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James Bowman ~ Film 4760

Cig' 'Em Up!

Goals / intention statement :

Smoking related-diseases kill one in 10 adults globally, if current trends continue then by 2030, it will be one in
six. In Cig' 'Em Up, players will compete for the highest score as they fire packs of cigarettes at future

Pedagological tool :

The player will be given

various facts and statistics
relating to the death tolls and
sales rates of cigarettes
between rounds of barraging
potential lifelong customers
with free sample packs.
− worldwide
between 80,000
and 100,000 kids
start smoking
every day
− 15 billion sold
daily / 10 million
a minute
− Every 8 seconds
someone dies
from tobacco use

Platform : Second Life

Genre : First Person Shooter / Shooting Gallery

Features :

Pop up targets of various clientel; Young Adults (18-30) worth 200 points ~ Longest potential lifespan/most
money, Adults (31-60) 100 points ~ Still worth plenty of money, Elderly (61~) 50 points Children - 50 points
~ Children + smoking = Lawsuits = - Money The player will shoot packs of smoking cigarettes at the
targets, trying to fill the quota for each round as fast as possible. The player will have limited time each round
to fill their quota and advance. Duck Hunt-esque HUD.

Themes :

This semi-dark first person shooter will take place in a shooting gallery where targets pop up from behind
objects and/or pass by the screen. The sample launcher will shoot smoking packs that make a “wheeze” when
they hit a target, and an explosion when they miss.

Similar games: Duck Hunt with Cigarettes

Elevator Pitch: It's a first person gallery shooter that educates the player about tobacco danger, while they
collect points and satiate the capitalist urge..! Think Duck Hunt with Cigarettes.