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PCS Director At a Glance – a cheat sheet, talk track etc.

for dealer reps

ANALYZE Output Volumes + Gain 100% visibility and CONTROL of print environment + Drastically REDUCE Printing Costs AND paper
consumption + RECOVER printing & copying costs by easily charging back to users / departments + Easily prove Regulatory Compliance + Gain
greater Document Security through Security / IT Smart Alerts
Talk Track / Script
Analysis Rules Recovery
“Hey Mr. Customer, I’m always
• Silently tracks 100% of • Migrate volumes to the most • Allocate print, copy, scans
printing activity in your looking for ways to save our
efficient output devices to back back to users or clients customers money, and I think I’ve
print environment.
Reports on volumes, color reduce printer TCO, and for billing purposes. found something you’ll be impressed
vs b&w, # of pages, printer ensure lowest cost routing / • Establish PIN codes, with, it’s called Rules Based Printing.
inventory, device volumes, cost avoidance. declining balances by cost
budgets, cost baselines, Other customer are saving
and printing workflow • Suggest or enforce ANY rule. or voulme, and optional job thousands of dollars with this
issues. • Utilize printer limits with code validation for users. Software, and there’s even a return
• See who is printing what customizable pop-up • Integrates directly with any on investment guarantee from the
and where, generate messages. Restrict printing by accounting system through software manufacturer. I’ve got a
detailed custom or
predesigned reports, and user, device profile and color. csv file format, works with software expert who can show you a
more. 35+ things are • Notify users of print job costs all CAD systems. bit more about it if you’re interested.
tracked on every print job and recommend lower cost • Automates each step of the
alternatives charge-back process Is there a time this week that works
for you?”
• Saves money and paper.
(1 hour for webex’s, shorter if
1. Virtually ANY organization that prints or copies may be a needed)
prospect for PCS Director.
2. Organizations with 25 users or more and have a choice of where to
print, are good candidates for Rules. They will generally see more PCS CANDIDATES BY VERTICAL
savings from Rules than smaller accounts. Licensing for software RULES RECOVERY
is done by workstation, not by user, and starts at 5 seats all the way Generally best for larger accounts, Law – they likely already charge back.
up to 20,000 or more. although software is totally scalable. Are they happy with their current system?
3. Smaller accounts are generally better candidates for Recovery, or Education How automated and easy is it?
any organization of any size that wants to recover their print & copy K-12 school districts as well as higher ed Architects, Engineers, Design Firms
expenses, by charging it back to their users, agents, departments Are they allocating their project costs
etc. Government back to their users? If no, why not?
Cities, counties, state, federal depts. Huge revenue source.
4. Software is available as a suite, or in individual modules.
Healthcare Real Estate – let agents do their printing
5. Analysis comes free with Rules or Recovery. in the office instead of Kinko’s and turn
Financial this revenue stream into a profit center
6. Rules Based Printing not only saves customers on their printing rather than a cost center.
Large Enterprise
expenses, but drives volumes to dealer devices, increasing click
Small & Medium Business Education – Allocate print & copy back
counts & revenue. Being the FIRST one to introduce this to your
to departments, grants or funding etc.
customer is the key.

For help selling PCS Director or to book a webinar, contact Mark Knowler – – 1-877-412-8348