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Excellence Awards
with AIESEC in Austria
in 2010

Global Internship Program

the world’s largest student

AIESEC in Austria

Augasse 13/9 | A - 1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 13101564
Why AIESEC is a strategic partner?
AIESEC in Austria is working with the corporate
Talent Employer
environment to find the right approaches to Interaction Branding
discover and develop talents.
The goal of the partnership with AIESEC is to Opportunities
ensure that each company that is investing in Youth Opinion
developing youth will attract young people with (measurement tool)
leadership potential to fulfill the company
mission and goals.
Access to

Global Exchange
Internships .
Find motivated students from 107 countries
Program over the world
- AIESEC is pre-selecting students across the world, by an agreed
profile and internship job responsibilities
Expand your business through - Don’t worry about paperwork; AIESEC takes care of VISA
International Opportunities procedures, accommodation and integration activities
- Be flexible: We offer you different time-plans, hiring an intern
between 1,5 and 18 months.
- Our pool of students that want to go abroad for an internship
includes more than 6000 top talents

Global Internships
1.Sales Academy Interact with young talents interested in sales
Share your experience in the - AIESEC is organizing 3 conferences between January and May
art of sales 2010 where companies will train AIESEC members in sales
- you can profile your company as an attractive employer to the our
target group: students between 1st and 4th year of study
- at the end of the Sales Academy you will receive the contact details
and performance indicators of the participants

Global Internships
2.National Conferences Gain visibility to the elite of Austrian students
Discover innovative ways of - profile your company in front of 250 students with practical
employer branding experience, that invest time for their development through AIESEC
- raise awareness of your company values and vision to an active
audience, through workshops, company presentations or leadership
development programs
- reward performance and connect with top talents from AIESEC

AIESEC ist seit Jahren als internationale Plattform für Studenten anerkannt und bietet den
Mitgliedern durch seine nationalen und internationalen Netzwerke die Chance Therorie und
Praxis zu verbinden.

Das Ziel - die Ausbildung von künftigen, verantwortungsbewussten

Führungspersönlichkeiten - hat AIESEC nie aus den Augen verloren.
Ich bin überzeugt, dass AIESEC daher auch in Zukunft für Studierende und Unternehmen
eine wesentliche Rolle innehaben wird.

Gouverneur Univ.Prof.Dr.E.Nowotny,
Oesterreichische Nationalbank
How to engage in AIESEC activities?
Global Internships
3.Career Days Raise the awareness of your company to
A recruiting event in the pre-selected students from Austria
universities of 5 Austrian cities - you can profile your company at the Universities in Vienna, Linz,
Graz, Innsbruck and Salzburg during march-may 2010
- companies can deliver workshops, case-studies, company
presentations, talk-to-the-manager, one-to-one meetings or CV-
checks with students that register to the career event

Global Internships
4.EuroCo Conference Contribute to the biggest leadership summit
180 international students with
from Europe and North America
Leadership Experience from During EuroCo - October 2010 - companies can present themselves
40 countries will arrive in Austria during the following events: Global Village (cultures presentation)
& Official Opening, Austrian Night, Partners cocktail: Official
Dinner, Pre Meeting and Study Tour and the Training program.

Global Internships
5.Business Innovation Shape to the innovation and
Competition entrepreneurship education of students
- present your company to AIESEC members with leadership and
Developing a new business international experience that are about to enter the job market
models for society issues - sustain the initiative of developing of new business models for
Austrian society through workshops on the topics adressed

Youth Opinion
Global Internships Discover new ways to promote your
Survey career opportunities
- companies participating in Youth Opinion Survey will receive a
Get to know motivations of Austrian presentation with the assessment of the company image
students regarding their career - each company will have access to basic statistical data of the
students participating in the survey and demographic information of
students interested in their company
- companies will have a specific question in the survey to provide a
customized analysis of the employer brand

As the world's leading professional services firm, PwC's core values are teamwork,
leadership and excellence. These values are common to both organisations and provide an
ideal foundation for a long and successful cooperation.

Sharing knowledge and expertise is not only a key element of our consulting business, it is
also crucial to our partnership with AIESEC. This is why we support AIESEC professionally
by serving on the Board of Advisors in Austria and participating in the Financial Learning

Elizabeth Hull,
Human Capital Leader PwC Austria
Our Organization
What is AIESEC? The AIESEC Experience:
AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run, not-for-profit AIESEC’s Innovative Development
organization, is the international platform for young people to Process for members.
discover and develop their potential to have a positive inpact
on society.
AIESEC was founded in 1959 and is today active in 107
countries at 1700 universities with 38.000 members, offering
each year over 8.800 internships and 7.500 leadership
With a focus on building personal networks and exploring the
direction and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an
innovative approach to engaging and developing young
people into the leaders needed today and tomorrow. AIESEC in Austria

The AIESEC Difference AIESEC in Austria

The key difference between AIESEC members and other AIESEC in Austria was founded in 1953,
students is the skills they develop through enterprise learning as one of the first international youth
while managing the AIESEC program. organizations in Austria.

AIESEC members are global minded, proactive and In 2009, AIESEC is present in Graz,
responsible young people. Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna
They are voluntarily engaged into social relevant issues actively engaging young people at 12
beyond their studies. universities.

Leadership Experience
AIESEC members have the opportunity to lead teams in AIESEC in Austria 2009/10 Nr.
different areas, plan, make decisions, speak in public, and
turn their ideas into results.
Active Members 300

A Connection to the World Exchange internships 150

AIESEC members interact with industry, government, NGO’s, Leadership Opportunities 90
universities, students and interns from all over the world. This
allows members to be some of the most connected young Conferences and Seminars 15
citizens in Austrian universities.

AIESEC and IBM Austria partnership includes involvement in AIESEC conferences and the Global Internship Program, through
which, since 2007 we have hosted more than 20 interns from all over the world (Colombia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic,
Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Egypt and others) in many of our departments.
We find the AIESEC interns to be innovative, high talented and ambitious. The partnership with AIESEC brings the value of
international top talents to our company. We are happy to say that many of the interns and Alumni from AIESEC in Austria are
working now in IBM, in our offices in Austria, Czech Republic or Dubai developing successful careers.

Mag. Susanne Greber

Recruiting & Diversity Leader IBM Austria
AIESEC Alumni and Partners
AIESEC in Austria developed a strong network of Alumni.
Many of our members became leaders in their field of activity.
Wolfgang Stock – CFO OMV Exploration & Production
alumnus AIESEC Austria

Alexander Tichy – Managing Director Radix & Partners

alumnus AIESEC Austria

Robert Chvatal – CEO T-Mobile Austria

alumnus AIESEC Slovakia

Walter Geiger – VP & General Manager P&G North East Asia

alumnus AIESEC Austria

Examples of involvement of our partners

IBM Austria PriceWaterhouseCoopers

• Workshops in AIESEC National • Workshops in AIESEC National

Conferences Conferences
• 18 AIESEC internships hosted in 2007 • Main Sponsor of Career Days in Vienna
• Campus promotion in Vienna • AIESEC Internships

Kommunalkredit Austria Voestalpine

• Presentation to AIESEC Alumni event • Workshops in AIESEC National

• AIESEC Internships Conferences
• Employer brand promotion • Participant of Career Event in Linz
• AIESEC Internships

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