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My Resume

Zahi Karam

135 Hillcrest Ave. # 101

Mississauga, ON,
L5b 4B1
Cell: 647 892 3191

Highlights of Qualifications:
-3 years of work experience as Production Supervisor -.
Good Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel.
-Knowledge and experience in all area of an automated milk manufacturing facility.
-Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
-Strong supervisory skills

Relevant Skills and Experience:

Phoenicia Company
Production Supervisor: Oct.24, 2006- Jan 15, 2007/ Montreal/Pit
- Monitoring incoming raw materials, packaging and plant sanitation and production

- Developing forms and review charts to monitor the productions line and

- Trained and Supervised 35 Employees;

- Managed a total of the production lines.

- Planned the Production of Sterilized milk, flavored milk, yogurt line, USP line,
homogenizer line, raw milk tanks and raw materials receiving area.
- Cheese line: Fermented cheese, semi soft cheese, semi hard cheese, mish & aged

-Monitored keys quality measurement on incoming raw materials.

-Review work order specification for accuracy before send or distributing to
-Demonstrated ability to train, and evaluate labor
- Sanitization: 1-Heat Sanitizing 2- Chemical Sanitizing.
According to the Food Premises Regulation. my responsibility included
1-Monitoring the chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing.
2- The strength of chemical solutions to be used.
3- The length of time the equipment is to be exposed to the chemicals the
procedures used for cleaning and sanitizing the equipment.
4- Sanitizer Test Strips in order to measure the concentration of the chemical
sanitizer solution being used, this is required by the Food Premises Regulation.
5- Oversee monthly cleaning schedule.
6- Monitor water and chemical usage.
Phoenicia Company /Food Safety
Oakville/ jan.25, 2007- Present

-Supervise, train and develop a workforce of 25 employees

- HACCP Program:
• Make sure that all the following are met our goals:
• Personal Hygiene and Hygienic behavior are being followed to prevent cross
• Understanding the importance of the critical control point.
• Training the employee how to identify deficiencies that could affect product
• Train the employee to take corrective action when unsafe condition occurs.
• Make sure that washroom has hot and cold potable running water, soap
dispensers, sanitary hand drying equipment and a cleanable waste
• Checking all the hand washing notices are posting on the suitable areas.
• Make sure that the washroom, lunch room, changing room, all are have a
good ventilation and enough light intensity.
• Make sure that the air exchange is sufficient to prevent accumulation of
steam, condensation to prevent air contamination inside the dairy production
• Make sure that the sewage line does not pass directly over the machines filler
or any open line.
• Good Manufacturing Practices
We all have the responsibility to produce a safe, high quality dairy
product. By complying with the Plants GMP, We all can ensure that
this happens.
• These practices are apply to all Employees , temps, and
visitors all area of the Dairy production, Warehousing and
• Safety Rules :
• Safety is the responsibility of everyone .Adherence to the
safety rules is a condition of employment and is subject to
disciplinary action for non- compliance.
• Make sure that only qualified personnel are operated or
repaired machinery and understanding his responsibility for
the safe care and use of this equipment.
• Make sure that no unauthorized riders are moving any
• Keeping all unauthorized people away from work areas.
• Horseplay or carelessness, incompetence or negligence is
strictly forbidden.
• Make sure that all signs posted in the plant are adhered to all
• Make sure that all personnel are wearing or using the
personal protective equipment required in their specific job or
• Make sure that all personnel are strive to maintain proper
housekeeping in all areas through continuous clean- up ,
sanitization , homogenization, orderliness, and proper
• To minimize slips, trips and falls, proper footwear
must be worn and correct walking procedure must be
• Employees must immediately report any unsafe
conditions or unsafe acts to the supervisor or joint
health and safety committee member.
• Make sure that all the employees know the location
of first aid supplies, Emergency eye wash stations.
• Make sure that all employees are knowing and
following all emergency evacuation procedure and
knowing the emergency exit doors.

Education and Training:

-Diploma of Advanced Quality Assurance Certificate/ Humber Collage / UN
-Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Technology/ (Evaluated by Word Education
Services/ Canada
-ISO and HACCP Systems
-Food Handler Training Certificate based on the Ontario Ministry and Long-
Term Care food Handler Training Protocol
References Provided Upon Request