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Q.1 We didn't want to get in trouble, _____ we parked in the lot

around the corner.

A. so B. but C. because D. although

Q.2 "Are you and Richard in the same apartment building?" "No, we
A. isn't B. weren't C. are D. aren't

Q.3 My brother is studying hard to be a _____.

A. writer B. write C. a writer D. writes

Q.4 If you _____ faster, we could have turned in the project before
the deadline.

A. work B. had worked C. have worked D. working

Q.5 She has computer class _____ noon.

A. with B. at C. on D. in

Q.6 My family and I _____ through the desert on our last vacation.

A. drive B. drives C. driving D. drove

Q.7 _____ time do you spend on your homework every day?

A. How much B. How well C. How often D. How long

Q.8 "What programs _____?" "He mostly uses Microsoft Word and

A. is he using B. does he use C. he used D. he use

Q.9 Since they changed jobs, their life _____ been much easier.

A. are B. was C. has D. had

Q.10 Would anybody care for _____ cold drink before dinner?

A. the others B. another C. other D. others

Q.11 Their new neighbor _____ blond hair and blue eyes.

A. is having B. have C. has D. having

Q.12 "Is that Saleem's new car?" "Yes, it's _____."

A. him B. himself C. his D. he

Q.13 She _____ everywhere for her favorite perfume. So far she hasn't
found it.

A. has looked B. looking C. been looking D. looked

Q.14 "You really _____ go to Cairo. You can see the Pyramids and the
National Museum."

A. may B. might C. can D. must

Q.15 "What television shows did you watch when you were a child?" "I
_____ watch comedies".

A. was B. liked C. used to* D. did

Q.16 My _____ usually goes to the office on foot.

A. best friend B. best friends C. best friend she

Q.17 If we _____ some more money, we could go away this weekend.

A. are having B. have C. had D. would have

Q.18 We went to the doctor _____ she couldn't seem to get rid of her

A. so B. for C. that D. because*

Q.19 The secretary asked me _____ I wanted to meet with Mr. Khan?

A. who B. how C. why D. when

Q.20 If you feel full, don't _____ any more of that pizza.

A. ate B. eating C. eat D. eats

Q.21 I had _____ soup and a sandwich for lunch.

A. a few B. a lot of C. many D. much

Q.22 "I forgot my keys on the desk. _____ giving me a lift home?"

A. Could you B. Can you C. Will you D. Would you mind

Q.23 My classmates and I enjoy doing similar things. _____ favorite

activity is going cycling.

A. Our B. We C. Us D. They

Q.24 Amy lives in Thailand now. She _____ at a large university there.

A. teach B. taught C. is teaching D. teaching

Q.25 She always gets good evaluations. She must be _____ employee
in the company.

A. the most valuable B. more valuable C. the valuable

D. valuable

Q.26 Has he ever _____ to swim?

A. learned B. learn C. learning D. learns

Q.27 When I last saw them, my sisters were on their way _____ the

A. on B. in C. at D. to

Q.28 I want to send the Syeds an email. Do you have _____ email

A. they B. them C. their D. there

Q.29 The movie was over before we had time _____ the plot.

A. for understand B. to understand C. Understanding D.

Q.30 _____ was a big parade in front of the university campus.

A. Their B. They C. These D. There

Q.31 My teacher was living in Multan when she _____ her future

A. will meet B. met C. was meeting D. meets

Q.32 That student passed her oral exams _____ speaking English at
every opportunity.

A. by B. from C. with D. to

Before _____ a decision on what to order, John asked the waiter for his

A. make B. made C. making D. being made

Q.33 There isn't _____ milk left. I need to go out and get some.

A. many B. some C. no D. any

Q.34 You can fly from here _____ Paris in under 5 hours.

A. at B. in C. to D. for

Q.35 Ali showed me his vacation photos _____ he visited my house for

A. which B. who C. when D. where

Q.36 George..... fly to Stockholm tomorrow.

A . to going B . goes to C . is going to D . go to

Q.37 His wedding is the ….. of my problems! What about my car bills? .

A . fewer B . less C . last D . least

Q.38 "Those shopping bags look really heavy. ...... carry one for
A . Will I B . Do I have C . Shall I D . Do I

Q.39 Don’t forget ..... the rubbish.

A . to put out B . putting out C . to putting out D . put out

Q.40 The letter ..... yesterday, but I don't know for sure.

A . may arrive B . might arrived C . should arrive D . may

have arrived

Q.41 If you don't slow down, you _____ have a heart attack.

A. would B. will C. can D. should

Q.42 The project was _____ complicated than they had expected.

A. so B. most C. more D. too

Q.43 You guys ..... better get a move on if you don't want to miss the

A . ought B . had C . have D . would

Q.44 I ..... working at night nowadays.

A . used to B . used C . am used to D . would

Q.45 I have to catch the 5.00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed


A . needn't B . haven’t C . have to D . have had to

Q.46 She ..... go to the dentist’s yesterday.

A . must B . had to C . ought to D . must to

Q.47 Don’t forget ..... those letters.

A . to post B . posting C . to posting D . post

Q.48 I clearly remember ..... them on the table last night
A . to leave B . left C . did leave D . leaving

Q.49 That was a great match. I’ll never forget ..... Rasheed score that

A . see B . to see C . seeing D . seen

Q.50 I thought you .....

A . will come to the party. B . were coming to the party.

C . come to the party.
D . have come to the party.

Q.51 As I didn't have time to do my hair myself, the


A . had it done B . had it did C . did it did D . had

done it

Q.52 I'm sorry for his bad behavior. He ......have apologized

A . must B . may C . would D . should

Q.53 Not speaking to anyone_____ ,but shouldn't we clean the


A . especially B . specially C . in particular D . himself

Q.54 Although it was very late, she..... book two tickets to Greece

A . should B . can C . was able to D . would can

Q.55 Do you like my dress? I ........especially for the wedding.

A . had it done B . made it did C . had it made

D . made it had
Q.56 What a shame you didn't meet James. You ...........him.

A . would like B . had liked C . would have liked D . will like

Q.57 t would be lovely to go to Japan, but.................thinking we can

A . There is no use B . It is no point C . It is no use D . It is


Q.58 It was so nice seeing Simon again! We should have called him.

A . months back B . for months C . since months

D . in months

Q.59 She worked hard yesterday and ..... type all the letters.

A. was able to B. can C. could D. would can

Q.60 I wish I ..... a car, I’m tired of catching the bus.

A . have B . would have C . had D . had had

Q.61 They laughed a lot last night. The film ..... very funny.

A . should have been B . must have been C . was to be D.

should be

Q.62 _______ Waiting any longer. They are clearly not coming.

A . There is no use B . It is no point C . It is no use D . It


Q.63 By this time tomorrow we ….. the meeting.

A . will have B . will have had C . are having D . will had


Q.64 “We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody ……

A . especially B . specially C . in particular D . himself

Q.65 My father is a surgeon. _____ works in a hospital.

A. It B. Father C. He D. She

Q.66 If you _____ eating so much junk food, you'll lose weight.

A. stopped B. stop C. might stop D. are stopping

Q.67 I ___ the house more often than you do. It's your turn.

A. will be cleaning B. have cleaned C. clean

Q.68 Tuesday was the last time we ___ the house before we left.

A. have been cleaning B. clean C. had cleaned

Q.69 First you have to send an application ___ the personnel manager.

A. About B. at C. for D. to

Q.70 Please look ___ me. I'm talking to you.

A. About B. at C. for D. to

Q.71 __________ students are in the class?

A. How many of B. How many

Q.72 I don't have __________ about the Internet.

A. much knowledge B. many knowledge

Q.73 Can you give me __________ information?

A. a little B. a few

Q.74 Wow, what a large __________ of money!

A number B. amount
Q.75 __________ time do you have?
A. How many B. How much

Q.76 I need _______ things for my new house.

A. a few B. a little

Q.77 I like to take __________ photos.

A. much B. many

Q.78 Dawood wants to have __________ children.

A. much B. many

Q.79 Don't press the 'submit' button before _____ of all 10 sentences.

A. complete B. completion C. completely

Q.80 Don't press the 'submit' button until you're _____ finished with
these 10 sentences.

A. complete B. completion C. completely

Q.81 I don't know where I'm going on my vacation. I haven't _____ my

plans yet.

A. final B. finalized C. finally

Q.82 This is my _____ vacation plan: I'm going to Lahore for a week.
A. final B. finalize C. finally

Q.83 You can buy excellent rye bread in that _____ .

A. bake B. bakery C. baking

Q.84 No, I'm not _____ . I'm just feeling very tired right now.

A. sick B. sickness C. sickly

Q.85 I think Imran's been working too hard. I hope his vacation will be
_____ for him.

A. rejuvenating B. rejuvenated C. rejuvenate