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Colleges and Medical Associations
• American Academy of Family Practice
• American Medical Association
• British Medical Association
• Colleges of Medicine of South Africa
• Irish College of General Practitioners
• North of Scotland Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education
• The Royal College of General Practitioners - UK
• The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
• Wellington School of Medicine
• University of Auckland Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care
• WONCA - Global Family Doctor
• The Online Journal of Cardiology
• Goodfellow Unit - An Auckland region RNZCGP CME provider
• Dermnet for NZ GPs - Gain CME points here
• Dental Council of New Zealand
• New Zealand Dental Association
• The Dental Surgeon site
• American Academy of Dermatology
• Australasian College of Dermatologists
• Dermnet - NZ Dermatological Society
• Archives of Dermatology
• The Australasian Journal of Dermatology
• International Journal of Dermatology
• The British Journal of Dermatology
• AIDA - glucose insulin diabetes simulator software
Drug Information
• Mosby's Drug Consult
• Pharmac
Emergency Medicine
• Emergency Medicine at NCEMI
• National Enuresis Society
• Enuresis Clinic
Evidence Based Medicine
• Bandolier
• Cochrane Library
• Evidence-Based Medicine - Evidence-Based Medicine, a co-publication of the BMJ Publishing Group and the American
College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine

• Evidence-Based Medicine Resources - BMJ Publishing Group

• Scharr Introduction to Evidence Based Practice on the Internet
• Medivision
• Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
• Effective Health Care Bulletins
• Global Health
• Global Family Doctor - WONCA Online
• Health Communication Network
• Health on the Net Foundation
• HealthAtoZ.Com
• Healthanswers
• Healthworks
• Health
• Housecall
• Martindale's Health Science Guide -'98
• Medical Matrix
• Medicine Net
• Medscape
• Merck Manual
• Primary Health Care Network
• Resident Medical Officers Handbook
• Reuters Health Information Services
• University of Iowa - Family Practice Handbook
• The Virtual Hospital

• Normal Aging Index

• Guideline Library - NZ Guidelines Group

• Immunisation Advisory Centre
• Immunet

Literature Reviews
• RNZCGP Early Detection of Breast Cancer - Literature review by Department of Public Health & General Practice
Christchurch School of Medicine, University of Otago

Journals - Medical
• Medical Education - Abstracts are free of charge.Full Text and PDF articles require a subscription or individual article
• American Family Physician - Official Journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians. (indexed) (full text)
(ISSN 0002-838X) is published 24 times a year
• Australian Family Physician - Offician Journal od RACGP. (indexed) (abstracts only) (Some full text)
• Archives of Family Medicine - The Archives of Family Medicine is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal providing
academically sound, clinically practical information for family and general physicians. Published by the American Medical
• British Journal of General Practice - The British Journal of General Practice publishes peer-reviewed research papers
on topics related to general practice and primary care.
• Canadian Family Physician - (abstracts only) the only peer-reviewed family medicine journal published in Canada.
• Family Medicine Journal - (indexed) (abstracts only) The Official Journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
• Family Practice Management - (indexed) (full text) American Academy of Family Physicans
• NZFP: New Zealand Family Physician - (indexed) (some full text)Journal of the Royal New Zealand College of General

• New Zealand Medical Journal - Official Journal of the NZ Medical Association. (full text)
• British Medical Journal - Official Journal of the British Medical Association. (indexed) (full text)
• JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association. Online full-text articles are available to JAMA and Archives
Journal paid subscribers and to all AMA members.
• Medical Journal of Australia - (indexed) (some full text) Journal of the Australian Medical Association
• NEJM: New England Journal of Medicine - (indexed) (full text)The New England Journal of Medicine On-line now offers
subscribers access to full text plus several additional features. The Journal On-line continues to offer to all users many
selections from the Journal, including abstracts of all scientific articles. The current issue becomes available on the Web
Wednesday at 5 PM
• The Lancet - (indexed) (full text) (abstracts only)The Lancet is a signatory journal to the Uniform Requirements for
Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, a document issued by the International ,Committee of Medical Journal Editors
• Quality in Health Care - BMJ Publishing Group. Access to Tables of Contents and Abstracts at no cost. Access
individual articles at a fixed cost
• International Journal for Quality in Health Care - (indexed) (abstracts only) (full text) The International Journal for
Quality in Health Care is the official journal of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)

Journals - Other
• Education for General Practitioners - (indexed) Affiliated to WONCA
• Bandolier - The Internet version of Bandolier started in 1995, accessible from a University of Oxford server at the
John Radcliffe Hospital. Every issue is available, full text, and free of charge.
• Clinical Evidence - (full text)is a compendium of the best available evidence for effective health care. Published by
the BMJ.
• Effective Health Care - University of York. Promoting the use of research-based knowledge in health care
• Evidence-Based Medicine - (indexed) (full text)Published bi-monthly Evidence-Based Medicine surveys a wide range
of international medical journals to identify the key research papers that are scientifically valid and relevant to practice. BMJ
publishing group
• Family Medical Practice - (full text) The International Journal of Family Medical Practice and Primary Care. ISSN
• Journal of Family Medicine - (indexed) (full text)A Journal of Current Medical Therapeutics for Family Medicine. A one
time charge to view documents
• General Practice Online - (indexed) (abstracts only) We are pleased to accept contributions of news, and review
articles from all over the world.
• Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care
• Journal of Medicine - (indexed) (full text) A Journal of Advances in Medicine
• QJM: Monthly Journal of the Assoc of Physicians - (indexed) (abstracts only)QJM is a long-established, leading
general medical journal. It focuses on internal medicine and publishes peer-reviewed articles which promote medical science
and practice
• He@lth Information on the Internet - (full text) A bimonthly newsletter from the Wellcome Trust and the Royal
Society of Medicine. The newsletter aims to meet the growing demand from health professionals for information about health
resources that are available on the Internet.
• International Health News - (indexed) (full text) provides subscribers with useful, authoritative on-line information
about the latest research in health, nutrition and medicine. Review over 50 medical and scientific journals every month.
• Medicine Australia Online - (indexed) (full text) Relies on contributions of health practitioners from around the world
for its material and is dedicated to making all material available free of charge.
• NZ Doctor - (indexed) (some full text) News and information for New Zealand's family doctors
• The Journal of Rural Health - (indexed) (abstracts only) a quarterly journal published by the NRHA, offers original
research encompassing evaluations of model and demonstration projects to improve rural health, statistical comparisons of
rural and urban differences, and mathematical models examining the use of health care services by rural residents.
• Global Family Doctor - Make it easy keeping up to date with the latest literature, join the WONCA Journal Alerts
(free) and get the latest scientific literature relevant to general practice.

Medical Software
• Houston Medical Software
• MedTech LTD

Medicine on the Net

• Achoo Health Care Online
• BMA Library Medline Service (Only for BMA members)
• The Medline Database
• PubMed
• US National Library of Medicine

Mental Health
• Mental Health Foundation of NZ
• Schizophrenia Fellowship of New Zealand
• Neurological Examination
New Zealand Health Links
• Accident Compensation Corporation
• ALAC Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
• Cancer Society of NZ
• Diabetes NZ
• Eating Disorder Services
• HealthPages
• Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand
• Maori Medical Practitioners Association
• Mental Health Commission
• Mental Health Foundation of NZ
• Minister of Health's Home page
• National Health Committee
• NZ College of Practice Nurses NZNO
• NZ Drug Foundation
• NZ Health Information Service
• NZ Heart Foundation
• NZ Injury Prevention Strategy
• NZ Medical Council
• Practice Managers & Administrators Association of New Zealand
• Public Health Networking Project
• Schizophrenia Fellowship of New Zealand
• Statistics New Zealand
• Pharmac: Pharmaceutical Schedule
• U.S. Food And Drug Administration
• Antenatal Planner
Patient Resources
• National Enuresis Society
Post Graduate Courses

• Post Graduate Courses

Other Links
• Medivision
• SCHIN - Sowerby Centre for Health Informatics at Newcastle
Read Codes
• Malaghan Institute of Research
Search Engines - Medical
• PubMed - NCBI - National Library of Medicine. PubMed is the US National Library of Medicine's search service that
provides access to over 11 million citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, and other related databases, with links to participating
online journals.
• MedlinePlus - A service of the US National Library of Medicine
• NLM Locator Plus - The National Library of Medicine Library's catalog of books, journals, and audiovisuals and access
points to other medical research tools.
Special Needs
• Special Education Services
Sports Medicine
• Sports Medicine - New Zealand
• Sports Science
• The Gatorade Sports Science Institute
• The Physician and Sports Medicine Online
• Australian Herpes Management Forum
• International Herpes Management Forum
• New Zealand Herpes Foundation
Travel Information
• International Travel and Health - WHO
• MASTA - Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad
• MASTA - New Zealand Service
• Medical Assistance to Travellers
• Travellers Medical and Vacination Centres
• United States National centre for Infectious diseases - Travelers' Health
Links to GP's home pages
• East Tamaki Healthcare
• Glenfield Medical Centre (Dr Jon Wilcox)
• Hammond Williamson's home page
• High St Medical Centre - Christchurch
• Mornington Health Clinic
• Northern Rural General Practice Consortium
• Otumoetai Doctors
• Redwoodtown Doctors