE, my preferred course that I have been teaching since then has been Plant Design.
Also I have taught Process Control.
I am grateful for having this chance to apply to your Department and being able to earn a PhD in
Mechanical Engineering to be better professional and professor as well.
Yours Sincerely,

Alejandro Delgado
Attached you will be find my curriculum vitae & additional information about my level of expertise