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tlearfield Gl Assigned To RR Battalion in Korea


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WITH U. S. FORCES IN KOREA — Pvt. Jack B. Leansh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E.a Learish, 19 Race street, Clearfield, Pa., recently arrived in Korea d and has been assigned to Company a C of the 724th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion. c Learish, whose unit transports men and supplies to the fighting front, last served at Fort Eustis, Va., where he completed basic training. He was employed as a yarc clerk by the New York Centra: Railroad System before entering the Army in November 1952.

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nfantry Division la Korea. lotarians Monday night in the The 45th Division has been in lotel Dimehng. Korea since December 1951. An His trip began at New York Oklahoma National Guard unit where he boarded the Queen MUNICH, Germany — Sgt. HUNTINGDON, Pa. _ Colonel called to active duty in 1950, it Mary, Mr.t Walker said, and his the first national guard outW. tinerary ' i n c l u d e d England, Fred I. Giles, whose wife.'Mari- Henry has Shoemaker, state arch- wasto "enter combat after World accepted an invijtation lit yn, lives in Coalport, Pa., re- ivist, WITH U. S. FORCES IN franco, Belgium and Holland. to speak again this year at the War II. KOREA — Pvt. Jack B. Leansh, He docked in Cherbourg, France, cently graduated from the Sev- traditional pilgrimage to .the Smith, a former radio announcenth Army's Non-Commissioned son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E.and from there went on to South grave of the late Dr. Martin G. Learish, 19 Race street, Clearfield, Hampton, England and then.Lon- Officers Academy at Munich, Srumbaugh, former governor of er for WFIL in Philadelphia, is a graduate of Cherrj Tree (Pa.) Pa., recently arrived in Korea don where he attended the coron- Germany. Pennsylvania and president of High School. and has been assigned to Company ation of Elizabeth II. He described Giles, a mechanic in Battery He previously served with U. S. C of the 724th Transportation ;he elaborate pageantry of thye B of the 62nd Anti-Aircraft Juniata College. The pilgrimage has been set Railway Operating Battalion. ceremony and the celebration of Artillery Automatic Weapons for Saturday, August 15, at 2 forces in Germany. Learish, whose unit transports the British people. visited Rotter- Battalion, entered the Army in p. m. It will leave from the colFrom London he Your eyes see things upside July 1941 and was stationed at lege library. men and supplies to the fighting Camp Stoneman, Calif., before front, last served at Fort Eustis, dam, Holland. This historic trek to Valley down, but your brain reverses Mr. Walker was introduced by arriving overseas in March of View cemetery in Penn Town- the image. Va., where he completed basic Paul Ruch. this year. training. ship near Marklesburg (HuntingHe holds the European-Afri- don County) is arranged each He was employed as a yarc can-Middle Eastern Theater Rib- year by officials of the college in clerk by the New York Centra: bon with three campaign stars cooperatioon with Colonel ShoeRailroad System before entering The J. S. Raub Shoe Store in and the Army of Occupation maker, a long-time friend of tKe <) •. the Army in November 1952. (MUM •1IIHCIMIII —— late Governor. Clearfield announced today that Medal for service in Japan. 0|i«rr« DC I'll! H1dtn. its storeroom has been completely His father, Charles T. Giles, To AUK. 1 .. "3 Wlihet tor , Jamie" air conditioned and invited shop- lives in Irvona. Aug. S to 8 -"Muilc In pers to drop into the store at any The Air" During the six-week" course he time to relax. The store's manage- was taught1 techniques of combat At Steph'n router McatoHnl IN ARMY — Private John K. Thuri-Fri-Sat, July »0, Jl, ment said the air conditioning in- leadership, including x infantry Wallace, 17, above, son of Mr. AUK. 1 stallation was part of its policy o squad tactics and deployment of T»ltt Players ' Yes, My Lord" WITH THE 45TH INFANTRY and Mr*. John Wallace of 1M IHiln vcfttog rftitcnu d you* fcettl' providing everything possible for men and equipment in the field D1V. IN KOREA — Pvt. Berber West Locust Street, Clearfield, Fof ttetat MhrmitlM ww »«« Hummus. Fa. has arrived at the 2053rd Ray Walker of Bigler describe^ the comfort of shoppers. Student* were carefully selected C. Smith, son oi foda S. Smith •fitl) f Dwilif MMifti Wti»»r«qutt»li Hckttl flMMOTClfMCllKt Army Reception Center, Fort his recent European tour at th Burnside, Pa., recently arrived in by their organization commandGeorge G. Meade, Maryland, e~rs before attending the schtol. Korea for duty with the 45th Try a Progress classified. where he will receive his Initial weekly meeting of the Clearfiel Indoctrination into the Army.

tlearfield Gl Assigned To RR Battalion in Korea

Colonel Shoemaker Coalport Soldier Is Non-Corn School Grad To Speak at Juniata



STATE COLLEGE — Students who like to sing have formed the Summer Session .chorus at the Pennsylvania State College. Directed by Frank Qullo, associate professor of music, the chorus rehearses one night each week and closes 'the season with a public concert the final week of the Main Summer Session

Cork Is not of food quality unil the tm is 40 jr«*n old.

Clothing For And Boys
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For Th« Entir* Family KbVACH'SDEPT. STORE


Store Air Conditioned


-WANTED!Load or port load to or from Ohio, Ntw York, N*w J«rMy, Washington, D. C or along routt soon.


Roy Walker Describes European Trip For Clearfield Rotarians

Son of Burnside Woman Arrives in Korea

McCluro's Boot Shop
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Krtbs Tnmsfer Co.
CtoarfttU Ft**. 5-4395

Administration's Bill Hiking Postal Rates Shelved by Congress
WASHINGTON (* - The Houie Post Office C o m m i t t e e has shelved indefinitely the administration's "must" bill for increased postal rates. ,• The committee decision to give no further consideration to the bill at this session was taken in the light of strong opposition to the measure and the drive for adjournment this weekend. Chiarman Rees (R-Kan) said: "The announced intention of the (Senate) not to begin hearings on the postal rate bill, combined with the early and late sessions of the House, for the remainder of the week, makes it impracticable to continue work on the bill at this time." Rees has been under strong administration pressure to get a bill out before adjournment. The Post Office Department has been running more than 500 million dollars a year in the red, and the Eisenhower adminlstra t i o n wants a general hike in rates to wipe out some of this deficit. It proposed to raise first class letter mail from three cents to four cents. Bees said "consideration of the measure will be resumed if this session extends beyond this week 01 at the beginning of the next session."

for the ladies and for the children accompanied by parents.

Gen. Clark To Arrive Gen. dark To Arrive hi U. S. Thursday
SAN FRANCISCO W> - Gert. Mark W. dark, U. N. Far East commander, arrives back home from Tokyo Thursday and a big welcome is ready. Mayor Elmer Robinson said he hoped the four-star general "will make a major speech" at a civic luncheon. The general and Mrs. Clark are scheduled to arrive at International AirporJ at 10 a. m. en route to their son's wedding in New Orleans. They wffl leave here Saturday for New Orleans. A ticker-tape parade through the financial district is planned following a welcome in the City Hall rotunda.

Thursday, July 30th 9 a. m.

Bill on Cage Floor At State Farm Show Building Defeated
HARRISBURG W-^A proposal to appropriate 120,000 for construction of a basketball floor at the huge Farm Show. Building Arena here was defeated Monday night by the General Assembly. The measure was eliminated by a joint House-Senate conference committee from a bill to sptnd $75,000 for the purchase of six acres of parking area for the buildings. The grant was asked to permit s t a t e championship basketball games at the 8,000-seat arena.

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Korthaus Soldier Joins 45th Division in Korea
WITH THE 45TH INFANTRY DIV. IN KOREA — Army PFC Robert C. Potter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Potter, Karthaus, Pa., recetly arrived in .Korea for duty as a driver with the 49th Infantry Division. Private Fi»t Class Potter entered tbt Array in March 1992 and was stationed In Japan with the 7th Cavalry Regiment before being transferred to Korea. He holds th* UN and Korean Service Ribbons. Wild Life Exhibits at the 1953 " Clearfleld Fair will be of interest to sportsmen, botL young and old

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