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Our Picks for the Big Five


Mix N' Match on the Board of Trustees

Carol Sawyer Parks takes a seat as Interim Chairwoman while other Trustees resign
Alex Pearlman run and, according to the Globe,
Journal Staff “urged” Macaronis to resign.
As the CEO of Sawyer
Carol Sawyer Parks, vice Enterprises, Parks has over-
chairwoman of the Suffolk seen the renovation of the
Board of Trustees and Boston new W hotel in the theatre
socialite and philanthropist, district and was named one
will step in as interim chair- of the "25 Most Stylish Bos-
woman for the rest of the se- tonians" by the Globe last fall.
mester, until the Board can ap- Former congressman
point a new chair. Parks is the Marty Meehan didn’t ap-
daughter of the late Frank Saw- pear at the meeting and said
yer, for whom Suffolk’s Saw- later in the week that he
yer Business School, as well as would no longer serve on
the Sawyer Building, is named. Suffolk’s Board of Trustees.
At last Wednesday’s board Meehan, who has been sug-
meeting, Parks was asked by gested in a number of circles (as
the nominating committee to well as articles in The Lowell Sun
lead the now 30-member Board. and the Boston Globe) to be Pres-
Parks will replace Nicholas ident Sargent’s successor when
Macaronis who resigned earlier Sargent’s contract expires in
this month amid a wave of con- 2011 said that he was “fully im-
Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe
troversy regarding his reaction mersed” in his responsibilities
to Globe reporters and Suffolk as Chancellor of UMASS Lowell, his two posts, as Suffolk’s ad- fore resigning from the Board. ficial. Jeanne Hession, Suffolk’s
Law School faculty about the according to the Boston Globe. ministration has been strongly Dennis Fernandez, a Suf- first female Trustee, told the
salary of his long-time friend, Meehan mentioned in a opposed to UMASS’ new pub- folk Law School graduate based Globe that she and Lawrence
President David Sargent. Many tentative resignation letter in lic law school, but Meehan in California, also resigned Cameron “decided to leave
trustees have recently ex- November that he wanted to waited for the UMASS Board from the Board of Trustees this [the Board] for health reasons.”
pressed concern about the way avoid a conflict of interest that of Education to finalize a vote month, blaming a heavier work-
Suffolk’s administration is being might have arisen between on the law school decision be- load, according to a Suffolk of-

nside Nick Verreos star of Suffolk's Unity Week

ournal The Project Runway designer speaks to students about his life, inspiration

Angela Bray and talk about my experience

News Journal Staff as a designer, entrepreneur, de-
sign company business owner-
"SAO, clubs' offices
reshuffled" pg. 3 Unity Week at Suffolk had -and of course ALL THINGS
a huge pull Monday night with Project Runway, including my

Opinion Project Runway’s second season

contestant Nick Verreos who
“Inside Dish” as a judge on
the show--as well as a contes-
"Staff Editorial: The Journal spoke at the C. Walsh Theater. tant, naturally!” Verreos previ-
brings home the bronze" The Program Committee, ously posted on his blog. “My
pg. 6 Student Leadership and In- lecture will be part of Suf-
volvement and Office of Re- folk University’s Unity Week

Arts & tention Services brought Nick

Verreos to speak to Suffolk stu-
2010/Multi-Cultural Summit.”
“It is going to be an awesome
Entertainment dents. After appearing on Proj-
ect Runway’s second season,
event,” said Sam Andea, Pro-
gram Council Special Events/
"GBH continues UK 82 into
Verreos received both national Traditions Chair, preceding the
2010" pg. 10
and international attention, event. “He’s very excited to be
and is also known as a red car- here,” said Andea before she
Sports pet expert on E! Entertainment,
TV Guide Network, and SoapNet.
brought Verreos onto the stage.
“Yay! I hoped more than
"A great joy to coach" pg.
16 Photo by Angela Bray “I have been invited to
see FASHION page 4
speak at Suffolk University
PAGE 2 March 3, 2010

news China's economy needs help too

Cait O'Callaghan can, it has changed the nation
from a rural economy to an ur-
While the GDP was increas-
ing steadily in the 1980’s in Chi-

Journal Staff
ban economy. People of China na, it suffered tremendously in
Yasheng Huang, a pro- have left the fields and have the 1990’s. Huang, who also
fessor of political economy moved to the coastlines where published “Inflation and In-
and international manage- they can work in factories. vestment Controls in China”
ment from the MIT Sloan The income of a coastal in 2006 and “Selling China” in
School of Management came migrant compared to the in- 2003, believes that China “has a
to Suffolk on Monday to talk come of a rural worker is three difficult period to come” and he

POLICE BLOTTER about the dynamics and chal-

lenges of China’s economy.
times greater. If a rural worker
has the same education and
“hopes they use this opportu-
nity to restructure their econo-
The author of 2008’s Capi- the same skills as a coastal my.” The most important thing
talism with Chinese Charac- worker, the coastal worker still to Huang, however, is that Chi-

Tuesday, February 23 teristics, Huang talked about

China’s consumption decline,
gets paid 1.5 to 2 times more.
However, there are still dis-
na “rebalances their economy.”
Many students and fac-
their rural economy and Chi- advantages of a coastal worker. ulty showed up for Yasheng
7:25 a.m. na’s biggest challenge: rebal- Besides having to move to the Huang’s lecture at 20 Derne
NESAD ancing their economy. Street, who was pre-
American Alarm called regarding the front Many products in pared with a long pre-

doors of NESAD. Unit 22 and 17 responding. America have “Made

in China” engraved "...China is losing sentation. However,
everyone who showed
Nothing found. No report. on it. This is because
China produces a lot
a lot of money and up also showed up
with many questions,
7:57 PM of easy to make items, its economy is slowly leaving Huang unable
Ridgeway Building
Unit 6 reports 2 makes arguing in front of
like shoes and shirts,
and sells it to na- down-turning." to present 17 of his
slides, but he laughed
tions like the United it off and showed
148 Cambridge Street possibly intoxicated. States and countries enthusiasm that so
Units 41 and 39 responding. Unit 41 reports in Western Europe. many people were in-
the individuals moved along without inci- It’s obvious that the econ- coast, there are also rarely any terested in China’s economy.
dent. No report. omy in the United States is in wage increases. Huang said Ron Suleski, professor and
a recession, and that no one that according to a survey, director for the Rosenberg In-
wants it to be where it is. Be- “when asked in 2008, ‘what was stitute for East Asian Stud-
cause of this recession, we are the first year when [the coastal ies, was the one who asked
Wednesday, February 24 consuming less, which means worker] experienced an indus- Huang to come speak. “I’m
that we are consuming less trial wage growth?’ 95 percent really grateful that [Yasheng
18:38 AM products China produces. of the people asked said 2005.” Huang] could come today, and
Since the United States is Wages are not increas- I think this was a great talk,”
10 Somerset
consuming less, China is losing ing in China so therefore the he said as he dismissed his
Report of a noise complaint on the 18 floor a lot of money and its economy consumption in China is not class and ended the lecture.
of 10 Somerset St. Report to follow. is slowly down-turning. Huang increasing. The urbanization The Asian Studies Program
believes that if the U.S. contin- of China has not increased in- will also be presenting “Revisit-
3:11 AM ues to not buy as much from come. In the 1980’s, China had ing the ‘Google in China’ Ques-
China, that “China’s economy fast Gross Domestic Product tion” tomorrow at 1:00 in Dona-
150 Tremont will have a lot more problems.” (GDP) growth, which “has hue 403. A discussion will occur
Report of an intoxicated student at 150 Since China decided to grown too fast for the good in depth analysis of the issues
Tremont Street. Report filed. make everything it possibly of the country,” said Huang. surrounding Google in China.

Thursday, February 25

10:01 AM
10 West
Fire alarm on the sixth floor of 10 West
Street. Report filed.

12:09 PM
Unit 26 taking a larceny report from resi-
dent which occurred off campus. Report

2:34 PM
Unit 29 reports an elderly female fell across
10 West Street. Units 29, 30, and 71 respond-
ing. Report filed.
PAGE 3 March 3, 2010

Expert discusses radicalism, foreign policy

Jeff Fish and Tom Logan radicalism from the output, in accept a few. “[Recruiters] like put themselves in the shoes of ter about an hour and went
Journal Staff this case, violence in service to a to come in, and speak to peo- Soviet officials to see things well according to Foreign Pol-
cause. He also stated that there ple about radical Islamic ide- from their point of view before icy Forum co-founder, senior
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross is no clear linear, single-step als, telling people that they’re passing judgment. The problem David Daoud. “I think it pro-
is a short man with big creden- process to becoming a radical. bound for hell unless they turn with doing the same for Islam is duced a very vibrant discus-
tials when it comes to the study He then gave criticism of an to the Jihadist movement.” we tend to make judgments too sion. The questions that were
of radical Islam, which is why NYPD study about radicaliza- Right now the west has two early,” said Gartenstein-Ross. asked were all important to
Suffolk GOP and the Foreign tion and their concept of four views on Islam, according to Junior Mike Gomez asked the subject. Daveed got his
Policy Forum partnered to host stages to becoming a radical, Gartenstein-Ross. There’s one for Gartenstein-Ross’ opinion point across really well and
a roundtable discussion featur- saying that it’s also wrong to view that Islam is peace and on the wars in Iraq and Afghan- over all it was a great success.”
ing the successful Middle East- ascribe radicalism to religion “True Islam” is different from istan. Gartenstein-Ross says According to Suffolk GOP
ern expert. Gartenstein-Ross is alone and that Gartenstein-Ross the kind of Islam taught to Al- that he supports the surge in Af- President Karl Hoffman, 2011,
the Foundation for Defense of stated that there four main rea- Qaeda members. The problem ghanistan like he did with Iraq, there were over 40 people in
Democracies Director for the sons for religious beliefs—a de- with this view is that most peo- though he thinks going into Iraq attendance at one point. “I
Center for Terrorism Research, sire for wealth, a desire for pow- ple that make this claim have was a mistake in the first place. think that the attendance and
and has been published in nu- er, and a desire for recognition. never really read Muslim scrip- If the United States were to pull interest on campus was huge.
merous scholarly journals and Gartenstein-Ross joked tures like the Quran from cover out of Iraq and Afghanistan, it I counted at the peak a little
newspapers including The that having a lot of sex is one to cover. The second view is the would be similar to the 1990s: over 40 people in the room.
Middle East Quarterly, The reason that the Soviet We had people from both sides
Washington Times, and The people become Union left of the aisle, which I think was
Wall Street Journal of Europe.
He’s also testified for the U.S.
“If you look
"There needs to be a more and war
lords fought
good. It really helped to keep
the discussion interesting and
Senate’s Homeland Security and
Governmental Affairs Commit-
at the terror-
ists, you’d see
realistic view of Islam" over control
of the coun-
I hope this will be a jumping
off point to really start talking
tee and is the author of My Year their sexual try. Gartens- about national security issues.”
Inside Radical Islam: A Memoir. deviants.” He tein-Ross Senior Phillip Smyth, For-
The discussion kicked off recalled an incident in which a belief that Islam is the problem, acknowledged that the Taliban eign Policy Forum co-founder
when Phillip Smyth asked captured terrorist’s laptop was to which Gartenstein-Ross said, will never be completely elimi- said, “As you can see, a lot of
about his experiences work- seized the most accessed file on “Anyone who’s known a Muslim nated and when the United people were entertained and
ing with Al Harman, a radical was called blonde on blonde, or a handful of Muslims could States finally pulls out of the intrigued and we need more
Islam Charity linked to terror- “which isn’t a Bob Dylan song.” tell you that’s just not true.” An- Middle East, there will be insur- events like this. I think that
ist organizations. Gartenstein- He also said that humilia- other problem with this view is gents, but the goal is to pull out Suffolk would do a great job if
Ross didn’t go into much de- tion is a big factor in the rheto- that it relegates all theological when the Afghan government is they encouraged more of this.”
tail mostly because he “feels ric of radicalization. Gartens- ground to people like Osama stable enough to contain them. Layla Albalooshi, a grad
bored” talking about his expe- tein-Ross said that radical Islam Bin Laden by saying his defini- Gomez later asked why student from the United Arab
riences. “One experience isn’t isn’t necessarily growing, but tion of Islam is what Islam actu- there is such an animosity to- Emirates enjoyed the event, but
the end all be all experience.” that it depends on the coun- ally is. There needs to be a more wards Western civilization de- didn’t agree with everything
The rest of the event car- try. He compared the recruit- realistic view of Islam in order spite all the things it has done Gartenstein-Ross had to say. “It
ried on the same way with ment process for radical Islamic to dull both arguments, he said. for humanity. Gartenstein-Ross was good, but he really margin-
Gartenstein-Ross responding groups like Al Quada to Har- “It’s not like what we did replied, “They love the tech- alized Islam. There are many
to questions from the audience. vard University because they back during the Cold War; we nology but hate the culture.” schools of Islam but he didn’t
Gartenstein-Ross defined get many applicants but only would have people who would The event wrapped up af- really talk about all of them.”

Annual show is so good, its sinful

Angela Bray spired by the signs by Wendy Real Entity Entertainment will
Journal Staff Seven Deadly Matthews. The be on top of photography. Per-
Sins. “We want- models will be formances will be made by
In the wake of the devastat- ed to have six doing their own FAMOUS NOBODIES, Front
ing earthquake that hit Haiti in or seven dif- hair and CSN Page, Dutch ReBelle, and the
Jan., the Caribbean Student Net- ferent scenes,” is paying for Suffolk University Step Team.
work’s (CSN’s) 21st annual Cul- said Joanne Ed- the services of A traditional carnival
tural Fashion Show is dedicated ouard, CSN Sec- Makeup by Jac- scene is to conclude the show
to the victims of the tragedy. retary and direc- quelyn, who has with real carnival costumes.
Tickets are free, but the CSN tor of designs. done work for Garments include large head-
is asking attendees to make a " E a c h Saks and MAC. dresses, sequins, bright and
donation of their choice that scene is a sin; Last year’s sparkly details, and skirts
will be equally divided through one will be a show was a that sway with movement.
S.O.U.L.S. for five causes: Part- combination successful full “This show is different from
ners in Health, St. Boniface Hai- of two sins,” house, and those in the past,” said Dorlus.
ti Foundation, Janbe: Bridges to said Gaelle the same is “The nice ballroom location is
Haiti, the Haitian Soccer Fed- Dorlus, CSN Treasurer have auditioned and will be expected this time around. new, making it more extrava-
eration, and Food for the Poor. and director of models. modeling in the show, which “There is a lot of interaction gant and more formal. Just about
Differing from past shows “We will be displaying Ca- will feature about 45 mod- with the crowd,” said Ca- everything will be exciting.”
at the C. Walsh Theater, this ribbean culture through music els, both male and female. The det. “It is an overall fun show. “I’m excited for every-
year’s will take place in the and fashion,” said Tanisha Ca- models will be wearing clothing There is also a walking contest thing,” said Cadet. “We
Holiday Inn Ballroom on Sat- det, CSN Vice President and from Illwear Swimwear, Andy among the planned activities.” have so much we’re doing.
urday at 7 p.m. and is intended director of the overall show. Jacques, Green Haus, I LIVE The event will be hosted I think it’s a surprise. [The
to be more upscale and formal. Suffolk students, as well as KOUTURE, and Kosh3r Tease. by Vlad Calixte aka. Haitian audience] won’t expect it.”
The theme is SEVEN, in- students from other colleges, There will also be carnival de- V, with music by DJ Dru Nyce.
PAGE 4 March 3, 2010

Unity Week sweeps over Suffolk

The week in summary: What's it all about?
Angela Bray in the 150 Tremont dorm, and vices brought in Nick Verreos, senting the Oscar-nominated you by the class Management
Journal Staff Explore Japan! in Miller Hall, a contestant from the second film Precious (Lee Daniels En- 322, Managing Diversity in the
where both on and off campus season of Project Runway on tertainment, 2009) in the Dona- Workplace with Dr. Ulric John-
Suffolk’s Unity Week con- students were invited to attend Monday night to speak to Suf- hue cafe. The movie is about an son. The event is sponsored by
tinues to rock the university and experience the cultures. folk students. The event had overweight, illiterate African- the Office of Human Resources.
with events, discussions and Activities pertaining to Spain high attendance and played American teen with her second The Unity Week Show-
cultural celebrations. The included tasting Spanish tapas a solid part in Unity Week. child on the way, attempting to case tomorrow evening at 7
events kicked off last Satur- and learning about the art “I am so happy how well go back to school and make a p.m. at the C. Walsh Theater
day with the third annual of Flamenco dance. Students [Nick Verreos’ lecture] went. We life for herself. “I enjoyed it,” is a show that will give stu-
Multicultural Summit, Respect- could also learn about studying had a great turnout, and I was said freshman Justin Dulak. dents the opportunity to share
ful Confrontation: The Practice at Suffolk’s Madrid campus. so pleased to see how grateful “The atmosphere was light their cultures through per-
of Compassionate Engagement, In Miller Hall, attendees people were that we brought and the room was packed. Al- formances and expression.
which was presented by the tasted oriental dishes, created in Nick Verreos to speak. most every seat was filled. The “So far,” said Andrea. “I
Office of Diversity Services. origami, and learned about They continually thanked movie was fascinating as well.” think Unity Week is doing ex-
Unity Week annually or- study abroad experiences in us, and that’s what keeps Unity Week activities are actly what it was hoping to do:
ganizes events consisting of Asia. “I walked into the Mill- me motivated to program!” continuing throughout the attract all different groups of
speakers, entertainment, dia- er lobby and saw something said sophomore Sam Andrea, week. Today, in 73 Tremont’s students and encourage them
logues, classes, music, and was going on,” said fresh- the Program Council Spe- Amenities Conference Room to come out, get some free
food. The relationships of dif- man Kay Dosu. “I got really cial Events/Traditions Chair. from 3 - 4:30 p.m., there will be food, prizes, interact with dif-
ferent groups are demonstrated good sushi and walked away On Monday night Program a discussion on the importance ferent students and enjoy being
to share diverse perspectives, with a cool origami dragon!” Council and SGA added to the of the complexity of diversity to a part of Suffolk University.”
cultures, and backgrounds. “It’s another step towards Unity Week celebration by pre- Suffolk University brought to
Two events, Explore Spain! spreading cultural aware-
and Explore Japan!, took place
on Sunday evening and were
sponsored by the Off-Campus
ness,” said sophomore Ja-
mie Pestana. “I think [Explore
Spain! and Explore Japan!] were
Verreos 'genuine' and 'real'
Housing Office, the Office of
Residence Life and Summer
Programs, the Study Abroad
Office and the Theater Depart-
a good way of bringing cul-
tural diversity to the dorms.”
Program Council, Student
Leadership and Involvement,
during lecture in C. Walsh
from FASHION page 1 but could not. “Learning is very supportive of my career.”
ment. Explore Spain! took place and Office of Retention Ser-
never a waste,” Verreos said, When asked for advice
three people would come!” referring to his political science for breaking into the fashion
exclaimed Verreos when he saw education. “I can discuss things industry, he said to try and
the full theater. He had just ar- other than fashion; it’s nice to go to a school with a fashion
rived from his Smithsonian AR- talk about something else.” program. Verreos also advised
Trageous! event in Washington, His career began as he students to “get out there”
DC. “I’m very happy to be here. worked 10-12 years in the in- and obtain formal knowledge,
I love coming to the east coast dustry sketching ideas and work, and inspiration. “Just
in the winter because I can then making patterns. Verreos do it, always work it,” he said.
layer.” Behind him was a slide- said he would make gowns af- The lecture was followed
show of models and celebrities ter his nine-to-five job just to by a “meet and greet” in the Do-
wearing his dresses and gowns. find his creativity. The designer nahue cafe where Verreos took
“I was uncomfortable with also teaches patterns and pat- pictures and signed autographs.
myself in my skin,” Verreos tern-making. “I love being a “He’s just fun to be around.
said, as he spoke of his years designer in the industry, giving He has a very good presence,
of childhood and highschool. back to the students,” he said. and it was very enjoyable to
“There weren’t many role mod- Verreos has never been a hear him speak,” said Suffolk
Students enjoy origami and sushi in Miller els. We had no Project Runway; I fan of reality TV, and when Freshman Selena Rox. Verreos
Hall during Explore Japan! had no one to look up to.” Once Project Runway first aired, he talked about Runway gossip,
it was time for college, he want- was not sure how it would be. impersonated others from the
ed to go to fashion school but “To my surprise, they did do show (Heidi Klum and Tim
also wanted to make his father it right.” Once the second sea- Gunn, for example), and told
proud and study political sci- son began casting, “everyone stories. “He seems very genuine
ence. Verreos spent most of his was telling me to go to the and real,” said Rox. “He even
classes at UCLA sketching col- casting call. I never thought covered the ins and outs of the
lections. “I didn’t realize I had a I’d be on the show!” He was industry, as well as the work it
special talent until I saw my sis- selected, having only two takes to become a designer.”
ter’s drawings,” said Verreos. days before leaving for the Verreos concluded his lec-
Verreos secretly applied to show. At the time, he was in ture by answering questions
art/design schools, decided it the eighth week of teaching a from students. He was asked
was fate once he was accept- 10-week quarter and worried about his inspirations, which
ed to all of them, and went to about the students and find- are endless. “I want to em-
Fashion Institute of Technolo- ing substitutes. He could not power women,” he said, and
gy. With that, he told his father, tell them why he was leaving. seeks inspiration from Greek
Photos by Angela Bray “I want to go to fashion de- “I enjoyed doing the show, women, his travels, muse-
sign school.” His father cried, it was amazing,” said Verreos. ums, colors of gardens, and
but because he was proud. He “Heidi [Klum] is a German Bar- music. “I’m always looking.
wanted to be an artist himself, bie Doll, and they have been Never have your eyes shut.”
March 3, 2010

Why Operation Moshtarak is a
responsible way to fight the war

Alex Pearlman city of Marjah, Haji Zahir, alleged secret talks between the
Journal Staff has returned to his native Taliban, the Afghan govern-
Afghanistan after spending ment and U.S. representatives.
“You have to understand the last 15 years in Germany. Bringing these moder-
that if you don’t do what McChrystal ultimately ate Taliban members into
you say, we’ll all be killed.” wants to “help Afghans build negotiations was one of the
These are ominous words to and take responsibility for first things President Obama
anyone, but to General Stan- their country, rather than de- called for and even General

Africa ley McChrystal, it’s nothing

more than the truth. One of
pending solely on Western
forces to thump the Taliban.”
Petraeus, who was the com-
mander of U.S. forces in Iraq,
450 tribal elders and scholars Besides plopping stable called these moderate mem-
KAMPALA, Uganda—A group of about 100 gays and from the Helmand Province governments into an area that bers “reconcilables” because
lesbians met in secret to discuss their response to a pend- who gathered in Kabul earlier hasn’t seen one for decades, of how important their input
ing Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which calls for the death pen- this month, readying the U.S., McChrystal is right to in- and help will be in maintaining
alty for some gay acts, according to The British, NATO and Afghan clude tribal elders in his deci- a functioning Afghan govern-
event was organized by Rev. Mark Kiyimba of the Uganda forces against the Taliban, said sions and ask them for their ment when the U.S. pulls out.
Unitarian Universalist Church. “Our conference showed those words to McChrystal, opinions and advice on how Muhajid was the pre-
that religion does not need to be an enemy to the cause of who then passed the message to proceed to win the war. 9/11 U.N. representative for
LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] concerns. along to President Obama, Because of a deeply in- the now-deposed Taliban
What is at stake here is religious freedom, human rights who responded, “Do not clear grained culture of clans and government and has years
and minority protections,” he told GlobalPost. Kiyimba and hold what you of experience with
is married, but declares himself as bisexual. The partici- are not willing to U.S negotiations.
pants resolved to petition the parliament to reject the cur- build and transfer.” “[The Obama ad-
rent bill and instead move to decriminalize homosexuality Time Magazine ministration declares]
this week recounted mutual respect and
this story in their mutual understand-
feature “Taking it to ing. This is very im-
the Taliban,” which portant to the U.S. and
South America details the plans Islamic countries,” he
for the allied of- said to GlobalPost. He
fensive against the added that Obama
insurgency in the “will achieve many
CONCEPCION, Chile – A massive 8.8 earthquake wreaked
southern-central more advantages and
havoc and destruction Saturday, killing over 700 people. The
Helmand Provine many more objectives
earthquake was quoted by CNN to have been “the fifth stron-
city of Marjah. in the dialogue than
gest earthquake in some 100 years." The quake even caused
The Obama Ad- if they were fighting
panic in Hawaii, where locals were alerted to tsunamis. Ha-
ministration has for with the opposition.”
waii, however, was spared. Since Saturday, Chile has battled
months insisted that Besides allowing
lawlessness. Looting has ravished shops and supermarkets,
they are not fighting trained and able Af-
leaving many without electricity, food or water. The coastal
President Bush’s war. ghans to run their own
communities have suffered the most, with devastation not only
Now, it finally seems local governments in
from the quake, but also the meter high waves that came after-
like they’re telling the truth. tribes, it has always been areas besieged by fighting and
wards, washing homes out to sea. President Michelle Bachelet
According to Time, the silly of U.S. forces to assume bringing tribal leaders into the
continues to ask for international aid for temporary bridges,
tribal elders of the region that the Afghan people will fold of negotiations and idea-
electric generators, water purification units and medical help.
“signed off on the plan” Gen- trust that the guys with guns sharing, the Obama adminis-
eral McChrystal laid out, spe- and tanks are there to help. tration is also using one other
cifically, hitting the province, Many of the clan lead- hugely important tactic, oppo-
hitting it hard, but minimizing ers are also ex- and moder- site of Bush’s policy: there have

Europe civilian casualties and unveil-

ing what McChrystal refers
ate members of the Taliban
who feel disenfranchised by
been no over-the-top proclama-
tions of victory and the words
to as “Government in a Box.” the way their tribal lands and “Mission Accomplished”
These boxed governments members have been decimated are nowhere to be found.
VENDEE, France – A crippling storm, now being named
are made up of current and by a Taliban that refused to Cautious optimism is the
Xynthia, hit the west coasts of France and Spain, causing major
former Afghan officials who sit down to talk, which they name of the game these days.
flooding and damage. The severe weather also stretched to hit
have been training with the see as a step in the right direc- While Gen. McChrystal ad-
Portugal and the Netherlands. France, however, was hit the
military for months, waiting tion – or at least a way to bet- mits that the operation is go-
hardest,with at least 45 people dead. The flooding and violent
for Operation Moshtarak. They ter understand the differences ing well, there is a sense of
winds have taken out electricity to millions of households.
will essentially be dropped into between themselves and the restraint and quiet hopeful-
The winds were clocked at 150km/h, knocking down the pow-
hostile territory and will be U.S. commanders and what the ness that reflects Obama’s own.
er lines linked to a 500 kilometer stretch in France. It will take
responsible for governing the military’s ultimate goals are. It seems clear now, even
several days to restore power. France has declared the storm a
civilians. They will “enforce Last summer, GlobalPost for all the naysayers and non-
national disaster and emergency services have picked families
law and order, provide basic executive editor Charles Sen- believers that Obama’s dip-
from rooftops by helicopter. Hundreds of refugees seek tem-
fascilites, build schools, create nott sat down with two of these lomatic touch is exactly what
porary accommodation and shelter as communities rebuild.
jobs, and persuade local farm- moderate members, Abdul Ha- the battle for Afghanistan
ers to give up the poppy crop.” kim Muhajid and Arsalla Rah- needed to start looking up. 
The new mayor of the mani, who are involved with Part 1 of 2. Check back next week!
PAGE 6 March 3, 2010

The Journal brings Are video essays

home the bronze the new big thing?
The Suffolk Journal’s of- awards is doing a service to news, and insisting that we
Angela students did not consider video
fice walls are peppered with Suffolk, improving our image maintain a 16 page weekly is-
Journal Staff submissions. Will university
awards. In the 1970s, appar- and showing the world that sue, the Journal staff finally has
admissions find them less at-
ently, this paper was really, re- just because we’re a commuter a product it can be proud of.
“Share a one-minute video tractive and competitive, as-
ally good. However, we haven’t school with a small campus We take what we’re given in
that says something about you. suming they’re not trying? Does
won a big award since 1999 we aren’t meant for big things. life. But sometimes, all you can
Upload it to YouTube or another a video automatically present
and we haven’t won an Asso- Along with Seriously Bent, do with what you’re given is
easily accessible Web site, and itself more appealing than an
ciated Collegiate Press annual Mock Trial and the other on- make it better – and that’s what
give us the URL. What you do essay? How much does it actu-
National College Journalism campus organizations that have we’ve done with this paper.
or say is totally up to you.” One ally affect an applicant’s over-
Convention award since 1979. won awards this year, the Jour- Every single editor and
can only do so much in a minute. all application? Hopefully ev-
Well, we finally brought nal is now recognized as an out- writer on this staff is wholly
This year for the prospec- eryone has a fair chance. With
one home. Last Sunday, at the standing achiever in our field. devoted to making this the best
tive Class of 2014, Tufts Uni- so many various subjects, it’s
ACP’s annual convention, the And we couldn’t be happier. possible paper Suffolk can have,
versity (Medford, MA) has difficult to figure out what ex-
Suffolk Journal won Third Place When I started at the Journal something the students and fac-
added an optional video op- actly Tufts Admissions is look-
Best in Show for our web- four years ago, it was a mea- ulty can go to for information
tion to the application supple- ing for; do they want humor or
site content and design out ger excuse for a student news- and news about what’s going
ment. Is this appropriate? intellect? The prankster or the
of hundreds of schools from paper. It was between six and on on-campus and in the Boston
It sounds fun; it’s a way to student ambassador?   In my
all across the country that eight pages, depending on the area and I could not be prouder
form an impression off-paper own college search, I attended
were entered in the contest. week, and it had only a couple of what we’ve accomplished.
and interview-free. Video sub- a college open-house where
This is a proud day for decent articles per issue. How- So thanks for read-
mission ideas are limitless to Admissions spoke on this sub-
the school, not just for us at ever, from my sophomore year ing and thanks for clicking.
creativity and talent as stated ject. Admissions explained
the Journal. Suffolk Univer- on, the staff of this paper has
on the application, and any- to a filled room about a par-
sity is not generally known as completely turned it around. Alex Pearlman,
thing may be done or said. ticular applicant they accepted
a top-notch, high-performing With a redesign of the paper Editor in Chief
Seeking amusement, my room- because of his very colorful,
institution and every group and the website, better atten-
mate and I clicked the link to dare-devil essay.  Although not
and club on campus that wins tion to detail and on-campus
the applicant videos. Some a video, the applicant took a
made us laugh, while others huge chance to show his per-
were absolutely demeaning. sonality through  a witty, yet
The stream was synonymous comical essay; he wrote about
to the standard YouTube chan- all the various things which
nel. We viewed a variety of could be done with colored M
things: raps, songs, dances, & M’s. Admissions loved it!
and... a math dance? Thrown What about the awful vid-
in the mix of music videos was eos- can awfulness hurt one’s
a girl rapping with her mouth chances of acceptance? Sev-
rubber-banded shut. Random? eral “comedians” simply didn’t
I was expecting a major- bring out a chuckle; other short
ity of debonair overachievers, speeches were overpowered by
yet among them was the smart the shakiness of the camera.
kid solving a rubrics cube in Then again, they did try, just
sixty seconds, the conceited not to the extent of some vid-
goody-goody, the fun rave DJ, eos which obviously demon-
the typical athlete, and the cre- strated time-consuming effort.
ative animated short film. Then One boy wrote and recited a
there was the kid making music rap/poem which immediately
with a sheet of paper, the im- made me want to be his friend.
pulsive self-interview, and the An animated, soundless film
girl jumping rope in lightning followed a well-rounded girl’s
time. Of course there were the timeline “in her shoes” through
suck-up videos drooling over service trips, academic achieve-
Tufts along with recordings of ments, athletics, and social life.
everybody-loves-me quotes, Several well-done slideshows
plus quite an array of clips titled expressed a lot, as carefully
“This Is Me” and “Pick Me!” A chosen photos sent a message
good amount were simply bor- of the student’s true personal-
ing; isn’t the idea to sell your- ity. Those students prove their
self competitively to make that qualifications. As this oppor-
outstanding impression which tunity may provide successful
admissions will love about opportunities, perhaps more
you?  Let’s face it – this is your colleges and universities will
last chance to show those “ex- consider it. In the event an ap-
tra” qualities about yourself, plicant’s qualities/personalities
which just can’t be expressed cannot be presented on pa-
on paper, to separate you from per, shall a personalized, self-
thousands of other applicants! opinionated video succeed?
A great deal of prospective
PAGE 7 March 3, 2010

The Man Column: Craigslist cretins

Ethan Long intrigued. If you read this, let me about a girl you saw in your SEE YOUR POST. How many So this column is dedicated
Journal Staff know what stickers were on your MIRROR while DRIVING. I girls who have Celtics bags and to you, cute, drunken Asian girl
back windows. I’d like to grab coffee. hate to break it to you, but you wear Northfaces do you think who chatted about Toy Story
It seems, now more than Come on dude! Do you real- don’t meet girls through rear- constantly check the Craig- with me and my friends on the
ever, women think that we’re ly believe that this woman, who view mirrors on Boylston Street. slist missed connections? You T two Saturdays ago. I was the
stupid. I mean, I’m sure there was randomly driving behind Here’s another example: have no chance in the world, one drinking strawberry soda
are a good amount of us who you one day, will really look on Subject: Black Northface, so hope as much as you want, next to the kid eating a box of
wouldn’t be able to find our this website and somehow find Green Celtics bag on Redline - m4w but it’s not going to happen. Coco Puffs. I hope somehow,
way out of a paper bag, but still, you? Seriously? First off, you (Downtown Crossing, Boston) So, let me just send one final you see this. You got off at
we can’t let those who seem have no clue that this woman Body: We were waiting for message to those guys who post Boylston, so maybe I have some
less than intelligent become the even noticed the car in front of the Redline to Ashmont at Down- hopeless missed connections: chance getting your attention?
norm in our gender. We must her. You said you saw her in town Crossing. You were wear- Unlike those of you who seem Okay fine, I realize that will
somehow figure out a way to your rearview mirror, but who ing a black Northface fleece, and to take this seriously, most of us probably never, ever, happen.
come back on top, after all, it’s even knows if she saw you? a green Celtics Club bag. You had only browse missed connections
called an “alpha male” for a rea- Maybe, for all you know, she was glasses and were focused on your once in a while, and it’s never to
son. Anyway, there is one thing creeped out. Secondly, what are phone the whole time. I thought actually connect, it’s to amuse Ethan Long was the one drink-
has been bugging me about this the chances that she’s going to you were really cute. Once we got ourselves. To give you credit, ing strawberry soda, bought at
for a while, an example of those read your posting on the Inter- on the train I was standing next maybe if the girl of your dreams the Linden Suprette in Allston.
men who are truly the dumbest net? Of all the people living in to you. If I didn’t have to get off at actually does find your post; if
of dumb, and really make our the Boston area, why would one the next stop, I might have worked the she’s a needle in the hay-
gender look bad: the idiots post- woman view this website? She’s up the guts to say something. I stack who shares your views on
ing on Craigslist’s Missed Con- not looking for you dude. Sorry. hope you see this and we can meet missed connections, then may-
nections section. The follow- Most importantly though, up for something hot to drink. be it was worth it, but you need
ing is an actual posting in the why would she want to grab Okay dude. Listen up. You really good evidence to actually
Boston section of the website. coffee with you? You were stood next to a girl on the T think that any girl would really
Subject: White Jeep Chero- checking her out in your rear- and stared her down, noticing go out of her way to find your
kee near Northeastern - m4w view mirror before driving off. her clothes and her belongings. post. Sorry dudes, you’re better
- 22 (Northeastern University) One can only assume that you Why would you want to talk to a off going out in the street with a
Body: You were coming from thought about her so much dur- girl who was, as you put it, “fo- description of the girl and ask-
storrow drive/kenmore in an older ing the rest of your drive, and cused on your phone the whole ing around for her than
white Cherokee. You were incredi- decided to go home and about time”???? These girls are annoy- posting on
bly cute and had gorgeous eyes. You her on the Internet. Dude, this ing to begin with. Obviously an Internet
were behind me at the light near girl realizes what a total nut job you couldn’t talk to her anyway, site that
boylston. I was in the green wran- you are. She will never “go out even if you didn’t “have the she prob-
gler with the big tires. I saw you for coffee” with you after you guts.” Also, as I previously stat- ably won’t
in the rearview and was instantly posted ON THE INTERNET ed, this girl will NEVER EVER c h e c k .

The GOP ReTort to Health Reform

Edmund Plamowski, Jr. interstate insurance to tort re- it would run counter to any cent or more of the country’s wish to stay true to their prin-
Journal Contributor form. In all Republican plans, approach to health reform Re- malpractice cases are argued ciples, they need to drop the
tort reform has been a main- publicans have pitched over and resolved in state courts, constant hounding for tort re-
Over the past year, as Dem- stay. In essence, conservatives, the last year. The reasoning then they are not going to fall form, or at least start pushing
ocrats in Congress have pushed through tort reform, are push- is simple: Federal tort reform under tort reform legislation; for it back home in their state
their proposals for the social- ing for a system that would lim- would in all likelihood be un- that is to say if the tort reform legislatures. I would gladly call
ization of America’s health care it the liability of doctors when constitutional just as Repub- legislation is constitutional. In for it here in Massachusetts,
system, Republicans have of- lawsuits are brought against licans have claimed plans put all likelihood, knowing Con- but I doubt any result would
fered both constitutional criti- them in the form of caps on forward by Democrats are. gress, tort legislation would come of it. To stop the social-
cisms of the Democrats’ plans, the amount of money a seek not just to regulate ization of health care by Demo-
as well as counter measures court can force one party cases in the federal courts, crats in Congress, Republicans
that would in effect overhaul to pay to another. The but also those taking place need a new approach. For too
health care without drastically
increasing the size of the federal
argument is that such
limits would decrease
"The solution in the states. Such legisla-
tion would be a gross vio-
many years we’ve seen sup-
posedly principled conserva-
government. The key argument insurance costs by al- Republicans should lation of the sovereignty of tives fight progressive spend-
against Democratic health care
bills has been that it would be
lowing doctors to lower
their rates, and if costs offer for health reform state courts which should
not be governed by fed-
ing with more spending, and
unconstitutional progressive
unconstitutional to mandate
that individual American citi-
were lower, insurance
companies wouldn’t
is no health reform" eral mandates. If Repub-
licans are going to con-
measures with more unconsti-
tutional measures. Now would
zens buy insurance, whether have to pay as much for tinually argue that things be a good time for Republicans
it is from a private company medical care and thus such as abortion and the to read their name and actually
or through some sort of public wouldn’t have to charge death penalty should be stand up for the principles of a
option. It is a valid argument: their clients such high rates. How is tort reform uncon- handled on a state-by-state ba- Republic; which would mean
if any American wants to go Tort reform is a clear idea stitutional? Start by taking into sis, as opposed to at the federal no national tort reform. The so-
uninsured it should be (and from Republicans that on the consideration where the medi- level, then they should not be lution Republicans should offer
is) their constitutional right. surface appears to be a quality cal malpractice cases that would making an exception for tort re- for health reform is no health
Republican proposals pre- proposal for lowering health be affected by tort reform are form. The only principled way reform, and instead a focus on
sented as counter plans to care costs – and it probably carried out. For all intents and to formulate real tort reform of the more pressing issues posed
those presented by Democrats would. However, that does not purposes they’re carried out in the legal variety would be to to us today: fighting a high job-
have included measures rang- mean that it is a good idea to state civil courts. There lays the enact it on a state-by-state basis. less rate, and the need to pay
ing from decreased barriers on actually enact, mainly because major problem. If, say, 90 per- Essentially, if conservatives down the massive national debt.
PAGE 8 March 3, 2010

'Celebrating Diversity' continues Unity Week

Ethan Long disability in and around Suf- with little stories that go along and interested in the exhibit Tim Albers, Assistant Direc-
Journal Staff folk University. Students from and tell what
NESAD created artwork to the work is
Students and faculty from be displayed at the exhibit. all about. It’s
around Suffolk University took the student’s
“The artists created the dif-
part in “Celebrating Diversity: interpreta-
ferent pieces of art, and worked
A group exhibition exploring tion of what
to interpret different disabili-
ideas of disability,” a part of ties and people that they may disability is
S.O.U.L.S’ annual and what it
Unity Week. The looks like
exhibit, which took at Suffolk,”
place on Tuesday, said Rebec-
included an art gal- ca Kmiec,
lery exhibit located one of the
in the Donahue event’s or-
lobby. The exhibit ganizers.
was sponsored by “We facili-
a combination of tated meet-
S.O.U.L.S, the Office ings with
of Disability Ser- the students
vices, and the New from NES- Photo by Ethan Long

England School of AD and from Suffolk and they as well,” said Elizabeth Irwin, tor of S.O.U.L.S. The artwork
Art and Design. put together all of the artwork. who helped plan the exhibit. presented included paint-
Every year, We just oversaw the program, “What’s really exciting ings and sculpture that were
S.O.U.L.S’ puts on the meetings, and really left it about this for me is that in the created by students dealt
their Unity Week up to the artists to be creative true spirit of Unity week, this with subjects such as quad-
celebration to en- for what they wanted to do.” project brought together stu- riplegia, anger, and confidence.
courage students Students walking by the dents from across Suffolk Uni- “We really couldn’t have
to learn about ev- exhibit were intrigued, walk- versity in ways that we don’t done this without the stu-
eryone around ing into the gallery to view the typically do here. So, we had dents, so we appreciate their
them, no matter Photo by Ethan Long artwork displayed. “I think students from NESAD work- effort, and we hope to do this
what background Corey Allen points out a piece of art to having the exhibit in this ing and students from College again next year,” said Irwin.
they might come great location, the Donahue of Arts and Sciences, and staff For more informa-
Vicki Hanes during last Tuesday's event.
from. The idea lobby, really made it easy for from a variety of offices and it tion about S.O.U.L.S events
helps students learn to ac- know who have disabilities and people to come out and check really felt like a true collabora- and Unity Week, contact
cept the world they live in. different situations, and just the exhibit, and I think every- tive effort and that was really S.O.U.L.S at
Tuesday’s event focused on created all different art forms body’s really been fascinated exciting to be a part of,” said

Oscar Preview: Our picks for the big awards

Cait O'Callaghan
Journal Staff

Other than Best Film, Best Director is one

of the most important awards of the night.
Christophe Waltz won the Golden Globe and
It’s no question that James Cameron will win Mo’nique won both the Golden Globe and
the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor in Quen-
for Avatar, seeing as he made technology SAG Award for Best Supporting Actress for Pre-
tin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. He also, deserves
just for this movie. Cameron, who last won cious and will more than likely take home this
to win this year’s Best Supporting Actor award. His
in 1998 for Titanic, will be up against his ex- year’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Up in the Air
performance easily tramples Matt Damon’s in Invic-
wife, director Kathryn Bigelow for her film, actress Anna Kendrick should really take home
tus, Woody Harrelson’s in The Messenger and Christo-
The Hurt Locker. Hopefully she won big in the the award instead, but it likely won’t happen.
pher Plummer’s in The Last Station. The only person
divorce settlement, because she shouldn’t
who has a fighting chance against Waltz is Stanley
expect to win the golden man on Sunday.
Tucci in The Lovely Bones. Tucci plays an eerie neigh-
bor, who turns out to be a pedophile and murder-
er of the young girls he becomes infatuated with.

This year’s Best Picture nominations are Avatar, This year’s Best Actor Award should go to
The Blind Side, District 9, An Education, The Hurt Lock- George Clooney for his role in Jason Reitman’s film
er, Inglourious Basterds, Precious, A Serious Man, UP, Up in the Air. Clooney plays a man who doesn’t be-
Another favorite of this year’s Award season is and Up in the Air. This year’s favorite is no other than lieve in commitment that travels around the US fir-
Sandra Bullock, who took home the Golden Globe Avatar, the movie that passed 1997’s Titanic in box of- ing people when their boss is too cowardly to do it
and SAG Award for Best Actress in The Blind Side. fice records. Avatar would make this year’s Academy themselves. Since all he does is travel, his goal in life
Bullock deserves to take home this year’s Best Awards so predictable, and would just be another is to achieve 10 million frequent flyer miles. While
Actress Oscar, after beautifully portraying the ending to another awards season. If The Hurt Locker the award should go to Clooney, it will more than
mother of Michael Oher, a future NFL player who or Up in the Air won, it would be more shocking than likely go to Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, who won
she took in after realizing he didn’t have a home. when Crash won in 2006 over Brokeback Mountain. the SAG and the Golden Globe for the same role.
PAGE 9 March 3, 2010

Albrecht Durer on display at the MFA

Cait O'Callaghan past and concern with the geo- of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and dead since 1528, but he should er] is not talked about or shown
Journal Staff metrically accurate depiction Adam and Eve. He often in- feel assured that someone enough as it should be. Durer
of three-dimensional space.” cluded horses as a symbol of has been his fan for 45 years. is one of the great art giants
The Museum of Fine Arts Durer presented many re- strength, and of nature and sky, Durer published many of the Northern Renaissance.”
has opened an ex- with the books of woodcut throughout As Karen Pike stared at
hibit dedicated sky being his life, three being his most his work, she continued to say
to Albrecht Du- a symbol well known: “The Apocalypse,” on how she is “amazed at the
rer, a German art- of heaven. “The Large Passion” and “The prints from [the wood] blocks,”
ist known for his His work Life of the Virgin.” Out of and how Durer “achieved such
black and white is realistic, all his art, “The Four Horse- volume in the small spaces.”
woodcuts, etching with amaz- men” from "The Apocalypse" Another famous piece by
and engravings of ing details tends to be the most famous. Durer is “Knight, Death and
religious images. and fine Created between 1497 and the Devil.” Created in 1513,
Durer was born lines flow- 1498, “The Four Horsemen” is this is one of his best engrav-
in 1471 in Nurem- ing through a woodcut that portrays four ings. Like “The Four Horse-
burg, Germany, his pieces. men on horses, with human- men,” this piece has a great
which was a ma- One of ity underneath them as it gets deal of detail. According to
jor intellectual and Durer’s big- crushed by the hooves of the the MFA’s description of this
artistic hub in the gest fans is horses. The mouth of Hell, piece, the horseman is “be-
1500s. Durer was in- Karen Pike, which looks more like a drag- lieved to be a representation of
troduced to engrav- an art his- on, is open in the lower left cor- a virtuous, steadfast Christian
ing by his father, tory teacher ner and is about to swallow the knight whom Death and the
a blacksmith, who at North- humans that are being tram- Devil are unable to distract.”
taught him how to eastern pled by the horses. The fine Durer mastered all creative
use the tools meant University. lines in this piece are intense, fields, from engraving to paint-
for engraving. “His work with great detail, and it’s hard ing to etching to portraits. He
While travel- is stunning- to believe that Durer could is known for being an artistic
ing across Europe, ly beauti- carve lines as thin as these onto genius during his time, and it
Durer was intro- ful. I have wood before placing the ink would be hard to picture where
duced to “new” admired it on top to portray the image. art would be without him.
Renaissance art. since I was a Whereas the Italian Renais- The Albrecht Durer exhibit
This art is unique sophomore sance is better known for artists at the Museum of Fine Arts will
because, accord- Photo courtesy of
in high like Leonardo da Vinci, accord- be on display until July 3, 2010.
ing to the MFA, it school,” ing to Pike, “the Northern Re-
has “interest in the classical ligious images, including those Pike said. Durer has been naissance [with artists like Dur-

Aarons captures periods of Boston history on film

Matt McQuaid lens reflex camera to shoot his North End also extends far be- been a hotbed for rising stars 1955, the West End was an in-
subjects because it allowed him yond youth. “Long Walk” por- in Boston’s political scene, and tegrated area where people
Journal Staff
to take pictures without the trays an elderly woman walk- Aarons captures the essence of seemed to get along,” Aarons
If you take a stroll through subject’s knowledge. The Bos- ing alone on the street in front the grassroots with his photo says of the photograph. The
many of Boston’s neighbor- ton Public Library began col- of a convenience store plas- “The Campaigners, City Coun- scene brings to mind the in-
hoods today, you’ll probably be lecting his works in 1997, and tered with ads for cigarettes cil Election,” depicting a group herent innocence of childhood.
greeted by the sight of tourist now has the largest collection and Coca-Cola. “The subjects of older women with lapel pins Aarons takes a number
attractions, crappy chain stores of his pictures in the world. had a romantic quality, and it reading “Hailer” and “Hurley.” of other interesting pictures
you can find anywhere else, and Some of Aarons’ best work had to be offset by harsh pre- One neighborhood stands throughout the Boston area.
yuppies with small, obnoxious came from a neighborhood sentation,” Aarons said of the above the rest in terms of de- Photos taken in the South
dogs. It’s hard to imagine how that many Suffolk students call photo. “Watching” has another fining old school Boston: the End show a group of shirtless
these places once were 60 years home, the North End. Many old woman gazing thoughtful- West End, an area that long young men playing basket-
ago, before gentrification and of Aaron’s best work shooting ly out of a doorway, the wrin- ago was eviscerated by real ball, one playing defense with
the flight of families to the sub- North End residents are the kles in her face belying the wis- estate developers. “The West a look of intensity on his face.
urbs, but photographer Jules pictures he took of the youth dom she has gained with age. End was to be the casualty of Another series is of the now-
Aarons captures the essence around the working-class Another great source for Urban Renewal,” Aarons tells defunct East Boston ferry. One
of a time past quite perfectly. Italian neighborhood during Jules Aarons’ work is Boston’s us. “In 1953 the city of Boston memorable scene is of a grin-
Jules Aarons was an en- the 50s and 60s. One picture, famous blue-collar Irish hamlet, targeted the neighborhood for ning man standing in front of
gineer by trade who helped “Greasers,” depicts a group of Southie. “Paul the Barber” has redevelopment, and in 1958 the a sign in Scollay Square that
to develop GPS technology, young men standing around a man in an apron (presumably demolition took place.” Aar- tells patron that the shop sells
but his passion was photogra- in leather jackets with blank Paul) standing in his doorway ons’ West End series shows us “American food.” Aarons’ work
phy. From 1947 to 1976, Aar- stares on their faces. The photo as he chats with a customer; a a young woman candidly ad- is a defining portrait of old Bos-
ons photographed residents reminds one of the rumblers in sign hanging in the window justing her hair in “Finishing ton that anyone who lives here
of the North End, West End, S.E. Hinton’s groundbreaking proclaims the establishment a Touch” and a little girl staring should definitely check it out.
South Boston, South End, novel The Outsiders. Other pho- union shop. “Kiss me an Irish” meekly at the camera in front “Man in the Street: Bos-
Scollay Square (now Govern- tos depict a group of young kids is a picture of a doe-eyed young of a store selling pulp novels ton Photographs by Jules
ment Center), and the Market playing baseball in an empty man wearing a fedora with a in “Paperbacks.” One particu- Aarons” is on display at the
District (now Faneuil Hall). lot, and another shows a group St. Patrick’s Day pin on it; and larly touching photo is “Three McKim Building, located on
Inspired by “street photogra- of teenagers gazing out of an “Car, St. Patrick’s Day” shows Girls,” a photo that shows the third floor of the Bos-
phers” such as Helen Levitt apartment window as they a group of people in a convert- three little girls talking, two ton Public Library in Copley
and Henri Cartier-Bresson, watch a street festival below. ible waving to an on looking black, one white. “At the time Square. Admission is free.
Aarons used a Rolleiflex twin- Aarons’ work depicting the crowd. South Boston has long I photographed there, 1947 to
PAGE 10 March 3, 2010

staff GBH continues UK 82 into 2010

SOUNDS Matt McQuaid
Journal Staff
of us could really play our in-
struments or do our specific
job within the band. We just
seems more sophisticated com-
pared to some of their earlier
songs such as “Generals” or
While the band has been
on a number of labels over
the years, GBH members indi-
Punk in Britain during kind of winged it for a while. “No Survivors.” Their sound cate they’re quite happy with
the late 70s and early 80s, was If you were born the day signing to Hell-
one of those rare moments in we formed in 1979, you'd cat Records,
rock and roll that cemented it- be a mature adult now!" Rancid singer/
self as a memorable mark on GBH quickly gained guitarist Tim
the history of the genre. Youth traction by playing gigs A r m s t r o n g ’s
throughout the country were at the legendary 100 Club label. Hellcat
disenchanted with high un- and touring throughout is the home of
employment, an increasingly Great Britain. In 1982, they a number of
tense cold war, and Thatcher- released their first full other notable
ism tightening it’s death grip on length album, City Baby At- punk bands,
the English working-class. Kids tacked by Rats. Since then, including Bos-
Wu Tang vs, the Beatles throughout the country vented they’ve toured throughout ton’s own Street
Tom Caruana their rage by mutilating their the world and released ten Dogs and the
hair and picking up guitars, studio albums. GBH has Unseen."We've
"Enter the Magical Mystery and bands like The Exploited, announced they are releas- been on vari-
Tour" Abrasive Wheels, Anti-No- ing their newest record, ous dodgy la-
where League, and Discharge Perfume and Piss (Hellcat, bels in the past
On par, if not better, than went on to define the genre 2010), their first album since and ever since
DangerMouse's 'Grey Album' that became known as UK 82. 2004. The band describes the Hellcat first
One of the most memorable record as "best album we've started, we've
-Derek Anderson bands from that era, Charged done in a long, long time." wanted to be
GBH, is still going strong. The newest single off associated with
GBH (short for Grievous their album, entitled “Kids it," stated Abra-
Photo courtesy of Flickr user pusgums
Bodily Harm) was founded out Get Down,” shows an evo- hall. "To actu-
of Birmingham, England. "We lution from their earlier work is almost comparable to con- ally sign with Hellcat is a
didn't think it'd last a week in the 80s that seemed to de- temporary street punk bands dream come true for us."
when we first got together," said fine the classic GBH sound. such as The Casualties or The Perfume and Piss hits
founding member Colin Abra- The single is faster, crisper, Briggs, bands that were sure- stores everywhere April 6.
hall in a press release. "None has a crazy solo,and generally ly influenced by the legends.

Midi and the Modern Dance

Despite late arrival, Cope Rocks
Thomas Logan ing. Citizen Cope and his back- the show wasn’t the band but much easier to hear Citizen
"Twilight, How Sweet You Are" Journal Staff ing band were still able to put the venue. The Paradise Lounge Cope rock out. Being able to re-
on a terrific performance de- is fairly small, and when you ally hear Citizen Cope showed
A band from Connecticut that When you’re looking to spite the slow and boring start. have a sold out show, it gets that in addition to having a
relies on poppy harmonies hang out and relax, rather packed. good drummer and a good
and amazing vocals to give there’s nothing like folk It was hard to bass player, the lyrics are ex-
those who listen to it auditory music to set the mood. move around the cellent as well. In the song
nirvana. From straight-up folk venue, and there “Salvation,” Citizen Cope pro-
acts like Nick Drake and were a lot of peo- claims, “But now you've got
-Ethan Long Billy Bragg to more con- ple bumping into to deal with me instead/ I'm
temporary acts like An- other people. At downstairs on the Motorola/
drew Bird, it’s a genre points the crowd You know I've got three gold-
that defines chillin’. Citi- was so loud that en bullets/ And I'm shooting
zen Cope, a musician it became in- for your soul.” The lyrics were
that plays folk with trac- credibly hard to truly profound and poetic.
es of blues and reggae, hear the band The encore really showed
played sold out shows play, and when why so many people wanted
at the Paradise Lounge Cope decided to see this band. Citizen Cope
from Feb. 25 to Feb. 27. to talk to the played such songs as "Let the
One could easily see why crowd between Drummer Kick" and "Salvation"
their shows were sold songs only to say (off of his self-titled album) that
out. To say the least, he “Great to be here sounded far better performed
really knows how to put in Boston,” it live compared to their album
Alex Gopher
on a show. When Citizen sounded like he versions. The band muting
Cope (real name Clarence was mumbling. their instruments and letting
"Handguns (Dada Life Remix)"
Greenwood) went on, the That’s not to the crowd sing parts of the song
crowd simply went wild. say seeing Citi- really contributed to the over-
Bringing the house/electro mu-
Although there was no zen Cope live all experience. There was much
sic to the 4th floor of 10 West
opening act, and the show wasn’t an enjoy- enjoyment to be had at the con-
started an hour late, Citi- able experience. cert, even if it was hard to hear
-Ryan Boyle
zen Cope could really get After his initial the band play at times. The
Photo courtesy of Flickr user isubiker
the crowd to sing along, set a number beat was right and the bass was
and his encore was very entic- The only real problem with of people left, which made it great, and isn’t all that matters?
PAGE 11 March 3, 2010

Harvey Milk to visit Boston during upcoming tour

Clay Adamczyk
cases it can be a lot better. our own things. that? way at one point, but he’s not
Journal Staff like that so much that I can’t
The one’s I’m thinking of are:
The band Harvey Milk, Mission of Burma, those guys, SJ: What are some of the side KS: No, no. I’ve played with personally really imagine him
(the sludge metal face melt- when they started playing projects you’ve been keeping him on and off in the Fog over being like that. He’s the cool-
ers,) not the late politician, has again they were great and put busy with? est guy, just really mellow. He
been off hiatus for almost four out good records; Dinosaur KS: I record couldn’t have been too de-
years now. Since then, they’ve Jr. play much better now than bands down manding. I had to fly out with
successfully toured and have they ever did. Their last record here in Ath- a day’s notice just to make it to
released, arguably their best is really really good. To think ens and I got those shows so I was probably
album yet, Life...the Greatest that somebody would think of to play four more demanding on myself
Game in Town (Hydra Head, us in that way, we got back bet- shows with then any of those guys could
2008). Drummer Kyle Spence ter and were as good or better Dinosaur in have been.
took some time out to talk that when we were when we Canada last
to the Journal about the up- stopped playing is cool to hear. month, which SJ: Final thoughts?
coming nine show run with I don’t know why it happens was pretty
Coalesce, their new-album A that way. awesome. KS: Just that we’re really look-
Small Turn in Human Kind- They didn’t let ing forward to coming to Bos-
ness (Hydra Head Records, SJ: Did it come together natu- Murph into the ton again. It’s often kind of our
2010), and what the future rally or was it shaky at first? country so I got second home. Boston shows are
has in store for Harvey Milk. to up there and always special for us, and we
KS: No, it was fine. It was easy. jam with those like to try and pull out some
Suffolk Journal: How’s the You kind of hear that a lot like guys which stops when we hit the old bean
band preparing for the tour? it’s just like riding a bike. You was a pretty town there.
just start playing again and it’s awesome thing
Kiyle Spence: [laughs,] We pretty much the same. That’s to do. Harvey Milk will perform at
haven’t really been, yet. Steve, what happened to us, I think Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mr. Cook the Middle East Downstairs on
the bass player, comes down we can all play better now that SJ: I’ve heard Jay Mascis can be Tuesday, March 9.
to Athens tomorrow and we’re we could back then maybe, a a demanding person to work the years. I get the impression
going to start rehearsing. little bit. I know I can. Some- with musically, any truth to that he might have been that
times you get tired though.
SJ: How do you anticipating You’re not 21 anymore and you
the tour going? have to play all this crazy stuff
sometimes you just kind of
KS: I’m not really sure what to wish you were again.
expect. We never played with
Coalesce before and don’t re- SJ: Aside from the new album,
ally know those guys. I imagine what else going on in the Har-
we’ll have a lot of fun. As far as vey Milk world?
what we’re going to play, that’s
sort of up in the air. We have KS: For us that’s a lot. We’ve
the idea of playing our new pretty much finished the record
record (A Small Turn in Human at the end of the year, and
Kindness), that won’t be out we’ve basically just been wait-
till April, ing to
start to do these
finish, but ten
we might shows
only play coming
a couple up in
things off March.
of it. We’re We’ve
still trying got
to figure some
out how new
that’s go- stuff
ing to bill. kicking
SJ: Do feel we’re
that you think-
guys were ing of
able to record-
successful- ing
ly get back again
Photo courtesy of Flickr user wot nxt
into things already
again after being on a hiatus for and playing some more shows
some time? this summer. Maybe going out
west or to Europe. All just kick-
KS: I don’t know. Everyone’s ing around ideas for now. We
got to be wary of any sort of all have other stuff going on so,
reunions. You see people do we kind of have Harvey Milk
it, and it can be good. In some time and the time when we do
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Easy Sudoku Medium Sudoku MYSuffolk


March 3
- 3:00 p.m. The Ten C's: A Model of Diver-
sity Awareness and Social Change Dis-
cussion (Amenities Room)
- 6:00 p.m. Cooking 101 (Donahue cafe)

March 4
- 1:00 p.m. Revisiting "Google in China"
question (Donahue 403)
- 7:00 p.m. Unity Week Showcase (C.
Walsh Theater)

March 6
- 7:00 p.m. CSN Culture Show (Holiday

March 8
- 4:00 p.m. Commuter Support: A Round-
table Discussion (73 Tremont, room 513)

If you or your club want something to be

listed on the Suffolk Journal's calendar,
e-mail your event's information to
PAGE 13 March 3, 2010

Sports briefs
Gold medal game pulls huge numbers
Sunday's gold medal hockey game between Canada and the
United States wasn't just huge on the ice, but on the airwaves as Men's baseball
well. The game, which is being called one of the most exciting and Mar. 12 vs. Husson @ Winter Haven, Fla., noon
intense ever played by some pundits, was watched by 27.6 million Mar. 13 vs. R.I. College @ Winter Haven, Fla., 3 p.m.
people in the United States and another 16.6 million people in Mar. 13 vs. R.I. College @ Winter Haven, Fla., 5 p.m.
Canada. According to Steve Lepore's Puck The Media, a blog ded- Mar. 14 vs. Wheaton @ Central Fla., 3:30 p.m. Men's tennis
icated to examining the media's hockey coverage, the game was Mar. 20 @ Johnson & Wales, noon
the most-viewed in Canadian history. Lepore also cited a report by Women's softball Apr. 1 @ Wentworth, 4 p.m.
Truth & Rumors' William Houston, which said that 80 percent of Mar. 12 vs. Wheaton (Ill.) @ Orange, Calif., noon Apr. 3 vs. Albertus Magnus, TBA
Canadians watched at least some of the game, which was won by Mar. 12 vs. Holy Names @ Orange, Calif., 2 p.m.
Canada, 3-2 in overtime. In America, only two hockey games have Mar. 13 vs. Hastings @ Orange, Calif., 6 p.m.
ever had more viewers: the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” game between Mar. 13 vs. Pacific @ Orange, Calif., 11 p.m.
the United States and the Soviet Union, and the gold medal game
between the United States and Finland that same year. The game
received high ratings locally as well. The Boston area had the sixth- Final winter sports standings
highest market ratings for the game, pulling a 24.1/46 rating on the
Nielsen scale. Buffalo came in at number one, with a 32.6/51 rating. Men's hockey Women's Men's
(ECAC) basketball Basketball
Thumbs sideline two NBA stars (GNAC) (GNAC)
1. Wentworth 11-3-0 1. Emmanuel 10-2 1. Albertus Magnus 15-3
Though it may be one of the smaller appendages, the thumb
2. Curry 10-3-1 2. Norwich 10-2 2. Emerson 15-3
can have a big impact on an NBA player. Just ask Shaquille
3. Suffolk 8-4-2 3. Simmons 8-4 3. St. Joseph's (Maine) 14-4
O'Neal and Paul Pierce, both of whom have missed time due to
4. Becker 8-6-0 4. Emerson 8-4 4. Mt. Ida 10-8
thumb injuries in the past weeks. According to,
5. Nichols 7-6-1 5. Albertus Magnus 8-4 5. Johnson & Wales 9-9
Pierce is set to return to action this week after missing three
6. Johnson & Wales 7-6-1 6. Rivier 7-5 6. Norwich 8-10
games with a sprained right thumb. The Celtics lost two out of
7. West. New England 2-12-0 7. Suffolk 7-5 7. Lasell 8-10
the three games Pierce missed, including back-to-back home
8. Salve Regina 0-13-1 8. St. Joseph's (Maine) 7-5 8. Rivier 6-12
losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers and New Jersey Nets. O'Neal's
injury is said to be a bit more serious. The Big Diesel originally 9. Johnson & Wales 7-5 9. Emmanuel 3-15
injured the finger during the aforementioned game against the 10. Lasell 3-9 10. Suffolk 2-16
Celtics, a game that saw him leave midway through and never 11. Pine Manor 2-10
return. O'Neal had surgery on the thumb on Monday and ac- 12. Mt. Ida 1-11 *All standings are
cording to is expected to miss up to six weeks, 13. St. Joseph's (Conn.) 0-12 current as of Mar. 2.
meaning he may not be ready for the start of the playoffs.

Jordan buys Bobcats

Michael Jordan appears to be enjoying his new basketball
home, as he bought the controlling stake in the Charlotte Bobcats
earlier this week, becoming the majority owner of the young NBA
franchise. Jordan had previously been a part-owner of the team,
but bought out absentee owner Bob Johnson to become the top
dog in the Bobcats' organization. According to, Jordan
is buying 100 percent of the team, and does not have any other
partners in the transaction. Other groups were rumored to be pre-
paring offers, but Jordan stepped up and took control of the team.
While he has not yet been approved as the owner, the approval
process is viewed as a mere formality at this point. Jordan has been
part-owner of the team since 2006, but is now expected to take a
more hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the franchise.

More big names released in the NFL

The free agency period in the National Football League has yet
to officially begin, but big moves are already being made, as this
week it became clear that two more big name players will be play-
ing for new teams in the 2010-2011 season. According to,
the New York Jets announced that they intend to release running
back Thomas Jones this week, allowing the team to cut some sal-
ary. The Jets boasted the league's top-ranked rushing offense last
season, a group Jones was a big part of. Jones has the second-most
rushing yards in the league since 2005, behind only LaDainian
Tomlinson, who was recently cut as well. also reported
that former All-Pro lineman Orlando Pace was cut by the Chicago
Bears after spending only one season in the Windy City. Pace had
spent his entire career with the St. Louis Rams before signing a
three-year, $15 million contract with the Bears before last season,
but he was widely panned for his sub-par performance last year.
PAGE 14 March 3, 2010

Letter to the editor Suffolk basketball players net GNAC honors

This reader is writing in re- money riding on his staying Matt Pepdjonovic, Rookie of the Year
sponse to Alex Mellion’s article, healthy and not to mention
“Opinion: R.I.P. NBA Slam being the most sought after -Freshman center
Dunk contest” (Feb. 17). It has player in the NBA is nothing -Hometown: Quincy, Mass.
been edited for style and content. really to screw around with. -2009-2010 stats: Averaged 13 points per game and 11.6
This year was definitely rebounds per game
You are obviously enti- lacking I agree, so write that! -Started all 25 of the Rams' game this season
tled to your opinion and are But don’t talk about how -Five-time GNAC Rookie of the Week
free to write whatever you David Stern should "make" -Finished the season tied for ninth in the nation in
want, but I feel like I should superstars enter the contest, Division-III rebounding
respond to some of the things or mediate what he thinks is
you were saying. First of all, creative and what he doesn’t. All photos property of the Suffolk Athletics Dept.

the dunk contest most defi- There are really only so

nitely isn’t dead. This year’s many different variations of Meghan Black, All-Conference Third Team
definitely lacked the variety things you can do: reverse,
and creativity of years past 360, through the legs, wind- -Sophomore forward
but definitely isn’t a sign that mill, behind the back. Do -Hometown: Roslindale, Mass.
it will never be able to recov- those with a toss up to your- -2009-2010 stats: Averaged 10.2 points per game and
er... I really think you took self or off the backboard. 5.8 rebounds per game
a lot away from Shannon There’s really not much -Started all 25 of the Lady Rams' game this season
Brown and DeMar DeRozan. else you can do, so give -Scored a total of 265 points this season, tops on the team
Both of them are outstand- them a break man. Almost
ing players and Shannon everything being done has
Brown is just a freak athlete already been done before.
to say the least, so while You mentioned the Michael
people may not have heard Jordan days when things Allan Ray, Sportsmanship Team
of them, they are incredible. were more … when in truth
Anyways, you're right Michael is famous [for] the -Junior guard
it would be great to have a free throw line dunk he did, -Hometown: Lynn, Mass.
LeBron James, or a Dwight when it was already done by -2009-2010 stats: 6.4 points per game and 4.1 rebounds
Howard in the Dunk con- Dr. J. So give them a break. per game
test again, but sadly it won’t This year was bad. Hopeful- -Started 18 of Suffolk's 25 games
happen. Dwight would re- ly next year [will be] better. -Has served as team captain for the past two seasons
enter before LeBron ever did.
LeBron has way too much -Matthew King,
Suffolk student Information from was used in this report.
PAGE 15 March 3, 2010

Rams' season comes to Men's baseball seeking to

continue recent success
an end against JWU Alex Mellion
Journal Staff
who will be counted on to pro-
vide quality innings, the Rams
also return many players who
Dan Ryan gained significant pitching ex-
Journal Staff One of Suffolk’s most suc- perience last season, including
cessful teams in recent years, sophomore Charles Kilgore (1-0
the baseball team is looking record, 4.30 ERA) and senior
The Suffolk hockey sea- to experience the same suc- Marc Doyle (2-1 record). There’s
son came to an end on Sunday cess this season that they’ve an old saying that “pitching
when the third-seeded Rams seemingly seen year after year. wins championships,” and in
were upset by the visitors from Coach Cary McConnell order for the Rams to defend
Johnson & Wales, the sixth- is entering his 15th season as their GNAC title, their pitch-
seed in the ECAC Northeast head coach, and the team has ing staff must stay on-track and
tournament, by a score of 3-1 at finished at provide good,
Steriti Rink in the North End. least .500 solid innings
in each of each time out.
Jeff Rose made 36 saves
for the Rams in the loss,
Image courtesy of Suffolk Athletics Department
his previ- "The past few Just be-
while senior Niles Moore
scored the Rams’ lone goal.
which they never recovered.
The score may have been
star in the process. Cooper fin-
ished the game with 25 saves.
ous 14 sea-
sons. Mc-
years we have done cause
The Wildcats jumped out more lopsided had it not been For his efforts, Rose was
teams also
very well in the
C o n n e l l ’s the GNAC
to a 1-0 lead just 54 seconds for the play of Rose, who named the game’s second star.
into the game when senior made 29 saves in the first two The Wildcats will now play have four GNAC. We have ship last sea-
Kevin Marchesi notched his
eleventh goal of the season.
periods alone. Heading into
the third period, the Wildcats
top-seeded Wentworth tonight
at 7:30 p.m. at Matthews Arena.
proven ourselves son
The Rams would get even on
Moore’s tally on the power
were outshooting the Rams by
nearly a 2 to 1 margin, 29 to 15.
The win completed the season
sweep for the Wildcats, who
and four
[to be] one of the they are going
to load their
play nine minutes later, but The Rams turned up the of- beat the Rams all three times NCAA Di- teams to beat." schedule up
the Wildcats got second period fense in the third, firing 10 shots they met during the season. vision III with cupcake
goals from juniors Joe Simeone on goal, but Wildcats netmind- The Rams finished the sea- champion- opponents.
and Craig Houle, putting the er Matt Cooper turned aside son with a record of 12-11-3. ship tournament appearances. The GNAC is always a hard-
Rams in a two-goal hole from all 10, earning the game’s first The Rams enter this season as fought conference and this
the defending GNAC cham- year shouldn’t be any different.

2009-2010 men's hockey statistical leaders pions and clearly have the
biggest target on their backs.
“This year's goal will be
to be the first team in program
Goals Assists Points “The past few years, we history to make consecutive
have done very well in the NCAA tournament appear-
GNAC,” said catcher and se- ances,” said Del Prete. “The
nior captain Bobby Barrett. GNAC should be good this
“We have proven ourselves [to year with St. Joe's, Albertus
be] one of the teams to beat.” Magnus, Johnson & Wales and
Barrett is one of four cap- Lasell all looking to contend.”
tains, along with fellow senior The Rams’ non-conference
Rory Gentile and juniors Mark schedule will be challenging
Annese and Mark Addesa. Bar- as well, with games against
rett set the school record for Husson College, two top-25
RBIs last season with 68, and teams in Wheaton and Row-
also had seven home runs and an, and defending MASCAC
a .374 batting average. Annese champions Westfield State.
should have an impact on the All the pieces are there for
1. Niles Moore (above) 15 1. Pat Welch (above) 13 1. Niles Moore (above) 26 team’s offense as well as he the Rams to meet their goals:
2. Pat Welch 11 2. Paul Weisser 12 2. Pat Welch 24 comes back from a knee injury. 30 wins, a GNAC champion-
3. Jason Molle 9 T-3. Niles Moore 11 3. Paul Weisser 20 The Rams also have depth ship and an NCAA tournament
T-4. Paul Weisser 8 T-3. J. Andrew Wein 11 4. Zach Barron 19 at pitching and will count berth. There’s no reason to be-
T-4. Zach Barron 8 T-3. Zach Barron 11 5. Jason Molle 15 on several underclassmen lieve that this team won’t expe-
to help shoulder the load. rience the success it has grown

Game-winning goals “Freshmen Jhonneris Men-

dez, Chris Campbell and Remy
accustomed to, and there is
a very good chance that the
All stats are current
Carpinito could all see a bunch Suffolk Rams will be counted
through the end of this sea-
of innings this season,” said as- among the elite teams in NCAA
son. Full team and individual 1. Paul Weisser (left) 3 sistant coach Anthony Del Prete. Division III by season’s end.
stats are available through ei- 2. Pat Welch 2
Aside from the freshmen
ther or T-3. Niles Moore 1
through T-3. Jason Molle 1 The Suffolk baseball team will start their season with ten games
by clicking on "Men's hock- T-3. Andrew Monesi 1 in Florida, at various sites in Winter Haven and Babson Park against
ey," then clicking on "Stats." T-3. Andrew Flynn 1 teams from around the country. The Rams’ first game back in New
The above stats refer to this T-3. Matt Robertson 1 England will be on Mar. 23 at Babson College at 3:30 p.m. The Rams’
season's total only, not career T-3. Robbie Donahue 1 first home game, played at played at Adams Field in Quincy, will be
stats. Career stats are available T-3. Ryan Fitzpatrick 1 a double header against Johnson & Wales on Mar. 27. The first game
through the above sites as well.
will be played at noon, with the second game played at 3:30 p.m.
PAGE 16 March 3, 2010

"A great joy to coach" Lady Rams eliminated

from GNAC tournament
Thompson graduating after a memorable four-year career Lose to Albertus Magnus, 82-81
self were to keep my team con- the city and it was within driv-
Mike Giannattasio Christian Petruzzi Meghan Black was named
centrated and focused and to ing distance so that her par-
Journal Staff to the GNAC’s All-Confer-
never give up for even a second. ents could come watch her Journal Staff
ence Third Team and led
We loved playing as a team and play. She also thought the
Laura Thompson is going The Suffolk women’s bas- the team in scoring, aver-
we didn’t want to see it come city was a great place to start
to have plenty of good memo- ketball team is sometimes aging 10.2 points and close
to an end, but unfortunately living on her own as there
ries when she graduates from overshadowed by men’s to six rebounds per game.
we fell one basket too short.” was always something to do.
Suffolk this May. Thompson sports, but sports fans of Freshman point guard
Thompson added that she Thompson’s parents have
is a senior at Suffolk and just the University should take Jackie Vienneau played over
has enjoyed every minute that definitely had the most impact
completed her fourth and final note: these young ladies 30 minutes per game, while
she has spent on the team. on her athletic career. Ever
season on the Suffolk Univer- are primed to make some also chipping in for 9.3 points
“The things that I have since she was a small child they
sity women’s basketball team. noise in the years to come. per game with 119 rebounds.
have supported her and have
Thompson, a forward on Led by 16 year head “[Vienneau] was like a
tried to attend every one of her
the squad, had her best season coach Ed Leyden, the Rams coach on the floor, simply
basketball games. Another per-
with the Rams this past year, as posted a 14-12 record this exceptional,” said Leyden.
son that has had a huge impact
she was second on the team with season and a sixth-place fin- He also had high
on her athletic career is her for-
9.3 points per game and first in ish in the GNAC, surpris- praise for freshmen
mer teammate, Meghan Tracey.
rebounds with 7.1 per game. ing many prognosticators guard Lindsey Rogers.
“Meghan was a year ahead
“I'm happy for her success who expected them to fin- “She was all around tough
of me and we played the same
and her team's success,” said ish eighth in the confer- player,” he said of Rogers.
position so I always looked up
Suffolk women’s basketball ence. Since he took the reins “Key offensive player, but
to her,” said Thompson. “I have
coach Ed Leyden. “I was hop- at Suffolk in 1994, Leyden’s especially [key] on defense.”
never had a teammate that had
ing she would break out and be teams have averaged an out- Despite the early exit,
such love and devotion for the
good, and she's proven to be a standing 18 wins per season. Leyden knows his team will
sport and she made me cherish
solid college basketball player However, the Lady Rams only get better next sea-
the game that much more. She
as well as an optimistic, up- saw their GNAC run end son. In the 2009-10 season,
always pushed me to play hard-
beat, and supportive leader.” last week following a razor- the Rams played the an ex-
Photo property of the Suffolk Athletics Dept. er in practice and made my Suf-
Thompson, who is from thin loss to the third-seed tremely tough schedule, fac-
folk career one to remember.”
Kennebunk, Maine, and gradu- Albertus Magnus Falcons ing the best teams New Eng-
Leyden said that Thomp-
Thompson, who played for the land could offer, like Salve
ated from Kennebunk High son was a pleasure to be around by a score of 82-81, which
School in 2006, has improved Lady Rams each of her four eliminated the Rams from Regina, Endicott, and Curry.
both on and off the court.
tremendously in each of her years at Suffolk, had a career “Laura is a people person, the conference tournament. “We played solid defensive
four seasons with the Rams. year this season, leading the “We all feel proud of what basketball as the season pro-
as she likes people and real-
She appeared in 15 games team in rebounding while fin- we accomplished this season gressed,” said Leyden. “There
izes that it's a people world,”
as a freshman, averaging 1.7 and we felt that we repre- are always areas to improve,
ishing second in scoring. said Leyden, who has coached
PPG and 1.4 RPG. As a sopho- sented the University well,” starting with rebounding.”
the Rams since 1994. “Laura
more, Thompson appeared in said Leyden of the 2009-10 Leyden also point-
enjoyed the most about play- is genuine, and she is not a
28 games and was a valuable edition of his team, which ed to the rigors of a long
ing on the women’s basketball phony. You can trust her words
inside presence off the bench, was among the youngest in season, and the effects it
team would be having the op- and her actions are sincere.
averaging 4 PPG and 2.9 RBG. the GNAC with nine players had on his young team.
portunity to play basketball “I think I'm going to re-
During the 2008-09 sea- who will return next season. “They realize how long
with the girls on the team,” member that Laura persevered.
son, Thompson appeared in The word “steady” the season is now (mid-Oc-
said Thompson. “I have made She hung in and toiled when
26 games for Suffolk com- seems to epitomize this tober through March) and
lifelong friends and have mem- she was not playing much. I
ing off the bench. She was team, captained by senior they’ll prepare better next
ories that I will never forget. found her easy going way to be
a force down low, averag- forward Laura Thompson, season in the early weeks
“The other things that I have a great joy to coach, and all of
ing 4 PPG and 3.6 RPG. who had a team leading 170 and build on that through-
enjoyed would be that playing the teammates appreciated her.
Thompson’s goals for this rebounds, and whom Ley- out the season,” he said. “We
basketball for four years has She made a mark with us all.”
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my life,” she continued. “It has never forget playing for the Suf-
team never gave up on one an- Sophomore forward tinued success next season.”
taught me so many things about folk women’s basketball team.
other. She definitely had her myself and has helped me to “I will always remember
best season yet this year, as she be a more organized, focused what happened during practice Lady Rams invited to ECAC tourney
helped the Rams go 14-12 and and determined individual.” and the pasta parties we had Despite their first-round ence during the regular season.
make the GNAC tournament. Thompson chose to attend with the team that were always exit in the GNAC playoffs, the The Lady Rams are seeded
The season came to end for the Suffolk after Leyden heav- a good time,” said Thompson. 2009-2010 season will continue eighth, the bottom seed in the
squad on Feb. 23, when they ily recruited her. When she “The one thing I loved about for the Lady Rams. Suffolk’s tournament. They will take on
lost to Albertus Magnus in the was a senior in high school, playing for Suffolk would be women’s basketball team was top-seed Keene State College
first round by a score of 82-81. she stayed overnight in Bos- that I made such good friends one of two GNAC teams to be tonight at 7 p.m. in Keene, N.H.
“We had so much talent on ton with a few girls on the and we have so many memo- selected for participation in the Norwich is seeded fifth.
our team, so much chemistry, Suffolk team and immedi- ries outside of basketball that ECAC New England Women’s If both Norwich and Suf-
and we pushed ourselves to ately fell in love with the city. I can still, to this day, laugh College Basketball Tournament. folk win their games, they
be a better team, so we felt like Thompson also wanted a to myself when I think of the The other GNAC team se- will play each other in the
we deserved to win it all,” said school that was close to home times we spent together.” lected was Norwich, which tournament semifinals.
Thompson.” My goals for my- if she needed to get away from finished second in the confer-