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28464 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

97 / Monday, May 21, 2007 / Notices

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON HISTORIC Advisory Council on Historic Comment on Cold War era (1946–1974)
PRESERVATION Preservation (ACHP) a reasonable Unaccompanied Personnel Housing,
opportunity to comment with regard to and accepts and adopts these Program
Notice of Army Adoption of Program such undertakings. ACHP has issued the Comments. The Department of the Army
Comments for Cold War Era (1946– regulations that set forth the process ensures that the effects of these
1974) Unaccompanied Personnel through which Federal agencies comply undertakings on these categories of
Housing, World War II and Cold War with these duties. Those regulations are historic properties is taken into account
Era (1939–1974) Ammunition Storage codified under 36 CFR part 800 by execution of the steps identified as
Facilities, and World War II and Cold ‘‘Section 106 regulations’’). treatment measures in the Program
War Era (1939–1974) Army Ammunition Under Section 800.14(e) of those
Comments, Sections II.A. Treatment
Production Facilities and Plants from regulations, agencies can request ACHP
to provide a ‘‘Program Comment’’ on a measures vary by property type. For
the Advisory Council on Historic
particular category of undertakings in Cold War era Unaccompanied Housing,
Preservation, and Notice of Availability
of Final Environmental Assessment lieu of conducting individual reviews of the Army will prepare a publicly
and Finding of No Significant Impact each individual undertaking under such available version of the existing context
category, as set forth in 36 CFR 800.4 entitled ‘‘Unaccompanied Personnel
AGENCY: Advisory Council on Historic through 800.6. An agency can meet its Housing (UPH) During the Cold War
Preservation. Section 106 responsibilities for those (1946–1989).’’ For World War II and
ACTION: Notice of Army Adoption of undertakings by taking into account Cold War era Ammunition Storage
Program Comments for Cold War Era ACHP’s Program Comment and by Facilities, the Army will prepare a
(1946–1974) Unaccompanied Personnel following the steps set forth in those Historic Context on ammunition storage
Housing, World War II and Cold War comments. facilities that covers the Cold War era;
Era (1939–1974) Ammunition Storage On August 18, 2006, the Advisory a context entitled ‘‘Army Ammunition
Facilities, and World War II and Cold Council on Historic Preservation and Explosive Storage in the United
War Era (1939–1974) Army approved and issued to the Department States, 1775–1945’’ already exists. The
Ammunition Production Facilities and of the Army a Program Comment for Army will also prepare documentation
Plants from the Advisory Council on World War II and Cold War era (1939– of ammunition storage facilities at nine
Historic Preservation, and Notice of 1974) Army Ammunition Production
installations, six of which have World
Availability of Final Environmental Facilities and Plants, and to the
War II-era properties, and three of
Assessment and Finding of No Department of Defense a Program
Comment on World War II and Cold which have Cold War era properties. For
Significant Impact.
War era (1939–1974) Ammunition the World War II and Cold War era
SUMMARY: This provides notice of the Storage Facilities, and a Program Army Ammunition Facilities and
Army’s adoption of the Advisory Comment on Cold War era (1946–1974) Plants, the Army will prepare a Historic
Council on Historic Preservation’s Unaccompanied Personnel Housing. Context, and develop documentation of
Program Comments for Cold War Era The Program Comments pertain to all selected architecturally significant
Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Army ammunition production facilities ammunition production facilities and
(1946–1974), World War II and Cold (Army Real Property category group Plants at two installations. Finally, the
War Era (1939–1974) Ammunition 226XX) built between 1939 and 1974, Army will prepare a display and
Storage Facilities, and World War II and all properties built between 1939 and popular publication on the ammunition
Cold War Era (1939–1974) Army 1974 at Army Ammunition Plants, all production process, from production to
Ammunition Production Facilities and buildings and structures designed and storage. The full text of the Program
Plants, and the availability of the final built as ammunition storage facilities Comments can be found on the DENIX
Environmental Assessment and Finding (DoD Real Property category group Web site at
of No Significant Impact for the actions. 42XXXX) within the years 1939–1974, ProgramAlternatives.
DATES: This Program Comment goes into and all buildings and structures that
were designed and built as The Army also announces the
effect on May 21, 2007. availability of the final Environmental
ADDRESSES: To obtain copies of the
Unaccompanied Personnel Housing
(DoD Real Property category group Assessment (EA) and signed Finding of
Program Comments, the final EA and No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the
signed FONSI, visit Defense 72XXXX) in the years 1946–1974. The
Program Comments include treatment Program Comment process. Notice of
Environmental Network Information the availability of the draft EA and
eXchange (DENIX) Web site at https:// measures for the following undertakings
for these four categories of properties: FONSI was published in the Federal
ongoing operations, maintenance and Register on October 26, 2004, Vol. 69,
ProgramAlternatives. Address all
repair; rehabilitation; renovation; No. 206, pp. 62431–62432. The Army
comments concerning these Program
mothballing; cessation of maintenance, considered all public comments
Comments to David Berwick, Army
new construction; demolition; received on the draft before finalizing
Program Manager, Advisory Council on
deconstruction and salvage; remediation the EA and FONSI. Copies of the final
Historic Preservation, 1100
activities; and transfer, sale, lease, and EA and FONSI are available at http://
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Suite 803,
closure of such facilities. The
Washington, DC 20004. Fax (202) 606–
Department of the Army has taken into ProgramAlternatives.
account the Advisory Council on
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Historic Preservation’s Program Authority: 36 CFR 800.14(e)
Dave Berwick (202) 606–8505. Comment for World War II and Cold Dated: May 16, 2007.
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SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Section 106 War era (1939–1974) Army Ammunition John M. Fowler,
of the National Historic Preservation Act Production Facilities and Plants, the
Executive Director.
requires Federal agencies to consider Program Comment on World War II and
[FR Doc. 07–2506 Filed 5–18–07; 8:45 am]
the effects of their undertakings on Cold War era (1939–1974) Ammunition
historic properties and provide the Storage Facilities, and the Program BILLING CODE 4310–K6–M

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