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QP 7.5.

1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

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QP 7.5.1C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(erection procedure)

El tebbin thermal power plant

2x350 MW Gas/Oil Fired Units


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Quality Management System Stuff

Eng.Medhat Kheder ...........DSD Production
Reviewed by
Mr.Reda Abd El-Daeem..SGS/DSD QC/QA

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant


Purpose:Establishing system for erection and installation of site.


Execute the installations for :

Steel structures

Steel bridges

Steel tanks, ducts, silos, bins and other plate work

Pressure vessels

Piping net works

Mechanical and Electrical equipment.

Overhead cranes.

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The execution may be done by DSD FERROMETALCO staff or by specialist
subcontractors for some kind of activities such as rubber lining, thermal
insulation, and refractors.


All these kinds of installation are done according to:

Project drawings
Contract specifications
Manual of erection for the machines, which have been prepared by the
manufacturer and submitted with the equipment and machines.
Erection method statement which is prepared by the project engineer from
technical office or by the site manager of erection or both of them in case of
steel structures erection. The owner consultant should be approved the
erection method statement before start the erection observation in details
during the execution period of the project.


After releasing the order sheet by the project department and according to the
time schedule of the project, the preparation work of the site takes place by/or
the site manager/ project leader and erection department.


The preparation work means;

- Make surveying for concrete foundation & anchor bolts and issue the
required receipt report of the site from the client without any existing
obstructions to start the erection work, in this report must be mentioned
that the surveying points and X ,Y axes are already clear or they will be
clear later.
- Mobilization
- Manpower

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

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Heavy equipment, generators, cranes, offices, tool containers, worker

containers, store containers, clinic containeretc.
- Tool lists
- Accommodation
- Organization chart of the project
- Open store area with fence.
All these preparation work are under the site manager responsibility.


State the erection sequences according to the kind of the project and the
contract specifications.


The receiving inspection control of the delivered material, equipment is performed by comparison with the accompanying papers (delivery vouchers) and
recorded in follow-up delivery file.


The construction parts in case of steel structural installation are checked on

visible damages defects before erection by using form No.(FQP-7.5.1C-1).
And if one finds during erection, that the fitting deviations of construction parts
are out of tolerance, these are recorded on site obstruction reports. These
reports are transmitted to the site manager and the department responsible
for the delivery (production manager). For affected persons, information
purpose and copies are sent to the other. Their all concerned employees
coordinate to fulfill cost determination for site work form (FQP-7.5.1C-9) which
may be very important for insurance dept.).


The site manager controls and supervises the proceeding according to the
respective requirements stated in contract and the method statement of


In case of taking over for partially works, site engineer has to use taking over
request (TOR) for records the results check, then receives the approval from
the consultant/client Eng.


Non-conformance report (FQP-8.3-1) is issued with serial number reference

contain all information data about the damages, failure, out of space, missing
documents, visual inspection description, rework, use as is, repair or degrade
also the client final decision if required as approved, rejected or approved with
comments and at the end the signature Q.C site for resolution completion
acc. to procedure (QP-8.3).


A modification report (FQP-7.5.1C-2) is issued to indicate the main hours

consumed, machines (additional work at site) & equipment used, consumed
materials for each modification and sign by the DSD FERROMETALCO site
engineer and client then recorded in modifications follow-up sheet # (FQP7.5.1C-3).

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

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A daily report form (FQP-7.5.1C-4) is issued by the site engineer and

submitted to the site manager contains; the manpower, weather, problems
and erection activities to submit it to client site manager.


A weekly report form (FQP-7.5.1C-5) is issued by the site manager/site

engineer and submitted to the construction manager office to indicate the
erection activities according to the time schedule, equipment on site,
expected work for next week and the requirements for next week for
manpower, M/C & equipment.
Unless other wise stated in the particular conditions of the contract, monthly
progress reports shall be prepared by the site Eng/site manager to cover the
period up to the end of the first calendar month (FQP-7.5.1C-25).



The reporting shall continue until completing the all work which is known to be
outstanding at the completion date stated in the taking-over certificate for the
works. Each report includes:
a) Charts and detailed descriptions of progress, including each stage of
design, contractors documents, procurement, manufacture, delivery to
site, construction, erection, testing, commissioning and trail operation.
b) Photographs showing the status of manufacture and of progress on the
c) For the manufacture of each main item of plant and materials, the name of
the manufacturer, manufacture location, percentage progress, and the
actual or expected dates of:
I) Commencement of manufacture.
II) Contractors inspections.
III) Tests and
IV) Shipment and arrival at the site.
d) The details description of personnel and equipment.
e) Copies of quality assurance documents test results and certificates of
f) Safety statistics, including details of any hazardous incidents and activities
relating to environmental aspects and public relations; and.
g) Comparisons of actual and planned progress, with details of any events or
circumstances which may jeopardize the completion in accordance with
the contract, and the measures being (or to be) adopted to overcome


A weekly site meeting held on site to discuss all the problems regarding the
erection work.


Inspection on the site:

3.16.1 All the inspections which are done on the production department at
the factory are applied on site work such as:
Piping welding works.
Steel tanks welding works.

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

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3.16.2 All the relating welding procedure and welder qualifications with
identification of welder joints are applied at the site according to the
contract specification and valid technique and standards acc. to
(WPS) form # (FQP-7.5.1A-1) which prepared by welding engineer,
and follow-up by QC engineer.

Testing and commissioning:

3.17.1 The static and dynamic tests are done after erect the overhead cranes
before handing over process of the cranes. These tests are done
according to the standards performed by site engineer.
3.17.1 Leakage test and pressure tests occurred on the steel tanks & piping
work according to procedure (QP-8.2.4B) (in process inspection), the
specification of contract and standards.
3.17.2 The site manager shall give (RFI) to the owner or the consultant 21
days notice of the date after which he will be ready to carry out of the
tests on completion. Unless otherwise agreed, test on completion shall
be carried out within 14 days after this date, on such day or day as the
owner or consultant shall instruct (FQP-7.5.1C-28).
3.17.3 Unless otherwise stated in the contract particular conditions, the tests
on completion should be carried out in the following sequence:
a) Pre-commissioning tests, which should include the appropriate
inspections and Dry or cold functional tests to demonstrate that
each item of plant can safely undertake the next stage b.
b) Commissioning tests, which shall include the specified operational
tests to demonstrate that the work or section can be operated
safely and as specified, under all available operating conditions;
c) Trail operation, which shall demonstrate that the work or section
perform reliably and in accordance with the contract.
3.17.4 During trial operation, when the works are operating under stable
conditions, the site manager shall give notice to the owner or the
consultant that the works are ready for any other tests on completion,
including performance tests to demonstrate whether the works
conform with criteria specified in the employers requirements and with
the schedule of guarantees.
3.17.5 In considering the results of the tests on completion, the site manager
shall make allowances for the effect of any use of the works by the
employer on the performance or other characteristics of the works. As
soon as the works, or a section, have passed each of the test on
completion described in sub-paragraph (a), (b) or (c), the site manager
hall submit a certified report of the results of these tests (FQP-7.5.1C6) to the owner or consultant engineer and copy to construction dept.


As-built Documents
3.18.1 The site manager prepares, and keep up-to-date, a complete set of
as-built records of the execution of the works, showing the exact asbuilt location, sizes and details of the work as executed.
3.18.2 These records should be kept on the site and should be used

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

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3.18.3 Two copies should be supplied to the engineer prior to the

commencement of the tests on completion after consult review for the
purposes of taking-over.

Taking over the works

3.19.1 Works shall be taken over by the employer when (I) the works have
been completed in accordance with the contract, including the matters
described in the time for completion and except as allowed in subparagraph (a) below, and (II) a taking-over certificate for the works
has been issued, or is deemed to have been issued in accordance
with this sub-clause.
3.19.2 The manager may apply by notice to the owner engineer for a takingover certificate not earlier than 14 days before the works will, (in the
site manager opinion), be complete and ready for taking-over. If the
works are divided into sections, the site manager may similarly apply
for taking-over certificate for each section.
3.19.3 The owner engineer shall, within 30 days after receiving the site
managers application:
a) Issue the taking-over certificate to the contractor, stating the date
on which the works or sections were completed in accordance with
the contract, except for any minor outstanding work and defects
which will not substantially affect the use of the works or sections
for their intended purpose) either until or whilst this work is
completed and these effects are remedied, or
b) Reject the application, giving reasons and specifying the work
required to be done by the contractor to enable the taking-over
certificate to be issued. The contractor shall then complete this
work before issuing a further notice under this sub-clause.
3.19.4 If the consultant engineer fails either to issue the taking-over
certificate or to reject the contractors application within the period of
30 days, and if the works or section (as the case may be) are
substantially in accordance with the contract, the taking-over
certificate shall be deemed to have been issued on the last day of this

3.20 Performance certificate

3.20.1 Performance of the contractors obligations shall not be considered to
have been completed until the owner or consultant engineer has
issued the performance certificate to the contractor, stating the date
on which the contractor completed his obligations to the engineers
3.20.2 The engineer shall issue the performance certificate within 30 days
after the latest of the expiry dates of the defects notification period, or
as soon thereafter the contractor has supplied all the contractors
documents, completed and tested all the works, including remedying
any defects. A copy of the performance certificate shall be issued to
the employer, only the performance certificate shall be deemed to
constitute acceptance of the works.

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

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3.21 Clearance of the site

3.21.1 Upon receiving the performance certificate, the contractor shall
remove any remaining contractors equipment, surplus material,
wreckage, rubbish and temporary works from the site.

Forms & References applied:

For all the following forms the site manager may use the similar client's forms if
Visible damage report
Modification report (MR)
Modifications follow-up sheet
Daily report
Weekly report
Construction completion certificate-CCC
Requisition for rent car
Crane request
Non-conformity report (NCR)
Cost determination in site work
Dispatching form
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of column verticality
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of crane girder alignment
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of crane girder elevation
(Transversal direction)
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of crane girder elevation
(Longitudinal direction).
Taking over request (TOR)
Inclination of crane girder
Taking over request (TOR)
Straightness of plan crane girder in horizontal
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of rail alignment
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of rail elevation
(Transversal direction)
Taking over request (TOR)
Check of rail elevation
(Longitudinal direction)
Taking over request (TOR)
Inclination of rail
Straightness of rail in the horizontal plane
Taking over level as built for elevation
Structural steel work joint tightening check
Final field inspection report

QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

Monthly Report
Requisition for Ispection
Maintenance and repair requisition

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QP 7.5.1 C -773/100,200,300
Control of production & service provision
(Erection procedure)
El tebbin thermal power plant

Erection Flow Chart

Erection Dept.

Estimation Department
Job Study

Contract award

Detailed Budget
Detailed time
Manpower resources

Erection Drawings

Site mobilization
Erection Activities
Handing over
Partially or Final

Site demobilization

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