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Submitted by: Wigerto C.


II-4 Accountability

Submitted to: Mrs. Nerissa Lombos Garcia

Title: Harry Potter and the

Order of the Phoenix

Author: J.K. Rowling

Date: November 12, 2001

Date Published: November 16, 2001

Place: United Kingdom

No. of Pages:


Mrs. Figg reveals herself as a Squib, which means she was born to magic parents
but has no magic ability of her own. Mrs. Figg tells Harry that someone named Mundungus
Fletcher had been ordered to follow him and keep him safe, but that Mundungus must have left
his watch to buy more stolen cauldrons. Mrs. Figg warns Harry that Dumbledore will soon know
he’s used his magic outside of Hogwarts. Suddenly, Harry hears another crack, and Mundungus
appears. Mrs. Figg demands that Mundungus return to Hogwarts immediately and explain to
Dumbledore why Harry needed to use his magic.
Harry and Dudley return to Privet Drive. As they ring the doorbell, Dudley vomits and falls over.
Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon answer the door and fuss over him, demanding to know exactly
what happened. Dudley points to Harry, and as Harry begins to explain, an owl flies through an
open window, dropping a letter that expels Harry from Hogwarts for improper use of magic and
announces that someone will be arriving shortly to destroy his wand. A few moments later,
another letter arrives, this time from Ron’s father, Arthur Weasley. The letter tells Harry that
Dumbledore is attempting to sort the issue out with the Ministry of Magic and that Harry should
not surrender his wand or leave the house.
Harry continues trying to explain the dementor attack to his aunt and uncle. To Harry’s surprise,
Aunt Petunia confirms that dementors guard the prison at Azkaban, something she claims that
she once heard Harry’s parents talking about. Another owl arrives, with a second letter from the
Ministry of Magic. This letter states that Harry is allowed to retain his wand until a disciplinary
hearing on August 12. Another owl arrives, this time carrying a letter from Harry’s godfather,
Sirius. Sirius warns Harry not to leave the house. Aunt Petunia seems horrified by Harry’s
announcement that Lord Voldemort has returned. Her concern is strange to Harry, since she has
never acknowledged or expressed interest in the world of magic before. Uncle Vernon is upset
by the threat of the dementors and Voldemort and orders Harry to leave his house immediately.
A fifth owl arrives, carrying a carrying a special kind of letter known as a Howler, which literally
howls its message to its recipient. The owl bypasses Harry and deposits the letter on Petunia’s
head. The letter howls: “Remember my last, Petunia.” Petunia demands that Harry stay, despite
Vernon’s wishes. Petunia refuses to tell Harry what the message means and insists that he not
leave his room.

New Words That I Learned:

Refuses-to deny or reject.
Magic-witchcraft enchantment, sorcery.
Fuss-bustling activity.
Horrified-to strike with honor.
Crack-to snap, or to split.
Retain-to continue, to hold or keep in possession.
Ministry-department of state
Insist-to demand, to be persistent

Character I like most:

Harry potter-because he is brave in facing problems he didn’t think to run away from his
problems. He is also a good and loyal friend.

Values That I’ve learned:

To face problems without running away.

The story is very exciting and beautiful it thrills me a lot to know the ending of the story.

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