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Analyzing that HR activities integrate with the

business strategies

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The 4B group was established in 1970 by four Qureshi brothers, as a

fertilizer producing firm. But now the company has diversified in to number of fields and
has made affiliations with Warid Telecommunication Private Limited, ARY and
ALFALAH. The five areas of its operations are:

• 4B Fertilizer
• 4B Telecom
• 4B Solutions
• 4B Industries
• 4B Gentle (Pvt.)

We have selected ‘4B fertilizer’ to prepare a report on analyzing
whether there is integration in HR activities and business strategies of the firm. 4B
fertilizer is one of the biggest organizations of the Pakistan who has all liquid products in
the field of fertilizer. 4B Fertilizer is a complete line of specialty products including
cheated foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators, solid amendments, micronutrients and
macronutrients for agriculture industry. 4B Fertilizer has developed a group of foliar
fertilizers specifically designed to maximize crop performance through the use of
chelates. These specially tailored products are not only for Pakistan’s farmer community
but also to fulfill the international demand. These products help plants to show more
resistance against stressful conditions, produce higher quality, maximize yield, and
promote earlier and uniform maturity.

4B fertilizer’s major products are:
• Trophy
• Boll feed
• Builder
• Savar

The major competitors of 4B fertilizer are:
• Ali Akbar Group
• Welcon
• Warble
• Angro Chemicals

Analyzing the integration in HR activities and business strategy of the

4B fertilizers

We analyze the HR activities within the 4B fertilizer and also deeply study that whether
the HR activities within the 4B fertilizer are integrate with the business strategies. We
find that the competitive strategy use by the 4B fertilizer is the quality enhancement. So
to achieve the quality enhancement 4B used the following HR activities:

In any business role of HR activities start from the recruitment and selection of
the employees. 4B is a fertilizers and pesticides company so, the company required
expert persons because in this type of business innovation occurs continually and 4B also
hire professional marketers for the purpose of introducing the product within the market
and we find that the HR activities integrate with the business strategies in 4B Company.
To get the required candidate human resource department in 4B generate the pool of
competitive candidates and from that pool selection of the required candidates through
different tests. So the human resource department in the 4B fertilizers helps the company
to attain required capable employees.

Learning and development

4B business strategies are to enhance the efficiency of their workers and up to

date regarding new tools are techniques use within the market. To fulfill the business
strategies regarding enhancing the efficiency of the employees HR department of 4B
provides the training to the employees and not only provide training to the employees but
also on some level facilitate on the career development of the employees.

Employee relations

4B competitive / business strategies is to create friendly environment within the

organization purpose to facilitate the employees to perform their duties without any
conflict because environment having the important role on employee performance.
Within the organization employee’s works like a team if the team members are not
cooperative with each other then no proper work done within the organization. So due to
this reason 4B more influence on the employee relation and to create friendly
environment HR activities proper support to the 4B company. In 4B company, employees
relations having much importance at each point either they are not working within the
boundaries of the organization. Because the marketing channel is design in such a way
that each person within the channel dependent on the other persons.

Marketing channel of 4B fertilizer is very comprehensive and has all the

necessary levels which are necessary to transfer the products from company to final
consumers. Its marketing channel is controlled by marketing manager. Under him there
are brand manager, channel manager and national sales manager.

Channel manager has the responsibility to tailor the products towards final
consumers through channel intermediaries. 4B’s marketing channel has three types of
intermediaries; these are distributors, dealers and retailers.

4B has divided its area of coverage in to number of categories which are

controlled by national sales manager and he is responsible to achieve the targets of sales
from them set by market manager. These categories have been discussed under the
following headings.

• Regions:

4B fertilizers has divided its channel into two main regions these are
Lahore, NWFP, Hyderabad and Vehari region.

• Zones:

To better implement the marketing strategies 4B has sub divided regions

into zones. Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sahiwal zones are under the range of Lahore
region while Mian Chunoo and Hasil Pur are under the Vehari region.

• Territories:

Above mentioned zones have been subdivided into territories. Faisalabad

zone’s territories are Sargodha and Toba Tak Singh, Gugranwala’s territories are Kamoki
and Jehlum while Chicha Watni and Okra are territories of Sahiwal. Mian Chunoo and
Hasil Pur have only one territories which are Melsi and Chistian respectively.
• Marketing officers:

Every territory has marketing officers which are responsible to generate


Marketing channel of the 4B fertilizers are shown in the Exhibit – (1.1).

Reward management

As we know that the 4B is a fertilizer company and success of the company is

totally depend upon the sale of the company. For the sale of the product each person in
the marketing channel is responsible because the channel structure of the 4B is designed
in such a way that national sale manager supervise the duties of the regional sale
managers and regional sale manager supervise the area sale manager and at the end area
sale manager supervise the marketing officer. So the goal of the region is divided step by
step with respect to levels (zones, area).

To gain the budgeted goals from the channel member 4B offer the competitive
pay and also offer benefit packages in the form of commissions. So the extra benefit offer
by the 4B fertilizer to the channel members in the form of commission motivate them to
attain the goals which are assign to them. HR activities within the 4B fully support to the
reward management because they offer reward on the performance base of the employees
and the performance of the employees are calculated by comparing the actual
performance performed by the employees with the targets assign by the company. And
see that either employees achieve the standard goals if they achieve then the company
give them rewards. If the employees give more return to the company as compare to the
standards then company provide them extra rewards and also chances of promotion of
that employees also increase.

Due to the effective reward management 4B is now at the stage that it can’t sale
on credit. Firstly the order party make DD(demand draft) and submit to the distributor
center with his order and then distributor center forward its order to the headquarter of
the province then the headquarter fulfill the order.

HR fuction

In the 4B HR functions are work closely with the line managers, in the 4B no
labour union is present because in the 4B human resource department fulfill his duties
more effectively that the employees give much important to the human resource
department and suppose to be their lawyers in the front of the top management.
Human resource function potentially large influence on the activities of the 4B fertilizers
and that’s why the human resource department having much importance in the 4B