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Assessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation Rationale Evaluation

• “Naghahanda lang Imbalanced Long term Goal: The nurse:

ako ng pagkain na Nutrition: Less than After 1week of nursing
madali lang lutuin. body requirement intervention, the mother
Paborito ni CML related to intake of will be able to:
‘yung hotdog, • Show the meal plan
nutrients insufficient • Established rapport To promote better Goal met. The mother
pritong manok at to meet metabolic prepared during the communication was able to define
itlog kaya yun ang needs as evidenced entire week. with the mother nutrition and
niluluto ko by: • Demonstrate adequate and client. imbalanced nutrition
madalas”, as • Report of weight gain of the accurately and was
verbalized by inadequate client following the • Assessed the client’s To have effective able to differentiate
client’s mother. nutrient intake growth chart. level of knowledge discussion with the two.
• Monitor the client’s the mother.
• “Tatlong beses • Ectomorph weight monthly at the • Discussed with the Goal met. The mother
lang hanggang appearance health center. mother the: was able to discuss
apat na beses • Feed the client foods accurately the nature
kumakain ng gulay • Current weight is that are appropriate to  Definition of To provide ample of nutrition and
yang anak ko sa below the Ideal him. nutrition and information and importance of gaining
isang lingo. Pero Body Weight imbalanced awareness to the proper nutrition. She
kaunti lang ang which is 10 nutrition by mother. verbalized that
nakakain niya”, as kilograms based Objective: illustrating the nutrition is needed by
verbalized by the on the growth After 1 hour of nursing characteristics of everyone to survive
client’s mother. chart. intervention, the mother a healthy and and to grow.
will be able to: unhealthy person.
• “Dati, mataba • BMI=11.89 Goal met. The mother
talaga si CML. • Define Nutrition and  Nature of To provide was able to
Nung nag-isang • Dry skin Imbalanced Nutrition nutrition and its detailed enumerate 4 factors
taon na, pumayat accurately and state importance. information to the
contributing to the
na siya dahil nga Misconception the characteristics of mother. client’s
siguro sa kalikutan about her toddler’s healthy and unhealthy undernourishment
at takbo ng feedings as person. To minimize the consisting of food
 Factors
takbo”. evidenced by: factors preferences, water
contributing to the
contributing to intake, inadequate
• Discuss the nature and client’s
undernourishment supplements and
• Verbalization of importance of gaining undernourishment
• Ectomorph body parental supervision.
feeding foods proper nutrition
built not appropriate accurately.
Goal met. The mother
to the client such
• 8 kg For the mother to verbalized her
as hotdogs and  Content of a have a guide in understanding about
much eggs. • Enumerate correctly at healthy diet based preparing meal the contents of food
• Dry skin least 3 factors on the Food plan. pyramid including its
contributing to the Guide Pyramid 6 groups (vegetables,
client’s and Dietary fruits, fats and oils,