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SAP connector developed by Udyog for iTAX –Indian taxation software

SAP XML Reports are generated through the SAP-ABAP Transaction Code. The Functionality
of Reports is fetching the Data from the Database & Display in an Output of the Report Format.
All the SAP Reports are in ALV (ABAP LIST VIEWER) format only .These ALV Reports for
knowing what data (SAP) is going to convert into XML format. At the Time of Displaying the
report Output, the same data will be Converted (SAP to XML) and transfer into XML Format
(Specific Location Given in the Report) Automatically. These Reports will work/Run
independently, also will not Update/Delete any other existing User defined Reports or Predefined
Reports. Generation of Master data or Transactional data Reports are based on iTAX Module
Inputs or Clients Requirement.

Udyog developed an iTAX-SAP connector which extract the data from SAP in XML format &
upload in iTAX software. It is offline & independent utility which is compatible to all version of

Following steps we following to extract Data from SAP R/3

• SE38 Transaction Code can be used to run the ABAP programs in SAP, We need one

• Access to run our ABAP programs. The Connector will extract the transaction data from
SAP & convert it into XML format.

• The XML files will be imported by iTAX data import utility & it will upload into iTAX
In ITAX import utility we already mapped the SAP data field with iTAX Data Filed.
All the related statutory returns & reports will be printed from iTAX

Solutions Overview for local PC files access:

 User needs to login SAP Development System and develop the ABAP Programs.
 We need to Transfer/ Release the Objects from Development to Quality System.
 Test the Objects in Quality System and Release the Objects from Quality to Production
 Generate the User defined Reports in Production System.
 The Output of the Reports will be Displayed in ALV Format
 These Reports are converted the Sap data to XML format automatically.
 Xml Files will be created in User PC and User need to send the XML files to iTAX-Dev.

Udyog Software (I) Ltd
Solutions Overview for shared file access files access:

 SAP Xml files will be created in Shared Dictionary at Application server level.
 ITAX-Dev will be importing these xml files from the application server.

Advantage of connector:

 Seamless Integration with any ERP Software

 Udyog proven efficiency, effective & prompt updates to its software as an when ever
changing statutory compliances occur
 Easier & cost effective product support, service & maintenance.
 Proven, easy users adaptability by relevant customers of SAP professional
 Cost of ownership, at least 100% less compared with alternative unmatchable solutions

Benefit of Connector

 Non reliant, on expensive SAP professionals for ever changing India statutory
compliance requirements for implementation, support & updates
 Leveraging available, Secured, proven integration technology & cost effective.
 India user group familiarity with iTAX
 India proven successful previous implementation & complete usage.
 Udyog active work in progress to prepared for Goods & service tax ( Indian Govt
proposed in April 2010)
 proven Excise & service tax compliance software with more then 10800 + installation

iTAX covers Following Modules

• Excise Manufacturing
• Excise Trading
• Service tax
• VAT & CST ( State wise )
• TDS & eTDS
• EOU ( Export Oriented Unit )
• SEZ ( Special Economic Zone)
• Tankhwa-A payroll Solution

Udyog Software (I) Ltd
Company Profile

Udyog has been successfully providing technology solutions to a number of businesses and has
established its reputation as one of the leaders in areas of Tax Compliance Solutions, Integrated
Solutions for SME and Indian localized tax solution to ERP.
Udyog’s management team has developed strong relationships with clients and has provided
timely results.
Udyog was founded as a way to provide affordable yet high quality solutions to clients who demand the
best service. Udyog’s key objective is to provide sustained growth opportunities to all entities in the
company achieved by increasing revenues and profitability.

• As the India's largest selling excise software company & 2nd Largest brand in India in Package
software (Dun & Bradstreet 2007 news)

• Successful track record since 1993

• Over 10800 + Clients include Large, MNC & SMB

• 93% Client retention ratio in the form of AMC

• Renowned Taxation Consultants on Panel

• In-house taxation experts to release updates against ever changing & complex Indian statutory

• Local support & service available, we have 40 channel partners across India.

• National & Local Educational Institutes like IIJT, NIFA, Emacs, IIFCA, producing Udyog
software trained professional.

• Successful integration case studies, SAP R/3, Infor, JD Edwards , Ramco Systems, Fourth Shift
& BPCS, QAD-Mfg/Pro, Adage, Evolutions, SUN & Customized ERP

Udyog Software (I) Ltd