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UNICEF Moldova

Translation services to/from Romanian and English for UNICEF

Duration: March 15 – December 15, 2010

1. Purpose of Special Service Agreement

To perform translation/interpretation to/from Romanian and English of the documentation, as well as any other
information related to activities of EAQS Programme.
2. Specific activities
The contract will cover the following translation services:
 consecutive oral translation;
 written translation, including editing;
The translation services provided shall be:
- Accurate: reproducing as exactly as possible the meaning of the source text.
- Natural: using natural forms of the receptor language in a way that is appropriate to the kind of text being
- Communicative: expressing all aspects of the meaning in a way that is readily understandable to the
intended audience.
Various formats will be made available by UNICEF to deliver/receive materials: hard copies and electronic files.
Desktop publishing tools – scanning, image processing, page layout, graphic design – will be used by the
contractor to follow the original document format.
For original material containing complex graphic elements two format versions of translation will be made available
by the contractor:
1. Original material format;
2. Version, containing text and graphic portions of the translation in two separate sections:
- a file, containing only the translated text, for exact calculation by number of characters;
- graphic objects will be placed on A4 page; one full page with graphic elements is equivalent to one full text page.
The reference term for one order execution from the moment of its acknowledgement shall be as follows:
- 48 hours for 10 pages;
- for large orders, the term of execution shall be agreed upon with the project officer considering the specific
characteristics of the text, degree of complexity of graphic elements and other execution related aspects.
3. Payment
The work will be paid only for the performed work according to Receipt Acts presented to EAQS Unit, will
acknowledge the receipt of the work by signing the Receipt Act, where the number of translated pages/ worked
days and the total cost of services will be indicated.
Payment will be made in Moldovan Lei, and in a term no longer than three working days after signing the Receipt
Act by the PO/PA.
4. Deliverables and delivery dates
All the materials will be presented in hard copies and in electronic formats and will be delivered in terms agreed
with the supervisor.

5. Supervision arrangements
The translator will work under the supervision of the Project Officer and in close consultation with the Programme
Assistant, EAQS Unit.

6. Duration of the consultancy
The contract will cover the period from March 15 until 15 December 2010.

7. Qualifications/specialized knowledge/experience required

Proven experience in both oral and written translation of documents related to Education and Health issues.

8. Performance indicators
Performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication,
and quality of the products delivered.

9. Unsatisfactory performance
In case of unsatisfactory performance the contract will be terminated by notification letter sent 5 days prior to the
termination date. In the mean time, UNICEF will initiate another selection in order to identify appropriate service