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Accessories for

Fact Sheet
the SMART Board
interactive whiteboard
Now you have more ways than ever to customize your SMART Board™
interactive whiteboard. Use accessories from SMART to adjust the
height of your interactive whiteboard, make it mobile, add
sound or even transform it into an integrated system.

You can adapt your 500 or 600 series board, or 600i system
to suit the specific needs of your classroom. These time-saving,
value-added accessories are useful extras that will enhance
your SMART product.

Height-adjustable wall mount

With this wall mount, you can adjust your SMART Board
600i interactive whiteboard system by 20 inches (50 cm).
Lower it so your shorter students can reach it, or raise it
up for teachers and taller students. The system locks at its
highest position, keeping it out of reach when it isn’t in use.
The easy-glide lifting and lowering mechanism is enclosed
for safe operation.

GoWire SMART Notebook software auto-launch cable

Get going faster with the GoWire™ SMART Notebook software auto-launch
cable. This USB cable launches SMART Notebook software automatically.
You get full access to the software’s tools and features in seconds without
having to pre-install the software.

USB speakers
Make a sound decision – add audio to your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
This speaker system consists of two 14-watt, stereo-amplified speakers, with
a two-port USB hub and volume control, which mount to the interactive
whiteboard or the wall. Just one cable connects the speakers to the board,
so there are fewer cables to manage.

Wireless Bluetooth connection

Use Bluetooth® technology to eliminate cables running
between your computer and your SMART Board interactive

Mobile floor stand

Using this mobile, height-adjustable floor stand with heavy-duty locking casters
and stabilizing safety guards, you can move your SMART Board interactive
whiteboard from classroom to classroom.
SystemOn expansion module
Turn on your computer, projector and interactive
whiteboard with the push of a button using the
SystemOn expansion module. It can be added
to the expansion slot on the pen tray of your
SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Floor stand for the 600i

This floor stand allows you to
install the SMART Board 660i or
680i interactive whiteboard system in The UF55 projector kit
any classroom. It’s the ideal solution The UF55 projector kit offers a convenient and economical
for spaces where permanent mounting way to transform SMART Board 500 or 600* series interactive
is not feasible or where temporary whiteboards into integrated systems. The kit combines a
installation is preferred. The floor board with a projector and control panel. The short-throw,
stand is sturdy and secure, and offers high-offset UF55 projector reduces shadows cast onto the
two convenient setup options – either interactive whiteboard and offers a bright image at 2,000
free-standing on the floor or tethered lumens, XGA resolution and true color quality.
to a wall.
From the control panel, you can start the projector and
interactive whiteboard with a single button and can switch
RS 232 module between multimedia devices, such as laptops and DVD
Use the RS 232 module to conveniently players. The projector is simple to install and easy to maintain
convert your USB connection into a serial because it doesn’t use a filter.
connection, instantly.
For classrooms that prefer wide-format, SMART offers a wide-
USB extenders screen projector, the UF55w that is compatible with our wide-
With SMART’s active USB extender, you format board, the 685. The UF55w has a bright image at
can increase the reach of your USB cable 2,000 lumens, WXGA resolution and true color quality.
by 16 1/2–66 feet (5–20 m). For even
*The compatible models include the 560, 580, 660, 680 and 685.
longer distances or installations that require
the use of fire-resistant, plenum-rated cable,
the CAT 5 USB extender is an affordable solution. Accessory 500 series 600 series 600i series
This extender increases the distance between the Height-adjustable wall mount ■
interactive whiteboard and the USB connection GoWire SMART Notebook
■ ■ ■
software auto-launch cable
by up to 120 feet (36.6 m).
USB speakers ■ ■
Wireless Bluetooth connection ■ ■
SMART Pointers Mobile floor stand ■ ■
Easily enable students and teachers to
SystemOn expansion module ■
reach the entire surface of a SMART Board
interactive whiteboard or interactive display Floor stand for the 600i ■
with a set of four colorful pointing tools. RS 232 module ■ ■
Each pointer is 15 1/2 inches (39.3 cm) long, USB extenders ■ ■
with a finger-shaped tip that allows students SMART Pointers ■ ■ ■
to access and control computer applications.
UF55 projector kit ■ ■

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