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ManageEngine AD Solutions

Alright, here is my wish list: Whoa! Whoa! I am quite outdated for all this!
But I know someone who can help you.
>> Manage Active Directory
ManageEngine and their AD Solutions!

>> Get a neat report of everything

that happens in it! Some solution
for password reset tickets!
This one is really killing me!

AD Solutions – Deploy. Stay happy forever.

The genie has given you a valuable piece of information! So, please grant him the
freedom he deserves and read on!
Welcome to ManageEngine AD Solutions, the world that defies harsh realities! Here, there is no difficulty in managing
Active Directory, no pain of resetting passwords for endless list of users, nor there is any problem in fulfilling regulatory
compliance! AD Solutions comprises three different software products, each addressing an Active Directory challenge:

ADManager Plus: Eases the administration of Active Directory by automating repetitive tasks.
ADSelfService Plus: A comprehensive self-service password reset software that empowers end users with the
abilities to self reset passwords, self unlock accounts and self update personal information into Active Directory.
ADAudit Plus: A complete Active Directory auditing and reporting software. The beauty is that it is also a good
compliance software.
ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a completely web-based Active Directory management and reporting software,
which takes all the difficulty and mundanity out of Active Directory management.

” We evaluated ScriptLogic Active Administrator, Quest AD management tool and ADManager Plus to solve our
day-to-day AD management & Reporting needs. ADManager Plus with its high-end features and low-end cost
was an obvious choice
“ -Meraz Nasir,Manager of Infrastructure (ITS),
Interfaith Medical Center.

starts at The Benefits of ADManager Plus

US $ 495
Automation of time-consuming and repetitive AD tasks
Create/Modify/Delete multiple AD objects (computers, users,
contacts) in a few clicks.

Helpdesk Delegation
Offload surplus tasks to others.

Heightened security through Active Directory Clean-up

Easily identify inactive users and disable them; remember,
inactive accounts are just like chinks in the armor.

Gain control over Active Directory

With the aid of 100+ reports, know exactly what is happening

in Active Directory and control it better.

Achieve compliance

[ Dashboard view of ADManager Plus ] ADManager Plus reports are also comprehensive enough to
meet compliance requirements enforced by acts like

What makes ADManager Plus special?

ADManager Plus comes with all the essential features that make an effective Active Directory management software; it even helps
in accomplishing regulatory compliance. A rare availability in this industry! With a user-friendly user interface and features, many
would prefer to manage Active Directory only through ADManager Plus.

Following buzzwords are like “Holy Grail” to IT administrators and their search ends right at our doorstep.
Cross-forest, cross-domain and multi-role helpdesk delegation OU based administration
Reports about inactive users/recently logged on users Active Directory Clean-Up
Creation/modification of users in bulk using templates Schedulable and compliance oriented reports
Bulk mailbox creation for mixed Exchange environments Multi-domain management

Contact :
Toll Free : 1-888-720-9500
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is a comprehensive web-based self-service password reset/account unlock

software; in other words it empowers end-users of an Active Directory domain to reset
passwords/unlock accounts themselves.

“ADSelfService Plus had just the right mix of functionalities we were looking for – self update and
password self-service. And the ADSelfService guys are wonderful; they customized the software with
several features that we requested.
” -Mike Green, Project Manager, IT Services,
Rentokil Initial (Australia)

starts at
The Benefits of ADSelfService Plus US $ 595
Completely eliminates helpdesk calls related to password
reset/account unlock by awarding self-service capabilities to end

Saves IT administrator/helpdesk technician/end user’s time and

thereby increases their productivity.

Brings down the money spent on helpdesk calls.

Enables effective implementation of password policies.

Self update feature ensures that user information in Active Directory

is up-to-date.

Offers complete self-service. The feature GINA/CP allows users to

reset passwords right at Windows logon! This is most sought-after
feature in this industry.

[ Dashboard view of ADSelfService Plus ]

What is so special about ADSelfService Plus?

ADSelfService Plus has an all-inclusive feature set and is a complete password self-service software.
Take a look at some of its richness in useful and comprehensive features:
Block users : Who fail security Q&A authentication, from using this software.
Restrict Users: Eliminate any inactive user from the license count of ADSelfService Plus and let others occupy their space. Saves
great deal of money.
Email Notifications: Alert the users - via email - about any soon-to-expire passwords.

Exclusive reports such as “password status report” and “users with expired password reports”.
Comprehensive audit reports pinpointing all the actions carried out by a user through ADSelfService Plus.

Contact :
Toll Free : 1-888-720-9500
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is considered as ManageEngine’s next big leap in the field of enterprise management,
as it simplifies one of the complex issues – Active Directory auditing and reporting.

“Getting a detailed report of what is going on in Active Directory is extremely important, as it is the
beehive of all organizational activities. However, it was next to impossible to effectively monitor
Active Directory using native tools. This is where ADAudit Plus helped us; it is our window to the
Active Directory.
”- Paul Connolly, Systems Administrator, New York Botanical Garden.

starts at
The Benefits of ADAudit Plus US $ 495
Profound knowledge about what is going on in Active Directory
– every single change occurring in Active Directory is reported
with the vital “the four Ws” information (who, when, what, and

Streamlined management: With a variety of reports – preconfigured

and customizable – the administrator has got all the data it takes to
manage an organization effectively.

Regulatory compliance: With extensive “filters”, an administrator can

extract desired reports that will fulfill compliance requirements.
Further, a record of all the user activities and changes in Active
Directory can be easily maintained for periods prescribed by
compliance regulations.

Forensic investigation: Archival of processed information simplifies


[ Dashboard View of ADAudit Plus ]

Following are salient features of ADAudit Plus that make it special:

Completely web-based.

Predefined audit reports on logon status; user and administrator activities; and changes in groups, computers, GPOs, OUs
and domain policies.

Highly beneficial features such as “schedulable reports and alerts”.

Email delivery of reports and alerts.

Contact : Toll Free : 1-888-720-9500