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Volume 9, No 3 March, 2010

That’s Cookie Lockhart!

son City, Iowa, where

she was the lone female
Above: Cookie poses at Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant wearing one of her spectacular among 127 students.
“Diva Hats”. One can only imagine
the attention she re-
By Don Gordon throughout the country in the practice ceived from her fellow
Looking at her now, it is not easy to of her art. students, so much so that
believe that Cookie Lockhart reached The Charleston area, Daniel Island the head of the school
young adulthood without expecting ever to be exact, is now home to the native felt obliged to post an
to be an auctioneer, or even wanting to of Colorado, meaning she can be seen armed guard at her door.
be.. For one thing, that sort of thing was around this region presiding over an Her education in the
for guys. auction sale of some sort. Mostly what craft did not end with the
But she and the world would come she does is real estate sales. Mason City school, as
to know that ladies not only can make it “I say that when the market is hot, auc- she continued to learn.
in the auction business, they can excel at tions are the best way to sell property; Developing the rapid-
it. They don’t call her the Queen of Auc- when the market is cold, it’s the only Photo courtesy © 2007 Auction Network fire sales delivery, for
tioneering for nothing.. way,” Ms. Lockhart commented. instance, takes much
Today, 40 years after she began, Ms. Cookie - she is one of those whose practice, the auctioneer
Lockhart still takes her resonant chant first name can stand alone for iden- types of the time, Cookie did not aspire commented.
and trademark hat and glasses to venues tification at least in the auction world It took Ms. Lockhart some time to
to the auction stage despite growing up
as she did. “I don’t think break into the business. “I would drive
I ever thought about no matter how far it was, anywhere they
it,” Ms. Lockhart said. would let me sell when I got there,” Ms.

INSIDE “What I wanted to be

was a trick rider. I was
born on a horse.”

didn’t sell,
ring.” Her
opportunity came
Lowcountry Sun As often is the case, it
took personal circum-
at a livestock
father, Si
near Denver.
primarily a
stance to change her stock dealer, trader and auctioneer dur-
Page 12 life’s direction. That ing his active years, and in the early days
came in the form of a both she and her brother Darwin would
America’s Best Hospitals divorce, leaving the drive the trucks taking stock to market.
young mother of two That experience led to one of her
Page 24 facing the need to go it favorite anecdotes: “My father asked
What Will YOUR Epitaph Be? alone. It was her mother my brother why when he drove the
who suggested auction truck, it would take him three days to
Page 9 school, to which young get back, and it would cost $150, while
Photo courtesy © 2007 Auction Network
-comes by her talent naturally.
Cookie raised the natu- when Cookie drove, she would be back
Bottom Line on Welfare Her father was a noted auctioneer out of
ral objection.. “Isn’t that for boys? She in 16 hours without having spent any.
Steamboat Springs, Colo. Her brother My brother’s answer was, ‘It’s girls like
Page10 followed in his father’s career path, his Cookie that I spend the money on.’ “
Nevertheless, auction school it was.
own son and Cookie’s daughter has fol-
NEW March Tidetables lowed that of her mother.
Ms. Lockhart enrolled in the World- Her brother Darwin died at the age
wide College of Auctioneering in Ma- Cookie continued on page 2
Partly because of the gender stereo-

Visit us online at

out which was the real one. At
least one panel member cor-
Cookie rectly identified Cookie as the
continued from page 1 real auctioneer. Each panelist
of 40, and Ms. Lockhart keeps she fooled meant $250 in prize
him close to her heart. “When money.
I’m selling, sometimes I hear “I was very nervous. Being on
my brother’s voice bouncing national television in those days
back,“ she said. was a big deal,” Ms. Lockhart
Her strong deep voice, commented. At the end of the
which she said can sound like a game, she treated the audience
man’s during an auction, is one with a brief rendition of her auc-
reason she cites for her success tion delivery.
as a female auctioneer. But the biggest challenge of
Another has to do with ap- Cookie Lockhart’s life probably
pearance. She typically wears a was not standing before an au-
large hat and a variety of glitzy dience, whether at an auction or
glasses. “To be successful,” on a televised game show. Sev-
Cookie says, “You must look
Photo courtesy © 2007 Auction Network
eral years ago, she was found to
Cookie got her legs in the world have breast cancer, and after a
successful. I see women who of auctioneering after overcoming period of remission, the cancer With her unlimited energy, humor and “bigger than life” personality, Cookie when,
want to be in the auction busi- gender stereotypes
ness wearing T-shirts and ten- returned, which curtailed her “on stage”, captures all the attention on auction day. Cookie pulls in the crowds
activities for a time. with her strong voice, confidence and “bigger than life” personality.
nis shoes. In my opinion, they
aren’t going to make it.”
Even today, auctioneering She faced her cancer philosoph- time soon. Upon her induction
is dominated by males. Ms. ically. “What are you going to into the National Auction Hall
Lockhart estimates the busi- do? It’s not anything ;you can of Fame, she had this to say: “I
ness is about 7 percent female, change,” she said. “You have to don’t consider this a destina-
of which she was the first, or at play the hand your dealt with.” tion, but rather an inspiration to
least the first to own her own Today, Ms. Lcckhart stays busy, go on.”
auction business. not just as an auction seller but It was her father, Si Lock-
She has other distinctions, as an entrepreneur. Businesses hart, who started the family tra-
such as being the first and only include the Lockhart Auction dition in the auction business.
female inductee into both the and Real Estate Company; in He also left his daughter with
Colorado Auction Hall of Fame Colorado, the Lockhart Com- his personal outlook, which she
and National Auction Hall of pany in South Carolina and the herself shares: “When you retire
Fame. Her father was the first Real Estate Auction Association from life, life retires from you.”
auctioneer voted into the Colo- of Huntington Beach, Calif., of
rado Hall. which she is a partner. You can contact Ms. Lockhart at
Being a lady auctioneer Her daughter Jo runs the 800-850-3303.
when there were few if any oth- family auction business in
ers also landed her a spot as a Steamboat Springs and her
contestant on the game show, other daughter Jean divides her Readers!
To Tell the Truth. Three con- time between Alaska and the Go to our website
Colorado town.
testants all claimed to be the Cookie’s big smile and trademark big glasses make her a favorite at auctions to see much more on
same person and the panel, by all across the country. No one should anticipate a re- Cookie on our on-line
tirement speech by Cookie any
video feature.
asking questions, tried to figure

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Contrast Between Age Groups Are Striking
In a series of publications,
the Mature Market Institute Distribution Locations
provides a history of the genera-
tions born since the early 1900s. Kiawah/Seabrook
-Indigo Books
-Island Oaks
-Ruth’s Hallmark
-Simply Delicious
There are almost as many mem- -Kiawah Real Estate
N. Charleston -God’s Green Acre
bers of Gen Y (born 1977-1994) -Vincent’s Drugs
-BC Liquors
-Lowcountry Adult -Carousel Boutique
in the U.S. As there are in the -Newton Farms
-Gerald’s Tires -O’lacy’s Pub
largest group, the baby boom- Downtown Charleston -Marie’s Diner -Flowertowne
ers. Younger baby boomers, -Hardee’s
-VA Hospital
-Chas. Denture Center
-Jones Ford
-El Rosarito
-Dorchester Senior
those 45-50, have the highest -MUSC -La Hacienda Center
average income. All groups -Roper -Rogers Tax Advisors -Paul Lawton Construc-
-Norm’s Pizza -Starbucks
spend most of their money on -Kim’s Express -Hudson Nissan
-Cardiology Consultants
housing and transportation. The -LaHacienda -Perkins
-Village at Summerville
youngest, Gen Y, say they are viewpoints,” said Sandra Tim- job market during one of the -Diana’s -Jiffy Lube
-Trident Cardiology
-Joseph’s -Chik-fil-A
the healthiest; they are also pro- mermann, Ed.D., Director of most challenging times since -Canterbury House -Utopia Homecare -Summerville Library

jected to live the longest. The the metlife mature market in- the 1930s. Although previous -Chas. Crab House -Odyssey Healthcare -Beaner’s Coffee
-Pivotal Fitness
-AW Shuck’s -Dr. Hugh Robinson
fastest growing sub-group is the stitute. “These profiles will be generations have been relatively -Blossom’s -Castle Keepers -Chas. Brace
over 85 group who number six useful tools for anyone studying stable financially, many lived -Khouri Chiropractic -True Value Hardware -ProMed
-Tommy Condon’s -Planter’s Crossing -Advanced Centers for
million, including 99,000 cente- the generations and for all of us through war, the cold war, ko- -T-Bonz Apartments Internal Medicine
narians. They have also seen the interested in relating personally rea, and vietnam, social unrest -Chas. Bone & Joint -Dr. Gail Rearden -China Wok

most change as some were born and professionally to those older and discrimination,” Timmer- -Delta Pharmacy
-Chas. Library
-Northtowne Restaurant
-Otranto Library
-Tricounty Radiology
-Hibachi Fusion
before cars and central heat. Re- and younger than we are. There mann said. -Chas. Visitor’s Center -North Rivers Dental -Anytime Fitness
frigerators were ubiquitous. are implications for parenting, The profiles, which pull to- -Radcliffe Manor
-Palmetto Family Care -China City
-Vitamin Shoppe -Philly’s
Individual profiles are caregiving, financial and estate gether federal data from sources West Ashley -Hardee’s -Southern Palms
available for Gen Y, Gen X, planning, health care, relation- such as the U.S. Census bureau -Pearl Vision -Dr. Thaddeus Bell

the younger boomers, middle ships, employment, diversity and the U.S. Department of -Jiffy Lube
-Groucho’s Deli
-Center Pointe Bar &
Goose Creek
boomers, older boomers and and the economy.” Labor, delve into information -Doctors Care -Quizno’s -Dunkin Donuts
americans 65+. “While the younger groups on population, life expectancy, -SAS Shoes
-Appel Vision
-Hardee’s -Chas. Active Day
-Lowcountry Cardiology
“The profiles provide a have had advantages, like ac- health status, marital status, -Nelda’s Barbershop -Aunt Bea’s Restaurant
snapshot of four generations. cess to pre-school education, housing arrangements, racial/ -Palmetto Hearing
-Heartland of West
-The Bridge Assisted
They look at demographics and, technology and advanced medi- ethnic composition, geography, Ashley Living Mount Pleasant/Isle of
-Life Care Center of Palms
perhaps more importantly, the cal care, there are disadvantages employment status, income -Sunfire Grill
-Senior Tequila Chas. -MUSC Pathology
events occurring during their as well. The economy has not level, spending preferences and -Arby’s -Amedisys -Labcorp
teen and young adult years that been kind to those coming of generational influencers. -St. Andrew’s Library -Dunkin’ Donuts
-Nason Medical
-East Cooper Womens
-Kassis Bros. Shoes Ctr.
influenced their values and their age in the 21st century; they -Precision Tune -SC Sports Medicine -Chas. Cornea
will struggle as they enter the -Palmetto Orthopedics -Ladson Seafood -MUSC Heart &Vas
-Lowcountry Medical -Lowcountry Lung cular
Assoc. -Pain Specialists of -Mt. Pleasant Dermatol
-Dr.’s Cain & Lackey

Drug Use Still Rising Among Boomers

Chas. ogy
-Cardiology Assoc. -Lowcountry Rheuma -MUSC Medicine
-Total Wine tology
-Lowcountry Gastroen
-Lowcountry Ortho terology

While Teen Use Drops

-Lowcountry Tobacco pedics -Chas. Pulmonary
-Edenbrook -Carolina Eyecare -East Cooper Rehab
-Carolina Eyecare -Palmetto Urology -Lowcountry Obstetrics
-MUSC Family Care -Chas. Cancer Center -Tidewater Neurology
For the third year in a row, illicit drug use among men and women in their 50’s has -MUSC Bone & Joint -Tricounty Radiology -Hollings Cancer Ctr.
gone up, while during the same period use among young teens has dropped. -Palmetto Digestive -Trident Senior Center -East Cooper Hospital
Disease -Trident Surgery -Lowcountry Hemato-
-Jewish Community -Trident Diagnostics logy
Dr. David Murray: “Rarely have we seen a story like this where this is such an obvi- Center -Trident Breast Care -Mt. Pleasant Family
-Trinity Mission -Palmetto Primary Care Practice
ous contrast as one generation goes off stage right, and entering stage left is a gen- -Ashley Park -Lowcountry Hematol- -The Palms of Mt.
-Roper St. Francis ogy & Oncology
eration that learned a lesson somehow and they’re doing something very different.” Hospital
-Dr. Marzluff -Palmetto Medical
-Tidewater Internal
-Northwoods Family Research
Murray, a special assistant to the director of the Office of National Drug Control -Chas. Hematology Practice -Mt. Pleasant Visitors
-Lowcountry Cardiology -Lowcountry Family Center
Policy, also said that youth drug used peaked in the late 1970’s, “and they brought -Ashley Oaks OBGYN Podiatry -Hardees
-Carolina Lung -Chas. Neurology -Whole Foods
it with them like baggage when they hit 50 or 60.” -Dematology & Laser -Chas. Radiology -Smoothie King
Ctr. of Chas. -Alex’s -Carpentiers Wine &
-Endocrine Center -Gerald’s Tires Deli
-Parson Jack’s -East Bay Deli -Bacco’s
-Doctors Care -Premier Medical Center -Locklears
-Star Motors -Dunkin Donuts -Boulevard Diner
-Ye Old Fashioned Ice

-State Farm Insurance -Pitt St. Pharmacy
Cream -Tire Kingdom -Alex’s
-Sojourn Coffee
-Eastern Buffet -Abes Oyster House
James & Johns Island -Coosaw Creek Crab -Mozzo Deli
-EarthFare Shack -Dunkin Donuts

-Osaka -Advanced Dentistry -SouthEastern Spine
-La Carreta -Medcare Express -Coastal Carolina

Service When You Need It

-Ladies Choice Fitness Research
-Roper -Rolly Pollie’s -Sandpiper
-Doctors’ Care
-Senior Tequila -MUSC Storm Eye
-Sweetwater Café

country 100 off Complete Car Care

-Kronic Coffee
-Wescott Liquors Institute
-Mom & Pop’s Pizza -Mother Nature -Franke Home
$ -Foresberg Wine -Lifetrust Financial -A Dough Re Mi
✔ Transmission Repair
-Great Wall
-Gold’s Gym Summerville
-China Dragon
-Betty’s Hair

sun. ✔ Auto Repair Towing

-BC Liquors -Platts HVAC -Goin’ Postal
transmission ✔ -Pan Garden -Doctors’ Care -Banana Cabana
rebuild -American Legion Post -Wendy’s -Morgan Creek Grill
(with this ad) Certified Master Hours: Mon-Fri -James Island County -Bill’s Liquors -Pelican Cleaners
Mechanics 7:30am - 6:30pm Library -Ye Old Fashioned Ice -Bagel Nation

-Ravenous Reader Cream

-Boone Hall Farms
-Dunkin Donuts -Allcare -Jack’s Cosmic Dogs
-Plantation Pharmacy -Hardee’s -Just Fresh

-Palmetto Vision Care
-Old South Diner -KHM Gas Station
-Lowcountry Hearing
-Chas. Crabhouse
-Starbucks -The Denture Center
Locally Owned and Operated -Chas. Muni Golf -Massage Envy -Cutchin Law

-Tire Kingdom -Geralds Tires
Jeff Memering -Lowcountry Senior
-Anytime Fitness
Owner/Manager Center -Chas. Bone & Joint
-Sea Island Habitat for -Eclectic Chef -Boulevard Diner
1746 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. • Charleston, SC 29407

4 MARCH, 2010 •


Visit or call for a tour,

Sandpiper Village, Independent Living
1224 Village Creek Lane
Sandpiper Courtyard, Assisted Living
1047 Anna Knapp Blvd
Sandpiper Rehab and Nursing Center
1049 Anna Knapp Blvd
843.881.3210 • MARCH, 2010 5

Life Settlement Could Put Money in Your Pocket
Planning for Boomers’
Expanding Expectations
There’s a mounting mo- mium payments have lapsed for on your death. The buyer is
mentum to expand awareness an array of reasons. The policy named beneficiary and cashes in Less than half of U.S. com- Linked to the sessions de-
among seniors that there might holder may have decided he or when you die. munities have begun planning signed to help local organiza-
hidden assets tucked away in a she no longer needs life insur- But, like so many contracts, for the needs and accommoda- tions originate and execute ideas
drawer. ance and just quits paying the dotting the i’s and crossing the tions of the Baby Boomer ex- aimed at helping the elderly re-
The topic is “life settle- premium. t’s complicates the transaction. plosion. The vanguard of the main in their communities were
ments.” And the subject deals Policy holders who feel they You can see, also, how boomers that reached age 60 in grants to support ideas and pro-
with cashing in life-insurance no longer need coverage can ap- members of your family who 2006 will be 65 in 2011. This grams tailored along these lines.
policies. proach the insurance company are named beneficiaries on the population phalanx will Among the in-
Such an option can sound and turn in their policies for a policy could be disturbed and hit its peak in 2030, novations that have
extremely attractive in these cash-surrender value. This sum distressed because they no lon- at which time the emerged are a map
lean times. usually is peanuts. Enter the ger can expect a financial wind- number of people notifying seniors
Some states have already life-settlement alternative. fall when you die. older than 65 will of different trans-
passed legislation, and several Before going any further in When discussing alterna- soar past 71 million, portation options
other are considering similar this direction, discuss the pos- tives with them, you might ask or one in every five in Miami, a seniors-
laws, requiring insurance com- sibilities with your family, your them to make the premium pay- Americans. youth drumming program
panies to educate policy holders tax advisor, estate attorney, fi- ments since they’re going to The Foundation, along with in San Diego to reinforce ben-
about the possible benefits of nancial planner, and anyone else benefit from your death. You Partners for Livable Communi- efits of a healthy active lifestyle
turning a life-insurance policy involved in your money matters. might consider renegotiating ties and the National Associa- to benefit everyone, and the re-
into cash and to institute en- The concept sounds simple. your premium payments with tion of Area Agencies on Aging, cruitment of a team of home-re-
abling mechanisms to make the Sell your insurance policy to a the insurance company. Be sure began sponsoring workshops pair and lawn-maintenance pro-
process clearer and simpler. third party for much more than you research your options and around the country as part of fessionals to help older adults
Many policies never pay the cash-surrender value but get professional advice. a nationwide campaign to pro- remain in their homes as long as
death benefits because the pre- much less than the benefit paid Mature Life Features mote “Aging in Place.” possible.

The Arrival of 2010 Brings Hope One Year’s IRA Contribution Can
Really Make a Difference in Savings
to Consumers Regarding Their Debt
Newswise Consumers are views, with the average sample points for women.
feeling a little bit better about the size being 673. The survey also examines
amount of money they owe to The DSI has been conduct- how debt stress is affecting con-
creditors, a new survey suggests. ed monthly since January 2006, sumers’ family life, job perfor-
The Consumer Debt Stress where its base value was set at mance and health. In general, the
Index (DSI) dropped by slightly 100. negative effects that debt stress
more than 2 percent in January, The outlook is much rosier has on family life and job perfor-
from 119.8 to 117.4 than this time last year, when the mance have stabilized or shown
“We’re seeing increased con- DSI was on the rise, peaking at an small improvements in the past
fidence among consumers that all-time high of 155.3 in July. several months.
they will be able to stay on top of The July figure meant that However, the negative im-
their debts and ride out the eco- consumers were experiencing pact of debt on health is still
nomic storm,” said Lucia Dunn, stress levels from their debts that somewhat higher than it was a
professor of economics at Ohio were more than 50 percent higher year ago, results showed.
State University and one of the than they had been in January Slightly more than 23 per-
leaders of the DSI. “It’s a good 2006, when the index had a value cent of respondents said their
start for the new year.” of 100. health was somewhat, quite or
The DSI is conducted by In general, the index has very much affected by their debt.
Ohio State’s Center for Human been on the decline since then. One year ago, 20.6 percent an-
Resource Research and is based Findings showed that stress swered that way.
on telephone interviews of ran- levels are declining faster for men “The affect that debt stress
domly selected Americans. Each than they are for women. The has on health continues to be
Investments found that more are facing a challeging economic
month’s index score is based on DSI dropped 3.6 points for men troubling,” Dunn said.
than eight out of 10 Americans environment, it’s important to
the past three months of inter- in January, compared to only 2.5
have cut back on discretionary prepare for the future by making
purchases because of the recent annual contributions.”
economic crisis, and nearly half For example, an investor
of respondents are now saving who makes a single contribu-
money. But many are unsure tion of $5,000 to a Roth IRA now
where to place the savings for the could see that amount potentially
greatest benefit. grow to more than $53,000 in 35
“After maximizing work- years, assuming an annual rate
place savings plans and paying of return of 7 percent. Addition-
off credit card debt, investors ally, consolidating old workplace
should consider saving more for savings accounts at former em-
retirement using an Individual ployers into an IRA may offer
Are you over 65? Retirement Account or IRA,” the most compelling benefits for
Do you have a said John Ragnoni, senior vice managing one’s retirement sav-
TERM president, Fidelity Investments. ings, including a broader range
Life Insurance policy that “Even though Americans of investment choices.
will expire soon?
We might be able to This hypothetical example assumes the following: (1) one annual $5,000 Roth IRA
contribution made on January 1 of the first year, and (2) an annual rate of return of 7
buy it from you for percent, and (3) no taxes on any earnings within the IRA. The ending values do not
CASH. reflect taxes, fees or inflation. If they did, amounts would be lower. Earnings and pretax
(deductible) contributions from a Traditional IRA are subject to taxes when withdrawn.
Earnings distributed from Roth IRAs are income tax-free, provided certain require-
Call Wayne ments are met. IRA distributions before age 59 1/2 may also be subject to a 10 percent
843.693.9925 penalty. Systematic investing does not ensure a profit and does not protect against loss
in a declining market. Tax-free growth* in a Roth IRA means that every dollar that is
to see if you qualify. earned is available to you in retirement.

6 MARCH, 2010 • • MARCH, 2010 7
Character as Valuable as Cash to Get Out of Debt
Power corrupts, a wise man once said. So does credit, as millions of people have learned while they
climb and claw their way out of the economic hole they’ve dug for themselves over the past few years.
Blame is plastered on remain debt-free, or at least in can discuss both to establish low you to consolidate all your bankruptcy. Such a move shat-
anything that doesn’t move. a position to manage all your a plan that will enable you to debt and establish a monthly ters your credit and remains on
The banks made short-sighted debt. eradicate the debt. See if you payment plan you can main- our record for a decade. Some
loans. The government didn’t First of all, you can collect can eliminate late fees and try tain. debt, such as alimony, might
clamp down on those insidi- all your outstanding accounts, to lower the interest rate. Cred- But call quickly. Ignoring not be discharged by your pro-
ous bankers. Mortgage lenders from credit card companies to it-card companies have been the problem only makes it big- ceedings. Talk to an attorney
made no-down-payment loans phone firms. If you’re facing known to renegotiate the terms ger. If you’re already late with before you take this step.
sound so enticing. Credit-card the possibility of missing any and amount of a debt to cut payments and can see no way So you can see, unless you
companies made it too easy to payments, contact the company their losses. You may need pro- to catch up, discuss a debt set- win a lottery, cash alone won’t
buy everything without money. concerned immediately. fessional help, such as a debt- tlement with the company. Try solve your debt problem. It
Few folks assume any re- Credit card debt default consolidation service, to work to work out some deal that will takes some resolve to rebuild
sponsibility for their debt. They rates have been climbing for this out. allow you to clear this hurdle and maintain your credit.
were confused or cajoled or the past several months. So If you’re sagging under the without adding to your prob- You can begin shoveling
both by slick-talking suits. have the rates of foreclosures weight of credit-card debt, you lem. Beware of debt-settlement yourself out of the hole by be-
So let’s be clear on one and bankruptcies. As has the might consider a personal loan, ads because many of these ginning to dig for information
thing: if you’re in debt and incidence of people just walk- which will allow you to spread firms charge up-front fees and at the U.S. Department of Jus-
don’t think you did it yourself, ing away from their homes as out (and lower) the payments as offer no assurance that you’ll tice Web site,
it’s highly unlikely you’re go- the price of the property sank well as lower the interest rate. be better off when they’re Seniors can check with their
ing to do anything about get- well below the amount of the If your bank or credit union through with you. local Area Agency on Aging by
ting out of that debt. No stimu- mortgage. isn’t about to provide a person- If you don’t need a credit typing that into your search en-
lus package of any size is going While creditors don’t look al loan, consider a home-equity card and if you don’t see any gine and finding the one nearest
to succeed. It takes character forward to lowering payments loan, which should not only way out of the hole you’re in, you.
as well as cash to become and or dropping interest rates, you lower your interest rate but al- you can consider declaring Mature Life Features

8 MARCH, 2010 •

Public assistance takes many forms and benefits mount up
By Lt. Governor André Bauer • Child care through the DSS. new mothers), Supplemental that discussion, albeit adversari- I am hearing from people
What we call welfare is not • Women, Infants and Children Security Income (an average ally.) We are sending the abso- who accept random drug test-
a single benefit as much as a se- (WIC) supports from the De- of over $6,500), or housing aid lutely wrong signal to the next ing as a condition for their jobs.
ries of uncoordinated programs partment of Health and Envi- (an average of $6,000). Their generation about what is needed They see no problem with hav-
offered by numerous state and ronmental Control. children also qualify for Med- to get ahead in life if we don’t ing people on public assistance
federal agencies. This web of icaid. In reality, these families threaten benefits for recipients doing the same. Like the private
• Subsidized school lunches are still on welfare because they who won’t even lift a finger to sector, the first offense should
public assistance does not in- from the Department of Educa-
clude business, church, commu- are still receiving benefits.” help themselves or their chil- mean mandatory counseling
tion. DSS says the maximum an- dren. The flood of emails, calls, and the second one termination.
nity, or charity efforts.
When we say the word wel- • Earned Income Tax Credits nual cash assistance for a moth- personal contacts, voice mails, People ask me not to give
fare, we primarily think of the from the IRS. er of two comes to just over and television website polls tell up on trying to rethink a broken
Department of Social Services’ $3,250. Just three additional me most people agree with me. system.
• LIHEAP energy assistance
(DSS) Family Independence programs -- food stamps, WIC, And even while the large By the way, we were
through the Governor’s Office
program, which in 1995 began and housing assistance -- create majority of South Carolina’s warned: in his 1935 State of
and community action agencies.
limiting the time families could an additional $10,000 in bene- taxpayers are in agreement with the Union message proposing
• Transportation from DSS, fits -- not too far off what might my intentions, the news media’s Social Security and welfare,
draw cash benefits and began
DHHS, and the Office on Ag- be earned in a minimum wage editorials have attacked me per- President Franklin D. Roosevelt
tying that assistance to training
ing. job. sonally, questioning my morals, cautioned that: “The lessons of
and job searches. Here are sev-
eral other forms of public assis- The bottom line is that al- Accordingly, as I wrote intellect, leadership, historical history, confirmed by evidence
tance: though welfare reform reduced members of the General Assem- understanding, and background. immediately before me, show
“welfare” dependency, a great bly recently, we do not have an Many of the critics are of- conclusively that continued
• Food stamps from the Depart- accurate picture of dependency fended because they believe that dependence on relief induces a
deal of it is now diffused and
ment of Agriculture, with eligi- in this state. “The information I am a privileged, born-with-a- spiritual and moral disintegra-
masked within other larger so-
bility verified by DSS. needed is scattered and large- silver-spoon lawyer. The truth tion fundamentally destructive
cial welfare programs. This was
• Housing/rental assistance the exact point made by Doug- ly inaccessible. It’s difficult could not be more different. I to the national fiber. To dole out
from the State Housing and las J. Besharov of the American enough to grasp all the differ- am the product of a broken relief in this way is to adminis-
Development Board and local Enterprise Institute for Public ent welfare programs available, home who qualified for, but re- ter a narcotic, a subtle destroyer
housing authorities. Policy Research in a New York much less monitor the effec- jected, the free lunch program. of the human spirit. It is inimi-
Times article. tiveness and efficiency of each. As a child, I chose to cut grass cal to the dictates of sound pol-
• Medicaid health care from the
People leave “welfare” pro- Lacking is a comprehensive ac- and rake leaves, dig gardens, icy. It is a violation of the tradi-
Department of Health and Hu-
grams like those operated by counting factor that we elected paint, and do whatever chores tions of America.”
man Services (DHHS).
DSS, he said, and even though officials must require in order my neighbors would pay me to What are the traditions of
they are “off” welfare, “some to reconcile the public’s frustra- do so that my sister and I could our country? Certainly among
of these families survive only tions.” pay for our lunches. I know the them are ideas like jobs for peo-
REVERSE because they still receive gov- For months I have been
trying to spark a discussion on
meaning of sweat labor and I
have been a proud businessman
ple so we can restore our econo-
my, a government that empow-
ernment assistance, through
MORTGAGES food stamps (an average of how South Carolina will break
the culture of dependency that
since middle school. I am not
a lawyer. I graduated from the
ers individuals and strengthens
our communities, and making
more than $2,500), the Women,
MADE EASY Infants and Children program
(about $1,800 for infants and
pervades these programs. (The
media now has finally joined
University of South Carolina
while running my business.
our government work for ordi-
nary citizens again.

Americans Look to Strike Gold With Coins
Schoonover A gold coin worth $7 mil- It is soft, malleable and easily pure gold, Double Eagles remain Americans exchanged their gold
Reverse Mortgagee lion dollars. What could make hammered thin. Pure gold does some of the most famous coins coins with the federal govern-
Specialist one coin so valuable? The coin, not rust or tarnish -; it keeps its ever minted. The first U.S. Mint, ment, where the Double Eagles
purchased at an auction in 2002, beauty and value, no matter its located in Philadelphia, produced were melted into gold bars.
was a 1933 Double Eagle, a sur- age. gold coins up until 1933. Those same gold bars still ex-
vivor from a time when the U.S. The U.S. first produced offi- So, why did they stop? The ist, in storage, at Fort Knox. A few
government made owning gold il- cial gold coins in 1795, with $5 U.S. entered a financial crisis. straggling Double Eagle coins es-
legal. Now, due to the economic and $10 coins that still remain Banks failed, and the U.S. econo- caped the recall. Now, they fetch
downturn, Americans might be attractive to serious collectors. my started to fall fast. Americans millions of dollars at auction.And
turning their attention to gold Massive amounts of gold were no longer wanted unreliable pa- they might soon become more
once again. later discovered in the U.S. in per or cheap-metal currencies in a valuable. The current financial
People have used goldcoins 1848. By 1849, America was time of economic insecurity, gold crisis has once again made gold
since 640 B.C. The metal has making the Double Eagle, or the coins promised to retain their val- interesting to investors. Accord-
(843) 708-3776 inherent value, making its value Twenty Dollar Gold Coin. Con- ue. In response, the federal gov- ing to the New York Mint, gold is
(843) 256-5100 more stable than paper currency. taining nearly a full ounce of ernment decided to outlaw gold. selling at unprecedented levels.

For those over 65 with Life Insurance Policies
If you or someone you know is over 65 and con-
sidering surrendering or allowing their life in-
surance policy to lapse, please talk to us before
doing so.
We may be able to obtain value for your policy
that the insurance companies will never explain
to you.
If you or someone you know is over 65 and con-
sidering surrendering or allowing their life in-
surance policy to lapse, please talk to us before
Senior Life, LLC
doing so.
Qualified policies may be worth double the surrender value of the policy.
For a free confidential review, please call Senior Life at 843-338-7001 • MARCH, 2010 9

The Village at Summerville
and Trident Health System
Invite You To Lunch & Learn

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Speaker: William S. Corey, MD
12 Noon
Topic: “A Step in the Right Direction”
Taking Care of Your Feet

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Speaker: Jerry G. Back, MD
12 Noon
Topic: “The Southern Trinity:
Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
& Diabetes”

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speaker: Theodore E. Brisson, MD
12 Noon
Topic: “When Your Plumbing Leaks”
Advances in Treatment of Urinary
Incontinence & Prostate Health

Please call
to make a reservation for

a complimentary lunch
The Village at Summerville

201 W. 9th North Street March average High temp for Charleston 69 degrees
Summerville, SC
March average Sunrise: 7:30a/Sunset 7:28p

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62-Year-Old Sledder Burned When
Improvised Sled Rocket Explodes

A 62-year-old unnamed bobsledder from Michigan has
suffered burns to 20% of his body after an incident at a sled
party saw the rocket blow up that he had been using to launch
his sled. The rocket was a car muffler filled with gasoline and
gun powder.

He strapped the contraption to his body and launched his

sled downhill. The rocket blew up and burned his face and
right side of his body. He may have also suffered some eye
damage. The man is known for doing “outrageous things” at

Solution to Word Search

from page 31

Answer to Who Am I?
Page 31
Fred Rogers
(March 20, 1928- February 27, 2003)
Host of PBS’s
“Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”

Crossword Solution
from page 30 • MARCH, 2010 11

Health clubs are no longer the ex- surrounding area. The time of ness level and goals in mind. This and tone.” “Our water aerobics
clusive territory of the young and day you work out influences the is especially important if it has classes are also especially popu-
buff. Walk into a gym on any giv- demographic mix of your fellow been a long time since you’ve ex- lar with a more mature member-
en day and you’ll see a represen- exercisers. For instance, clubs ercised or you aren’t sure how to ship because they are so easy on
tative number of the 50+ crowd. typically experience an upsurge use the equipment. Proper train- the bones. We’ve certainly heard that
When Miriam Uni-Karp de- in younger members during early ing is essential to ensure you are making a few ‘green’ changes
cided to join a health club after mornings and weekday evenings. comfortable with the exercises, Another thing that might cause can be good for the planet. But
knee replacement surgery, she Uni-Karp says, “I’m retired, so I and that your exercise routine is your heart to beat a little faster did you also know that it can
knew what she didn’t want. A go during the day, when in line with your capa- is the cost of some gyms. Many help shed pounds? Move over
lot of sweaty, testosterone-laden most of the people bilities and goals. clubs offer discounted rates to popular diet plans, the best
weight lifters, and a staff that working out are Many clubs boomers, so if no one mentions way to trim your waistline could
knew more about fashion than also retired.” offer a spe- it, ask! be to think green.
they did about physiology, or cial series Before you sign on the dotted 1. Grow your own food: A
a club where, at 77, she’d feel In addition of classes line, visit several clubs to see backyard vegetable or herb
out of place. “I was looking for to finding a for mature where you feel most comfortable. garden can produce a number
a comfortable environment,” the club mem- members Most clubs will offer prospective of edibles that are healthy, in-
Massachusetts resident says. bership of called “For- members free passes so you can expensive and can help keep
Depending on how long it’s been all sizes ever Fit.” actually try the gym before you a trim figure. Gardening has
since you stepped inside a gym, and ages, Starting decide to join. Schedule your been shown to be a very effec-
you might be surprised at the you’ll also with ex- visit for the time of day you plan tive means to burning calories,
changes. Health clubs have be- find a variety ercises that to use the facilities so you can see especially when you rely on
come conscious of the desires of of programs can be done who is there at that time and how manual tools for the work.
older members. They are actively appealing to the in a chair for crowded it is. After all, your heart The rewards of digging,
recruiting people from the 50+ over-50 crowd. the lower mobility won’t get much of a workout if planting and sowing could be
age group and they are creating Many health clubs pro- group and progressing to you spend most of your visit wait- better meals and a lighter you
special programs and tailored in- vide a one-on-one health assess- aerobics, this plan gives partici- ing in line to use the equipment. when you step on the scale.
formation for them. ment and personalized workout pants the opportunity to socialize By choosing the right club, 2. Skip the car on occasion:
Don’t fear that you’ll be the consultation as part of the mem- and get fit at the same time. though, you give yourself an A study of households with
only one with gray hair amidst bership package. Bally and Well- Fie Maxwell of Naturally edge with qualified staff, good at least one vehicle by Ex-
a sea of spandex and college T- bridge give all enrollees an indi- Women says the female-only equipment, and like-minded col- perian Automotive revealed
shirts. Most club memberships vidual program set-up that creates chain offers classes in chair aero- leagues. that households with three or
reflect the demographics of the a workout designed with your fit- bics, senior aerobics, and “stretch more cars are the single larg-

America’s Best Hospitals

est group among American car
Personalized Guidance For Heart Keeping the car parked
in the driveway or garage
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. Health management Available Online and taking a greener mode of
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles transportation once in a while
Cleveland Clinic By Dr. Stephen Kopecky, Cardiologist, is a healthy option. Walking,
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health Manager Expert bicycling or in-line skating to
New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia nearby stores or even your job
and Cornell will help to burn calories and
University of California, San Francisco Medical Center Managing heart disease can be overwhelming and demanding – clear the air.
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia for the person diagnosed with the condition and for his or her care-
Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University, St. Louis taker. Keeping track of medications and doctor appointments are
3. Limit beef and dairy products:
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston Cutting back on fatty meats
just the beginning, especially for those who also deal with other and high-calorie dairy items
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C. related health issues.
University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle and substituting more fresh
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center The Internet has become an increasingly important resource for vegetables and legumes can
University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Ann Arbor people managing health information for themselves and their fami- lead to a smaller waistline and
Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford, Calif. lies. People go online to educate themselves about health condi- improve other aspects of your
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville health. What’s more, according
NYU Medical Center, New York
tions or to connect with communities of patients. Online applica-
to the Alternative Consumer,
Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Conn. tions called personal health records (PHRs) allow users to store the 1.5 billion cattle required to
Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York and update their personal health information online as a way to meet dairy and beef needs are
Methodist Hospital, Houston stay on top of their healthcare. estimated to produce up to 18
Ohio State University Hospital, Columbus percent of the world’s green-
Other applications have expanded on the basic functionality of a
The criteria: PHR to enable online storage and access of health information.
house gas emissions.
Reputation-the percentage of board-certified physicians responding Mayo Clinic and Microsoft last year launched Mayo Clinic Health 4. Take the stairs: Elevators
to recent survey(s) recommending a hospital as among the best in Manager, which goes one step further to engage users in their and escalators require a lot
their specialty for the most challenging cases and procedures. health by providing actionable and personalized recommenda- of energy for operation. When
Nurse Staffing-hospitals that meet standards for nursing excellence possible, skip these conve-
tions based on clinical expertise from the Mayo Clinic – using the
as set by the American Nurses Association and demonstrates the niences for the classic method
health information that you have entered in your online account. of scaling different levels -- the
relative balance of nurses to patients.
For individuals managing chronic conditions, online health man- staircase. Feel the burn as all
Patient Safety- indicates success in minimizing avoidable deaths
agement applications can be particularly useful as they manage parts of your legs get a workout
and injuries to patients from seven types of accidents and improper
health information from a number of different sources – lab results, and your heart starts pumping.
medical care, such as deaths of low-risk patients, postoperative hip
fractures, and incisions that reopen after surgery. medications, and medical appointments at multiple clinics. Users 5. Start recycling in earnest:
Mortality- compares the number of Medicare inpatient deaths oc- can enter details about each family member’s immunizations, Fill up pails of used aluminum
curring within 30 days of admission in a three-year period with the medications, family history and other health information, where it cans, plastic products and
number of deaths expected after adjusting for the severity of each can be easily updated and retrieved to share with health care pro- newspapers. The simple act of
patient’s condition. fessionals and others. hauling those pails to the curb
or to the nearest recycling cen-
Discharges-the number of Medicare inpatients that received certain These applications can also help people keep track of important ter can burn a few extra calo-
medical or surgical care during 2005, 2006, and 2007.
information, like blood pressure numbers, between doctors’ vis- ries.
Key technologies- the extent to which significant advanced tech- its, providing some peace of mind that they are in-control of their
nologies are offered to patients. 6. Reduce your dependence
health information and can access it and share it as they wish. on fast food or prepackaged
Trauma center-hospital is a state-certified Level 1 or 2 trauma cen- meals: These convenience
ter that can provide advanced care to severely injured patients. Cer- People are increasingly searching out online resources to help
foods tend to be high in pack-
tification is correlated with overall quality of care. them manage their health, but no one solution is right for all peo-
aging and preservatives -- two
Patient services -Various services related to overall quality of pa- ple. To make sure you invest your time and energy with online ap- items that spell trouble for the
tient care. The number and mix vary by specialty. plications that meets your needs, review your options. planet and your health and the

12 MARCH, 2010 •

Keep an eye on ‘silent killers’ in the golden years
Getting older is not easy, es- ture. This can lead to severe pain, ease. “My father was lucky. He
pecially when it comes to making massive internal bleeding or even wouldn’t be here today if his
sure your body is healthy. Doc- sudden death. aneurysm had not been detected
tors probably have you watching While the exact causes of through a routine exam,” says
your weight, your cholesterol and AAA are unknown, the risk fac- Theismann.
other health vitals in every effort tors that increase your chance of Having his father diagnosed
to make sure you have a happy developing an AAA include: with AAA was a wake-up call
and full life. to Theismann to get himself
But there are conditions that • Age: Individuals over the screened by a simple, painless,
many times do not get mentioned age of 60 are most likely 10-minute ultrasound. Today,
during visits to the doctor be- to develop this condition he encourages everyone to learn
cause they often don’t exhibit any • Gender: AAAs are be more about AAA and ask their
symptoms until it’s too late. One tween five to 10 times physicians if they qualify for a
such “silent killer” is an abdomi- more common in men life-saving screening.
nal aortic aneurysm (also known than in women Screenings are held across
as “AAA”). Today, it’s estimated the country in an attempt to de-
that more than one million people • Family history of AAA the stomach to view images of the The good news is that if de- tect AAAs before they rupture
are living with an AAA, and don’t • Smoking or history of aorta, similar to a pregnancy ul- tected prior to rupture, AAAs can and to help save lives. You can
even know it. smoking trasound. The ultrasound screen- be successfully treated 95 percent find a screening location near you
An AAA is a blood-filled ing takes a few minutes and helps of the time. On the contrary, only at,
• Clogged arteries doctors ‘see’ inside to determine 10 to 25 percent of people sur-
bulge or ballooning of the ab- which also has more informa-
dominal aorta, the artery that car- • High blood pressure if an AAA is present. The exam vive a ruptured AAA making it tion on AAA risk factors and how
ries blood away from the heart to Keep an eye on ‘silent kill- also measures the size of an the third leading cause of sudden you can “Take the Pledge” to get
the lower part of the body. Over ers’ in the golden years. Fortu- AAA, a key step in identifying death in men over 60. screened for AAA and to keep
time, the bulge (known as an an- nately, most AAA can be detected the best treatment option - such Due to his family history of yourself, and your loved ones,
eurysm) can become weak and early through a simple ultrasound as a watchful, waiting approach, AAA, professional football leg- healthy into your golden years.
the force of normal blood pres- screening in which a health care open surgical repair or endovas- end Joe Theismann understands
Courtesy of ARAcontent

Hip and Knee News

sure can cause the aorta to rup- professional glides a sensor over cular grafting. the risks associated with the dis-

still unclear, additional diagnos- ing the pain and stiffness from injections may be given for hip
Diagnosis and tic tests or referral to an ortho- the disease. The initial treatment arthritis pain; however, this is
paedic specialist may be neces- involves activity modification, only provides temporary relief.
Management sary. weight management, over the When the pain from hip ar-
of Hip Pain Bursitis is a common in- counter medications, and main- thritis progresses to the point
flammatory condition of the soft taining the strength and flexibil- that it is no longer controlled by
The hip is a ball and socket tissues on the outside of the hip. ity of the hip. Using a cane in the above described treatments, Hip & Knee News
joint that is composed of the This can commonly develop the opposite hand shifts weight surgery may be considered. Hip By Dr. Eric Stem
junction between the acetabulum as a result of trauma, repetitive away from the painful hip and arthroscopy is a surgical inter-
(the socket portion of the pelvis) activities, gait abnormalities, can also help control the symp- vention that can help smooth
and the femur (thigh bone). The or muscle weakness. The pain toms. The use of neutraceuti- out damaged cartilage in the Dr. Eric Stem is an Ortho-
hip joint is located deep in the is localized to the side of the cals, such as glucosamine and hip, as well as flush out loose paedic Surgeon with subspecial-
groin, where the leg connects hip and can occasionally radi- chondroitin, may also be ben- bits of cartilage in the hip. Hip ty training in joint replacement
to the pelvis, not higher on the ate down the leg. Bursitis can eficial in controlling the pain. If arthroscopy is a consideration if and reconstruction. Give him a
pelvis where “hip huggers” are be improved with a short period these treatments do not alleviate the pain is mild but mechanical call with any questionsat:
worn. The region of the pelvis of rest, ice, anti-inflammatory the symptoms, the use of pre- symptoms exist. Total hip re-
that is considered the waist or medication and muscle stretch- scription strength non-steroidal placement is the final treatment Lowcountry Orthopaedics
“hips” is actually where the low- ing and strengthening. In resis- anti-inflammatory medications option for hip arthritis. In this and Sports Medicine
er back joins the pelvis. tant or severe cases, a cortisone (NSAIDs) can be helpful. Nar- surgery, all of the remaining car- 2880 Tricom Street
Hip pain can be caused injection into the bursa is helpful cotic pain medication may also tilage is removed from the hip North Charleston, S.C., 29406
by a variety of sources. Strains in relieving the pain. At times, be used to control the pain, but by replacing the ball and resur- (843)797-5050
and injuries to one of the many bursitis can be slow to resolve, these medications need to be facing the socket. After all of
muscles, ligaments and tendons and it can recur. Surgery is rarely used carefully, as the long term the cartilage has been removed, This article is provided for gen-
around the hip is a common indicated for bursitis and has use of narcotics can lead to de- the arthritis is gone and cannot eral information only and is not
cause of hip pain. Resting and variable success. pendence and addiction. Occa- return. a substitute for seeking appro-
icing the joint helps to decrease Avascular necrosis or os- sionally, intra-articular steroid priate medical care.
the swelling in and around the teonecrosis is a condition that
joint. Keeping the leg elevated, affects the circulation of the hip
preferably above the level of ball. The bone loses its blood
the heart, also decreases pain flow for poorly understood rea-
and swelling. In addition, the sons and portions of the bone
use of over the counter anti- can die. This is most common in
inflammatory medications, such adults 20 to 50 years old and in-
as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or volves women and men equally.
naproxen (Aleve), can also al- It often begins with vague groin
leviate the pain and swelling. and hip pain without trauma. The
Taking these medications on a diagnosis can be made with nor-
regular schedule (as directed on mal X-rays, but often an MRI is
the bottle) is more effective than necessary to make the diagnosis
taking them periodically. and to determine the degree of
Hip pain that persists or bone involvement. Treatment is
worsens over time warrants fur- dependent on the severity of the
ther evaluation. You may con- disease and can include activity
sider seeing your primary care modification, pain management,
physician for the initial evalua- physical therapy, and surgery
tion of persistent hip pain. The
diagnosis of hip arthritis can Arthritis, or the deterioration
usually be made with a thor- of the cartilage in the joint, is a
ough medical history and physi- common cause of hip pain. Hip
cal exam and x-rays of the hip. arthritis is a chronic disease that
Occasionally, lab tests need to typically gets worse over time.
be performed to differentiate be- Since no medical treatments
tween rheumatoid arthritis and cure hip arthritis, the treatment
osteoarthritis. If the diagnosis is of hip arthritis involves manag- • MARCH, 2010 13

March is National Multiple Sclerosis Month. Probably the
Staying healthy means most famous person of the Boomer generation to have
multiple sclerosis is Annette Funicello, who has estab-
using our own awareness lished a fund to research and cure the neurological dis-
and careful understanding order that affects 300,000 Americans, mostly between the
of our own health. To be ages of 35 and 60.
healthy is to be aware of
what diseases or disorders Annette Funicello Fund For Neurological Disorders
are out there, what may af- Annette Funicello stopped being just another teenager in
fect you and what you can 1955, when she and the rest of the Mousketeers were intro-
do to prevent it or treat it. duced to America in a national TV special that coincided
with the opening of Disneyland. Since that day, she has
lived her life in the spotlight.
What is multiple sclerosis? She first noticed signs of what
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system (the would be diagnosed as multiple
brain and spinal cord). People who have multiple sclerosis may lose sclerosis while working on the
coordination and muscle control. However, many people with multiple 1987 film ‘Back to the Beach’.
sclerosis are only mildly affected by the disease and continue to lead In 1992, she made her diag-
their lives much as they did before their diagnosis.
nosis public, saying “I think
There are 2 different patterns of MS symptoms. The more common pat- you only have two choices in
tern shows up in the appearance of symptoms for days or weeks fol- this kind of situation. Either
lowed by periods of having no symptoms lasting weeks or months. This you give in to it or you fight
type of MS is called relapsing-remitting disease. The less common pat-
tern is steady worsening of symptoms from the first signs of illness. This it. I intend to fight.” Funi-
is called primary progressive disease. cello includes details of her
personal experiences with MS — as well as
The cause of multiple sclerosis is still unknown. For reasons not yet un-
derstood, the fatty substance called myelin, which covers nerve fibers, many backstage showbiz stories — in her autobiography,
is damaged in random areas. The myelin normally insulates entire nerve A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.
fibers. It helps the conduction of nerve messages to and from the brain. To battle multiple sclerosis, she established the
The areas of myelin that are damaged are called plaques. The damage Annette Funicello Fund for Neurological Disorders at the
can prevent nerves from sending signals to other body parts. The symp- California Community Foundation in 1993.
toms of multiple sclerosis depend on where these plaques are located
in the central nervous system. Symptons can be subtle and may not be
diagnosed for many years.
Currently, most scientists believe that the loss of myelin is caused by an
autoimmune process. This means the body mistakenly reacts to some Multiple Sclerosis Treatment:
part of itself as foreign and attacks it. In the case of MS, the body de- At this time, there is no cure for multiple sclero-
stroys areas of its own myelin. sis, but research continues to improve the under-
Common first symptoms of MS are: standing and treatment of this disease.
• vague feelings of weakness, clumsiness, or exhaustion
• blurry vision Current treatments for multiple sclerosis
• one or more areas of skin that feel numb or tingly.
Other possible symptoms include: focus on controlling the immune system
• double vision and managing these symptoms.
• weakness in your arms or legs To learn more: Extreme fatigue
• muscle stiffness Bladder problems
• dizziness Spasticity (muscle tightness and spasms).
• loss of bladder control
• depression
Specific multiple sclerosis treatment
• memory loss can include:
Usually the symptoms come and go unpredictably. The times when you Medications
are having symptoms are called episodes. The episodes may last a few Physical or occupational therapy
days or weeks at a time. The times between episodes, when you are not Emotional support.
having symptoms, are called remissions.

Licensed and Insured • Child and Pet Safe

• Full Service Termite

and Pest Control
• Termite Damage
Repair Warranties
Roaches, Ants, Spiders,
Daniel Garrett
Fleas, Rats and Mice, etc.

14 MARCH, 2010 •

The Link Between
Pancreatic Cancer
More than 31 million Americans of all ages live with some level of hearing loss, according to the Better Hearing Institute. and Sugary Pop
Our increasingly noisy society has, unfortunately, ensured hearing problems are no longer an exclusive affliction of age; A 14-year-long survey made
while people 55 to 64 make up the largest group with hearing loss, the second largest segment are people who are just 45 by experts in Singapore
to 54, a time when many of us are in our prime financially, socially and professionally. studying the effects of sugar
has been released. 60,500
people were involved in the
Hearing loss can stand in the ear. study, and has shown that
theHearing loss can stand in the · RIC styles are appropriate- people who consume soda
way of all those positive things for mild to moderate hearing pop on a weekly basis in-
in life. Research has linked loss and offer a more discreet, creased their chances of
hearing loss to a number of open-fit solution. They lessen cancer by 87%.
emotional problems, from neg- feedback by widening the dis-
ativism to chronic depression. tance between the microphone Pancreatic cancer is usually
Helen Keller, blind and deaf and the receiver. The RIC also rare, but it affects approxi-
since infancy, once observed sits behind the ear and has a thin mately 7,600 people in the
that while a loss of vision “sep- tube that connects to an ear bud UK every year. Only 2-3%
arates us from things,” hearing or custom earmold in the ear. of patients diagnosed with
loss “separates us from people.” The receiver in a RIC is in the pancreatic cancer will be for-
ear near the ear bud instead of in tunate to continue living for
“Wearing a hearing aid has the case behind the ear. another five years.
improved my quality of life,”
says golf legend Arnold Palmer. · For those seeking a small, dis- Dr. Mark Pereira of the Uni-
“Golf is my business. I found creet aid, completely-in-canal is versity of Minnesota is head-
that when I could hear the click a good option. Nearly invisible ing the study and said: “The
of a golf ball to actual noise lev- when worn, this style is good high levels of sugar in soft
Knowing more about the hearing aid options available to drinks may be increasing the
el, it improved my golf. Once I you, what to look for when buying a hearing aid and how for treating mild to moderate
could hear the golf club hitting hearing loss and uses the natu- level of insulin in the body,
the ball, it gave me a much bet- to break it in may help in choosing the right one for you. ral anatomy of the head, pinna which we think contributes
ter definition of what I needed and ear canal to provide a clean, to pancreatic cancer cell
to do in hitting some shots.” clear signal. They are custom growth.”
pieces of plastic sitting behind
your ear any more. Today’s Consider the style. designed to fit entirely in the ear
“Early hearing aids didn’t as- hearing aids run and process so- canal, reducing feedback and
sist the wearer well in certain There are now many op- improving sound quality.
phisticated algorithms just like tions, including behind-the-ear
complex sound situations, such a computer to provide the lis-
as when using a cell phone or (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC), · In-the-canal styles fit within
tener with an excellent experi- completely-in-canal, in-the-ca-
in a noisy environment like ence - all wrapped in an elegant the ear canal but are still slightly
a concert or crowded restau- nal and in-the-ear. Each offers a visible within the outer ear.
package,” Freeman adds. “From different level of assistance and
rant,” says Dr. Barry Freeman, hearing better in noisy situations
from hearing aid maker Starkey cosmetic appeal. · People with limited dexterity
like restaurants to eliminating
Laboratories, Inc. “And many annoying whistling (feedback), might also benefit from an in-
people were concerned with the · BTE styles are appropriate the-ear style, which is a custom-
there is a hearing aid solution to for most types of hearing loss.
cosmetic and social aspects of meet every need.” m
wearing an aid. A BTE sits on the back of the Courtesy of ARAcontent
ear and has a tube that runs to
Here are some tips and advice an ear bud or custom earmold in
“Hearing aids are not just large when choosing a hearing aid:

Diabetics: Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

to Vision Screening
Diabetics who do not look to their long-term health may find themselves walking blind;
diabetes can cause a cluster of degenerative eye problems. Diabetic retinopathy, the
most common diabetic eye disease, is a leading cause of blindness in the United States.

In diabetic retinopathy, blood vessels in the eye become blocked, encouraging new blood
vessels to grown in abnormal areas, including the retina, or the light-sensitive tissue at
the back of the eye. These new blood vessels are delicate and prone to swelling and
breaking. When they rupture or leak blood, they cause severe vision loss or blindness.

Floating spots, blurred vision, dark streaks, poor night vision and vision loss can all her-
ald diabetic retinopathy, but the disease often develops without symptoms. Both Type 1
and Type 2 diabetics can develop diabetic retinopathy.

The longer a person lives with diabetes, the greater the risk. Approximately two percent
of all people who have diabetes for 15 years go blind, while another 10 percent suffer
severe vision loss. About 74 percent of the people who have diabetes for 10 years or
more will develop some form of diabetic retinopathy.

Early detection and timely treatment prove key -; even diabetics with retinopathy can
reduce their chances of blindness by 95 percent if they receive proper care. But once
damage occurs, it is usually permanent.

The World Health Organization estimates that 246 million people have diabetes world-
wide. The organization expects that number to reach 380 million by 2025. Small lifestyle
changes can help diabetics reduce their risk of developing diabetic eye disease. Diabet-
ics and people at risk for diabetes should schedule annual eye exams.

Organizations such as Lions Clubs International support local and large-scale efforts to
control diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. For more information, visit
Courtesy NewsUSA • MARCH, 2010 15

REGISTRATION IS NOW !!!! Hampton Inn, Mt. Pleasant
Little Scholars ( Ages 4yrs-12yrs) 1104 Isle of Palms Connector
$45.00 Registration Fee--$35.00 Weekly Per Kuhn and Kuhn
Child 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Monday-friday 2:15pm-6:15 Pm Country Inn & Suites, Summerville
Contact Information: 220 Holiday Dr. (Exit 199-A)
Revelation Church Of Word & Deed
418 Old Back River Road 12 HAT DECORATING CLASS
Goose Creek,sc 29445 Presbyterian Home, Summerville, SC,

Preserve Your Independence Phone : (843) 553-8045 For info & membership: call Belinda
Office Hours 12:00pm-2:00pm {843} 330-1395
Stay in the home you love with confidence MARCH AND APRIL
COMPUTER CLASSES @ THE LIBRARY A St Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery DinnerThe
and help 24/7 with the push of a button. Dorchester County Library will be holding Women’s Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel
computer classes during March and April at Parish, 6:30 PM, Fr. Kelly Hall, Folly Beach,

Call 720-8440
the St. George and Summerville branches. Beach, SC. You are invited to join us at the
Patrons may begin registering for classes “Shakin’ Shamrock Pub” for a rocking and
rolling evening with a house full of intriguing

Roper St. Francis Lifeline

at both branches beginning February 24th.
Classes will be held on Wednesdays in St. Irish ladies and gentlemen. The party will
George and on Wednesdays and Thursdays in start with cocktails and delectable appetizers
Summerville. Summerville classes are being and continue until the murder victim is
held in the computer center from 9:30 - 10:30 discovered. A great Irish dinner will be
am. Public access to the computer center served as the investigation for the felon con-
will be delayed until 10:30am on the days that tinues. Tickets are now available after each
classes are being taught. Sunday Mass (9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 6:00
For imformation, please call Dorchester PM) in front of Our Lady of Good Counsel
County Library at, Church or from members of the Women’s
Guild. Tickets are $20.00 each.
This world-class culinary festival showcases 17 HAT DIVAS SOCIETY and guests partici-
the talents of local and nationally-recognized pation in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in his-
Southern chefs in a city widely acclaimed toric Charleston, SC.For info & membership:
for its Lowcountry cuisine. This first annual call Belinda {843} 330-1395
must-attend event also features some of the 19 SHUCKIN’ & SHAGGIN’ ON
country’s most renowned sommeliers. Semi- SULLIVAN’S ISLAND
nars, food tastings, a dine-around and culi- 6:30pm-9:00pm. Whether you are a “shucker”
nary village are highlights of the weekend. or a “shagger” you should make your way to
For schedules and tickets Sullivan’s Island for the last (and the best!)
call (843) 727-9998 oyster roast of the season. Bring your shag-
5 BLOOD DRIVE FOR THE AMERICAN gin’ shoes and dance the night awaywhile
RED CROSS listening to the music of the East Coast Party
11:30 am – 4:30 pm, Rodenberg Hall, Franke Band. Oysters, Frogmore stew and of course,
at Seaside. “It takes all types to keep the plenty of cold beer, wine and soft drinks.
beat going”—donate blood at Franke at Sea- FREE shag lessons. All proceeds benefit
side. Every pint of blood can save three lives. UMRC, a local non-profit organization com-
Please call April Dillon, Community Outreach mitted to rehabilitating homes and restoring
Director, at 856-4713 to make an appoint- hope to poverty level families living in sub-
ment. standard housing in the rural communities of
Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, and George-
7 LOWCOUNTRY ANIMAL RESCUE town Counties. Tickets are $35 and can be
DOGMORE STEW FESTIVAL purchased by calling UMRC at (843) 884-4860
Magnolia Plantation And Its Gardens or emailing leebutle
1:00-5:00pm., Adults $17 ($20 At The Door) 20 BETHANY FISH FRY
$10 Children 12-6/ $5 5-3 / Under 3 Free / 4:00-7:30 PM
Well Behaved, Leashed Pets Are Free. Tickets Bethany United Methodist Church
include admission to the plantation & it’s gar- 1853 Maybank Highway
dens, a lowcountry feast of hors d oeuvres, James Island, SC (843) 795-3527
Frogmore Stew, and delicious desserts $6 Bucks - All You Can Eat ($3 for children
Tickets are available at All is Well” loca- under 10)!! Come join us for some gooood
tions: 440A Old Trolley Rd Summerville, 1150A eatin’! Eat in or carry-out. So good you’ll
Hungryneck Blvd Mt Pleasant, 3417B Shelby
Award Winning Fitness Programs For Adults Age 50+ Ray Court West Ashley, 1409D Folly Rd James
want to feed your whole family!! World-
Famous Fish Dinners prepared for you by the
865 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC 29412 Island. Tickets will also be available at Mag- Men’s Club of the Bethany United Methodist
nolia Gardens the day of the event.
(843)762-9555 Church. Each delicious dinner includes:
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Downtown Charleston will fill with the Enjoy
Holiday Inn, Mt. Pleasant a Saturday evening full of all-you-can-eat
250 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Southern cuisine, set to the swingin’ sounds
10 ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR of the Shakin’ Martinis at the Pet Helpers 9th
Kuhn & Kuhn Annual Oyster Roast, presented by Rosebank
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Farms Café, Fatboy’s Lowcountry Cook-
and 6:00 PM - 08:00 PM ing, and Elizabeth Grace Occasions. Tickets
Town & Country Inn, West Ashley at, by phone at (843)
2008 Savannah Hwy. 795-1110 x11, or at Pet Helpers, 1447 Folly
11ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR Road, James Island. Adult tickets are $35
Kuhn and Kuhn in advance or $40 at the door, with a special
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM discount for college students. Children ages

16 MARCH, 2010 •

6-12 are just $10 in advance, $15 at the door, 2) An Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm 27 COOPER RIVER BRIDGE RUN.
and kids under 6 eat for free! For sponsorship 3) An Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) – 8:00 AM
opportunities or silent auction donations, Con- 4) A bone density screening, which tests for s 10-K race draws more than 30,000 partici-
tact Tracey Erwin at (843)795-1110 x11. the early detection of osteoporosis. pants every year. From lean elite runners to
5) Atrial Fibrillation weight-watching weekend warriors to those
21 THE ORDER OF THE SONS OF ITALY You must pre-register by calling 1-800-697- who just run once a year, this race attracts a
IN AMERICA 9693. These screenings are completely pain- diverse crowd from across the state and be-
Lodge 1060, Meeting: 4 PM. Charleston, SC is less, non-invasive, and require ten minutes or yond. The 6.2-mile course, which crosses the
looking for Italian American men, women and less each to complete. The cost is $35-$45 Cooper River Bridge before heading into scenic
all others who love Italian traditions. We offer each, or all five for $149. Finger-stick blood downtown Charleston. Music, drinks, food, and
friendship, special events and fabulous food tests are also available. Please enter the revelry continue long after the race is over.
during our monthly meetings on the 3rd Sun- source code HSC6055 for your community if Register:
day of each month. Our meetings are held at St registering on the website at Bridge Run Office (716 S. Shelmore Blvd Suite
Joseph’s Catholic Church Life Center, located MARCH 26-APRIL 4 THE PASSION PLAY 105, Mt Pleasant, near the Bi-Lo Shopping Cen-
West of the Ashley. The address is 1695 Wal- Old Fort Baptist Church ter) 10 am to 5 pm
lenberg Blvd. Charleston, SC 29407. Please call Summerville, SC On-Line (
Rick Leonardi at 843-556-6236 or Roy Noble Friday - Mar 26, 2010 - 7 PM Phone: (843) 856-1949
at 843-991-8770. Learn, enjoy and appreciate Saturday - Mar 27, 2010 - 3 PM
Italian heritage. Sunday - Mar 28, 2010 - 7 PM 28 OYSTER ROAST/SILENT AUCTION FUND
Thomasine Stokes Marshall, Mount Pleasant Saturday - Apr 3, 2010 - 3 PM Magnolia Plantation is sponsoring an for us on
Councilwoman, 10:00 am Sunday - Apr 4, 2010 - 7 PM 1 - 4 PM. Tickets are $25.00 and includes en-
Location: Rodenberg Hall, Franke at Seaside. Free Admission, For More Information trance to Magnolia Plantation (Children under
The East Cooper Coffee Club presents Thoma- Call Delores: (843) 873-2283 10 -FREE.). We encourage everyone to come
sine Stokes Marshall, Mount Pleasant Council- Experience the wonder and glory of the Great- early, enjoy the gardens, and then join us for
woman. We invite all who have supported the est Story Ever Told – The Passion Play in Sum- Oysters, chili, and a Silent Auction starting at
speaker series and especially those who are merville, SC! The Passion Play brings to life 1 PM. Bring your chairs and blankets, enjoy a
just learning about the wonderful opportunity to the thrilling, epic drama surrounding Christ’s live band on the Ashley River and visiting with
meet friends and neighbors from all over Mount last days on earth, His death, and His resurrec- some of our animal ambassadors. For tickets or
Pleasant. tion. The Passion Play features state-of-the-art more information call (843) 636-1659 or (843)
sound and lighting effects as well as heartfelt 696-4488.
26 LIFE LINE SCREENING FOR OLDER ADULTS music in a dramatic two-hour presentation
10:00 am of the last days in the incarnation of Jesus of 25 2010 HAT DIVAS SOCIETY
Location: Rodenberg Hall, Franke at Seaside Nazareth. Throughout the years over 65,000 Excursion to historic Ridgeway, SC to Tea Room
hosts a Life Line Screening for Older Adults. Life people have witnessed this drama completely for lunch, and shop at the Over The Top hat
Line Screening will offer five different health presented by the members of Old Fort Baptist shop, members only.
screenings for people 40 years old and older. Church. For free tickets, call or come by the For info & membership: call Belinda {843} 330-
These screenings are performed using state-of- church office after March 12. 1395
the-art Doppler color flow ultrasound systems.
The screenings offered include: 26-28 FLOWERTOWN FESTIVAL
1) A Carotid Artery Screening 9am-5pm, Saturday, 9am-5pm, Sunday, 9am-
4pm. The Flowertown Festival is a celebration
of Spring with beautiful flowers, arts and crafts,
entertainment and good food. There is some-
thing for people of all ages at this annual event.
Annual attendance of 300,000 people makes
it one of the largest such events in our region.
Please come and join us! and also check out
the festival sponsor’s website, courtesy of the
Summerville YMCA. Summerville Family YMCA
Flowertown Festival,www.flowertownfestival.

EveryTuesday is
Senior Savings
• Friendly Atmosphere
• Personalized Service
• Gold Crown
Memberships Available

1219 N. Main Street • Summerville, SC

(In the Main Market Center between Lowes and Belk)
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm • Sun 12 Noon - 5pm

851-2378 • MARCH, 2010 17

The Author Next Door: Book Review
The New Reality in Book Publishing How to Retire Happy and Free
Random House, Inc.
In recent years, the entire leverage to attract the attention
landscape of the publishing in- of a major publisher -- books Format: Paperback, 256pp
dustry has changed, and now are now multi-faceted “tools.” Retirement does not have to
thousands of authors whose Reg Green is an example of mean the end of life-in fact it can
books might otherwise never the wonderful power of a book mean a whole new beginning to
have seen the light of day are to raise awareness of a pressing the life you never had time to ex-
getting published. Following in social issue. After his son Nich- plore. In How To Retire Happy,
the footsteps of film and music, olas was tragically murdered, Wild, And Free, best-selling
publishing is undergoing an “in- and he and his wife chose to author Ernie J. Zelinksi shows
die” revolution whereby authors donate his organs, Reg became that the key to enjoying an ac-
invest in their own work to bring a leading advocate for organ tive and satisfying retirement
their books to the marketplace. transplantation. He turned to is dependent on much more
“The indie publishing rev- the pen, too, publishing “The
than just having adequate fi-
olution is all about providing Gift that Heals” through Autho-
nancial resources. It means
opportunity and expanding the, which chronicles
paying attention to all aspects of life, including
options for both writers and inspirational stories about organ
Self-publishing is the absence of leisure activities, creative pursuits, physical and mental well-
readers,” says Kevin Weiss, donation. a traditional publisher giving the being, and solid social support. With its friendly format, lively
CEO of Author Solutions, Another example, Lisa creator more control.
whose imprints include Autho- Genova, was told that nobody cartoons, and captivating quotations, Zelinski’s guide offers
rHouse, iUniverse, Xlibris and would want to read her book inspirational advice on how to follow your dreams instead of
was wrong. someone else’s, how to put your retirement in proper perspec-
Trafford. “You no longer need “Still Alice,” a novel about a
After a few months and tive, and how to enjoy life after work.
to wait years for the chance of 50-year-old Harvard professor’s
positive reviews, “Still Alice”
being published; becoming an struggle with Alzheimer’s dis-
was picked up by Simon &
author is no longer a privilege, ease. Ernie J. Zelinski has an Engineering degree and an MBA
Schuster and became a New
and the literary world is now ac- After repeated rejections from the University of Alberta. Because he is truly organiza-
York Times bestseller.
cessible to everyone.” from traditional publishing tionally averse, he has not had a real job for over twenty-five
“If you believe in your
Indie book publishing has houses, Genova chose to self- years. Ernie speaks professionally on the subjects of real suc-
book, I think you should give it
also expanded the reasons peo- publish through iUniverse. A cess, retirement, and applying creativity to business and lei-
a chance,” Genova said. “Still
ple write and publish a book. literary agent told her she would sure.
Alice was a book that people
Books are now being used in be basically committing literary One reader’s opinion:
already identified with, and a
genuinely new ways -- from suicide if she self-published, It’s the best one I’ve read on retirement. I had been looking for a book
major publisher saw the book’s that dealt with aspects of retirement that weren’t tied up with all the financial
raising awareness of important and that no publisher would
potential in a very real way.” gobbledygook. As a personal coach who often gives advice to the newly re-
social causes to adding to a touch her book once she pub- tired, I have already purchased over a hundred copies to give to my clients.
Courtesy (NewsUSA)
businessperson’s marketing ar- lished it independently. Moreover, How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free has given me the inspiration
and incentive to make my own retirement happen earlier than I had planned
senal and providing significant To put it mildly, the agent for. Ernie Zelinski has an off-the-wall sense of humor and is a master of one-
liners that catch your attention and open you up to new concepts.

18 MARCH, 2010 •

The Life and Times of
Cappy Hall Rearick
Humor writer, Cappy Hall
Rearick has won numerous
short story awards through-
out California, Pennsylvania,
By Cappy Hall Rearick having the slightest idea what Minnesota, New York, South
he was talking about, booted Carolina, Florida and Georgia.
him and his Buddha Banter right In 2003, she was nominated
“They say such nice things out the back door. He then got a for the prestigious Georgia Au-
about people at their funerals. job teaching at the high school,
Puttin’ On The Gritz thor of the Year Award. She is a
By Cappy Hall Rearick member of the National Soci-
It makes me sad that I’m go- which should give us pause.
ety of Newspaper Columnists,
ing to miss mine by just a few Guido is tall and was once
days.” skinny. Since the day he got ing the hymn book at the FFP’s South Carolina Writers, Geor-
— Garrison Keiller canned from the church, he and head. gia Writers Association and
his Buddha belly wander around Next came a solo by a tear- Florida Writers Association.
When my old friend Lenny sipping White Zin and having ful young man who sang, “His
Eye is on the Sparrow.” When Cappy and her Yankee hus-
died, Deelya and I found our- one-way conversations with his band “Babe” live on St. Si-
selves responsible for organiz- “guides.” His hands and arms that song is sung at a funeral for
mons Island. She is the mother
ing the memorial arrangements. are huge, both of which fly somebody like Miz Lillian, it’s of two sons and six grandchil-
Lenny had requested that around as if in tandem. perfect. But Lenny would have dren who all live in the South
his ashes be scattered in a Deelya made a mega-mis- had another heart attack. Nei- Carolina lowcountry.
peaceful wooded area near the take when she invited him to Only recently had they elected ther climbing Jacob’s ladder nor
park where he walked every “do” the memorial service for Lenny as treasurer so it’s safe sailing through the air in spar- Cappy’s website: www.sim-
morning. What a surprise that Lenny. The good ex-preacher to assume their total surprise at row mode were ever on his af-
was! Lenny was not a woodsy arrived dressed in a white cas- getting up close and personal terlife agenda.
person, a hunter or environmen- sock over a purple vestment with a drag queen preacher. My blood pressure climbed
talist. He was a sixty-year-old, embroidered with a large yellow Lenny was not religious to new heights when the FFP eu-
and Deelya and I’d wanted the logized my friend. He grinned, hearing.
rather prissy artist who drew butterfly smack in the middle.
service to be more quietly digni- I groaned and Deelya sobbed. Later, Deelya and I dis-
and painted whimsy. A woodsy “I designed it myself,”
fied than steeped in old time re- With each word, Deelya, a Yan- cussed the possibility of send-
landscape person? Nuh-uh. he bragged. The sleeves were
ligion. Well, that didn’t happen. kee throug and through, cried ing the winged preacher to the
Lenny had moved to a small edged with four rows of glitter-
Ignoring our non-religious harder. The lips on the Library crematoria instead of Lenny.
Virginia town into a duplex ing ribbon in every color shade.
request, the FFP (Fallen Fun- League Ladies drew up so But since neither of us could
apartment next to the Guidos, When I say that the serious ex-
damentalist Preacher) deliv- tightly they resembled decimal figure out what we could possi-
in the other half. That was good pression he wore on his face
ered his sermon while spread- points. bly do with Lenny’s body in the
for all concerned ... for a short was incongruous with the garb
ing those bat wing sleeves and “Good ol’ Lenny,” the FFP meantime, we decided to settle
while. Soon, Lenny was forced he wore, I ain’t just whistling
shouting, “CELEBRATE!” began, “is here today. Yessiree. for a martini and a heart-felt
to admit that he was up the pro- Dixie.
every whipstitch to insure no- He says there’s a time to live toast to our recently departed
verbial creek, having chosen to Fully costumed and loving
body nodded off. Afterwards, and a time to die.” dear friend.
live next door to the Neighbors every minute of it, he began the
from Hell. service by spreading those lu- he made us stand and sing ALL Au contraire. I could have
SIX verses of “We Are Climb- sworn that was in Ecclesiastes? In retrospect, if Lenny had
Michael Guido was a fallen dicrous bat-wing sleeves. “Cel-
ing Jacob’s Ladder” which I Shoot, had Lenny really been to climb Jacob’s ladder, then he
from grace minister. As soon as ebrate,” his voice thundered
quit singing after the second there in spirit or otherwise, he had what he needed to have a
he started sermonizing on re- through the small sanctuary,
verse. Deelya was bawling and wouldn’t have quoted scrip- proper send-off.
incarnation and the laws of the jolting the Library League La-
universe, his healthy flock, not dies out of their tranquil pose. carrying on and I was praying ture, he’d have stomped his foot
God would stop me from hurl- and demanded a Congressional

“Give yourself credit for all the good

things you do, and forgive yourself
your mistakes. We all do a better job
than we think.” United Arab Emirates: An unnamed Arab diplomat has successfully
had his marriage annulled after discovering that his bride is cross-
-Elizabeth Pantley, Seattle, Wa.
eyed and has a beard. The ambassador saw her face for the first
time after signing the marriage contract.
In testimony to a Sharia court he claimed that the mother of the
bride showed his mother pictures of another more attractive daugh-
ter. The court agreed to the annulment but was unmoved by his
request for the return of the £90,000 he spent on gifts.

✔ Redecorating?

✔ Moving?
❏ country
✔ Downsizing?

✔ Remodeling?
❏ sun.
Sea Island Restore East Cooper Restore
3304 Maybank Hwy.
Johns Island, SC • 29455
3469 Long Point Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Call Us Today to
Schedule a
FREE Pick-Up of
843.559.4009 843.849.8002 Your Tax-Deductible
All proceeds go to build affordable housing in Charleston County.
Donation! • MARCH, 2010 19

Winter Rains May Require Drains March
Garden Events
With what appears to be couple of different drainage all conditions. Some people are
Murrells Inlet, S.C.
above average rainfall this past techniques. If raised beds are not fortunate enough to have a March 1-April 25
winter- drainage problems are the issue, you should start by low-lying area to drain water Two new sculpture exhibits at
beginning to appear. Some- removing the dirt to get the six- to. If you have no low-lying ar- Brookgreen Gardens. Anna
times people will try to fill in inch drop from the foundation eas for gravity drains, you will Hyatt Huntington: A Collecting
Eye and A Taste of Ambrosia:
low areas of the yard to solve need to use a sump pump to im- Mythology in Sculpture. (843)
their drainage problems, but prove any drainage issues. The 235-6000.
in reality they are just displac- negative side of using a sump Clemson, S.C.
ing the water to another area of pump is that they often require March 4, 11, 25 and April 1
their yard or home. maintenance to clean out leaves Home Gardening Fundamen-
One of the most important parts Out in the Yard and debris from the pump area. tals. South Carolina Botanical
Garden. (864) 656-3405. www.
By James Parker
to solving drainage problems is They also need electricity to
to prevent your home or struc- run so they do not work during
ture from becoming lower than is built below the road level. extreme weather conditions,
Charlotte, N.C.
March 3-7
your yard. Water will always This may happen over time, as like: hurricane, heavy rains, Southern Spring Home and
move to the lowest spot on the cities will repave the asphalt or any time there are power Garden Show. (704) 376-6594.
property. If one were to spend roads, which can raise them outages. Almost all drainage
southernspringhomeand gar-
time constantly filling low ar- slowly over a twenty or thirty problems can be solved with
eas, they could end up having year period. This will cause the above techniques. Someone
Columbia, S.C.
March 12-14
that lowest area become the low-lying lots, to hold water who is experienced in the area Carolina Classic Home and
area underneath their home. during heavy rains. If you are of drainage problems should Garden Show. www.columbia-
When this happens you may building a new home and have evaluate each drainage issue. If

begin to notice mold that can purchased a lot that is below you have any questions please Charleston, S.C.March 16
be hazardous to you and your road level -don’t skimp on the You have to drain low-lying areas feel free to call or email me.
Mosses in the Landscape, with
Dr. Robert Wyatt. Sponsored by
families health. I have been fill dirt required to bring the instead of filling it with soil.
yard level higher than the road! James Parker the South Carolina Native Plant
involved in a number of jobs main office: 843-886-9314
Society. 6:30 p.m. The Citadel.
where this has occurred. We South Carolina build- and down into the yard. If you
ing codes require that the dirt fax: 843-886-4918
had to go in and fill underneath have a low lying area that holds email: designer@pleasantland-
Charleston, S.C.
the home in order to raise the should slope away from the water and have an area to drain March 18-April 17
house for six inches below the 63rd Spring Festival of Houses
ground level under the home to water to (such as a drainage Summerville: 843-851-8008, and Gardens. Enjoy behind-
exceed the height of the lawn. foundation for 10 feet around culvert, retention pond, marsh the-scenes tours, educational
the house. This means “no John’s Island: 843-768-6808
Doing this raises the level of area) then a French Drain is a Daniel Island: 843-216-8445
lunches, concerts and wine
the ground under the house to raised beds” around the house good option. These drains can tastings. (843) 722-3405. www.
be higher than the yard and or you will create a funnel for siphon off water and move it to James Parker
prevents water from accumu- water to be forced under your the lower, natural water holding Pleasant Landscapeswww.
Clemson, S.C., March 24
Vegetable Gardening Basics.
lating there. foundation. If you find your areas. French Drains or “grav- South Carolina Botanical
On older properties and yard or home having drain- ity drains” are the best because Garden. (864) 656-3405. www.
even some new ones, the home age issues we recommend a they will continue to drain in

Gardening Just for Spring?

Many plants do well planted in the Southern winter and will give you a
head start on spring’s foliage and flowers. Certain perennials, such as hostas
and shasta daises, can be cut back or split at this time of year to give you a
greater number of plants without wreaking havoc on the existing plants. Au-
tumn or late winter is also the ideal time for planting bulbs, laying the ground-
work for magnificent early spring color. Bulbs need vernalization, or time spent
dormant during the winter, to flower properly when spring returns. Make sure
you follow the directions for bulb depth and placement when planting. Also,
after planting the bulbs, lay a piece of chicken wire over them and cover with
soil or mulch to keep foraging squirrels at bay.
Another thing to keep in mind this winter is that those multicolored mums
that you purchase for fall garden accents can be left in the ground through the
winter. Come summer they will begin to bloom again and provide color anew
late into the season.

for the New Year!
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20 MARCH, 2010 •

Is someone “driving you ready, and you can happily stay
crazy”??? If I tell my husband and enjoy more interaction! Potato Sack exercise for improved
he is driving me crazy, he tells
me “well you don’t have far to I’d love to hear from you,
strength and fitness:
go!” True, true. The mentally once you and your partner, fam- Will has just come across this exercise, suggested for ‘se-
healthy reality is to understand ily members or co-workers take niors’, to build muscle strength in the arms and shoulders.
that “no one can drive you any- the test through the provided It seems so easy, so I thought I’d pass it on to some of my
thing, without your permission link. Send your questions to me friends and family. The article suggested doing it three days
and cooperation.” This is a hard at: a week.
concept for most of us to grasp. Begin by standing on a comfortable surface where you have
The specific example we all can plenty of room at each side. With a 5 lb potato sack in each
relate to is the expression “you hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and
make me so angry.” Have a great month, and hold them there as long as you can. Try to reach a full min-
My answer as a counselor is find time to get out and enjoy ute, then relax.
“no one has the power to make our much-improving Lowcoun-
you angry (or any feeling) un- try spring weather!! Each day, you’ll find that you can hold this position for just a
less you give that person the bit longer. After a couple of weeks, move up to 10 lb potato
power to do so.” In other words, sacks.
WE choose to be angry based “What lies behind us and Then 50 lb potato sacks and then eventually try to get to
upon our feelings and reactions what lies before us are tiny where you can lift a 100 lb potato sack in each hand and
to whatever that person said or hold your arms straight for more than a full minute.
did. It comes from our wrong
matters compared to what lies
expectations of how we think Dear “Want to Stay” within us”. -Walt Emerson (As I write this I have to admit that I’m at this level)
and expect people to treat us. This is most likely a simple After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each of
Our expectations are one thing, example of the differences in the sacks.
but to make another person ulti- your levels of extroversion and
mately responsible for our own introversion. Extroverts get

outlook and attitudes is not a energy from the outer world
very healthy way to go through of people and things--and find
life. For more in depth informa- they develop increasing lev-
tion, and to take an online test els of energy from interactions
and questionnaire, visit http:// with people (at a party, for ex- ample.) Your husband, on the
Here’s an example of how other hand, may be much more
this understanding can improve introverted. Introverts get their
relationships: energy from the their own inner
world of thoughts and ideas. In-
Dear Liz, troverts can be sociable, but will
Why is it that whenever my tire much more quickly than
husband and I go to a function, their extroverted counterparts.
be it family, church, or social, There are, of course, degrees of
he is always the one who wants extroversion and introversion--
to go home first? He’ll say he’s and certain situations may bring
tired -- and I’m feeling the op- out different responses. Under-
posite. It drives me crazy!!! I standing and acceptance is the
don’t think it’s because he’s get- best way to deal with this dif-
ting “older”, as he’s just always ference in you and your spouse.
been that way. Help! Sometimes the best solution
Wanting to stay and have is to take two cars to an event,
fun. Goose Creek, SC so he can happily go when he’s


Now you can
have what you crave!

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typical months of healing.
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925-A Wappoo Rd. Charleston, SC 29407 1051 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite A
Securities & investment advisory services offered through Transamerica Financial Advisors,
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Inc. (TFA), a registered broker/dealer & investment advisor, member FINRA & SIP.
Non-securities products are not offered through TFA.
LD33666-09/09 • MARCH, 2010 21
Spring Is the Season for Auto Care
After a season of winter driv- problems, hard starts, rough including the spare. Let the tires
ing, a springtime check-up for idling, stalling, corrected now “cool down” before checking
your car might be in order. Most before summr’s demanding their pressure. Uneven wear,
anyone can do routine auto- stop-and-go vacation traffic. “cupping,” vibrations, or “pull-
motive housekeeping chores: • For comfort in hot weather, ing” to one side indicates prob-
Remove unneeded winter gear now’s the time to have a mar- lems with your tires or suspen-
from your trunk, clean out trash ginally working air condition- sion system. If applicable, have
and clutter, and wash and wax ing system serviced. snow tires pulled and replaced
your car to remove accumulated with seasonal tires.
grime and salt deposits. The ex- • Flush and refill the cooling
system according to the service • Change the oil and oil filter
perts at the non-profit National
Institute for Automotive Service manual’ recommendations. The as specified in owner’s manual.
Often neglected, this simple ser-
How to choose a mechanic
Excellence (ASE) offer the fol- level, condition, and concen- • Ask around and see if friends, • If you get stuck on the road, don’t
tration of the coolant should vice is one of the easiest ways to
lowing advice for more ambi- extend the life of your vehicle.
family or coworkers have any cred- be snickered into one particular ga-
tious automotive projects: be checked periodically. (Make ible mechanics they can share the rage or mechanic by the tow truck
names with you. Sometimes this driver. Not only are you paying them,
sure the engine has cooled down ASE was founded to improve
• Read the owner’s manual and before removing the radiator the quality of automotive ser-
will be dealership owned garages but they get a kickback from the ga-
and with others, it’s Jim (or Jane) rage as well. Make sure you go to a
follow the recommended ser- cap.) vice and repair through the who lives down the street. mechanic you want.
vice schedules. voluntary testing and certifica-
• A qualified auto technician • If you have a big job and it is a • When you are getting an estimate
• If you are not a do-it-your- should check the tightness and tion of automotive technicians. large sum of money, consider shop- in person, ask the mechanic to show
selfer, look for an orderly repair condition of belts, clamps and ASE-certified technicians wear ping around for the best mechanic you the issues at hand. Try to get an
shop with modern equipment hoses, but you can look for signs blue and white shoulder insig- for the job. Sometimes your regular idea on whether or not this indi-
mechanic just doesn’t fit the bill and vidual likes their work or if it’s just
in the service bays and quali- of wear, cracking, or fraying. nia and carry credentials list- you need another opinion! a job. If they are ‘too busy’ to show
fied automotive technicians as ing their exact area(s) of certi- you, then consider the options of
evidenced by trade school di- • Replace other filters (air, fuel, fication. Their employers often
• If you prefer dealership garages
moving on as they can easily pack
plomas, certificates of advanced PCV, etc.) as recommended in display the blue and white ASE
and mechanics, check the Internet
the invoice. Find the mechanic that
to see which dealerships have the
courses and ASE certifications. the service manual. sign. Visit for best service. Usually those garages
is right for you.

• Have engine performance • Check the condition of tires, more car care tips. with bad service are quoted quicly
Courtesy NewsUSA in reviews.

Four Essentials to the Ultimate Home Theater System

The high-definition television ater system. • Source: Some high-definition that is comparable in quality to
revolution is already under way. Four basic elements are televisions have a built-in tuner your television.
Most of the major TV networks needed: picture, source, sound to receive local high-definition • Assembly: To tie it all together,
and cable outlets are quickly and assembly. Interestingly broadcasts. These are referred you need to make sure you have
adopting this cutting-edge ver- enough, the CEA says that ap- to as having “HD Built-In.” the right cables and accessories
sion of digital television as their proximately 30 percent of U.S. Sets without an integrated tun- to connect your system. Many
broadcasting standard and of- homes already have these basic er are “HD-Ready” and need a consumers prefer using service
fering consumers more choices ingredients. set-top box to decode the high- personnel to deliver and set up
in high definition. • Picture: Most digital, high- definition signal. Starting next the system at home - making
In fact, according to the definition televisions feature year, many digital televisions sure everything is in place, con-
Consumer Electronics Associa- large screens in widescreen for- will come with a high-definition nected and calibrated for the op-
tion, 9 million households are mats that create a theater-like tuner and the cable box built in, timal home theater experience.
likely to purchase HDTV prod- experience right in your home. simplifying the connection for
ucts during the next 18 months. HDTV delivers crisp images consumers. So how much does a home
Another 30 million consumers that make you feel like you’re • Sound: Most people don’t re- theater system cost? A wide
consider themselves likely pur- part of the action. alize that the high-definition range of prices are available,
chasers within the next three Plasma and liquid crystal television format incorporates depending on an individual’s
years. display televisions have gener- digital 5.1 surround sound into needs and desires. For example,
This newer technology can ated the most excitement so far. play rear-projection televisions high-definition broadcasts, giv- high-definition televisions sold
be overwhelming for consum- These thin, lightweight sets can such as digital light processing ing you that “in the middle of at Best Buy start at less than
ers, especially when they are hang on a wall and only take sets. These TV sets are thinner, the action” feel. For a truly en- $500 and go all the way up to
not properly educated about the up four inches of depth. Other lighter and brighter than tradi- gaging viewing experience, it is $10,000, with numerous models
tools needed for the best setup examples include the microdis- tional projection TV sets. important to get a sound system in between.
of a high-definition home the-

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22 MARCH, 2010 •

Remember when your spring break was a hedonistic ritual that focused on
excesses of sun, wild parties and alcohol? Now that you’ve outgrown that, you
don’t have to give up the spring ritual of getting away from it all.
Whether you are able to travel to a warm, sunny ways make sure that aromatherapy products contain with sunny subtropical climates are jasmine and ner-
location for a vacation, or simply need a stay-at-home 100-percent pure and natural essential oils, which are oli (orange blossom) essences. Jasmine is exotic and
break to escape from work, school or daily stress, distilled from plants,” Havran advises. “The cheaper, sensual while neroli has the power to ease anxiety.
there’s a physically and mentally healthy alternative. synthetic fragrance chemicals in many so-called ‘aro- Whether you are traveling to a sunny beach for
Some indulgent applications of aromatherapy pro- matherapy’ products do not have the same effect on your spring break vacation or just trying to create
vide a natural way to transport yourself healthfully the body and mind that real essential oils provide.” a little sunshine during a stay-at-home version, es-
and affordably to a well-earned place of springtime Which essential oils are best for crafting your sential oils and aromatherapy will help you make
renewal. personal spring break getaway? The cheerful, fresh the most of your escape. Here are some fun and easy
According to Tom Havran, aromatherapy formu- aromas of citrus oils, such as lemon, lime, sweet spring break skin care aromatherapy treatments you
lator at Aura Cacia, essential oils are the key elements orange, tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot orange and can easily make at home for either an at-home es-
that not only transport the senses, but act physically mandarin orange, evoke sunshine and warm south- cape or to take along on your spring trip to the beach.
on the body’s systems to enhance well-being. “Al- ern breezes. Two precious flower oils also associated Check out more ideas.

Coconut and
Jasmine Body Butter
Here’s a great after-sun body treatment to
give your skin a healthy, nourishing glow. Ap-
ply just before a night on the town to look and
smell your best.
1 cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
35 drops mandarin orange essential oil
5 drops jasmine Toes-in-the-Sand
This recipe is great for reproducing the
absolute oil Foot Scrub
therapeutic effect of bobbing in the waves, Directions: In a glass or porcelain container, Beach sand and ocean water combine natu-
right in your own tub. If you are traveling use a table fork to beat together all four oils rally to smooth and renew feet and toes. This
to the beach, this is a wonderful treatment until creamy in texture. Apply as a massage in scrub replicates the effect of wet sand. Use it
to nourish and soothe the skin after a day gentle circular motions over entire body. to get your feet looking their best before you
spent in sun and surf. don the flip-flops for your spring break beach
1/2 cup sea salt Invoke the heady aroma of an evening breeze Ingredients:
1/2 cup baking soda wafting through a flowering grove of citrus 1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup jojoba or grapeseed oil trees with this delightful diffusion. 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil
2-3 bags of green tea Ingredients: 15 drops tangerine essential oil
20 drops lavender essential oil 4 drops lemon essential oil 5 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops grapefruit essential oil 5 drops bergamot orange essential oil Directions: In a glass or porcelain container,
10 drops sweet orange 1 drop neroli essential oil combine sugar, sweet almond and essential
essential oil 1/4 cup water oils. Mix thoroughly and massage into feet,
Directions: In a glass or porcelain contain- 1 aromatherapycandle lamp concentrating on toes, heels and soles. Rinse
er, mix salt, baking soda, jojoba or grape- Directions: Place water in candle lamp bowl, with warm water and massage feet until the
seed and essential oils, then pour in bath. add essential oils, light candle and allow diffu- oil is fully absorbed. Tip: Do the foot scrub
Float tea bags in bath and soak away your sion for 15 to 20 minutes. after a long soak in the bath to enhance ex-
worries. foliation.
Courtesy of ARAcontent • MARCH, 2010 23

My late aunt and uncle had remember about W.C. Fields? going “Office upstairs.”
one of the most rip-roaring ar- That he was the most success- Where washing ain’t done, Attorney John Strange had
guments of their marriage over ful juggler of his generation? nor sweeping, no sewing: this to say about himself: “Here More Famous
what to say on their tombstone. That he was the first movie But everything there is exact lies an honest lawyer. That is Epitaph’s
After 60 years of marital bliss, star important enough to have to my wishes; Strange.” A FRIEND TO
attempting to agree on an epi- his name billed above the pro- For where they don’t eat A dentist, this: “Filling his HONESTY AND A FOE
taphal eulogy almost did them ducer’s? No. We remember his there’s no washing of last cavity.” TO CRIME
in. epitaph, “I’d rather be in Phila- dishes... Perhaps religion, or the lack -Allan Pinkerton
She wanted simple: Their delphia.” Don’t mourn for me now; of, is uppermost in your mind. THANK YOU FOR
names, the dates, and noth- don’t mourn for me never - Short and to the point are, “Oh ALL THE LOVE YOU
ing more. He wanted praise, I’m going to do nothing reader, be prepared” and “The THERE COULD BE
an embellished testament of forever and ever.” Lord don’t make no mistakes.” NO ONE STRONGER.
their lives — especially his Nice sentiment, but Geez, More fun, perhaps, is this THANK YOU
— in perpetuity. it’s way too long. Better, from Thurmont, Maryland: BEAUTIFUL SONGS.
As he died first, She this: “Here lies an Atheist
prevailed All dressed up
“Five times five years I -Hank Williams
Their big mistake had And no place to go.”
been in waiting to make this lived a virgin’s life STRANGER !
monumental decision at the Nine times five years I Whatever, don’t procras- APPROACH THIS SPOT WITH
dusk of their lives. So what can you say about lived a virtuous wife; tinate. Even if you live to be a JOHN BROWN IS FILLING
Now is the time to start yourself that’s profound enough Wearied of this mortal life, centenarian, here, from Nova HIS LAST CAVITY.
thinking about your epitaph. It’s for eternity? I rest.” Scotia, is what happens if you - Epitaph of an
unknown dentist
never too early. As you know, According to Boswell, Dr. Speaking of virgins, I al- don’t prepare an epitaph for
life after 50 is patch, patch, Johnson believed “…allowance ways liked this one: yourself: TO SAVE YOUR WORLD YOU
patch. must be made for some degree “Here lies MAN TO DIE:
What if you died yester- of exaggerated praise. In lapi- “Here lies all that remains Ezekiel Aikle WOULD THIS MAN, COULD
day? Your stone might well dary inscriptions a man is not of Charlotte, Age 102 HE SEE YOU NOW,
Born a virgin, died a harlot. ASK WHY?
read: “Here lies Betty. We’d say upon his oath.” Proving The Good Epitaph for the Unknown Soldier
more, but she wasn’t ready.” Maybe Uncle Charlie was For sixteen years she kept Die Young.” - W. H. Auden
Folks spend more thought right after all. her virginity,
A marvelous thing for this For me, I always liked the GOOD FREND FOR JESUS
picking out their screensaver One thing is certain, terse- brevity and wit of Dorothy SAKE FORBEARE TO
than they do their epitaph. This ness is essential. In 200 years, vicinity.” DIGG THE DUST
And this: “She sleeps Parker, whose epitaph reads, ENCLOASED HEARE.
is a mistake. It can even lead to how many will choose to read BLEST BE YE MAN YT
tombstone typos like: “Gone to these faded words on stone? alone. At last.” “Excuse my dust.”
be an angle” or “Rest in piece.” “Here lies a poor woman So how do you begin to But I plan to dodge the bul- CURST BE HE YT
Such bloopers are forever. who was always tired; compose your life in a few short let with cremation. I never did - William Shakespeare
An epitaph is a public dec- She lived in a house where and pithy phrases? like writing deadlines.
laration, the last and probably help was not hired. If you’re a professional Courtesy:
Courtesy: www.famousquotes.
longest lasting expression of Her last words on earth person, perhaps you begin with
your life. were: “Dear friends, I am your occupation. Here’s an Ar-
For example, what do we kansas doctor’s simple epitaph:

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24 MARCH, 2010 •
JACKSONVILLE, FL AND tation, boat cruise from Hilton Head Island to erty and Ellis Island, tickets to two Broadway
OKEFENOKEE SWAMP, GA Daufuskie Island and back, land tour of the Shows (TBA), two dinners in New York City,
– MARCH 13 – 14, 2010 island with Daufuskie native Sallie Ann Robin- free time for shopping, tour of West Point US
– 2 days/1 nights lodg- son, lunch prepared by Sallie Ann Robinson. Military Academy and Museum, two nights in
ing. 3 Meals. Lunch $127.00 PP/M $134.00 PP/NM BOOK NOW Lancaster, PA, Amish countryside and farm-
and show at the Al- AND RECIVE A $25.00 PER PERSON DIS- land driving tour with guide, tickets to the Dutch
hambra Dinner Theatre – “42nd St.”; Jackson- COUNT. Apple Dinner Theater, dinner at Good-n-Plenty
ville Kennel Club with dinner buffet; admission Restaurant, tickets to Sight and Sound Theater
and tour of the Okefenokee Swamp, guided “MUSIC CITY to see “Joseph”, one night in Chester, VA with
boat tour, Pioneer Express Railroad train USA” NASH- tickets to the Swift Creek Mill Dinner Theater
tour and Eye on Nature Show. $262.00 PP/MD VILLE – “THE to see “A Grand Night for Singing”. $1625.00
MARCH 21 – 24, 2010 – 4 – 14, 2010 TEL – CIN-
days/3 nights lodging. 7 days/6 nights lodging. 10 Meals. Two nights CINNATI
6 Meals. Two nights at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN; Gen- – MADISON
lodging on Jekyll Is- eral Jackson Showboat Dinner Cruise, driving – INDIANAP-
land on the beach, tour of Nashville with a step-on guide, Nash- OLIS – ME-
tram tour of Jekyll Island Historic District, din- ville Nightlife Dinner Show; one night at the TROPOLIS –
ner at Blackbeard’s Restaurant, guided tour of Memphis Marriott Downtown, driving tour of CROSSVILLE
Historic Brunswick, GA, guided tour of St. Si- Memphis with a step-on guide, Danny Thomas – JUNE 5 – 12, 2010 – 8 days/7 nights lodging –
mon Island with admission to Fort Frederica, Pavilion at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Mud 14 Meals. Three nights at the Belterra Casino
dinner in The Village, free time at Center City Island River Park; two night at Fitz’s Casino Ho- Hotel in Florence, IN, driving tour of Cincinnati,
Park in Macon, GA, riding tour of the Macon tel in Tunica, MS, free time in Town of Tunica OH with a step-on guide, tickets to the “Cre-
Cherry Blossom Trail, tour and dinner at Sidney Historic area, Veteran’s Memorial Park, and ation Museum”, driving tour of Madison, IN with
Lanier Cottage, illuminated driving tour of Ma- Tate Log House Museum, plus more. $934.00 a step-on guide and admission to two house
con, admission to Hay House and the Cannon- PP/MD $982.00 PP/NMD BOOK NOW AND museums, driving tour of Indianapolis, IN, tour
ball House and free time at the Mulberry Street RECEIVE A $75.00 PER PERSON DISCOUNT. of the Indy Racetrack and Museum, admis-
Arts Festival and International Food Festival in sion to the Indiana State Museum, dinner and
Macon. $574.00 PP/MD $601.00 PP/NMD BOOK “BROADWAY LIGHTS” AND show at the Boggstown Cabaret, one night at
NOW AND RECEIVE A $50.00 PER PERSON AMISH SIGHTS – APRIL 25 – MAY Harrah’s Metropolis Casino Hotel with dinner
DISCOUNT 2, 2010 – and breakfast, dinner at Cumberland Moun-
8 days/7 nights lodging. 12 tain State Park Restaurant, tickets to the Cum-
DISCOVER DAUFUSKIE Meals. Three nights lodging berland County Playhouse to see “Tinyard”.
ISLAND – MARCH 31, in New York City, driving tour $949.00 PP/MD $994.00 PP/NMD BOOK
2010 of New York City with guide, NOW AND RECEIVE A $75.00 PER PERSON
Trip includes RT mo- Spirit of New York Dinner DISCOUNT.
torcoach transpor- Cruise, visit Statue of Lib-


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1908-G Savannah Plaza • Charleston, SC • 843-766-0747 • 1-800-845-7659 • MARCH, 2010 25
(Hundred thousand welcomes to you!)
Celtic Knots

ne of the more popu- can’t help but mention the city’s
lar holidays across the renowned and thriving night-
globe each year is St. life, making it a perfect place
Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re for Paddy’s Day revelers to let
of Irish heritage or not, the fes- loose and enjoy themselves in
tive attitude associated with celebration of Saint Patrick.
Paddy’s Day is fun for all. The
following cities are some of Tokyo,Japan: Though its his-
the more popular haunts for Celtic knots are an Irish symbol you’ll find every-
tory might not be too deep, the where from designer jewellery to tattoos worn by rock
Paddy’s Day revelry. But even Tokyo St. Patrick’s Day Parade n’ rollers to, of course, the original Book of Kells back
if you can’t make it to any of is the biggest Irish event in Ja- in old Dublin. It’s not clear that Celtic knot drawings
these locales for the big day, pan. A tradition since 1992, were ever meant to symbolize anything, but lots of
you can still find somewhere the Tokyo Paddy’s Day Parade modern people think they contain spiritual concepts.
close to home that celebrates typically features 2,000 par- The knots are incredibly popular with followers of new
this most festive of holidays. ticipants, with several thousand For the hopeless romantic traveler, Clifden Castle in County age religions, magic societies and all sorts of other
more spectators on hand. Past Galway has an intriquing past. groups who want to draw an association with the old-
San Francisco: While it’s participants in the parade have est traditions of Ireland.
typical for Americans to asso- even included Irish dignitaries, A typical Irish curse. Whether these Irish Celtic symbols were originally
ciate the Northeast part of the including former Deputy Prime May the curse of Mary Malone and her nine blind illegiti- meant to represent anything or were just created to be
country, in particular New York Minsiter Mary Harney. mate children chase you so far over the hills of Damna- pretty pictures isn’t clear. The Celts, who dominated
City and Boston, with Paddy’s tion that the Lord himself can’t find you with a telescope. the culture of pre-Christian Ireland, simply didn’t place
Day, San Francisco will host Boston: Another city syn- much importance on creating records to help future
their 157th Annual St. Patrick’s oymous with St. Patrick’s Day generations understand their symbols. Some histo-
Day Parade in 2009. The ac- thanks to its large Irish and rians thing the Celts drew them because they were
companying St. Patrick’s Day Irish American population, prohibited from drawing any other pictures. One of the
celebration features a host of Boston has hosted a wildly more widely accepted theories to explain Celtic knot
musical acts influenced by tra- popular Paddy’s Day parade for meanings says that Celtic religion, like Islam, may
ditional Irish music. more than 100 years. Featuring have prohibited realistic depictions of living creatures.
dozens of bands, including lo- This rule, which gave rise to extraordinary Arabic cal-
ligraphy may have given birth to the complex Irish
New York City: Perhaps cal favorites as well as bands
no St. Patrick’s Day parade is from Ireland and across North
more widely known than the America, the Boston St. Pat-
42-block stroll uptown along rick’s Day Parade does not al- Deep peace of the running waves to you.
Manhattan’s famed Fifth Av- ways take place on St. Patrick’s Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
enue. Featuring approximately Day. So those traveling to the Deep peace of the smiling stars to you.
150,000 marchers, the New city for the festivities should Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
York Saint Patrick’s Day Pa- look into this important detail A cottage on one of the Aran Islands is surrounded by stone Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you.
rade is quickly approaching its when planning a trip. walls, built with parts of huge boulders believed to be cast
Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you
250th anniversary. And when Courtesy MS upon the shore by giant waves that occur on average once per
speaking of New York City, one


Sunday, March 21, 2010, 2 – 5 pm
Visual and Texture Arts by Residents & Staff
Sweetgrass Basket Designer Sharon Perkins
Quilt Artist & Storyteller Peggie Hartwell
Display of work of Art Students
from Rollings Middle School


Wallingford Presbyterian Church Gospel Choir
Charleston Barbershop Chorus
The Plantation Singers • Gospel Singer Kim Lee
Charleston Southern University Concert Singers
“Crazy for Christ” from Summerville Presbyterian Church
Music Students from Rollings School of the Arts
& Pinewood Preparatory School

Please enjoy our Celebration of

the Arts and Open House and
Refreshments at no charge.

26 MARCH, 2010 •

Genealogy -tracing your ancestors and re-
searching your family tree online, is one of
the most popular uses of the web.

There has never been a hole in tracing your family tree ware. Programs such as Family surname spellings) can affect
better time to take an interest can be filled because someone Tree Maker are indispensable the amount of information that
in genealogy and research your else has done the research be- tools for easily compiling and you find.
family tree, because there has fore you. organizing data. • Cite your sources. For every
never been so much genealogy Researching Your Family • Look for records in your record that you use, record the
information being made avail- home, such as family Bibles, title, a microfilm or volume
able online. It used to be a time- You never know what you photographs, diaries, letters, number and a page number.
consuming task to visit records may uncover about your fam- etc. • Read up on history. Learn
offices and parish registers, but ily when you start researching • Interview relatives. Often, ex- more about the historical back-
now you can make major head- your history. Find out if your tended family members will be ground and migration patterns
way in doing your genealogy great uncle really was a cattle able to provide much of your of your ancestors.
research from home. thief or if you’re somehow re- missing information. Remem- • Share your discoveries. Using
As you get deeper into lated to the royals. Thanks to ber to record or videotape the message boards, upload your
it you will no doubt need and, you can easily interview for posterity. tree where others can see your
want to visit some places that find out if you are a distant heir • Search compiled sources. work and even contact you to
are relevant to your search, to royal riches or one of Elvis’ Previously researched genealo- share information they may
which adds to the interest of cousins. gies, biographies, family trees have found on the same family
your detective work. • Start with what you know. and name indexes will save you lines.
On top of all the standard You can begin by filling out a a lot of time in the long run. More than just a hobby, ge-
informational resources there pedigree chart – either on paper Online databases, such as those nealogy is a legacy – a labour
are now lots of ways of con- or online. You can download a on or Geneal- of love to be passed to future
necting with others who are printable family chart at Ances-, can be a huge help. generations. You never know
researching the same family • Pay attention to spelling. Vari- what exciting information is
name. You can find that a vital • Purchase genealogy soft- ations in spelling (especially waiting for you!

March 1 born, 1841President William March 16 years, 1603

The Articles of Confederation Howard Taft died, 1930 Congress authorized the March 25
were established, 1781 March 9 establishment of the United Maryland was founded, by
March 2 The battle of “USS Monitor” & States Military Academy at English colonists sent by the
1. Older Americans account
for $2 trillion or 50% of all Texas declared independence “CSS Merrimack” occurred at West Point, N.Y., 1802 second Lord Baltimore (Mary-
spending. from Mexico, 1836 Hampton Roads, Virginia, 1862 March 17 land Day), 1634
2. Older Americans control
March 3 March 10 Golda Meir became the prime March 26
$7 trillion in wealth.
Star Spangled Banner adopted Daniel Boone’s expedition of minister of Israel, 1969 Poet Walt Whitman died in
3. We are the only publi- as National Anthem of the Kentucky began, 1775 March 18 Camden, N.J., 1892
cation in the Lowcountry
dedicated to reaching older United States, 1931 March 11 The Stamp Act was repealed, March 27
Americans. March 4 General Douglas MacArthur 1776 President George Washington
4. The Lowcountry Sun dis- England’s King Charles II vowed “I shall return” 1942 March 19 and Congress created United
tributes free newspapers granted a charter to William March 12 Volcano erupted in Bali, killing States Navy, 1794
every month to over 200 Penn for an area of land that 1500, 1963
premium locations and to The Girl Scouts of America March 28
more than 40,000 readers.
later became the Common- were founded, 1912 March 20 Nathaniel Briggs of New
wealth of Pennsylvania, 1681 Alcatraz prison emptied prison- Hampshire patented the wash-
5. We target one of the fast- March 13
est growing segments of March 5 The planet Uranus was discov- ers by the order of Attorney ing machine, 1797
the population. The Boston Massacre took ered by Sir William Herschel, General Robert F. Kennedy, March 29
place, 1770 1781 1963 Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were
March 6 March 22 convicted of espionage, 1951
The Tri-County’s Premier Publication
The Battle of the Alamo ended March 14
For the Young and Active After 50
Eli Whitney received a patent Congress outlawed polygamy, March 30
after 13-day siege, 1836
843-345-1314 March 7
for his cotton gin, 1793 1882 Alaska sold to United States by
Check us out at March 15 March 23 Russia, 1867 Alexander Graham Bell re- Julius Caesar was assassi- The United States Mint pro- March 31
ceived a patent for his tele- duced its first coins made by a
Check us out
phone, 1876 nated by a group of nobles that Wabash, Indiana was the first
on Facebook at included Brutus and Cassius, press, 1836 town to be illuminated by elec-
lowcountrysun March 8 44 B.C. March 24 tric lights, 1880
and follow us on twitter
@ LowCountrySun
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was Tudor Dynasty ended after 118

We specialize in 2880 Tricom Street

the treatment of North Charleston, SC 29406
hip and knee pain

• One-stop shopping for hip and knee problems

• The only fellowship-trained joint replacement
Dr. Richard Zimlich, M.D. Dr. Eric Stem, M.D.
surgeons in the North area

Comprehensive Joint Care • MARCH, 2010 27
1/2 teaspoon black pepper • 34 million Americans have Irish an- 8 Medium Carrots, pared
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder cestry, nine times the population of 8 Medium yellow onions, peeled
1 teaspoon Italian herb seasoning Ireland 2 lb Butter
12 ounces beer • One estimate suggests that there are Directions:
(Guinness, draught or stout) about 10 000 regular three-leaf clovers Wipe corned beef with damp pa-
waft, warming aura of a slow cooked 1 cup frozen peas, if desired per towels. Place in large pan, cover
one pot miracle. for every lucky four-leaf clover.
Directions with water. Add garlic, cloves, black
Take for example the slow cooker. Ac- • Legend says that each leaf of the clo- peppercorns, and bay leaves. Bring to
cording to a 2009 LA Times article the Put potato, carrot, and celery ver means something: the first is for
chunks in the bottom of crock pot. Top boiling. Reduce heat; simmer 5 min-
relatively recent invention of the crock hope, the second for faith, the third for utes. Skim surface. Cover pan; sim-
pot (1970) has quickly become a staple with 2 bay leaves. love and the fourth for luck.
Season flour with a dash of salt, mer 3 to 4 hours, or until corned beef
By Schu in the American kitchen with as many is fork-tender. Add carrots, potatoes,
pepper and garlic powder and coat the
as 83% of Americans now owning a and onions during last 25 minutes. Add
crock pot. I also bet you could count beef with the flour. Heat a couple of
Well, butter my behind and call me a tbsp of olive oil over med-high heat in cabbage wedges during last 15 min-
biscuit. - A Southern saying on one hand how many people use utes. Cook vegetables just till tender.
their slow cooker during the summer a large skillet and add 1 bay leaf. Sau-
té beef in batches until just browned, Slice across the grain. Arrange slices
months while I know some folks that on platter with cabbage. Brush pota-
use their slow cooker at least once a add more oil to pan as necessary for
I’ll go ahead and let the cat out of each batch. Remove and set aside. toes with butter, sprinkle with chopped
the bag now; this article has nothing to week during the winter. Yes, that is one parsley.
thing I will miss during the excruciat- Add onion and garlic to the same pan
do with biscuits. I just think the quote and sauté over med heat for a few
is funny. ing heat of the summer. Recipe courtesy of
minutes, then add about half the can
Regardless of the fact that of beef broth to deglaze, scraping up
Charleston winters are relatively mild, Crock Pot Guinness Beef Stew
SERVES 10 the brown bits on the bottom of the
there is one thing I am certain of – I’m pan. A lifelong foodie, Schu has
ready for the cold weather to be over! I 8-10 red potatoes, skin on, quartered Add meat and onions to crock pot, top worked in the food and beverage in-
long for warm days when I can pull on 6 carrots, peeled, sliced into thick with mushrooms. dustry since the age of 15. From dish-
a pair of shorts, throw on a t-shirt and chunks Mix remaining beef broth with tomato washer to general manager, from mom
slide into a pair of flip flops. I know 2 stalks celery, cut in chunks sauce, onion soup mix, remaining & pop joints to hotels and national
many of you are saying, “Just wait un- 3 bay leaves seasonings, and add to crock pot. chains, Schu has also written for vari-
til July and August when the tempera- 3 lbs stew meat, cubed Add the beer. ous publications and hosted a weekly
ture climbs to 100 degrees and the hu- 1/2 cup flour Cook 8 hours on low heat. Stir in radio show dedicated to food.
midity is even higher.” Well I say bring 1 dash salt frozen peas when done.
it on! 1 dash pepper Serve with crusty French bread.
On the other hand, I do have to 1 dash garlic powder Corned Beef & Cabbage
admit there is a certain winter culinary 2-3 tablespoons olive oil Recipe courtesy of Ingredients:
magic that I do long for when the cold 1 medium onion, diced
5 lb Corned-Beef brisket
days fade and the heat begins to en- 4 large garlic cloves, minced
2 Whole cloves
velop our hamlet. There are just some 8 ounces baby portabella No, a Guinness recipe is not a co- 2 Bay Leaves
foods that we have a tendency to pre- mushrooms, halved incidence. It is that time of the year to 8 Medium Potatoes, pared
pare more often during the winter, and 2 (8 ounce) cans tomato sauce pay respect to our Irish roots. What’s 1 Medium cabbage, cut in wedges
there are specific methods in which we 10 3/4 ounces beef broth that you say “You’re not Irish”? I don’t Chopped parsley
prepare these foods. There is nothing 1 (13 g) envelope Lipton believe you – everyone has a little Irish 1 Clove Garlic
quite like coming home after a cold, Onion Soup Mix in them. 10 Whole black peppers
hard day of work and being met by the 1 teaspoon dried thyme • St. Patrick was born in 385 AD

What does the lepre- there is on any other day of gan the all American tradi- originates from the Blarney lish Army.
chaun have to do with St. the year. This may well be be- tions of green beer and the Stone, a large stone Legend has it that an
Patrick? Well, the leprechaun cause of St. Patrick’s Pagan wearing of the green. The located in an 18 old woman cast
is actually one of the fairies of based practice of honoring reason people began to pinch foot thick wall a magical spell
ancient Irish mythology. He Brigid with “poteen,” which is those who did not wear green of the Blar- upon the stone,
was feared because he hid an Irish beer made from pota- on St. Patrick’s Day was as ney Castle after a King
from human view, but he was toes. St. Patrick, by the way, a reminder that leprechauns Tower in saved her
also revered because of his is also credited as bringing would sneak up and pinch B l a r n e y, from drown-
riches - in the form of a pot of the art of distillery to Ireland. those who could be seen on Ireland. ing in the
gold. As far as green beer this day. The Cas- moat sur-
Drinking of beer, green goes, it wasn’t until the Irish Blarney is also associ- tle was rounding the
and otherwise is definitely settled in Boston, and faced ated with St. Patrick’s Day. originally castle. The
part of the rituals involved immense discrimination that One usually starts to spout built in magical spell
with this holiday. There is they chose to show their Irish blarney after having one too 1446 to pro- was the gift of
more beer consumed in Ire- pride by using the color green many green beers. The word tect the Irish persuasive elo-
land on St. Patrick’s Day than for all things Irish. Thus be- blarney however actually villagers during quence or blarney.
attacks by the Eng-

28 MARCH, 2010 •

By Belinda Roberts Watch your handbag, it’s ply a good moisturizer at night Charleston, is the Founder, CEO
There is no age limit for usually a dead giveaway for and before applying your make of The Hat Divas Society, Inc.
looking stylish. The biological your age. Instead, have some up. I use olive oil on my face The only non-profit hat club in-
clock doesn’t stop today’s fash- fun with your handbag. Try and lips nightly then lightly pat corporated in the state of South
ion-forward woman from wear- lively colors and different off the residue. It works for me! Carolina that co-hosts fundrais-
ing the latest trends. Women of shapes. Shoulder bags that fit Anytime you wash your ing benefits for local charities,
all ages want to wear stylish under the armpit are generally face, use a facial cleanser rather has been in the retail business
fashions. the most flattering. than soap then immediately ap- pertaining to clothing and make
For the mature woman,    Shop for wearable updat- ply a good moisturizer. And up for women, Real estate in-
select dresses or skirts that hit ed shoes. Do not wear stock- don’t forget your lips. vesting, member of a literary
just below the knee. Get tops or ings with any sandals or open Finally, stand up straight club for thirty years, currently
blouses  with short,  three quar- shoes as this will date you. with good posture and carry President of her neighborhood
ter or long sleeves, wrap a scarf Women over fifty can look Beauty & Fashion yourself with grace. You will Civic Club, member of Rotary,
as chic as anyone half their age, By Belinda Roberts appear taller and look chic and CCRWC, and the CSOL, and
around the neck or wear turtle
necks when it is cooler. but be careful not to overdo it. fabulous! business owner for twenty eight
What you wear has a lot to Don’t gob on the jewelry. and add corals, pinks, purples       I’ll be glad to answer any years.
do with attitude. We know that Spring is near. Go from and turquoise.   questions you may have per-
sixty is the new forty because frump to fabulous and bright- This is the time of year for taining to beauty or fashion tips E-mail me at: gatorbug54@aol.
women are more health con- en up your days with color. putting your best face forward. as much as space allows.  com.
scious and in relatively great Be bold! Dump the routine of Drink plenty of water; it helps
shape. wearing all black and brown hydrate your skin. Always ap- Belinda Roberts resides in

Women in wheelchairs most wheelchair-appropriate who want to use up-to-date

often find that their physical clothing is designed to be ac- clothing, the stereotype is
condition can severely limit cessible to anyone. Clothing that they may have an anti-
their choices in clothing as for men with mobility prob- quated fashion sense.
well as their mobility. Cloth- lems is usually very clas- Designers are finally
ing is manufactured and de- sical, including polo shirts, catching up with wheelchair
signed to be comfortable and feaux button-down shirts, fashion. There still
easy to use for people with classic pants, jeans, or kha- aren’t many sources of fash-
mobility problems, but there kis with elasticized waist- ion clothing for people in
has been a tendency to de- bands, and sport jackets cut wheelchairs but the market
sign with a “one size fits all” a little shorter to look good in is expanding. These design-
approach. his tends to make a sitting position. ers tend to focus on simply
clothing that caters to any This isn’t as much of making clothing which looks
kind of disability without tak- a problem because men’s good and is comfortable
ing style into account. These clothing design is more uni- while sitting down, which
days, designers are emerg- form to begin with. Women’s may make them a tempting
ing who cater to women clothing is much more com- option for people who work
who want up-to-date fashion plicated and varied. Wom- in an office as well. Jackets
designed to be stylish and en’s wheelchair clothing, in are designed not to bunch up
comfortable in a wheelchair. addition to sometimes not when a person is sitting down
Clothing designed for use The original wheelchair fashionista, 77 yrs. young Elizabeth having the option of exclud- with the jacket buttoned, as
in wheelchairs is generally Taylor speaks at Macy’s fundraiser fashion show in Santa ing Velcro seams or other are shirts and blouses. Pants
made to accommodate any Monica. accommodations that, de- are designed to accommo-
disability. This can be very pending on your situation, date your stomach in a sit-
important for people who suf- dependently. If you are able son is standing or walking. you may not need, are often ting position, using elastic
fer a lack of motor ability in to use buttons, however, you Clothing designed for also very classical or even or loose-fitting waistbands,
their hands, as many wheel- may prefer a button-down people who use wheelchairs targeted towards senior citi- as are skirts, which are cut
chair clothing manufacturers shirt, but still want it to be has been slower to evolve zens. Senior citizens make at a length which is tasteful
include Velcro seams with designed to look good while than wheelchair design it- up a large part of the market and won’t get caught in your
feaux buttons, making it pos- you’re in a sitting position. self. You can get a variety for mobility products, and spokes of your wheelchair.
sible to dress themselves in- Clothing is usually designed of wheelchairs to match any while there are older people
to look its best when a per- disability with any cause, but

Davidson Web Solutions can handle all of your

4us out
web design, graphic design, and web hosting
needs. Free quotes given for all design submis- Eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, soups,

sions. Email us with any website ideas and we desserts and the largest selection of
will get back to you in a timely manner. vegetables of anyone in town!
Thanks for checking out our ad and we look More food for your dollar!
forward to serving you in the future. Breakfast, lunch or dinner

served anytime.

Kevin Davidson Locations
302 Coleman Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant,
Dorchester Rd. at I-26
North Charleston
120 E. 5th N. Street lowcountrysun.
803.707.1215 Family Atmosphere
843-871-3202 sc • MARCH, 2010 29
41. Association for Research &
Enlightenment, (abbr.)
12. ___tose: milk sugar
13. Point midway between E
1. Who was born Allen Stewart
42. Santa’s helpers and SE Konigsburg?
44. Hitler’s party 21. Signal or prompt
2.Which film director wrote the
45. One who write the words 22. Egyptian goddess screenplay for Patton?
for songs 25. Unoriginal
3.Which composer was the
47. Two-dimensional 26. Wing shaped musical director of the New York
49. Foot digit 27. Less covered Philharmonic from 1958 to 1970?
50. Where computer nerds 28. Insert mark 4.How many wives had Hum-
meet 29. Tractor-trailers phrey Bogart had before Lauren
51. Act of making into a prod- 30. Showed old move Bacall?
uct 31. Island SW of Majorca 5.Who in 1994 put an ad in The
57. In a grip 32. Gods dwelling in Asgard Times with Richard Gere to say
59. Hebrew kor 34. Increases motor speed their marriage was still strong?
60. River into The Baltic 37. In the second place 6. Who did Mate Garcia marry in
61. Imminent danger 40. Organism that does not 1996 by pointing to his symbol?
62. Christian ____, designer require oxygen 7. Which perfume house did
63. Swain 43. In place of Madonna advertise in the late
64. Comic book hero Dick 46. Right slanting typeface
65. Man____: type of roof 47. Bomb used to breach a gate 8. Who accused Bill Clinton of
sexual harassment after an inci-
66. Pinnas 48. Romanian monetary unit dent in a hotel in 1991?
50. Ethereal fluid
9. Which celebrity restaurants
CLUES DOWN 51. A short syllable (poetry)
CLUES ACROSS 23. Prompted 1. Informal clothes 52. Government officials
do Stallone, Willis and Schwar-
zenegger own?
1. Self help Carnegie 24. A way to sink 2. Wings 53. W. Samoan capital
5. At the peak 25. Cosseted 3. Singer Horne 54. The content of cognition
10.Who was Charlie Chaplin’s
final father in law?
9. Syrup tree 28. Standards 4. Workout 55. Close by
14. Gorse genus 33. Expression of sorrow or 5. Bowed 56. Crane genus
11. Who became Ambassador to
Ghana in 1974?
15. D____: non-musical play pity 6. S_____: gazed intensely 57. Strikingly appropriate
16. aka 34. Collect funds for a purpose 7. Arabian Sultanate 58. Of she
12. Who wrote the music for An
American In Paris?
17. A citizen of Denmark 35. ___nezer Scrooge 8. Stabbing twinge
18. N.E. fruit: ____berry 36. Nostrils 9. Business leaders
13. Who wrote “Honeysuckle
Crossword answers Rose” and “Ain’t Misbehavin”?
19. Candied fruit 38. Heat unit 10. Assert to be true on page 11
20. Google and Bing 39. Indian frocks 11. Uto____: perfect places
14. What was Paul Robeson’s
profession before he became a
stage actor?
Waller 14. Lawyer 15. Will Rogers. 15. Who was nicknamed the
8. Paula Jones 9. Planet Hollywood 10. Eugene O’Neill 11. Shirley Temple Black 12. George Gershwin 13. Fats “cowboy philosopher”?
1. Woody Allen 2. Francis Ford Coppola 3. Leonard Bernstein 4.Three 5. Cindy Crawford 6. Prince 7. Max Factor Turn page upside down
for answers.

The Lowcountry Sun has established

itself as the Premier Mature Market
publication in the Low Country.
We’re committed to keeping you
informed of developments that affect
you at work and at home.
From business and economic
news to social and political
changes, the Lowcountry Sun
keeps you on top of what’s
happening in your community
and around the world.


30 MARCH, 2010 •

“There’s always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it.
For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don’t hurt.”
- Author Unknown

The Memory Test As soon as she had finished parochial

school, a bright young girl named Lena
Three old men are at the doctor for a shook the dust of Ireland off her shoes and
memory test. The doctor says to the first made her way to New York where before
old man, “What is three times three?” long, she became a successful performer in
show business.
“274” was his reply.
Eventually she returned to her home town
The doctor worriedly says to the second for a visit and on a Saturday night went to
confession in the church which she had al-
man, “It’s your turn. What is three times ways attended as a child. In the confessional
three?” Father Sullivan recognized her and began
asking her about her work. She explained
“Tuesday” replies the second man. that she was an acrobatic dancer, and he
The doctor sadly says to the third man, wanted to know what that meant.
“Okay, your turn. What’s three times She said she would be happy to show him
three”? the kind of thing she did on stage.
She stepped out of the confessional and
“Nine” says the third man. within sight of Father Sullivan, she went
into a series of cartwheels, leaping splits,
“That’s great!” exclaims the doctor. “How
handsprings and backflips. Kneeling near the
did you get that”? confessional, waiting their turn, were two
middle-aged ladies. They witnessed Lena’s
“Jeez, Doc, it’s pretty simple,” says the acrobatics with wide eyes, and one said to
third man. “I just subtracted 274 from the other:
Tuesday.” “Will you just look at the penance Father
Sullivan is givin’ out this night, and me
Answers to Word Search, page 11 without me bloomers on!”

Who am I ? A cowboy from Texas walked into a bank in New Two weeks later, the Cowboy returned, repaid the
York City and asked for the loan officer. He told the $5,000 and the interest of $23.07. The loan officer
This sneaker-wearing children’s show host’s loan officer that he was going to Paris for an inter- said, “Sir, we are very happy to have had your
long career included being a puppeteer, an national rodeo for two weeksand needed to borrow business, and this transaction has worked out very
$5,000 and that he was not a depositor of the bank. nicely, but we are a little puzzled.
ordained minister, and a beloved television The bank officer told him that the bank would need While you were away, we checked you out on
some form of security for the loan, so the Cowboy Dunn & Bradstreet and found that you are a
neighbor who fed his fish, Fennel and Frieda, handed over the keys to a new Ferrari. The car was highly sophisticated investor and multimillionaire
during the tapings of his show. parked on the street in front of the bank. The Cow- with real estate and financial interests all over the
boy produced the title and everything checked out. world. Your investments include a large number
The loan officer agreed to hold the car of wind turbines around Sweetwater, Texas. What
Answer on page 11 as collateral for the loan and apologized for having puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow
to charge 12% interest. $5,000?”
Later, the bank’s president and its officers all en- The good ‘ole Texas boy replied, “Where else in
joyed a good laugh at the Cowboy from Texas for New York City can I park my car for two weeks
using a $250,000 Ferrari as collateral for a $5,000 for only $23.07 and expect it to be there when I
A little boy wanted $100 badly and prayed for two loan. An employee of the bank then drove the Fer- return?”
weeks, but nothing happened. Then he decided to rari into the bank’s private underground garage and Don’t mess with’em.
parked it.
write God a letter requesting the funds.
When the postal authorities received the letter ad-
dressed to God, USA, they decided to send it to the
president, who was so touched and amused that he
had his secretary send the boy a $5 bill.
The boy’s response:
Dear God. Thank you very much for sending the
money, however, I noticed that for some reason
you had to send it through Washington D.C. and, as
usual, those (expletives deleted) deducted $95.

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