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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

93 / Tuesday, May 15, 2007 / Notices 27335

9. Pine River ID, Pine River Project, project use pumping power or project requires that the reports include, but not
Colorado: Contract to allow the district use pumping power and supplemental be limited to, an assessment regarding:
to use a limited amount of project irrigation water with various irrigation (1) The actual effect of CBERA on the
irrigation water for municipal, domestic, districts in North Dakota, covering a U.S. economy generally as well as on
and industrial uses. Contract executed combined maximum 28,000 acres specific domestic industries which
on March 16, 2007. within the boundaries and limits set by produce articles that are like, or directly
26. Emery County Project, Utah: The the Dakota Water Resources Act of 2000. competitive with, articles being
Huntington Cleveland Irrigation Completed contract actions: imported from beneficiary countries
Company has requested a contract for 26. Pueblo West Metropolitan District, under the Act; and
carriage of up to 14,074 acre-feet of Pueblo West, Fryingpan-Arkansas (2) The probable future effect of
nonproject water; utilizing Huntington Project, Colorado: Consideration of a CBERA on the U.S. economy generally
North Reservoir as a regulating feature request for a 5- to 10-year contract for and on such domestic industries.
associated with their Salinity Control the use of excess capacity in the Notice of institution of the
Project. Contract executed on February Fryingpan-Arkansas Project. A 5-year investigation was published in the
7, 2007. contract was executed on January 1, Federal Register of May 14, 1986 (51 FR
28. North Fork Water Conservancy 2007. 17678). The eighteenth report, covering
District and Ragged Mountain Water 48. City of Beloit, P–SMBP, Kansas: calendar years 2005 and 2006, is to be
Users Association, Paonia Project, Execution of a contract amendment to submitted by September 30, 2007.
Colorado: North Fork and Ragged Written Submissions: The
the original contract to add a renewal
Mountain have requested a contract for Commission does not plan to hold a
provision in accordance with Section 1
supplemental water from the Paonia public hearing in connection with the
of the Act of June 21, 1963. Contract
Project. Their contract expired on preparation of this eighteenth report.
amendment was executed on February
December 31, 2005, and the amended However, interested persons are invited
6, 2007.
contract was executed on January 27, to submit written submissions
Dated: April 9, 2007. concerning the matters to be addressed
2006. There is a need to amend this
contract to include reference to the M&I
Roseann Gonzales, in the report. All written submissions
contract waiting to be executed. Director, Office of Program and Policy should be addressed to the Secretary,
Contract executed on January 23, 2007.
Services. United States International Trade
Great Plains Region: Bureau of [FR Doc. E7–9275 Filed 5–14–07; 8:45 am] Commission, 500 E Street, SW.,
Reclamation, PO Box 36900, Federal BILLING CODE 4310–MN–P Washington, DC 20436. To be assured of
Building, 316 North 26th Street, consideration by the Commission,
Billings, Montana 59101, telephone written submissions relating to the
406–247–7752. Commission’s report should be
New contract actions: submitted to the Commission at the
49. City of Beloit, P–SMBP, Kansas: earliest practical date and should be
Contract renewal for M&I contract. [Investigation No. 332–227] received no later than the close of
50. Twin Lakes Reservoir and Canal business on June 8, 2007. All written
Company, Fryingpan-Arkansas Project, Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery submissions must conform with the
Colorado: Consideration of a request for Act: Impact on U.S. Industries and provisions of section 201.8 of the
a long-term contract for the use of Consumers and on Beneficiary Commission’s Rules of Practice and
excess capacity in the Fryingpan- Countries Procedure (19 CFR 201.8). Section 201.8
Arkansas Project. of the rules requires that a signed
AGENCY: United States International original (or a copy designated as an
51. Giant Springs, Inc., Canyon Ferry Trade Commission.
Unit, P–SMBP, Montana: Request for a original) and fourteen (14) copies of
ACTION: Notice of opportunity to submit each document be filed. In the event
long-term contract for up to 5,600 acre-
comments in connection with the that confidential treatment of the
feet of water per year to fulfill the State
eighteenth report covering 2005 and document is requested, at least four (4)
requirement to replace water used under
2006. additional copies must be filed, in
private rights.
Modified contract action: which the confidential business
12. Savage ID, P–SMBP, Montana: The DATES: Effective Date: April 30, 2007. information (CBI) must be deleted (see
district is currently seeking title FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: the following paragraph for further
transfer. The contract is subject to Walker Pollard (202–205–3228; information regarding CBI). The
renewal pending outcome of the title, Country and Commission’s rules do not authorize
transfer process. The existing interim Regional Analysis Division, Office of filing submissions with the Secretary by
contract is due to expire in May 2008. Economics, U.S. International Trade facsimile or electronic means, except to
Discontinued contract actions: Commission, Washington, DC 20436. the extent permitted by section 201.8 of
13. City of Fort Collins, Colorado-Big The media should contact Peg the rules (see Handbook for Electronic
Thompson Project, Colorado: Long-term O’Laughlin, Public Affairs Officer (202– Filing Procedures,
contracts for conveyance and storage of 205–1819; secretary/fed_reg_notices/rules/
nonproject M&I water through Colorado- documents/
Big Thompson Project facilities. Background: Section 215(a)(1) of the handbook_on_electronic_filing.pdf).
14. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, P– Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Persons with questions regarding
SMBP, North Dakota: Negotiate a long- (CBERA) (19 U.S.C. 2704(a)(1)), as electronic filing should contact the
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC62 with NOTICES

term water service contract with the amended, requires that the Commission Secretary (202–205–2000 or
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North submit biennial reports to the Congress
Dakota for irrigation of up to 2,380 acres and the President regarding the Any submissions that contain CBI
of land within the reservation. economic impact of the Act on U.S. must also conform with the
22. Garrison Diversion Unit, P–SMBP, industries and consumers, and on requirements of section 201.6 of the
North Dakota: Contracts to provide for beneficiary countries. Section 215(b)(1) Commission’s rules (19 CFR 201.6).

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27336 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 93 / Tuesday, May 15, 2007 / Notices

Section 201.6 of the rules requires that the United States Courts, Washington, and their surviving dependents. When
the cover of the document and the DC 20544, telephone (202) 502–1820. the Division of Coal Mine Workers’
individual pages clearly be marked as to Dated: May 9, 2007. Compensation (DCMWC) makes a
whether they are the ‘‘confidential’’ or John K. Rabiej,
preliminary analysis of a claimant’s
‘‘nonconfidential’’ version, and that the eligibility for benefits, and if a coal mine
Chief, Rules Committee Support Office.
CBI be clearly identified by means of operator has been identified as
brackets. All written submissions, [FR Doc. 07–2381 Filed 5–14–07; 8:45 am] potentially liable for payment of those
except for CBI, will be made available BILLING CODE 2210–55–M benefits, the responsible operator is
for inspection by interested parties. notified of the preliminary analysis.
The Commission intends to publish Regulations require that a coal mine
only a public report in this DEPARTMENT OF LABOR operator be identified and notified of
investigation. Accordingly, any CBI potential liability as early in the
received by the Commission in this Employment Standards Administration adjudication process as possible. Forms
investigation will not be published in a CM–970 and CM–970a are now obsolete
Proposed Collection; Comment
manner that would reveal the operations and renewal will not be requested in the
of the firm supplying the information. extension request for information
The report will be made available to the ACTION: Notice. collection 1215–0058. The CM–970 and
public on the Commission’s Web site. CM–970a will be replaced by CM–2970
The public record for this SUMMARY: The Department of Labor, as and CM–2970a. Regulatory authority is
investigation may be viewed on the part of its continuing effort to reduce found in 20 CFR 725.410 for the CM–
Commission’s electronic docket (EDIS) paperwork and respondent burden, 2970 and 20 CFR 725.408 for the CM–
at Hearing- conducts a preclearance consultation 2970A. This information collection is
impaired individuals are advised that program to provide the general public currently approved for use through
information on this matter can be and Federal agencies with an October 31, 2007.
obtained by contacting the opportunity to comment on proposed
Commission’s TDD terminal on 202– and/or continuing collections of II. Review Focus
205–1810. Persons with mobility information in accordance with the The Department of Labor is
impairments who will need special Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 particularly interested in comments
assistance in gaining access to the (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This which:
Commission should contact the Office program helps to ensure that requested • Evaluate whether the proposed
of the Secretary at 202–205–2000. data can be provided in the desired collection of information is necessary
By order of the Commission. format, reporting burden (time and for the proper performance of the
financial resources) is minimized, functions of the agency, including
Issued: May 9, 2007.
collection instruments are clearly whether the information will have
Marilyn R. Abbott,
understood, and the impact of collection practical utility;
Secretary to the Commission. requirements on respondents can be • evaluate the accuracy of the
[FR Doc. E7–9248 Filed 5–14–07; 8:45 am] properly assessed. Currently, the agency’s estimate of the burden of the
BILLING CODE 7020–02–P Employment Standards Administration proposed collection of information,
is soliciting comments concerning the including the validity of the
proposed collection: Operator Response methodology and assumptions used;
JUDICIAL CONFERENCE OF THE to Schedule for Submission of • enhance the quality, utility and
UNITED STATES Additional Evidence (CM–2970) and clarity of the information to be
Operator Response to Notice of Claim collected; and
Meeting of the Judicial Conference (CM–2970A). A copy of the proposed • minimize the burden of the
Committee on Rules of Practice and information collection request can be collection of information on those who
Procedure obtained by contacting the office listed are to respond, including through the
below in the ADDRESSES section of this use of appropriate automated,
AGENCY: Judicial Conference of the
Notice. electronic, mechanical, or other
United States, Committee on Rules of
DATES: Written comments must be
technological collection techniques or
Practice and Procedure.
submitted to the office listed in the other forms of information technology,
ACTION: Relocation of open meeting.
ADDRESSES section below on or before
e.g., permitting electronic submissions
SUMMARY: The location of the two-day July 16, 2007. of responses.
meeting of the Committee on Rules of ADDRESSES: Ms. Hazel M. Bell, U.S. III. Current Actions
Practice and Procedure has been Department of Labor, 200 Constitution
changed from Washington, DC to San The Department of Labor seeks the
Ave., NW., Room S–3201, Washington, extension of approval to collect this
Francisco, California. The meeting will DC 20210, telephone (202) 693–0418,
be open to public observation but not information in order to carry out its
fax (202) 693–1451, E-mail responsibility to administer the Black
participation. [Original notice of the Please use only one
meeting appeared in the Federal Lung Benefits Act.
method of transmission for comments Type of Review: Revision.
Register of March 7, 2007.] (mail, fax, or e-mail). Agency: Employment Standards
DATES: June 11–12, 2007. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Administration.
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC62 with NOTICES

Title: Operator Response to Schedule

ADDRESSES: Le Meridien San Francisco, I. Background
for Submission of Additional Evidence
Mercantile Room, 333 Battery Street, The Division of Coal Mine Workers’ (CM–2970), Operator Response to
San Francisco, CA. Compensation administers the Black Notice of Claim (CM–2970A).
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John Lung Benefits Act (30 U.S.C. 901 et seq.) OMB Number: 1215–0058.
K. Rabiej, Chief, Rules Committee which provides benefits to coal miners Agency Number: CM–2970 and CM–
Support Office, Administrative Office of totally disabled due to pneumoniosis, 2970A.

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