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Arts Unbound February 2010


Upcoming events at the

Arts Unbound Gallery:

• Friday, February 5th, 5 - 9 PM

Valley Arts District Art Loop

at the Arts Unbound Gallery and
local sites in the Arts District.

• Saturday, February 6th 2– 5pm

Art for the Heart –

Treats for your Sweets
Valentine’s Day Event
And Deeply discounted
(Above) Holiday Items!
Art piece created by a
…and Treats for your Sweets! member of our Youth class
Decorate your own Valentine’s Day

What: Art exhibit, Ave. train station. Cupcake from 2- 3:30pm while
Gift items for Valentine’s Day, supplies last!
Decorate your own Valentine’s Day Who: All are welcome.
Cupcake! Kids and Adults, • Saturday, February 13th –
Free of Charge
Opening Reception
*And Deeply Discounted Holiday items
Noon till 5 PM
available for purchase

When: February 6th - noon - 5pm Sponsored by the Daniel Jordan

Cupcake decoration 2 – 3:30 pm Fiddle Foundation

Where: Arts Unbound Gallery; 544

Featuring artwork by artists living on
Freeman Street, Orange NJ - directly
off Scotland Rd. and next to Highland the autism spectrum
Arts Unbound Gallery
Art Therapists Release New Digital
Publication – FUSION Exhibit runs from February 6th
through mid March
Arts Unbound is dedicated to teaching Counties. In tribute to the Grotta Fund
professional skills in the visual arts and and as an educational tool for our
providing exhibition opportunities to readers, we are including this article on
emerging and established artists with the profession of art therapy and its
disabilities. This year we are also impact on persons with special needs.
launching a separate program in art
therapy that will allow us to explore “FUSION represents a creative blend of
therapeutic intervention in the arts for ideas and perspectives. We liked the
select persons. concept because ‘fusion’ means a
release of energy and the birth of
Thanks to the support of the Grotta something new,” notes Art Therapy
Fund for Senior Care and the Alliance founder, Gretchen Miller. Members of the Arts Unbound
assistance and advice of Caldwell “Members of the Alliance and IATO family enjoying one of our fun
College and the NJ Art Therapy represent the field of art therapy world- programs at the Arts Unbound
Association, this program will work with wide. Gallery in Orange, NJ, made
senior citizens with emotional possible by the Bass Foundation
and the FSO of Essex County.
challenges in Essex, Morris and Union (Continued on page2)
February 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Arts Unbound ● 973-675-ARTS (2787)
(Continued from page1) self-expression, and skill-building. Art
Featuring: Now there is a voice for their news,
therapists work with children,
adolescents, and adults and
stories, and events,” says Cathy provide treatment to individuals,
CHRISTIAN MARKOVIC Malchiodi, IATO. FUSION will be couples, families, groups, and
released quarterly and focus on communities.
information exchange, resources,
and news about art therapists' work Currently, IATO's initiatives include
throughout the world, with an the advancement of collaborative
emphasis on how art changes lives research projects among its
and transforms individuals and approximately 1800 members. The
communities. Art Therapy Alliance
( was
Christian Markovic is an artist who was Art therapy is a form of treatment founded in 2008 by Gretchen Miller,
the first deaf-blind person to graduate that uses art materials as form of ATR-BC, and is a professional group
from the Savannah College of Art and self-discovery, behavioral change, with close to 1000 members around
Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He and stress reduction. Art therapists the world that promotes the field of
currently operates his own graphic use traditional psychotherapy art therapy through news, discussion
design business and designs clothing, techniques along with their boards, and social networking
greeting cards and fine art. A veteran
understanding of the psychological opportunities. Art Therapy Alliance
artist with Arts Unbound, Christian
continues to expand his interest to other aspects of the creative process and and IATO recently co-sponsored a
art media, create t-shirts and other art materials. As healthcare global art event using digital
merchandise for Arts Unbound and his professionals, art therapists are technology to create a worldwide
own business. Christian’s life story and employed in many clinical settings art gallery the theme:
work were reported by the Star Ledger on with diverse populations. ART PEACE SUSTAINABILITY.
January 24th of last week.
Art therapy can be found in For more information, membership
View more of his work at
community settings as well, such as queries, and a free copy of FUSION,
in art studios and in workshops that visit the IATO or Art Therapy Alliance
focus on creative development, websites.

Non-Profits Create Stronger Bond

with Social Media
Social media is beginning to transform non-profits
both in the way they work as well as their relationships
with supporters and key participants.

Social media is enabling individuals to create, join,

and grow groups around issues they care about
outside of the direct control of a non-profit. Whether
flash activists or fundraising events like Twestival,
activities like these are on the rise.

The social web lets people who work in non-profit

organizations connect and collaborate informally
across institutional boundaries quickly and
inexpensively. Non-profit organizations are also
collaborating with their supporters by crowdsourcing
ideas, feedback, and content for programs. You may visit our studio and gallery at 542 or 544 Freeman Street
in Orange, NJ during the following times:
As non-profits begin to engage their own
communities in these online conversations, they are Monday - Friday: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
able to reach more people than ever before. Saturday: 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Other arrangements by appointment only. Classes and exhibit

Arts Unbound has proudly chosen to participate in schedule is flexible based on the needs of the student, group, or
the social media revolution with a Facebook page, organization.
Twitter account and more to come. Check us out:

AU on Facebook:
Search: Arts Unbound
AU on Twitter:

Page 2 February 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Arts Unbound ● 973-675-ARTS (2787)

Did you know that we are always
Board of Directors:
BE A DONOR… looking for new and exciting
Mary Jo Codey, Former
First Lady, State of NJ, BE AN INSTRUCTOR… artists to feature in our gallery
Honorary Chairperson
and in exhibits around the state?
Harold Garwin, President ·
If you are an artist
Catherine Lazen · Jim Please help…
Ferruggiaro · Robert (youth or adult) or emerging artist
O’Brien · Lorie Safin . Because artists with disabilities want us.
Because, as Amy Charmatz says, with a mental, physical or
Lorne Hargis · Ann Marie
Gotti-Roberts · Allen “Art Saves Lives” developmental disability,
Shefts · Mark Salvacion ·
visit our website for a special
Sean Bradley · John Visit
Ratkowitz · Michele form where you can submit your
Dushkin and Gail for more information
artwork for consideration.
Levinson, Executive  
Director Who we are…
Arts Unbound is a non-profit organization

542 / 544 Freeman Street dedicated to the artistic achievement of

Orange, NJ youth, adults and senior citizens with
Call us: disabilities. Through our professional
973-675-ARTS (2787) classes in the visual arts and exhibitions in
Fax us: our gallery and throughout the state of

973-678-4408 NJ, we are committed to unleashing the artistic expression of persons living with

developmental disabilities, mental illness
and physical challenges. Come learn
Releasing the Creative more about us and join us either as a

Power of People student, artist, instructor, donor or

with Disabilities volunteer. We are eager to have you

join our family!
Since 2002

542/ 544 Freeman St.
Orange, NJ