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E-reader News Edition 02/03/10 - 03/03/10 Coffee Party USA takes on the Tea Party

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02/03/10 - 03/03/10

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America’s conservative Tea Party movement may be on the boil, but the left is brewing up its own version in The Coffee Party USA. The movement has launched itself on the social networking site Facebook where it has acquired more than 50,000 fans over the past month. You can see some news reports and commentary about it here and here and here. Under the battle cry “The Coffee Party USA: Wake Up and Stand Upit is asking people to host a Coffee Party event on their March 13 “kick- off.” “What’s your favorite spot for a cup of coffee or Sunday brunch? Enter it here along with what time on March 13th you plan to meet, and you are a Coffee Party

coordinator! We are volunteers, working to restore our capacity

as Americans to engage a civil and respectful conversation about public policy. As with any disagreement, the first step is sitting down to talk,” it says. Like the Tea Party — a conservative movement opposed

to big government and President

Barack Obama’s agenda which takes its name from an 18th century American revolt against British colonial rule — the Coffee Party claims to be “100 percent grassroots.” “No lobbyists here. No pundits. And no hyper-partisan strategists calling the shots in this movement. We are a spontaneous and collective

expression of our desire to forge

a culture of civic engagement

that is solution-oriented, not blame-oriented,” it says. And like the Tea Partiers it evokes America’s 18th century founders, with a feminist twist:

America’s 18th century founders, with a feminist twist: “Our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave us an

“Our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave us an enduring gift — Democracy — and we must use it to meet the challenges that we face as a nation.” “We are an alternative to the Tea Party,” says Coffee Party movement founder Annabel Park — identified as a “concerned citizen” — in her YouTube pitch, coffee in

hand, which you can see here:

Conservative critics will no

doubt find some red meat here:

what could be more elitist and out of touch than the coffeehouse, latte and Starbucks crowd? The Coffee Party also has some catching up to do. The Tea Party movement is diffuse but it has morphed from a protest movement marked last year by angry rallies and heated townhall meetings into a political machine that plans to make an impact in state primaries this year with an eye to the November congressional elections and ultimately the 2012 White House race. Essentially, it is working to get out the vote for (mostly Republican) candidates who subscribe to its view of limited government and low taxes and deficits. Do you think the Coffee Party can mount a credible alternative from the liberal left?

Seven lesser-known browsers are getting a chance at relevance

as 100 million Europeans see alternatives to Internet Explorer.

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South African President Jacob Zuma is a polygamist who has been married five times and has 20 children. He has arrived in the UK with his fifth wife, Thobeka Madiba Zuma Picture: AFP/GETTY IMAGES Five Filters featured article:

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Senator Jim Bunning has put his foot down. And his own Republican teammates are trying hard not to call a foul. The former professional baseball player who is retiring from his Kentucky seat this

year has basically decided this is where he draws the line. If we were to mix sports metaphors, Bunning has become

a football lineman – a one-

man blocking machine of legislation to renew jobless benefits, highway construction and other programs that expired on Sunday night. His reasoning

is that until there is a definite

way to pay for the bill, he does not want to add to the debt. His play has left Democrats

hardly able to contain their glee at this unexpected political windfall — they are portraying it as the perfect example

of Republicans as “the party of

no” even when it comes to extending unemployment benefits in a time of economic need. Republicans, fearful of a backlash from recession-weary voters, have been left shaking their heads and unable to

voters, have been left shaking their heads and unable to forcefully express their annoyance with one

forcefully express their annoyance with one of their own

in this congressional election year. Television news showed Bunning gruffly dismissing reporter questions or ignoring them. One television producer reportedly received a more symbolic gesture from the senator and an ABC television correspondent was yelled at for trying to follow the senator into a senators-only elevator. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who is the other senator from Kentucky, promised that the standoff would be resolved soon.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show could not resist entering the game last night with some digs

in a segment titled “Senate After Dark.” The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p /

10c Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Reform For more Reuters political news, click here Photo credit: Reuters/Ray Stubblebine (Bunning throws ceremonial first pitch in 2008)

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Nick Squires in Rome Published: 2:55PM GMT 03 Mar 2010 Investigators said the two Iranians and five Italians were involved in a plot to export a large quantity of tracer bullets, explosives and ingredients for incendiary bombs to Iran via the UK, Romania and Dubai. In an operation code-named Sniper, Italian police collaborated closely with their counterparts in Britain, Switzerland and Romania. Arrest warrants were also issued for two more Iranians but they were believed to be in Iran and beyond the reach of Italian authorities. The Iranians were "believed to be members of the Iranian secret services," police in Milan said. The investigation began when more than 200 telescopic sights were seized in Romania in June, allegedly on their way to Iran. Italian police said another 100 optical sights had been seized at Heathrow airport. The suspects were also allegedly trying to smuggle "dual-use" equipment, which can be easily converted

from civilian to military use. The suspects were arrested on suspicion of "criminal association for the purpose of exporting arms and weapons systems to Iran in violation of the international embargo that is in effect," police said. Armando Spataro, an anti- terrorist prosecutor, said: "It is an investigation of considerable importance because it concerns the entire international community." He said the success of the operation had rested largely on extensive wiretapping, a practice which faces tough new restrictions under prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who claims it has been used to unfairly probe into the private lives of him and his allies. One of the arrested Iranians was Hamid Nejad Masoumi, a broadcast journalist who worked out of the foreign press association in Rome. Of the five Italians arrested, one was a lawyer from Turin who owns an arms import-export company, and another lived in Bern, Switzerland. Five Filters featured article:

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U.S. President Barack Obama has been advised by his doctors to watch a borderline-high cholesterol level but that didn’t stop him from sitting down to a lunch of fried chicken on Tuesday. While visiting Savannah, Georgia to pitch his“cash for caulkers” tax credit proposal, Obama surprised the lunch crowd at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room by stopping in with his entourage of press, staff and security. As platters of chicken and sweet potatoes were brought to the table, Obama admonished reporters: “I don’t want any lectures about my cholesterol today.” “And don’t tell Michelle what I’m eating,” he added. The 6-foot-1-inch, 180-

what I’m eating,” he added. The 6-foot-1-inch, 180- pound Obama works out every day and generally

pound Obama works out every day and generally favors health foods like grilled fish and vegetables. But in a development he blamed on his 2008 presidential campaign, his cholesterol levels have risen. A routine medical exam on Sunday showed he had an overall cholesterol level of 209, slightly above the normal level of 200. Obama’s level of LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, was 138 and his doctor has

recommended that he try to reduce that to 130 through changes in his diet. Records from a 2007 exam showed Obama’s overall cholesterol level then was 173. For more Reuters political news, click here Photo Credit: Reuters/ Larry Downing (Obama is served fried chicken as he visit Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah, Georgia)

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San Francisco-based 3D design studio Transparent House employed its visualization

talents to create a hypnotic look back at 34 years of Apple design. The mesmerizing two- minute tribute will definitely delight any Apple fan. Full story at Vimeo.

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Published: 2:38PM GMT 03 Mar 2010 One of the most significant factors contributing to the spread of the deadly illness is that up to 70 per cent of women worldwide are forced to have

unprotected sexual intercourse, UNAids said. The UN Aids agency and Annie Lennox, the Scottish singer, unveiled a five-year action plan amid a two-week conference in New York. The UN Millennium Development goals, adopted in 2000, included halting and reversing the Aids pandemic by


But Michel Sidibe, the executive director of UNAids, said the agency's latest report in December showed the proportion of women infected with HIV has risen in many regions of the world over the past 10 years. According to the agency, HIV is the leading cause of death and disease worldwide among women of child-bearing age

from 15-49. In sub-Saharan Africa, 60 per cent of people living with HIV are women, and in southern Africa the prevalence of HIV among women aged 15-24 is on average about three times higher than young men of the same age, UNAids said. Nearly 30 years into the HIV epidemic, Mr Sidibe said, growing inequality between women and men and human rights violations against women including "brutal rapes" and trafficking for prostitution are putting women and girls at greater risk of HIV infections. He told a news conference that 400,000 babies are born every year with HIV in Africa and 30 per cent will die before their first birthday without medicine, "but it also means 400,000 women have not been checked for HIV" and had no treatment "to at least avoid the transmission from mother or child." Five Filters featured article:

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University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, likened Earth to a spinning figure skater holding a rock in one hand. The rotational axis of the skater is still down the middle of the body, he said, but the skater's figure axis is shifted slightly in the direction of the hand holding the rock. ( Chile Tsunami Pictures:

Earthquake's Other Aftermath.) How Chile Earthquake Shortened Day Just how did the Chile earthquake give Earth a bit of a turbo boost? To explain, Sverdrup, who wasn't involved in the NASA calculation, turned again to the image of a spinning figure skater. "As she pulls her arms in, she starts rotating faster." Likewise, as a portion of Earth's mass drew in ever so slightly and quickly during the Chile earthquake, the planet began spinning a bit quicker. The Chilean quake was a so- called thrust earthquake, which occurs when a large section of the Earth's surface—in this case, the Nasca tectonic plate—dives beneath an adjacent plate. This process, called subduction, can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (learn about plate tectonics). "The layer of rock on the [Nasca plate] dove down into the

Earth's interior, and that's like the skater pulling her arms in toward her body," Sverdrup said. Only thrust earthquakes, with their inward motion, can shorten Earth days. Other types of earthquakes, such as horizontal strike-slip quakes, in which two plates slide horizontally past one another, don't affect Earth's rotation. ( Video: Earthquake 101.) Currently, scientists can measure the length of an Earth day with an accuracy of only about 20 millionths of a second, so the shortened day caused by the Chile earthquake can be estimated but not measured. But "that doesn't mean that the effect isn't real," Sverdrup said—though it is ephemeral. The shortening of Earth's day caused by the Chilean earthquake won't be permanent, although exact duration of the effect can't be measured. Thrust earthquakes aren't the only phenomena that can shorten, or lengthen, Earth days. Volcanic eruptions or tidal effects from the moon can also cause such effects. 2010 Chile Earthquake Born in


The recent Earth-axis jolt may have been the result of stress buildup from a magnitude 9.5

quake that struck Chile in 1960, scientists announced in a

separate study yesterday. "The story is quite similar to the December 26, 2004, magnitude 9.0 Sumatra earthquake, which was followed by a magnitude 8.7 quake on [the Sumatra fault's] southern end on the 28th of March 2005," geologist Jian


Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts said in a statement. "The only difference is that it took 50 years for the northern neighboring section of the 1960 [Chile] earthquake to rupture, while it took only three months for the southern adjacent segment to rupture in Sumatra." It's unclear why the Chile fault took so much longer than the Sumatra fault to "follow up," Lin added. "But even 50 years is short enough [to fall within] a person's lifetime," he said. "Thus, we should consider the earthquake-interaction possibility seriously." Five Filters featured article:

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Saturday's Chile earthquake was so powerful that it likely

shifted an Earth axis and shortened the length of a day, NASA announced Monday. By speeding up Earth's rotation, the magnitude 8.8 earthquake—the fifth strongest ever recorded, according to the USGS—should have shortened an Earth day by 1.26 millionths of a second, according to new computer-model calculations by geophysicist Richard Gross of NASA's Jet Propulsion

For comparison, the same model estimated that the magnitude 9 Sumatra earthquake in December 2004 shortened the length of a day by 6.8 millionths of a second. (See Chile earthquake pictures.) Gross also estimates that the Chile earthquake shifted Earth's figure axis by about three inches (eight centimeters). Deviating roughly 33 feet (10 meters) from the north-south axis around which Earth revolves, the figure axis is the imaginary line around which the world's unevenly distributed mass is balanced. To explain the difference, Keith Sverdrup, a seismologist at the





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DETROIT Authorities say three children are dead after a house fire in Detroit. Four children managed to escape out the window, but two suffered critical injuries. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire, which broke out around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday. Fire officials say neighbors caught three children who jumped from a second-story window and an infant girl who was dropped from a window. The Wayne County Medical Examiner's office says autopsies are being performed on three children, ages 3, 4 and 5. Detroit police say a 3-month- old girl and an 8-year-old remain in critical condition at Children's Hospital of Michigan. A 12-year-old and a 9-year-old also escaped. Police are trying to determine whether an adult was inside the home when the fire broke out. Five Filters featured article:

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Billions of bits of plastic are accumulating in a massive garbage patch in the Atlantic Ocean—a lesser known cousin to the Texas-size trash vortex in the Pacific, scientists say. "Many people have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch," said Kara Lavender Law, an oceanographer at the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. (See pictures of the Pacific Ocean trash vortex.) "But this issue has essentially been ignored in the Atlantic." The newly described garbage patch sits hundreds of miles off the North American coast. Although its east-west span is unknown, the patch covers a region between 22 and 38 degrees north latitude—roughly the distance from Cuba to Virginia ( see a U.S. map). As with the Pacific garbage patch, plastic can circulate in this part of the Atlantic Ocean for years, posing health risks to fish, seabirds, and other marine animals that accidentally eat the

litter. Elusive Ocean Trash To get a clear picture of the Atlantic garbage patch, Law drew on 22 years of data collected by students participating in her association's SEA Semester academic program. As part of this program, more than 7,000 students have gone on research cruises, deploying thousands of fine-meshed plankton nets to meticulously catalog bits of plastic enmeshed with the drifting plants and animals. Tiny pieces of trash, each less than a tenth the weight of a paper clip, make up most of the debris, Law said February 23 at the American Geophysical Union's 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting in Portland, Oregon. In some places the students found more than 200,000 bits of trash per square kilometer (520,000 bits per square mile). The vast majority of these fragments come from consumer products that were blown out of open landfills or were tossed out by litterbugs. Similar surface trawls in the

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If you enjoyed OK Go’s famous treadmill music video, you must catch this latest video

release of the quirky band’s song “This Too Shall Pass.” Enjoy! More on music. Permalink| Leave a comment »

Great Pacific Garbage Patch have found as many as 750,000 bits of plastic per square kilometer (1.9 million bits per square mile), noted marine chemist Giora Proskurowski, also with the Sea Education

Association. But that's only a portion of the total, he said, because waves often carry plastic as deep as 65 feet (20 meters) below the surface. (Related:"Plastic Breaks Down


Fast.") Still, it's not as if there's so much plastic you can walk across the ocean surface, he said. Proskurowski said he has seen the floating Pacific plastic only once, when the sea was glassy calm. "When I looked off the deck of the ship, I saw hundreds and hundreds of little tiny pieces," he said. "When the wind picked up, I could no longer see it." Trash Escaping to Hawaii Using floating satellite tags called drifters, Nikolai Maximenko of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu has tracked the currents that carry trash to

the Atlantic and Pacific garbage patches. In the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, drifter studies have indicated that currents occasionally change, allowing floating materials to escape the votex. When that happens, "they never go to the California beach, but they do go to the Hawaiian Islands," Maximenko said. Pieces that don't wind up in Hawaii eventually cycle back into the Pacific garbage patch. Drifters deployed in the Atlantic show a similar system of currents in the newfound garbage patch, the researchers said, which means pieces could be escaping when those current shift. Overall, the Sea Education Association's Proskurowski said, finding plastic so far out in either ocean is sobering, because "it forces us into physical confrontation with the human impact on the environment." Five Filters featured article:

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A Florida man who

claimed to be a minister and a youth counselor is one of two men under arrest, charged with possessing and trying to distribute child pornography, reported. Police arrested 43-year-old Eric Spandorf and 54-year-old Robert Paul Primavera. Spandorf is listed on a Web site that says he is an "associate pastor" and "youth crisis counselor" of a "biblical-based online ministry." Detectives say they arrested Primavera in January after he tried to sell an undercover officer child porn. Spandorf was arrested yesterday after a two- month investigation. Detectives say the two men were downloading child porn from the internet to make money. Click here for more from Five Filters featured article:

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seat in the Lords would benefit the Treasury by tens of millions of pounds a year. She said the country was either misled by Lord Ashcroft himself, or by Mr Hague. “They can’t both be right - one of them should go,” she told a noisy Commons. The Prime Minister’s absence to greet the President of South Africa during his state visit meant all parties were fielding their B teams in the chamber. Such an occasion would usually be eagerly anticipated by the Tories, pitting the smooth despatch box performer Mr Hague against Ms Harman. But the occasion promised to be uncomfortable for Mr Hague, following the revelation that Lord Ashcroft has spent the past 10 years avoiding tax on his worldwide income, despite a pledge to become a permanent resident of the UK. It was Mr Hague who secured Lord Aschoft his peerage after he was

twice turned down. “This House puts the highest value on the question of integrity,” said Ms Harman, who did not initially refer to Lord Ashcroft by name as she answered Mr Hague’s questions on the economy. “Tax has a part to play in reducing the deficit,” she said in an allusion to the taxes Mr Hague in 1999 promised that Lord Ashcroft would pay. Mr Hague tried to warn her off with a barbed joke about her husband, Jack Dromey winning selection in a seat where Labour had initially planned an all- women shortlist. “People in glass houses should not start throwing stones,” he said. “The real party funding issue in this country is the power of the Unite union that’s wrecking British Airways and whose deputy general secretary - her husband - has just gone through an all women shortlist to be

selected. She may not to recognise marriage in the tax system but she sure does in the political system.” With the Speaker struggling to keep order, Mr Harman responded: “The Shadow Foreign Secretary stands here without a shred of credibility.” Mr Hague responded: “I think we know what a desperate panic the government are in.” He said Mr Brown should ask the Queen for a dissolution of Parliament when he saw her at the Buckingham Palace reception for the South African president. Ms Harman taunted Mr Hague that Lord Ashcroft, in addressing his peerage in his autobiography, had written: “I owe it all to William.” Five Filters featured article:

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The Ashcroft non-dom tax saga exploded on the floor of the House of Commons today as Harriet Harman called for Tory heads to roll. The Leader of the House, deputising for Gordon Brown at Prime Minister's Questions, said William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, had “not a shred of credibility” on the issue. During a stormy 30-minute session, Ms Harman said the country had been misled into believing that the Tory peer was paying full tax in Britain. “What has happened to the tens of millions of pounds that the shadow foreign secretary promised would be paid by Lord Ashcroft,” she asked. Mr Hague, as Tory leader a decade ago, had said the decision to grant the peer his

Tom Krazit (

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As the elder statesman of the Internet, Yahoo has seen a lot over the past 15 years. Amid talk that rivals have passed it by, CEO Carol Bartz is adamant that Yahoo's day will come again. Originally posted at Relevant Results

Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:00:00 AM

Intel introduces a convertible model of its Classmate PC that can double up as a tablet. We get some hands-on time with this gadget created for schoolkids to use.

Michael Fowlkes

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Toyota Motor Corp. (TM), Japan Toyota Motor Company (




TM) has definitely been feeling the impact of its current recall crisis. The company that once had a strong reputation for safe and reliable cars has seen that image tarnished, and the effects are being felt on the company's dealer lots.

effects are being felt on the company's dealer lots . February was a tough month for

February was a tough month for the company, and concerns over

the safety of the company's vehicles led to a reported 8.7%

Mar 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please

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As President Zuma, the South African President, began his three-day state visit to Britain today, his official welcome by the Queen was, depending on one’s point of view, either the best of British pomp and pageantry, or an anachronistic reminder of our colonial past (the ostrich feathers on the hat worn by the Master of the Horse being a bit of a giveaway there). For the sake of international relations one would hope it was the former, for as Mr Zuma and his wife began their visit, the President had some scathing things to say about Britain’s past. “When the British came to our country they said everything we did was barbaric, was wrong, inferior in whatever way,” he said. “I don’t know why they are continuing thinking that their culture is more superior than others. “I am very clear on these issues. I’ve not looked down upon any culture of anyone, and no one

has been given an authority to judge others. “The British have done that before, as they colonised us, and they continue to do this, and it’s an unfortunate thing.” The cause of Mr Zuma’s unhappiness was the remarks made about his habit of marrying multiple wives — his companion on this trip is wife No 3, Thobeka Madiba — a practice that is acceptable in Zulu culture, but less common among his hosts this week. But if Mrs Zuma was feeling colonised today, she did not show it. Instead she spent the ceremony on Horse Guards looking pleased with everything, most of all when she was driven off in the Scottish State Coach for lunch at Buckingham Palace. The welcoming line-up included Gordon Brown, who missed Prime Minister’s Questions to attend the ceremony. Mr Brown will hold talks with Mr Zuma tomorrow, when they are expected to discuss the continuing political turmoil in Zimbabwe. Climate change and the economy are also expected

to be on the agenda, along with the football World Cup, which South Africa is hosting ths summer and England hopes to host in 2018. After lunch at Buckingham Palace the President visited Muswell Hill — not a traditional stop on the itinerary of visiting heads of state, but an important port of call for any South African leader. While Nelson Mandela was in prison on Robben Island, Oliver Tambo, his co-founder of modern South Africa, lived in exile in a three-storey house near Alexandra Park, which for 30 years was the ANC’s unofficial London headquarters. Later today he was due to meet the Conservative leader David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, at Buckingham Palace. The Queen is giving a state banquet in his honour tonight at Buckingham Palace. Five Filters featured article:

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News p a p er , Full Text RSS , Term Extraction . First Graders have

LWI Editor (LWI News Center)

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TEXAS—The first grade students at Northside Baptist School in Victoria, Texas were deeply saddened by the tragic news out of Haiti. Each day, the nine students prayed for the children in Haiti. Then, the class came up with another way they could help. As the day of their Valentine’s Day party at school approached, the students decided to forgo exchanging cards and instead use the money they would have spent purchasing cards and send it to Living Water International.

Their teacher, Sandy Hartley, was thrilled with the group’s decision. The class set a goal of ten dollars. On the day of the party, the students placed a box in the hall in front of their classroom. By the end of the day, they had collected almost one hundred dollars! When the students counted what they had collected, they were overjoyed. These children learned that even a small group of first graders can make a big difference. Five Filters featured article:

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By Harry Wallop, Consumer Affairs Editor Published: 3:11PM GMT 03 Mar 2010 The supermarket chain, which has never before use any celebrities, has signed a three- year deal with the two

personalities, which will involve Smith and Blumenthal filming

a series of television adverts as well as appearing on

billboards and magazine adverts. Though the campaign is likely to cost many millions in total, it

is understood the pair will not

receive as much as Jamie Oliver

when he signed a £1.2 million

a year tie-up with Sainsbury's.

Richard Hodgson, Waitrose's commercial director, said:

"We're not spending obscene amounts on some celebrity to turn up and be in our adverts as others have done. This is about two people who genuinely share our passion for food and

who shop with us." He added that both Blumenthal

and his wife, along with Smith and her husband, shop at their local Waitrose outlets. The adverts, the first of which will air at the end of this month, will be a very large commitment for both personalities. Waitrose intends

to broadcast a new one every

week for the rest of the year, with each television commercial running for the entire length of the ad break –

three and half minutes. In total, 40 adverts will be made

between now and January 2011. Each advert will, in effect, be a mini-cooking programme with either one of the cooks, or

sometimes both together, demonstrating a new recipe. "It's

a massive commitment from

both Delia and Heston. Every week will be a totally amazing

new idea. Sometimes it will be a

recipe, sometimes visiting


supplier or farmer, maybe even demonstrating a kitchen utensil," Mr Hodgson said. He promised that viewers would not be bombarded with

some of Blumenthal's more wacky recipes. "Don't worry, we won't start selling snail porridge or liquid nitrogen. But I don't see why Heston couldn't demonstrate how a blow torch can be used to get the top of crème brûlée crispy." He added that because the adverts would run for the length

of the commercial break, Waitrose had struck "a very good deal with the broadcasters. After all, ITV are getting a mini Delia Smith show in prime time." Waitrose, which as part of the John Lewis partnership is entirely owned by the staff, spent £22 million last year on advertising, an increase of £6 million. It is expected, because of the deal with Smith and

Blumenthal, to spend further £6 million or so more this year. Five Filters featured article:

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A new estimate suggests that Facebook's revenues are higher than expected, something that highlights both the company's

successes and its challenges ahead. Originally posted at The Social

and its challenges ahead. Originally posted at The Social Business Inspiration from Kanye West A ddy

Submitted at 3/3/2010 8:03:07 AM

Creator of one the best rhyming couplets ever*, Kanye West has retuned to doling out gems ON HIS BLOG (my caps), this time opining on CREATIVITY (his caps) as he listened to his own music. Here are a few choice--if tongue-in-cheek--choice nuggets or anyone seeking the spark. On creativity: "I'm tormented by the need to create. The feeling that something can be better, the feeling that something's missing, the feeling that something's needed."On opinion: "There's no such thing as fact any more, only opinion. Everything is an opinion. The way you dress is an expression of your opinion. Your religious beliefs are your opinion. The music you turn up loud is your opinion."On

nostalgia: "Music is so nostalgic. Every song I listen to brings me back to when I first played them for my Mom."On insomnia: "I know how it feels when the night demons come. We can't let them control our hands and feet."On modesty:

"When something sounds so amazing and ground-breaking I'm reminded of why I live." Kanye also wrote about the death of Alexander McQueen last month. "Maybe McQueen felt his job was done because his last collection was the greatest of the decade. We are all so hurt. I know we're selfish because he brought us so much joy and inspiration." *You could be my black Kate Moss tonight/Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight. [Via Kanye West]

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Jack Straw refused to say today why one of the killers of James Bulger has been sent back to jail. As pressure grew for more information in the case of Jon Venables, the Justice Secretary insisted that it was in the public interest to withhold details of the breach of the terms of his release that prompted the recall. His stance came as speculation grew on the issue and amid growing calls from those close to the case for greater transparency. Venables, now 27, was 10 when he and Robert Thompson abducted the two-year-old from a shopping centre in Bootle and battered him to death on a railway line in 1993. The pair were controversially freed with new names, birth certificates and national insurance numbers in 2001, at

the age of 18, having spent their jail sentences in separate secure units without setting foot in a young offender institution or an adult jail. After his release Venables is reported to have been allowed to join the Army. Unconfirmed reports suggested that he was now a born-again Christian, had settled down and had plans to marry. Thompson is said to be living with a gay partner, after attending art school. Both must stay in regular touch with senior probation officers who are sworn to secrecy about their conduct. Venables was recalled to prison last week after breaching the terms of his release from prison, the Ministry of Justice confirmed yesterday. Mr Straw said: "I have no interest in gratuitously or unnecessarily withholding information, but there are good reasons to withhold it at the moment and that is in the public interest.

"So I fully understand the frustration that people feel, but the reassurance for the Bulger family and the public is that this system has worked. He was not at liberty, he was on life licence subject to recall, and he has been recalled." Detective Albert Kirby, who headed the Bulger investigation, said there “must have been a build-up of incidents” for the action to have been taken and called for the Government to release precise details of why Venables was recalled. He told Sky News: “I think the statement that came out last night actually raises more questions than it answers. They wouldn’t – using football parlance – have given him a red card and go to prison for one infringement. Five Filters featured article:

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Steven Mallas

Tank Still Full? Ste v e n M a ll as (BloggingStocks) as the y did

as they did back during the first quarter, moving up only 1%. I would have liked to have seen a better stat on that one, but overall, I'm not going to complain too much, unless I detect a weakening trend in coming months. Continue reading AutoZone's Q2: Is the Stock's Fuel Tank Still Full? AutoZone's Q2: Is the Stock's Fuel Tank Still Full? originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Wed, 03 Mar 2010 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Filed under: Earnings Reports, AutoZone Inc (AZO) AutoZone ( AZO), a distributor of replacement items for motorized vehicles, posted a very good second quarter on Tuesday. Net sales increased 4%, and earnings per diluted share went into high gear, rising over 21% to $2.46. According to our earnings preview, the analysts were expecting only $2.34 per share. Gross margin experienced an expansion, as did the return on invested capital metric (the latter being measured over the trailing four quarters). Both of these developments indicate that execs are skillfully managing the underlying fundamentals of the business. Domestic same- store sales didn't rise as robustly

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What’s the use of a Web site if the usability sucks? Luckily, there are simple ways that even amateur designers to make sure

their Web sites are easy to use. Delta Gold lists 10 of these tips. For instance:

• Place your name and logo on every page and make the logo a link to the home page (except on the home page itself, where the

logo should not be a link: never have a link that points right back to the current page). • Provide search if the site has more than 100 pages. • Write straightforward and simple headlines and page titles

that clearly explain what the page is about and that will make sense when read out-of-context in a search engine results listing.

Read the full story at Delta Gold.


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indulged his passions for history and Plymouth Argyle football club as he continued to campaign against nuclear weapons. Mr Foot died shortly before 7am this morning at his home in Hampstead, north London. He had been ill for some time and receiving 24-hour care. His death was confirmed on the floor of the Commons by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, who paid tribute to him as a great parliamentary orator. "I am sure that this news will be received with great sadness not only in my own party but across the country as a whole," Mr Straw said. "He was held in very great affection in all sections of the House and across the country." The former Labour Cabinet minister David Blunkett described Mr Foot as "the finest parliamentarian of his generation". John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister,

flashed up his tribute on Twitter:

"A great man has died. He was the heart of our movement." In his tribute, Gordon Brown said: "Michael Foot was a man of deep principle and passionate idealism and one of the most eloquent speakers Britain has ever heard. "He was an indomitable figure who always stood up for his beliefs and whether people agreed with him or not they admired his character and his steadfastness." Lord Healey, who served as his deputy until 1983, said he was "very, very sorry to hear of his death". He said: "I was a great admirer of Michael’s. He was a brilliant speaker. Although we disagreed very much over policy, I was very glad to serve under him as deputy leader. Five Filters featured article:

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Tributes poured in today for the Labour veteran Michael Foot after his death at the age of 96. The left-winger with the unruly shock of white hair beat Dennis Healey, from the right of the party, in a fight for Labour's soul in 1980, arguing that he was best placed to unite the party as leader. But, faced with the breakaway Social Democratic Party and after presenting a 700-page manifesto dubbed "the longest suicide note in history", Mr Foot led Labour to its worst ever election defeat in 1983 and had to hand the baton to moderniser Neil Kinnock. He remained in Parliament for another two terms, becoming Britain's oldest sitting MP, before starting an extraordinarily active retirement at the age of 78 in which he

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If you’re a fairly serious digital photographer, you might be interested in a list of twenty-one reasons to use Lightroom that I just came across. Here are a few

of the reasons:

• Virtual copies of photos for different treatments • Watched folders for automatic importing • Presets for complex adjustments to multiple pictures I recently switched to

r e c e n t l y s w i t c h e d

Melly Alazraki

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Filed under: Before the Bell, International Markets, Pfizer (PFE), Market Matters, Costco Wholesale (COST), Novell Inc (NOVL), Economic Data U.S. stock futures were mixed Wednesday, as Greece took measures to deal with its financial woes and improve its fiscal burden. In focus this morning is labor market data that could shed more light on the progress -- or lack thereof -- on this all important front. Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. outplacement firm already said Wednesday that the pace of U.S. job cuts slowed last month to the lowest level in 3.5 years.The firm said that 42,090 job cuts were announced in February, 41% less than

Lightroom, and I’ve been very happy. The white balance “guesses” are very good, and I love all the tweaks you can make when you export pictures like targeting a folder, naming the pictures, adding a sequence, sharpening for screen display,

pictures, adding a sequence, sharpening for screen display, January's 71,482 cuts, and 77% lower than the

January's 71,482 cuts, and 77% lower than the year-ago period. It was the lowest total since July 2006. Since peaking in January of last year, monthly job cuts have mostly declined steadily. Continue reading Before the Bell: Futures Mixed After Jobs Data Before the Bell: Futures Mixed After Jobs Data originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Wed, 03 Mar 2010 08:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

and having them automatically

selected in the Finder. Full story at Photography Blog.





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the top of the charts in almost as many countries as there have been UN peacekeeping missions. On this success he founded his company 19.There

is no truth in the rumor that

receptionists at the company's LA offices are told to pick up the phone and say "N-n-n-n- Nineteen, nine-teen. Who's speaking, please?"With 180 employees in London, NY, LA, Nashville and Europe, 19

Entertainment earned its parent company, CKX Inc $92 million


2008. Should If I Can Dream


a hit, 19 is sure to deliver him


whole lot more.Although

never proved, there is more than a grain of truth in the rumor that Fuller had a fling with Emma Bunton when he was managing the Spice Girls. Were the "girls" (average age: 37 or thereabouts) so ticked off with his casual dumping of Baby--no one puts her in a corner, they decided-- that they sacked Fuller and took on management duties themselves? Probably not. The truth is probably more prosaic. Hacked off by the fact that they seemed to be doing all the bloody work themselves (strategy costs, ladies) with nary

bloody work themselves (strategy costs, ladies) with nary a day off, plus the fact that Fuller

a day off, plus the fact that

Fuller was probably getting

more money than they were, they gave him the flick. Shortly after, it was the girls' turn to be unceremoniously dumped--by the record-buying public.He's a great believer in cross-brand promotion with his stars. For example: When the Beckhams moved to the US, Victoria was snapped in fellow 19 client Roland Mouret's Galaxy Dress. And the theme music of If I Can Dream is an Elvis song, CKX Inc being responsible for the Presley estate.News International's Peter Chernin describes him as a master trend spotter. Here are the stats to

prove it. By mid 2008, 500 Number One singles, 240-plus Number One albums worldwide. And 116 million records sold in the U.S. alone.Born 1960 in the UK seaside town of Hastings, he lived in Ghana and Germany as a kid. Now resides in a 12-room mansion in Hollywood, but has homes in France, Sussex, London, New York, Nashville and Uruguay.Loves working with women, as he says they are "loyal and hard-working."Fuller made Time magazine's Power 100 list in 2007. His entry was "written" by David Beckham, who described him as a four- letter word. That's "nice."His success in the world of TV knows no bounds. What starts off as a prime-time show in the UK ends up as a global monstrosity. Idol and So You Think You Can Dance are both examples of the genre, and he spotted the comedic genius of David Walliams and Matt Lucas, bringing Little Britain to the USA.Despite a mammoth spat with fellow spiky-haired entertainment behemoth Simon Cowell (it was all to do with Cowell's X-Factor, a spot-the- difference-with-Pop-Idol talent

show which Fuller claimed his eponymous rival had copied.) A settlement was reached at the eleventh hour, denying fans the possibility of a sing-off, on which the general public could vote.A petrolhead with a half-a- mil custom-built Maybach at his disposal, Fuller also owns a bunch of private jets. He offsets his carbon footprint, however, with an environment-promoting "Earth Car" for the Honda F1 team. He's also the driving force behind some sterling charity work, most notably Idol Gives Back, which, in 2007, raised $70 million for American and African causes over two nights.19's mission statement is the slightly cringe-inducing "Partnering talent, creating change, empowering dreams." Let's hope 19 doesn't empower the dream I had last night, in which I married Meat Loaf and all my teeth fell out as we stood at the altar. Oh, and Larry David serenaded the new Mr. and Mrs. Loaf with a C&W version of "Ave Maria."

Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:55:44 AM

Although Simon Fuller may not be a household name, his charges are. From sport (David Beckham and Andy Murray) to fashion, (Roland Mouret, FASHIONAIR, that skinny girl, married to the footballer, ooh, what's her name?) music (Pick any of the TV breakthrough artists of this decade and chances are they're part of the 19 stable) and TV, he's one of the media's canniest performers, and is probably the man behind the biggest watercooler moments of the past decade. And now If I Can Dream has launched on Hulu, a show Fuller has described as "the next frontier." When it comes to popular culture, this apple- cheeked British smoothie will tell you what you want, what you really, really want, before you even know it. Here are the high points:

Born in 1960, Fuller's first job was in music A&R. He signed up mild-mannered bedroom musician Paul Hardcastle, whose first single 19, went to

Submitted at 3/2/2010 6:27:36 PM

Rick Perry, who has stacked the Texas State Board of Education with anti-science religious

fanatic creationists for the better part of a decade, is leading in the Texas GOP primary again.

Imagine my surprise.



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Kit Eaton (Fast Company)

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The iPad may, or may not be, just 20-odd days away from store shelves, but there's still room for rumors to swirl. The latest ones are actually fascinating stuff for Apple fans, as they concern its launch date, and e-book pricing. Launch Date: To Delay or Not to Delay? Steve Jobs was vague about details at the launch, but that's okay--the iPad is clearly in production, and the delivery mechanisms are gearing up. So much so that several sources are pointing at a Friday March 26 U.S. launch, at 6 p.m. in a style reminiscent of the original iPhone's launch. Store employees will get training starting from March 10, and the big ad campaigns will hit March 15. That's all for the Wi-fi-only version of course, and if Steve is reliable the 3G version will hit about 30 days later. But Canacord Adams analyst Peter Misek is peddling a different message. According to party pooper Pete, a manufacturing bottleneck at Hon Hai Precision has put the squeeze on iPad production, and resulted in delays. The upshot:

300,000 units will be available at launch, instead of a predicted million or so units. This has led Peter to speculate on a one month delay to the launch (a

led Peter to speculate on a one month delay to the launch (a very un-Apple event,)

very un-Apple event,) and has led others to wonder if the launch will be limited to the U.S. at first. We're skeptical on this, as it all sounds like the kind of mistake Cupertino tries very very hard to avoid. Wi-fi Models to Outstrip 3G Ones--Or So Says AT&T Chalk this one up under "Huh?" since it makes little sense given the seeming enthusiasm for the 3G-enabled iPad version, but AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson is now on record as

saying he expects the iPad to be

a mainly "Wi-Fi driven

product." Why's he thinking about this? Because while he expects Apple's products to remain key to AT&T revenues

for "quite some time" (no end to exclusivity, then) he doesn't expect the iPad to generate many more "subscriptions" for AT&T. Odd that, given that we've heard that the iPad won't

be a data-subscription 3G device

in the U.S. and instead you'll be

able to dip in and out of paying

for AT&T's service--similar to

the way some 3G data systems work in Europe. So is Randall making sense? Not really. Customer enthusiasm studies have pointed out that there's almost as much public hunger for the top-end 3G version at $830 as there is for the entry level Wi-fi only version at$500. Randall's possibly just underlining the fact that the iPad is somewhat of a different beast to the iPhone, and AT&T shouldn't try to see it

in the same light. Or, and this is speculation, he's gently trying to reassure pissed-off U.S. iPhone users that AT&T's 3G grid isn't going to swirl down the toilet bowl under the burden of all those millions of 3G data- hungry super-sized iPad apps. E-Books May Retain the Hardcover/Softcover Distinction The e-book pricing debate has spun to various highs and lows, which has apparently prompted IPAD page 13

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Nets $13,000 per Month D a n N oso witz (Fast Company) category of paid apps.

category of paid apps. That means there are, at the very least, dozens of developers who are doing just as well. Kim's app works out to about $400 a day, which pales in comparison to the top iPhone apps, some of which can net $5,000 or $10,000 per day. But Android is a younger and smaller platform, growing quickly, and this story is a good indication that Android may catch up to the iPhone in the app department eventually. Interestingly, Android has the highest proportion of free apps

of any major app store, at 57%, but the data indicates that once Android users decide to pay, they'll pay quite well. Kim raised the price of Car Locator from $2 to $4 and noticed only a slight decrease in buyers, certainly less than half, meaning the hike was still worth his while. In addition, the main driving force was getting featured in Google's favorite apps roundup. His profits more than quadrupled, even though his app is not always present in the section. This suggests that were Google to redesign the

layout of the Market, it could encourage more apps to reach the level of success Car Locator has reached. This is all great news for both Android users and developers. Hopefully more developers will see Android as a viable platform and start working on it, which will entice more users, who will buy more apps, which starts the whole happy capitalistic cycle all over again. It's a good time to jump into the Android pool. [Via Eddie Kim]

Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:51:31 AM

Stories about iPhone app developers quitting their day jobs after slaving away in bedrooms at night are heartwarming, but a dime a dozen at this point. Rival app stores, like Google's Android Market and Palm App Catalog, are much smaller, with smaller userbases, and have so far lacked such high-profile app stories. Not anymore. Developer Edward Kim, whose "Car Locator" Android app has been frequently bumped to the "featured app" section in the Market, wrote a blog post outlining the profits he's taken in from his app--and they're just as impressive as any iPhone developer's. Car Locator, which does exactly what you think it does, has been downloaded about 70,000 times (in its free version), but it's the paid version that's important--it's gotten 6,590 downloads so far. Now, Kim nets about $13,000 per month from his app. Even more impressive is that Car Locator isn't by any means an anomaly: he's only achieved, at his best, the fourth best- selling spot in the Travel


continued from page 12

Macmillan's CEO John Sargent to weigh in with his informed opinion, in an attempt to clear up some of the mystery. Among the explanations, there's one surprising fact: Sargent says that Macmillan, while happily pursuing the new agency model for e-publishing, is actually likely to maintain the distinction between hardcover editions and paperbacks almost exactly as in the physical editions. He's not being crazy, or merely forgetting that digital editions are all digital--the point is that premium publications will be sold at an elevated price at first (while still remaining cheaper than the typical price for a paper version) and then later at a lower price, reminiscent of the point at which a book moves to paperback editions. That means that e-hardcovers will likely go for around $13 to $15 in the iPad iBooks store, and e- paperbacks will go for prices as low as $7. It's extremely likely that a similar pricing bracket will emerge for the Kindle too. Oh, and though the iBooks store is U.S. only at launch (according to the iPad Web site) Apple hasn't forgotten it's truly a global company now, and there's clear evidence in the form of employment adverts that the digital bookseller will be going global


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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are two of the most popular shows available at Hulu, and have even come to represent the possibilities of the service--personally speaking, I hit up Hulu most mornings specifically to catch those two shows, since I've long since abandoned cable TV. But today negotiations broke down between Hulu and Viacom, the owners of Comedy Central, and Viacom will be removing all Comedy Central content currently on Hulu--including the one-two news comedy punch. This is a major blow to Hulu. It looks like the popularity of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report may actually have contributed to the removal; Viacom was unsatisfied with the revenue generated from those two shows in spite of their immense viewerships. Rumor has it that Viacom wanted significantly more money to host the two shows, possibly even including payment up front (which would be a first for Hulu). One other possibility:

Hulu is owned in part by ABC, NBC, and Fox--but not Viacom,

Hulu is owned in part by ABC, NBC, and Fox--but not Viacom, blog post, is more

blog post, is more sad yet hopeful than upset, voicing "confidence" that a future relationship between itself and Viacom isn't out of the question. If Hulu does move to a pay model, as has been rumored, the company might be able to pay Viacom enough to re-secure the shows. For its part, Viacom merely stated that Hulu was one of many online partners the media giant has worked with, and that full-length episodes will continue to be available at

which may mean that Viacom feels less obligation to see the service succeed. In any case, Hulu was unable to match whatever demand Viacom presented, and Viacom opted to just yank its content. This is a serious problem for Hulu. Two of its most popular shows removed because it couldn't show enough profit? That doesn't spell much confidence for the third-party streaming site, which has sat in the red since its unveiling. Hulu's response, in the form of a and But for viewers, like me, who are used to Hulu's elegant interface, top- of-its-class media streamer, and short commercial breaks, the transition to Viacom's somewhat clunky version is unwanted. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be entirely removed at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 9th-- so get it in while you can. [ The New York Times via Gizmodo]

Josh Lowensohn

Submitted at 3/2/2010 4:04:00 PM

Foursquare's closed social network is getting a little more open with third-party tool Meet Gatsby. It helps you find other people to be friends with based on location and similar interests. Originally posted at Web Crawler

Submitted at 3/2/2010 4:25:00 PM

The social network-turned- gaming site has modified its APIs so that applications built on Facebook's platform can be transported over with minimal developer muscle. Originally posted at The Social

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Business/ Politics/


E-reader News Edition Business/ Politics/ 15 Hirin g and Wages on the Rebound Michael Alter (

Michael Alter (

Submitted at 3/2/2010 10:37:57 AM

What a difference a month makes! If most people equate these economic times with an emotional roller coaster, small business owners have been on the ride of their lives. Last month I reported a near- record-low level of small business optimism, 46 percent. In other words, fewer than half the business owners out there felt confident about the direction of the economy. That pessimism came despite an increase in small business hiring and other signs of stabilization, as indicated by the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard, an economic indicator we created in order to track the health of the U.S. small business economy. Luckily, the numbers continued

to improve in February. Hiring has increased by 1.9 percent year-to-date. And paychecks were essentially flat (up 0.2 percent) for the first time in February following two years during which paychecks declined month after month. The biggest difference of all involved employer confidence. More business owners report that they feel good about the economy. In fact, optimism shot up 16 percentage points over January’s numbers. Now well over half of small business owners say they are optimistic about the small business economy. So the big question is: Will that sentiment endure and propel the economy forward? Truth is, while the numbers are telling us we’ve bounced off the bottom and are now heading in

the right direction, only the actions of the small business owners will demonstrate when we’re completely out of the water. When they’re feeling positive, we’ll see their safe-bet decisions, such as hiring contract workers rather than adding full-time employees, turn into more aggressive actions, such as adding headcount and making capital expenditures. When that starts to happen, more money will move through the economy, building positive momentum. We’ll see paychecks holding steady, without erratic dips or slight increases. We’ll also see our optimism levels return to 2007’s highs of nearly 80 percent. For business owners and for everyone else, we can't get off this wild ride a minute too

Mark Fightmaster

in February M a rk Fi g h t m aste r (BloggingStocks) hear that this

hear that this report came in as expected and that "the recovery" is still on track. Continue reading ADP Jobs Data Shows Private Sector Lost Jobs in February ADP Jobs Data Shows Private Sector Lost Jobs in February originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Wed, 03 Mar 2010 10:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

Submitted at 3/3/2010 10:20:00 AM

Filed under: Economic Data Earlier Wednesday morning, Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported that U.S. job cuts dropped in February to the lowest level in 3.5 years. This slowing continues the trend of shrinking job cuts since last January. Later, ADP reported what was expected: the private sector cut 20,000 jobs during February. This loss was the lowest since 22,000 jobs were added in January 2008. My guess is that we will not hear anything about the snow in this report akin to Tuesday's warning from the government. In fact, I'm guessing that we will

Submitted at 3/2/2010 10:33:05 AM

In an interview with blogger Mike Stark (posted at Crooks

and Liars, Brad Blog, and Stark Reports), Andrew Breitbart admits that when he released the James O’Keefe-Hannah Giles undercover ACORN sting

videos, he “did not know” that O’Keefe never wore his outrageous pimp costume into an ACORN office — even though it was reported that way

by many media outlets, including Fox News and the New York Times. Here’s the interview, featuring some weird behavior by a





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Mark Fightmaster

Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:30:00 AM

Filed under: Earnings Reports,


Wednesday morning, BJ's Wholesale ( BJ) announced that its February same-store sales increased 7.5%. Taking gasoline sales out of the equation, the retailer's sales increased 3.9%. Analysts expected the company to report a sales increase of 6.3% including gasoline and 2.6% excluding bubbling crude. The company attributed the stronger-than-expected results to s shift of the Super Bowl to February this year, compared to January a year ago. The firm's

compared to January a year ago. The firm's Economic Data total sales increased 13% to $755.2

total sales increased 13% to $755.2 million. Continue reading BJ's Wholesale Reports Fourth- Quarter Earnings BJ's Wholesale Reports Fourth- Quarter Earnings originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Wed, 03 Mar 2010 09:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to raise the issue of Brazil's policy towards Iran as she holds talks in Brasilia. Washington, which is pressing for further sanctions on Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions, is concerned at the strength of Brazil-Iran ties. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is due in Iran in May,

returning last year's visit by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. President Lula argues that isolating Iran's leaders is counter -productive. Mrs Clinton is visiting South America at a time when there is

a sense in the region that President Barack Obama's

administration, distracted by so many other issues, has not lived

up to expectations.

Brazil's approach towards Iran is just one of a number of sensitive topics up for discussion which will highlight strains in the relationship with Washington. President Ahmadinejad was warmly received here last November and President Lula is due to visit Tehran later this year. Brazil takes the view that sanctions against Iran are ineffective. President Lula has argued that Iran has the right to work towards a peaceful nuclear energy programme that fully respects international agreements. He has warned that good things will not come out of Tehran if the country's leadership feels it

is cornered. Growing strength The US state department has said if Brazil uses its

relationship with Iran to press

the country to fulfil its international obligations then that would be an important step, but if it did not do that, Washington would be "disappointed". Commentators in some US newspapers have given a blunter assessment, with one suggesting Brazil's growing strength in the world had "gone to President Lula's head". Brazil is currently on the UN Security Council, so its views have an added importance as the United States tries to build a consensus on the issue of Iran. Mrs Clinton would undoubtedly be happier if she left South America's largest country with something that was at least approaching an agreed position. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article:

Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:

Submitted at 3/2/2010 10:43:00 PM

If you think you’ve got social media covered with Facebook and Twitter, think again. Over on the HubSpot blog, Leighann Farrelly, comunity manager of Yelp Boston, offers 10 ways businesses can leverage Yelp. As a taste:

1. Join the conversation.

What conversation, you ask? The conversation taking place everyday on between businesses and consumers in your local community and beyond. Just last month, 29 million consumers came to Yelp to connect with great local businesses; since 2005, over 9 million reviews have been written. What does that mean for you? It’s time to open a

dialogue with these potential customers. Yelp makes it really easy and

cost-effective not only to start, but to maintain communication with these potential customers

by using a free suite of business

tools. Create a Yelp Business Owner Account to join (or start) the conversation about your business today. By unlocking these free tools, you’ll be able to

update your business information, post special offers, announce upcoming events and, most importantly, communicate with your customers. Read the full story at HubSpot. More on social media. Permalink| Leave a comment »

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Submitted at 3/2/2010 6:49:34 PM

Chile's president has appealed for calm in the earthquake- ravaged city of Concepcion, vowing a stern response to any renewal of looting and violence. Michelle Bachelet says 14,000 troops are now in the region, after dozens of looters were arrested. As night fell, curfews were imposed across four major urban centres in Chile, including an 18-hour curfew in Concepcion, one if its largest cities. Some half a million people are homeless in a city now under military control. The death toll from the 8.8- magnitude quake now stands at 795, officials say, but emergency workers also say 19 people are still unaccounted for. One mayor, from Hualpen, near Concepcion, said many on the streets were more terrified of crime than aftershocks. "The thugs have taken over the city. Now we are not afraid of the earthquakes, we're afraid of the criminals," Marcelo Rivera told a Chilean radio station. Armoured vehicles have been stationed at strategic points across Concepcion and armed soldiers patrol the streets. Groups of residents are reported to have gathered together to form vigilante groups to

to have gathered together to form vigilante groups to confront would-be looters. 'Necessary measure' A

confront would-be looters. 'Necessary measure' A special air route is being set up to deliver aid from the capital, Santiago, to Concepcion, 430km (270 miles) away. But security in the city remains a key concern after shops and homes were looted on Monday and police made a large number of arrests. The deteriorating security situation in Concepcion comes despite the influx of thousands of troops to reinforce local police. "We can say that, according what we've been told from the area, the situation in Concepcion is under control today," President Michelle Bachelet said

on Tuesday. But, she added, authorities would take any "necessary measure" to stop renewed looting. "Our principle objective is to go and help people tackle the emergency in the disaster zone. "I want them [looters] to understand this and that they'll receive rigorous legal action. We will not tolerate such actions." Many of the city's 500,000 inhabitants are short of food and have seen their water and electricity supplies cut off. Aid agencies have yet to reach Concepcion, reports the BBC's Andy Gallacher, who has reached the city, where many people are still awaiting water,

food and mattresses. However, at least two police officers appear to be posted on every corner in the city centre, our correspondent says. Some residents quoted by Reuters news agency said they were organising groups to defend their property. Coastal destruction Reports are also beginning to emerge of the scale of the devastation in other areas. It has taken us about 15 hours of solid driving to get to the outskirts of Concepcion. The main highway is ripped and twisted all the way down from the capital, Santiago. At a military checkpoint, there are rows and rows of lorries carrying food, fresh water and

other emergency supplies. It appears that there has been a complete breakdown of law and order in Chile's second city. Some of the communities on the coast near here have meanwhile not yet even been heard from. They were first hit by the earthquake, and then swept away by the tsunami. Up to 90% of the mud-and- wood buildings in the historic centre of Curico had been destroyed or damaged, and a hospital badly damaged, BBC reporters said. Some coastal towns and villages were also hit by giant waves after the earthquake, with some reported to have been completely destroyed. Reports from the town of Pelluhue suggested that a series of tsunamis swept through what was a tranquil seaside resort, destroying houses and claiming many lives. The government admits that its attempts to provide aid swiftly have been hampered by damaged roads and power cuts. The air supply route between Santiago and Concepcion will help the authorities send more than 300 tonnes of aid, including 120 tonnes of food, to the worst-affected area of the country. Communication problems International aid has begun arriving. Neighbouring PLEAS page 23


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Submitted at 3/3/2010 4:05:48 AM

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Rick Perry tapped into a rising wave of anti-Washington ire and rode it to an easy Republican primary win over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, once seen as the candidate who could block his march toward four more years in the state's highest office. Perry emerged from the rancorous battle with Texas' senior senator and a third candidate backed by some in the tea party movement to face a Democrat in many ways his polar opposite. Former Houston Mayor Bill White, a calm consensus-builder, easily defeated six opponents to win his party's nomination. Shortly after Hutchison called him to concede, Perry continued his non-stop attack on the nation's capital, slamming Washington on spending, job

losses and the heath care debate. "Texas voters said no to


Washington bureaucrats

yes to leadership that controls spending, fights for individual

freedoms and the United States Constitution," Perry told cheering supporters at the famous Salt Lick barbecue restaurant in Driftwood, just outside Austin. "Hardworking Texans sent a simple, compelling message to

Washington: Quit spending all the money!" With nearly all precincts reporting, Perry had 51 percent to Hutchison's 30 percent. He managed to avoid a runoff even though nearly one in five voters cast ballots for the third candidate — Debra Medina, a GOP party activist who has strong libertarian leanings and supporters in the tea party movement. Competing with Perry for the most conservative GOP voters, Medina raised relatively little money and told talk show host Glenn Beck there were "some very good arguments" that the U.S. was involved in the 2001 terrorist attacks. Yet she still managed to win over some voters who might otherwise have sided with Perry. The tea party movement's influence wasn't limited to the governor's race; tea party- backed candidates ousted a longtime ally of the Texas House speaker Tuesday and sent another into a runoff. "A lot of people did not understand, including myself, the growing resentment, the growing opposition in the state toward Washington, D.C.," said longtime Republican consultant Reggie Bashur, who credited Perry with identifying the anti- Washington sentiment just as the tea party movement was taking off a year ago — and

jumping aboard. Perry spoke to tea party activists on April 15, 2009 — federal income tax filing day — and in response to a question by The Associated Press even flirted with the idea of Texas seceding from the Union as he criticized the federal government. "I think the governor and his team recognized and became a leader in the anti-Washington movement," Bashur said. White, in his measured and deliberate style, saluted the two Republicans who challenged Perry for the GOP nomination, saying Tuesday night in Houston that he admires their courage for taking on a "career politician" who knows every "trick in the book." White easily dispatched with hair care magnate Farouk Shami and five others to win the Democratic nomination with 76 percent of the vote with nearly all precincts reporting. A lawyer and businessman with money to spend on an expensive race, White represents the Democrats' best hope in years at winning the governorship. Democrats haven't won a statewide office since 1994, when George W. Bush was elected governor and the Republicans started their Texas takeover. White predicted Perry will try to take credit for good things

going on in Texas, including the creation of new jobs, but won't accept responsibility for a record 1 million jobless or the high dropout rate. "I think we're catching up to Mr. Perry," White said. Already the state's longest- serving governor, Perry hammered Hutchison for her ties to the nation's capital as he pressed hard for a third, full four -year term. He criticized her votes in favor of bailing out troubled financial institutions when Bush was president; Perry's spokesman called her "Kay Bailout." Hutchison said she tried to remind voters that she always fought for Texas values in Congress, but admitted during an interview last week that Perry succeeded in sticking her with a Washington label. "We have fought valiantly for our principles, but we did not win," Hutchison said in Dallas on Tuesday night. "I will work with Gov. Perry and our fellow Republicans to keep Texas strong in the future." Hutchison spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said the senator "was just overtaken by a wave of anti-Washington sentiment that all members of Congress are being swept up in." Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas, said Perry's campaign "honed in on where

the Republican election was and defined Hutchison in a way that she couldn't escape." Also on the ballot Tuesday were some tight Republican races for the influential State Board of Education, which adopts curriculum standards that wield significant influence over the content of textbooks nationwide. Less than a thousand votes separated former board chairman Don McLeroy and challenger Thomas Ratliff with all precincts reporting early Wednesday. A McLeroy loss would weaken the powerful conservative Christian bloc of the 15-member board, which has unusual clout because textbook publishers have few clients bigger than Texas. But social conservatives held on to at least one other seat and sent another race to an April runoff.

Associated Press writers Jay Root in Austin; Jim Vertuno in Driftwood; Ramit Plushnick- Masti in Houston; and Danny Robbins and Schuyler Dixon in Dallas contributed to this report. Five Filters featured article:

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ALBANY, N.Y. – New York Gov. David Paterson remained resistant Wednesday in the midst of a rapidly growing scandal that has now claimed two top law enforcement officials and threatens to take down his administration. Just hours after Paterson told reporters the day before that he wouldn't resign because of his intervention in the domestic violence case involving a key aide, State Police Superintendent Harry Corbitt abruptly announced he would retire effective Wednesday. Last week, Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Denise O'Donnell quit after criticizing contact that Paterson, his staff and the state police had with the woman at the center of the domestic assault. Whether Paterson or members of his administration face criminal charges will depend on exactly what they said during phone conversations with the woman. Paterson said Tuesday he'll soon give his side of the scandal that continues to chip away at his administration. Amid support from lawmakers and some calls for him to resign, the

governor would say only that he wouldn't step down. Paterson's office announced a cabinet meeting for Wednesday to discuss the state's $8 billion budget deficit, underscoring the governor's intention to appear in control and steer attention from the scandal and back to state business. On Halloween in the Bronx, Sherruna Booker told police she was roughed up by Paterson aide David Johnson, her boyfriend at the time, but she decided not to press charges. At issue is whether Paterson or anyone from his staff or security detail influenced her decision. Paterson has acknowledged that he spoke with Booker but said she initiated the call. He said he did not try to get her to change her story or tell her not to pursue a charge. The New York Times provided new details Tuesday on Paterson's involvement in the matter, reporting that the governor had personally directed two state employees to contact the woman. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo— often mentioned as a potential gubernatorial candidate by the very critics dogging Paterson — is investigating those contacts. Any criminal case will hinge on whether Paterson, staff members

or state bodyguards tried to get Booker to change her story, making charges of witness tampering or obstructing justice possible. Arriving at a fundraiser in Manhattan, Cuomo said he hadn't spoken to Paterson yet but that the governor's office had cooperated. He gave no timetable for completing the investigation. Paul DerOhannesian, a former Albany County prosecutor, said the new revelations don't seal a case against Paterson or his administration. "We don't know what was said, and that's very important," he said. He said that while it's highly unusual for a victim to be contacted by state police when they have no jurisdiction, or for Paterson and his employees to contact the woman, "the next question is, 'What was said?' We don't know." Corbitt told an Albany television station that intense media scrutiny over the scandal was a factor in his planned departure Wednesday. O'Donnell, Corbitt's boss, resigned a week ago, saying that direct contact by the governor and troopers with the woman was "unacceptable" regardless of their intent. At the time, she said Corbitt had assured her that

state police were not involved in the investigation. Paterson refused to comment on whether he had asked Corbitt to step down. Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, considered the most powerful official in Albany, earlier left a lunch meeting with Paterson at the governor's mansion and told reporters: "I don't feel he should resign." State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs later met in the mansion with Paterson, a longtime friend who gave him the chairman's job. Jacobs wouldn't divulge details of Paterson's version of the scandal. "I did not get the sense that the governor is considering resignation, that resignation is pending," Jacobs said. The National Organization for Women called for Paterson's resignation early Tuesday despite his policy record of "excellent" on women's issues. Some leading Democrats have said he should resign to avoid further damage to the party in the November midterm elections. National Democratic Party Chairman Tim Kaine wouldn't answer when asked Wednesday on NBC's "Today" show about whether Paterson should resign

but did say he respects Paterson's decision last week to end his campaign for a full term. Even Democratic U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whom Paterson appointed last year, said Tuesday that he would have to resign if allegations that he abused his power are proven true. But Paterson has started to see some support, too, unseen in more than three weeks of scandal that forced him to end his campaign for a full term on Friday. Five Latino legislators, all Democrats, met with Paterson about budget appropriations and needs of their communities then approached reporters waiting outside the mansion. "No one has criticized the governor more than I have," said Sen. Ruben Diaz of the Bronx. "Right now, we are supporting the governor to stay until the investigation is resolved."

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"One of the nicknames that I've always called my daughter is my Angel. She's my angel forever," he said. "I want to thank you. Chelsea wants to thank you," he said. When someone shouted, "We love you," Brent King

responded, "We love all of you." The body was found buried in a shallow grave on the south shore

of Lake Hodges, said San Diego

County Sheriff William Gore. The body has not been positively identified but Gore said there was a "strong likelihood" it was Chelsea's. John Albert Gardner III, 30, was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in San Diego. The Lake Elsinore man pleaded

guilty in May 2000 to molesting

a 13-year-old female neighbor

and served five years of a six- year prison term. Prosecutors said he lured the victim to his home with an offer to watch "Patch Adams," a 1998 movie starring Robin Williams. The girl was beaten before escaping and running to a neighbor. Gardner "never expressed one scintilla of remorse for his attack upon the victim" despite overwhelming evidence,

prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo. He had faced a maximum of nearly 11 years in prison under terms of a plea agreement but prosecutors urged six years. A psychiatrist who interviewed Gardner, Dr. Matthew Carroll, wanted a stiffer punishment, saying in court documents that he was a "continued danger to underage girls in the community." Gardner was on parole for three years, until September 2008, state records show. San Diego police say Gardner is positively linked to an assault on a 22-year-old Colorado Springs, Colo., woman who managed to fend off her attacker on Dec. 27 in Rancho Bernardo

Community Park on the northern edge of San Diego, where King's 1994 BMW was found with her belongings inside. San Diego police Capt. Jim Collins decline to describe the evidence pinning the December assault on Gardner but said a swab taken from the victim's elbow did not match Gardner's DNA. Tuesday night's ceremony was initially planned as a vigil for

King's safe return but it took on the air of a memorial service three hours after the sheriff announced the body was recovered. Friends spoke of her quirky sense of humor and irrepressibly upbeat spirit. "She would just breathe sunshine even if you were in a bad mood," said Madison Chapman, a friend. "She made you feel like a little kid, like there were no problems, like nothing could go wrong." King, a senior, was quick to volunteer for school activities, whether at a prom for special education students or orientation night for incoming freshmen, said Barkerball, who supervised her in a peer counseling program. Barkerball said King would have liked the massive turnout for her Tuesday night but been embarrassed. "She would have been the first here for someone else," she said. Click here for more from

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SAN DIEGO Thousands of mourners walked the sidewalks of a wide avenue in silence, holding candles and tearfully embracing. Many were at a loss for words over the discovery of a body believed to be that of 17-year- old Chelsea King, five days after the popular, straight-A student from San Diego County disappeared and two days after a registered sex offender was booked on suspicion of rape and murder. Severe shock and denial among King's classmates is giving way to anger and hurt, Traci Barkerball, King's teacher for three years at Poway High School, said Tuesday night. "What bothers me most is the kids don't feel safe anymore," Barkerball said between hugs for grieving students. "Their sense of security has been taken away from them." Brent King, Chelsea's father, thanked supporters on the lawn of St. Michael's Church in Poway, northeast of San Diego. Some in the audience fought to control their sobs as he spoke.

Submitted at 3/3/2010 1:47:04 AM

National Democratic Party Chairman Tim Kaine is the latest party member refusing to back New York Gov. David Paterson as scandal threatens his administration. Kaine wouldn't answer when asked Wednesday on NBC's "Today" show about whether Paterson should resign. Kaine did say that he respects Paterson's decision last week to end his campaign for a full term. Paterson says he won't quit. He's holding a Cabinet meeting on budget issues Wednesday morning. The governor is snared in a scandal involving contacts he and some subordinates had with a woman who had accused a close Paterson aide of domestic violence in October. The woman later dropped the case. © Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Five Filters featured article:

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really like a dream come true." Mike and Tobey Slagenweit- Coffman of Arlington, Va., had a civil union in Vermont and a big church wedding in Minnesota, but wanted to get legally married in D.C. Tobey Slagenweit-Coffman said allowing same-sex marriages in the nation's capital is historic. "It's signaling definitely a change in the mood of the country," he said. Washington will be the sixth place in the nation where gay marriages can take place. Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont currently issue licenses to same-sex couples. To deal with the expected crowd Wednesday, the marriage bureau will bring in temporary employees to help its regular staff, courthouse spokeswoman Leah Gurowitz said. "Everybody who wants a marriage license is going to get one. It may take a little longer, but they will get their license," Gurowitz said. To prepare, the marriage bureau has changed its license applications so they are gender- neutral, asking for the name of each "spouse" rather than the

"bride" and "groom." And at civil marriage ceremonies to be performed in the courthouse, a booklet for the official performing the marriage now reads, "I now pronounce you legally married" instead of "I now pronounce you man and wife." A marriage license application costs$35, and the marriage license $10. Couples who are

already registered as domestic partners in the city can convert their registration into a marriage license by paying the $10 fee. Supporters expected the day to be festive. A District of Columbia councilman who introduced the gay marriage bill planned to hand out boxes of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes

to the first 200 couples in line.

Terrance Heath, 41, planned to be at the courthouse with his partner, Rick Imirowicz, 43. The two have been together for 10 years and have a 7-year-old and

a 2-year-old, but Heath said

Wednesday feels like "a step forward." "My husband has always been my husband to me, but having that legal recognition, that legal protection, makes it easier to deal with any number of

situations," said Heath, a writer and blogger. "If you tell people you're married, you don't really have to explain much beyond that." The two, who live in Maryland, plan to marry on March 9, the first day possible. The gay marriage law was introduced in the 13-member D.C. Council in October and had near-unanimous support from the beginning. The bill passed and D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty signed it in December, but because Washington is a federal district, the law had to undergo a congressional review period that expired Tuesday. Opponents, however, are still attempting to overturn the bill in court.

On the Net:

Superior Court of the District of Columbia marriage bureau:

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WASHINGTON – At least 50 same-sex couples were lined up to apply for marriage licenses when city offices opened Wednesday, the day the unions became legal in the nation's capitol. Cheering erupted from the crowd when the first couple signed in at the city's marriage bureau inside the Moultrie courthouse, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Because of a mandatory waiting period of three business days, however, couples won't actually be able to marry in the District of Columbia until March 9. Court officials have been told to expect up to 200 people They plan to have five people taking applications instead of the usual two. Sinjoyla Townsend, 41, and her partner of 12 years, Angelisa Young, 47, claimed the first spot in line just after 6 a.m. They are already domestic partners in the city, so they are converting that partnership into a marriage license. "It's like waking up Christmas morning," Young said. "It's

Submitted at 3/2/2010 12:21:57 PM

The Chilean 8.8 monster quake was so powerful it actually shifted the Earth’s axis and shortened the length of a day. The devastating earthquake in Chile that killed almost 700 people probably also shifted the Earth’s axis, say NASA scientists, permanently making days shorter by 1.26 microseconds. But since a microsecond is one-millionth of a second, you may not have noticed.


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"One of the nicknames that I've always called my daughter is my Angel. She's my angel forever," he said. "I want to thank you. Chelsea wants to thank you," he said. When someone shouted, "We love you," Brent King

responded, "We love all of you." The body was found buried in a shallow grave on the south shore

of Lake Hodges, said San Diego

County Sheriff William Gore. The body has not been positively identified but Gore said there was a "strong likelihood" it was Chelsea's. John Albert Gardner III, 30, was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in San Diego. The Lake Elsinore man pleaded

guilty in May 2000 to molesting

a 13-year-old female neighbor

and served five years of a six- year prison term. Prosecutors said he lured the victim to his home with an offer to watch " Patch Adams," a 1998 movie starring Robin Williams. The girl was beaten before escaping and running to a neighbor. Gardner "never expressed one scintilla of remorse for his attack upon the victim" despite overwhelming evidence,

prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo. He had faced a maximum of nearly 11 years in prison under terms of a plea agreement but prosecutors urged six years. A psychiatrist who interviewed Gardner, Dr. Matthew Carroll, wanted a stiffer punishment, saying in court documents that he was a "continued danger to underage girls in the community." Gardner was on parole for three years, until September 2008, state records show. San Diego police say Gardner is positively linked to an assault on a 22-year-old Colorado Springs, Colo., woman who managed to fend off her attacker on Dec. 27 in Rancho Bernardo

Community Park on the northern edge of San Diego, where King's 1994 BMW was found with her belongings inside. San Diego police Capt. Jim Collins decline to describe the evidence pinning the December assault on Gardner but said a swab taken from the victim's elbow did not match Gardner's DNA. Tuesday night's ceremony was initially planned as a vigil for

King's safe return but it took on the air of a memorial service three hours after the sheriff announced the body was recovered. Friends spoke of her quirky sense of humor and irrepressibly upbeat spirit. "She would just breathe sunshine even if you were in a bad mood," said Madison Chapman, a friend. "She made you feel like a little kid, like there were no problems, like nothing could go wrong." King, a senior, was quick to volunteer for school activities, whether at a prom for special education students or orientation night for incoming freshmen, said Barkerball, who supervised her in a peer counseling program. Barkerball said King would have liked the massive turnout for her Tuesday night but been embarrassed. "She would have been the first here for someone else," she said. Five Filters featured article:

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Submitted at 3/3/2010 4:05:26 AM

SAN DIEGO – Thousands of mourners walked the sidewalks of a wide avenue in silence, holding candles and tearfully embracing. Many were at a loss for words over the discovery of a body believed to be that of 17-year- old Chelsea King, five days after the popular, straight-A student from San Diego County disappeared and two days after a registered sex offender was booked on suspicion of rape and murder. Severe shock and denial among King's classmates is giving way to anger and hurt, Traci Barkerball, King's teacher for three years at Poway High School, said Tuesday night. "What bothers me most is the kids don't feel safe anymore," Barkerball said between hugs for grieving students. "Their sense of security has been taken away from them." Brent King, Chelsea's father, thanked supporters on the lawn of St. Michael's Church in Poway, northeast of San Diego. Some in the audience fought to control their sobs as he spoke.

Submitted at 3/2/2010 2:55:01 PM

Today’s work of genius is a masterful performance of “ , , , .” (“I am very glad, because I’m finally back home,” according to Google’s language tools.) A poignant evocation of simple proletarian joy at returning to a familiar homeland, with orange walls and strange metalwork.[Video]

Submitted at 3/2/2010 9:00:59 PM

Food Storage Bags - from Consumer Reports To find out which food storage bags are

least likely to spill the beans, the cookies, or the leftover sauce by ripping or dripping, Consumer Reports tested 20 for the March issue. Food Storage Bags

Subscribe to for expert Ratings, buying advice and





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Argentina is flying a field hospital over the Andes to Chile and has pledged half a million litres of much-needed drinking water. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva flew to Santiago and offered his nation's support, as did US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Hillary Clinton holds joint conference with Michelle Bachelet Mrs Clinton took a consignment of satellite phones with her to Santiago after the Chilean government requested communications equipment alongside field hospitals and water purification units. "We stand ready to help in any way that the government of Chile asks us to," said Mrs Clinton, adding: "The United States will be there to help when

others leave." After touring the disaster zone, Chilean President-elect Sebastian Pinera - who takes office on 11 March - said the situation was worse than he had expected. "When we have a catastrophe of this magnitude, when there is no electricity and no water, the


sense of public order," he said.

About two million Chileans are believed to have been affected by Saturday's earthquake, the seventh most powerful on record and the worst disaster to befall Chile in 50 years. The epicentre of the quake was 115km (70 miles) north-east of Concepcion and 325km south- west of the capital Santiago. About 1.5 million homes in Chile have been damaged. Most of the collapsed buildings were of older design - including many historic structures. Are you in Chile? How are you

starts losing the

coping with the aftermath of the earthquake? Send us your comments, pictures and video. Send your pictures to or text them to +44 7725 100 100. If you have a large file you can upload here. At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. Read the terms and conditions The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide. Five Filters featured article:

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Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)

Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:30:00 AM

Microsoft has announced a scripting vulnerability affecting Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003 users using Internet Explorer. A dialog pop-up that convinces the user to hit F1, the

A dialog pop-up that convinces the user to hit F1, the commonly known "Help" button, could

commonly known "Help" button, could then run code on

the machine, which would lead to, well, all kinds of unfortunate things. A patch will arrive, but in the meantime, let no web site direct you to call for help. Original image via Tom's Guide.[ Microsoft TechNet via Gizmodo]

secure area and the FAA says only licensed controllers are supposed to communicate with planes. "I have never ever heard a small kid in the tower giving instructions for an airplane to take off or cross a runway or any kind of instructions," Jim Baker, a retired chief pilot at Delta airlines, told MyFoxBoston. "Pending the outcome of our investigation, the employees involved in this incident are not controlling air traffic, the FAA said in a statement. "This behavior is not acceptable and does not demonstrate the kind of professionalism expected from all FAA employees." The union that represents air traffic controllers said: "We do not condone this type of behavior in any way, and it is not indicative of the highest professional standards that controllers set for themselves and exceed each and every day in the advancement of aviation safety." For the full story, visit Five Filters featured article:

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Submitted at 3/3/2010 12:56:21 AM

An investigation is underway after a child was heard giving instructions to a pilot from the air-traffic control tower at one of America's busiest airports. In a recording that has been confirmed as genuine by the Federal Aviation Administration, the child makes five transmissions from John F Kennedy International Airport — with the pilots in each case all responding enthusiastically to him. One conversation between the tower at JFK Airport in New York and a pilot goes as follows:

JFK TOWER: Jet Blue 171 contact departure. PILOT: Over to departure jet blue 171, awesome job. The child appears to be supervised, with a controller explaining the reason for the young voice to the pilot. JFK TOWER: That's what you get guys when the kids are out of school. (laugh) The airport is the sixth busiest in the country with thousands of planes taking off and landing every day. The control tower is a highly


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The US Senate has passed stopgap legislation to keep benefits flowing for the long- term jobless and provide funding for road building projects. The 78 to 19 vote came after Republican Senator Jim Bunning, who blocked the move for days, dropped his objections amid pressure from his own party. He had argued that the bill would add $10bn (£6.6bn) to the federal deficit. As existing legislation had expired, thousands faced losing benefits, while road workers were told to stay home. The legislation passed by the

Senate on Tuesday extends a number of programmes for another month while Congress grapples with a much larger bill covering payments through the year. Kentucky Senator Mr Bunning, 78, had used procedural tactics since last Thursday to delay the measure. The former baseball star said he did not want to add to the US's ballooning deficit, and that the Democrats had not explained how they were going to pay for it. Many Republicans said they agreed with his view but not his tactics. The deadlock was broken when Mr Bunning lifted his opposition in return for a vote to close a tax loophole. But he insisted the cost of

unemployment benefits should not be added to the federal deficit. "We are on an unsustainable path as far as the budget," he said. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said Mr Bunning had

accepted an offer he had turned down for days.

"As a result


benefits were cut off for thousands of people across America, assistance for health care was cut off across America, thousands of federal employees were furloughed," he said. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article:

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Guatemala's chief of national police and the country's top anti- drugs official have been arrested over alleged links to drug trafficking. Attorney General Amilcar Velasquez said police chief Baltazar Gomez and Nelly Bonilla were being held in

connection with a cocaine theft in March 2009. Mr Velasquez said five police agents were killed as a result of the theft. Mexican drug gangs have been moving operations into Guatemala as they come under pressure in their own country. The two most senior officials in Guatemala's fight against drug trafficking were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit

a crime, illegal possession of weapons and obstruction of justice. "The captures were the result of tracking the investigation into the drug robbery that took place in Amatitlan, which those detained today are believed to have participated in," Mr Velasquez said. The arrests come two days after President Alvaro Colom removed Interior Minister Raul

Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:08:00 AM

The Obama administration declassifies part of the government’s cybersecurity

plan, publishing parts that discuss intrusion detection systems for federal computer networks and the government’s role in securing critical infrastructure - but nothing about cyberwarfare.

Chuck Squatriglia (Wired Top Stories)

Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:54:00 AM

Wow. You guys are brutal. We expected to take some heat for our 'Perfect Car for a

Velasquez from office over alleged corruption. With the US secretary of state about to visit Guatemala, the state department has published a report expressing serious concerns about corruption and inadequate law enforcement in Guatemala. With Mexico making strong efforts against drug traffickers, Washington fears the cartels are moving south to take advantage

Snowicane' post, but some of you surprised us with both your vitriol and the seriousness with which you took a tongue-in- cheek post Fine. Have it your way. Seriously. In our poll.

of lax policing and limited surveillance in Guatemala, says the BBC's Julian Miglierini in Mexico City. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article:

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It took Mozilla more than five years of concerted effort and a lucrative partnership with Google to dent Internet Explorer's dominance. But maybe it doesn't have to be so hard. Courtesy of an antitrust case against Microsoft in the European Union, several small- fry browsers are getting a helping hand that could boost their efforts to attain relevance. At least as long as Europeans notice a particular scroll bar. "The ballot represents an enormous opportunity for Maxthon," said Ron White, a spokesman for one of those relatively obscure browsers that will be brought to the attention of Europeans. "Even though the choice screen does its best to hide Maxthon and six other lesser-known browsers, it's still a safe bet that the ballot will bring Maxthon to the attention of hundreds of thousands of computer users who would otherwise never hear of it." Once you slide the scrollbar past the five better-known browsers on Microsoft's choice screen, seven lesser-known options come into view.(Credit:

screenshot by Stephen Shakland/CNET) Through Microsoft's 2009 settlement of the EU antitrust case, the company will present a

of the EU antitrust case , the company will present a "ballot" screen with a choice

"ballot" screen with a choice of browsers to Windows users in the European Union--about 100 million of them, by the European Commission's estimate. "We plan to begin a phased roll- out of the update across Europe

the week of March 1," said Dave Heiner, Microsoft's deputy general counsel, in a recent blog


representative confirmed that the company has indeed begun issuing the browser choice update across European Union nations. The European Commission welcomed the move: "This should ensure competition on the merits and allow consumers to benefit from technical developments and innovation



both on the Web browser market and on related markets, such as Web-based applications." Browser choice in action Here's how it works. After a Windows Update change Microsoft has begun issuing, the choices appear to people with Internet Explorer set as the default browser. The choice screen shows the five most widely used browsers, in random order: IE, Firefox, Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari, and Opera. Next to the icons are links to install them or to get more information. But tucked at the bottom of the EU browser options list is a scrollbar that reveals seven other browsers. Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of them, much less installed them.

International's Maxthon, Avant Force's Avant, Fenrir's Sleipnir, and Flock. The only two to surface on NetApplications' monitoring of global Web browser use are Maxthon, with 1.2 percent share of browser usage in February, and Flock, with 0.06 percent. Neither of these projects is entirely original, either: Flock is based on the same Gecko technology underlying Firefox, and Maxthon uses IE's Trident browser engine now (a second engine, the WebKit project used in Safari and Chrome, is being added to the next version of Maxthon). It's hard to get a browser

project off the ground, with or without a helping hand. In the last 15 years, browsers have moved from being curiosities that nerdish types use to see what's on the Internet to an essential part of the computing experience often used for hours a day. Instead of being a mere window to the Web, browsers now are a foundation for applications. And the more powerful players in the market are moving fast--adding new features, concentrating on better performance, and trying to close security holes as fast as possible. New attention The second-tier players believe the EU browser choice will give GIVES page 28



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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.-- If you're wondering what the next big thing in green tech will be, this is a good place to look. The ARPA-E Summit, a conference designed to showcase potential breakthrough clean-energy technologies, started on Monday, attracting some 1,700 investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers all vying to reinvent the energy infrastructure to be cleaner and more efficient. Given the makeup of the group, the mood is optimistic that new technologies can shake up even the slow-moving energy business. At the conference, scientists and entrepreneurs showed off early-stage ideas, such as kinetic energy storage systems or methods for low-cost solar power. Arun Majumdar, the director of ARPA-E, is looking for home runs in clean energy technology.(Credit: Martin LaMonica/CNET) At the same time, there's an undercurrent of concern. Attendees here appear convinced that clean energy industries--everything from algae fuels to efficient LED lighting--will be the engine of economic growth in the future. But they also know that it will be a competitive global race.

And few of the experts here, it seems, believe that the U.S. is firing on all cylinders when it comes to converting to a cleaner energy system. In addition to technology breakthroughs, the other key pieces to the puzzle--financing and a cohesive energy policy-- need work before green tech can move from niche to mainstream, according to some of the speakers. "We need to have a Netscape- like moment when a company goes public and its potential and success infects the average American, so that there's a change in attitude toward this essential product--energy," said John Doerr, the famed venture capitalist from Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, during a panel on Tuesday. "When that happens, pardon the pun, it will be electrifying." Right now, Doerr said the U.S. simply isn't matching the speed of transition in energy in other countries. China's cars are already 30 percent more efficient, the government spent 10 times as much stimulus money as the U.S. on energy technologies, and its leaders, most of whom are engineers, have a five-year plan. In another panel, Center for American Progress CEO John Podesta said that China is spending $12 million a minute on clean- energy research and development.

million a minute on clean- energy research and development. By contrast, Doerr said that the U.S.

By contrast, Doerr said that the

U.S. energy policy could be called the "sum of all lobbyists,"

a process that yields an

inconsistent set of rules and chronic underfunding of

research and development. General Electric CEO Jeffrey

Immelt said during a talk that U.S. policies in many energy areas, including coal and nuclear, are unclear. One company vying for ARPA-

E funding is Energy Focus,

which makes LED bulbs that can replace existing fluorescent bulbs, offering more control and higher efficiency, according to the company.(Credit: Martin

LaMonica/CNET) In general, green-technology investors and entrepreneurs

argue that putting a price on carbon emissions will act as an incentive to businesses to develop low-carbon energy. Also, many argue that utility regulations need to change so that all utilities have an incentive to use energy more efficiently. Financing, meanwhile, remains

a challenge for many budding green-tech companies because many businesses require hundreds of millions of dollars to produce their products at scale. During a panel, Andy

Karsner, the CEO of Manifest Energy and a former

Department of Energy official, said that renewable energy is starting to scale up but not in the U.S., in part because of the financial environment. Tech showcase The technology side of the picture is more optimistic. On Tuesday, a handful of companies and researchers, who are vying for or have received research grants from ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy), presented results of their ongoing work. For example, MIT Professor Daniel Nocera described the solar-power hydrogen storage system that his company Sun Catalytix is developing. Meanwhile, FloDesign Wind Turbine CEO Lars Anderson said his company is making progress in bringing the company's jet-engine-like wind turbine to market. There was also a showcase of dozens of companies working

on wide range of energy-related

technologies, including solid state batteries, LED lighting, efficient car engines, and magnesium plates that can store

hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. One early stage idea at ARPA-

E Summit is the use of

thousands of magnesium disks to store hydrogen for a fuel cell vehicle. The system from

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On the Macworld show floor, I didn't really see one specific product that blew me away. What I did see, however, is the next big concept that's going to not only blow all of us away, but it will change the way we relate to our computers. It's the SSD(solid state drive) and it's almost ready for prime time. As we've mentioned before, an SSD is a high performance storage device that has no moving parts. These drives can contain DRAM or EEPROM memory, a CPU, a memory board and a battery card ( more details here). Having no moving parts, they can move data much quicker than an HDD(hard disk drive) which uses quickly spinning platters with magnetic surfaces. I got to play with what's being sold as the quickest SSD on the market, courtesy of Other World Computing. Their new Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD drives start at US $229 for 50 GB and top out at 200 GB for $779.95. You can see our own Steve Sande in a video interview showing the boot time of this SSD vs. a stock 5400 rpm Apple drive. Watch for it at about 2:20 into the video. OWC set up a test of two Macbook Pros; I saw this demo myself and my jaw

test of two Macbook Pros; I saw this demo myself and my jaw dropped as the

dropped as the SSD equipped laptop booted up and started running applications in 32 seconds. The HDD equipped Macbook Pro took at least three times as long to accomplish the same thing. The computing experience is one of perception. How fast or slow your computer seems is based on more than the CPU speed alone. It's a composite of I/O speed, CPU speed and dozens of other factors. If you have a screamingly fast CPU with a poky drive, you have a poky computer as the chain is only as good as its weakest link. I've found, on my i7 iMac, that no matter what I do, I usually can't use up all the CPU speed, so the slowness may be due to the HDD not being able to keep up. The current and future classes of SSDs are going to change all

that. I can imagine sitting down, booting up and before I can lift my coffee cup, the computer has come up and is running startup programs. This will take some getting used to, since it will change my and everyone's work flow somewhat. Instead of all the little interruptions you get from waiting for something to happen, the response will be nearly instantaneous. This will tend to keep me more focused since I'm a procrastinator by nature, and get distracted quickly, like whenever I see a spinning beach ball. If a computer works as quickly as I feel it should work, I will be more engaged. Previous releases of SSDs got a lot of bad press for running down your battery, losing speed over their lifetime, having low capacity, and being incredibly expensive. I haven't seen any

battery tests for the OWC SSD drive, but the company advertises that the drive uses Advanced Wear Management, so that performance will not degrade over time, and they guarantee it over the five year life of the drive. The other factor is price. The 200 GB version at $779 is very expensive when compared to under $100 for a 250 GB HDD. Until there is some sort of price parity, even at a slight premium, SSDs will sell to a niche market. The last concern is capacity. Not long ago, the largest SSD you could buy was a 32 GB drive. Now Apple is selling them as stock items on the higher-end MacBook Air, and as a build to order option on the MBP(a 256 GB SSD adds $800 to the cost). I wonder how many of the $800 SSDs have been sold? I'm guessing it's a pretty

small number. So when will the stars align to the point that capacity,

reliability, and price converge at

a level that consumers will buy

in a big way? I spent some time with people from both OWC and Drivesavers and separately asked reps exactly the same question: How long do you think it will take before large capacity (500 GB) SSD drives

will be available at a price point that would be attractive to the average computer user? I got exactly the same response from both company reps: under two years. I expected much longer.

If that pans out, I can see HDDs

being slowly phased out in three to four years; eventually the HDD will go the way of the

Betamax, Laserdisc, floppy

disk, and sooner than you think, the DVD. I've bought and retired all of those technologies. I've seen this before. I started with an Apple ][+ and

a tape drive in the late 70s. A bit later the Disk ][ was introduced by Apple, giving me 143 KB of storage for $595, more capacity than I thought I'd ever need in my life or the life of my children. It added a massive speed increase to my computing experience. Some years later, I went for the big bucks and spent $1395 on a First Class Peripherals D9, which was a 90 MB HDD with streaming tape HAVE page 31


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them a leg up, though. "Considering that going into this balloting, Maxthon has a market share of 1.21 percent, even a 1 percent shift would be a big difference," said Maxthon's White. "It's obvious who the two leaders are. The chart also shows that there's really not much difference among the four other browsers. It wouldn't take an awful lot for Maxthon to overtake Opera, Safari, or even the vaunted Chrome." Ever heard of Avant or K- Meleon? They're among the seven lesser-known browsers that appear on the browser choice screen.(Credit:

screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET) Maxthon, which claims second place after IE in China, now has

a specific ambition from the

European change. "What I'd like

to see in the next six months is

enough people select Maxthon that we can take Opera's place among the first five browsers on the ballot," White said. Sleipnir, a browser from a company in Japan called Fenrir, has already seen a difference from the browser-choice screen. "New downloads are increasing from this list," said spokesman

Yasuhiro Miki. "We are very happy for this opportunity [for] users to gain more chances for browser choice," and as a result of the of the browser-choice screen, "we are thinking to cover finally all languages in Europe." Flock, too, is happy with its new opportunity. "Flock's existing market share has been generated almost entirely by organic word of mouth. It is likely that increasing users' awareness of choice in the browser market will increase the sampling of browsers," said Chief Executive Shawn Hardin. The scrollbar worry But he's among those worried about the browser choice page design.

"While we are very supportive of the EU's effort to give users

more choice and open up competition, we believe that Microsoft's implementation of the final choice screen is flawed and could substantially undercut the EU's original intent and intended benefits," Hardin said. "If no changes to the choice screen design are made quickly, we estimate 58 percent of the browsers chosen (7 of 12) will

only be discovered and considered for installation by a very small minority of users who receive the choice screen on their PC." K-Meleon, which also uses Mozilla's Gecko engine but combines it with a native Windows interface, is experiencing a 30 percent increase in downloads. "There are quite some visits from," said a K- Meleon forum moderator called Guenter who's active in the project. But Alex Tarantul, who also works on the K-Meleon project, shares Flock's concern about the horizontal scrollbar. He sees a vicious cycle: people mostly won't use the scrollbar, so lesser browsers won't be installed, so the browser choice screen will drop them on the assumption that there's little interest. And Yannis Kargas, who writes extensions for K-Meleon, believes K-Meleon may actually be doing better than statistics indicate. "Unlike what most believe, K-Meleon is not a browser with very limited user base. Certainly, it has less users than the common or mainstream browsers but it isn't by any

means an unknown or forgotten browser without real users," Kargas said. At root of the problem, Kargas said, is browser identification text called the user-agent string. Because many Web sites check this string and reject browsers they don't support, many using browsers that are off the beaten track "spoof" this string to gain admittance. And some sites don't read the string correctly, for example believing any Gecko-based browser is Firefox. "Unfortunately, many non- savvy users will not know that they simply need to change the user agent when encountering those Web sites, and they think the browser is flawed and eventually decide to use one of those 'popular' browsers because they are 'supported' or recommended on those Web sites," Kargas said, even though the browser actually is compatible. FlashPeak also is unhappy with the scrollbar situation. "We are tracking the number of downloads but so far, the numbers are fairly disappointing (a few hundred downloads per day for us). I was expecting a couple of thousands per day.

But it's better than nothing," said company representative Stephen Cheng. Several of these companies lack the resources of major browsers. Efforts to contact GreenBrowser and Avant representatives were unsuccessful. But even for those of the lesser- used browsers that are well organized, the fight for relevance will be tough. For example, Opera, which already has a significant following in Europe, is is launching a publicity campaign based on the browser choice situation. The EU will give a new opportunity for the curious to try new browsers. But even for the curious, brand familiarity matters. And when it comes to branding, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Firefox, and even scrappy Opera have a big lead. Update 5:53 a.m. PST with comment from FlashPeak. Five Filters featured article:

Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:

Eliot Van Buskirk (Wired Top Stories)

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Ever wonder how Jimi Hendrix would have covered Lady Gaga? The day is approaching when you should be able to find

out, thanks to Zenph Sound Innovations' technology for analyzing and recreating artists' musical styles.

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to survey results and population extrapolations from the National Study on Medical Identity Theft report from the Ponemon


sponsored by credit reporting firm Experian. The average total cost to resolve an identity theft-related incident, according to the survey, came to about $20,000. More than half of the victims said they had to pay for the care they didn't receive out of their own pocket to restore coverage. Nearly half said they lost their health care coverage as a result of the incident, while nearly one -third said their insurance premiums went up after the event. "We had a customer call this week who said he received a

it changed his medical records and now he could face a lawsuit from the doctor who wants to get paid." Fewer than 10 percent of survey respondents said that the matter affecting them was completely resolved and their identity restored, while 40 percent said they were not able to resolve the matter. In many cases, the fraud is committed by a family member or friend of the victim, so the crime is often not reported to authorities, said Larry Ponemon, founder and chairman of the Ponemon Institute. But don't doctor's offices and hospitals ask to see photo ID? "That is not as common a practice as you might think," Ponemon said. "Some health care providers think that could be a violation of the consumer's privacy." Five Filters featured article:

Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:

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When your wallet is lost or stolen, the first thing you probably do is call your credit card companies. You should also notify your medical insurance provider judging from the conclusions of a report to be released on Wednesday that finds that medical identity fraud can be very costly. With identity fraud, most people think of criminals stealing Social Security numbers and credit card data to take out loans or make purchases that the victim is responsible for. But there is a growing amount of medical-related identity theft in which someone uses another person's identity or insurance information to get medical treatment or medicine. About 9 percent of U.S. adults have been victims of identity fraud and, of those, nearly 6 percent are estimated to have been victims of medical-related identity fraud, which translates to 1.4 million people, according



collections notice," said Jennifer Leur, general manager of Experian's service. "Someone took a loan out from a bank to pay for several thousand dollars worth of surgery, used his name for the

We got it

removed from his credit file, but

loan and the surgery

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Movieclips and Anyclips will prove you right (or totally wrong) the next time you're having an argument about when

that one guy said that one thing in that place in your favorite flick.


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Plasma Kinetics uses a laser, just like a CD player, to remove fuel and power the vehicle.(Credit: Martin LaMonica/CNET) The ARPA-E agency was first funded last year with a $400 million budget with a goal of nurturing breakthrough energy technologies. ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar said that the agency is structured to yield "home runs" by focusing research in different areas, such as grid storage or carbon capture and storage, which can be developed within the next three to five years. On Tuesday, it opened additional grant solicitations in grid storage to complement wind and solar power, energy efficient air conditioning, and efficient power electronics for wind turbines or LED lighting. While entrepreneurs and scientist toil away on these early -stage ideas, many of the attendees are closely watching the development of green-tech companies now reaching the point of commercialization. Lithium ion battery company A123 Systems went public last year, and this year a few more companies, including electric

carmaker Tesla Motors and solar company Solyndra, are hoping to raise money on the stock market. The success of these early companies, although still not global powerhouses, shows that new technologies are penetrating the market faster than many would have predicted five to eight years ago, said Stephan Dolezalek, who heads the clean tech practice at VantagePoint Ventures. But to make a large-scale impact, the industry still needs a handful of enduring success stories, said Don Paul, the executive director of the University of Southern California Energy Institute. "It will be a complex ecology with different players," he said. "But ultimately for us to compete in the world, we must have global players because that is what is out there." Five Filters featured article:

Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:


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Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

freelancers. That set off a flurry of other similar/related lawsuits. In one of those other cases, the publisher and freelancers eventually reached a settlement -- but not all of the freelancers were satisfied with it. In appealing the settlement, it was noted that many of the freelancers had not registered their copyrights. Now, as you hopefully know, you automatically get copyright on any new content as soon as it's set in tangible form, but if you decide to register it, it gives you additional privileges and remedies against infringement. In most cases, not having a registration greatly limits what you can do in terms of a lawsuit against infringement. So the issue in this lawsuit -- Reed Elsevier v. Muchnick -- became whether or not those unregistered stories (and their authors) could be covered by the settlement. Copycense points us to the

Supreme Court's ruling(pdf) which says that, contrary to what the Appeals Court had ruled, it is perfectly fine to include unregistered copyrights in the court's jurisdiction. While some are reporting that this means you no longer need to register to sue, I don't think that's what the ruling is actually saying. It simply says that just because you haven't registered, it doesn't mean that it's outside of the court's jurisdiction. So it sounds like this means that unregistered copyrights can get included in a settlement/class- action lawsuit like this one, but the holders of those unregistered copyrights might still have difficulty (or great limits) should they try to bring the lawsuit directly themselves. It would be great to get some of the copyright lawyers in the community here to weigh in as well. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

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There have been a series of lawsuits over the past decade or so concerning newspapers and magazines republishing old content that was created by freelancers in digital format. Basically, the publications had freelancers create content for publication. Years later, this wonderful world we know as the internet became a big deal (and, before that, CD-ROMs) and the publishers wanted to republish their archives in digital format (first CD-ROMs, then the internet or other electronic

database). Some of the freelancers got upset, saying that the publications were reusing their content without permission, and that the license to use the content had been for the one use only. Lawsuits were filed and eventually, in the Supreme Court ruled that this





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Filed under: Apple The latest


finished and, after a few tense moments as they got their ducks in a row last night, the new bundle is ready for sale. This year's "nano bundle" includes the following apps at an incredible discount:




That's more than US$260 worth of software for a mere twenty bucks. Note that Tales of Monkey Island and Rapidweaver are the "Unlock Apps." That is to say, they'll become available once certain sales milestones have been reached; Monkey Island will go on sale once 50,000 bundles have been sold, and Rapidweaver after that. I tend to buy software as I need it or as I realize that I've been using it for a while without sending off some cash to the

using it for a while without sending off some cash to the developer. When participating in

developer. When participating in these "event" sales, I tend to forget that I ever downloaded the stuff, often being surprised at finding the software thus acquired in my /Applications folder. Your mileage will, of course, vary. For some of you

out there in reader-land, this

bundle may turn out to be the

best thing since, I dunno, sliced

bread or Wheatabix or citizen

band radios or whatever, for


So if you're a bundle kind of person, Woo Hoo! The stuff is here (or at least, nearly here.) Here's hoping there are some goodies for you, this go 'round that will enhance your day-to- day Mac use and bring some joy into your software life. Via our Christina W., whom we miss

Again. originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 03 Mar 2010

10:30:00 EST.

Please see our

Mark Wilson (Gizmodo)

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Just as I'd play LEGO Star Wars, I'd gladly watch a full



movie—assuming it's as well- executed as this clip. Enjoy the brick gore. [ BricksinMotion via

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Filed under: Apple Financial, iPhone Bernstein Research's Toni Sacconaghi issued a 13- page report last week in which he estimated that the iPhone's gross profit margins were an astounding 57.8%. Those margins tower above Apple's competitors with RIM estimated to have 43% profit margins, Nokia 33%, Motorola 32%, and HTC 31.7%. Sacconaghi believes that the iPhone's high gross margins could change Apple's business model as the iPhone's share of Apple's overall revenue stream grows from 30% in FY09 to an estimated 45% to 50% in FY11. Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at Apple 2.0 notes that while the Street generally assumes Apple's profit margins will decline over the next few years, Sacconaghi believes they will increase due to a few key points:


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backup built in. Even being the slowest drive on the planet, at least in today's terms, my computing speed at least tripled. As HDDs got quicker and cheaper (and I did buy a hard- drive equipped Mac SE/30 somewhere in there) the

buy a hard- drive equipped Mac SE/30 somewhere in there) the • iPhone prices are actually

• iPhone prices are actually

increasing. In Q3 2009, the

average wholesale price was $588. In Q1 2010 it's risen to


Mobile partners are still lining

up to get the iPhone with Apple adding 15 new ones over the past 4 months.

Despite his Rosy outlook,

Buyers are still more than

Sacconaghi is reducing his

eager for the iPhone. There is no

iPhone shipment estimates by

sign of price resistance from


million units in FQ4 10 and

either customers or carriers.


million units in fiscal year

perception of speed tripled again. Nothing that dramatic has happened in at least a decade, but the next big change is nearly upon us. In fact, it's here for the well heeled and the MacBook Air buyer, but about two years away for the rest of us.

This is going to be big.


Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 03 Mar 2010 08:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this|


2011 under the assumption that there won't be an iPhone for Verizon before mid 2011. He also expects T-Mobile will get the iPhone before Verizon does. As for the iPad, Sacconaghi estimates its gross profit margins to be between 30 to 32%, not the 50% suggested by iSuppli. Sacconaghi rates AAPL as "Outperform" and has a price target of $250. In his report he states, "We believe that on a cash flow basis the stock is very attractively valued and that the stock is the most attractive secular name in our coverage universe." TUAW iPhone gross profit margins nearly 60% originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 03 Mar 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

. Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments Comments NatGeo Downloader 2.0 Grabs Over 5,000

Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)

Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:05:00 AM

Windows: National Geographic's web site has some stunning photography, and a lot of it makes for good rotating desktop backgrounds. The NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader we've previously enjoyed has updated with interface improvments, bug fixes, and access to thousands more images. The app's developer writes that while his first release of the app made it convenient to grab a few hundred of National Geographic's photography contest images, this 2.0 version broadens your access to more than 5,000 images. Future versions should expand the range even further. It's a Windows-only app, but Linux and Mac users with some command line savvy can still get in on the NatGeo action. NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader is a free download for Window systems. NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader[Novazi]


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Open Identity Exchange(OIX) is a newly founded non-profit organization, launched today at the RSA Conference 2010 by Google, PayPal, Equifax, VeriSign, Verizon, CA, and Booz Allen Hamilton. The aim of this new organization is exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors; in other words, it can certify online identity providers to U.S. federal standards. OIX is not to be confused with OpenID, which is a standard that lets sites such as Google, Twitter or Facebook share the same login credentials. U.S. Government sites require a trust framework, a certification system that enables a party who accepts a digital identity credential to trust the identity, security, and privacy policies of the party who issues the credential. OIX is the first Open Identity Trust Framework provider, enabling certified sites

Identity Trust Framework provider, enabling certified sites share their login credentials with U.S. Government sites.

share their login credentials with U.S. Government sites. “OIX grew out of a public/private industry partnership initiated by the U.S. government at this conference last year. OpenID and Information Card technologies can solve the technical problem of using identity credentials across different websites, but can’t solve the problem of how those credentials can be trusted at different levels of assurance. OIX is a solution to this problem not just for the U.S. government, but for many different governments, industry alliances, non-profit associations, telcos, academic networks, and others all over the world who need to establish

trust across a wide online population,” said Don Thibeau, OIDF Executive Director and OIX Board Chair. Today, OIX has certified Google, PayPal and Equifax (with Verizon awaiting certification) to issue digital identity credentials that will be accepted for registration and login at U.S. government

websites. Of course, this will be implemented gradually; the first site to accept OIX credentials for login is the National



Read more about OIX at the official site. Reviews: Facebook, Google, Twitter Tags: Equifax, Google, OIX, paypal, U.S. government

Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)

Submitted at 3/3/2010 7:04:39 AM

According to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, iPad will be a Wi-Fi driven product. “My expectation is that there’s not going to be a lot of people out there looking for another subscription,” he said. It makes sense; people who already have an iPhone subscription may be unlikely to go for another subscription, especially since it’s not crucial to the iPad experience, which comes in both Wi-Fi and 3G flavors. But, have you ever actually tried to do some meaningful work (or even casual browsing) using only a Wi-Fi connection, when you’re on the move? Often, you’ll find many Wi-Fi connections available, but they’re all password-protected. When you find one, you’re not very mobile anymore: sit on a tram, bus, or a subway, and your Wi-Fi is lost, and you have to search for another one. Finally, open Wi-Fi connections are often unsafe, and many users

open Wi-Fi connections are often unsafe, and many users won’t dare access or send sensitive data

won’t dare access or send sensitive data over them. Being able to fall back to a 3G connection improves your mobile Internet experience tremendously, and the logical question (that no one answered yet) is this: will iPad users will be able to tether 3G connection from the iPhone? After all, if you’re paying for a 3G iPhone subscription, shouldn’t you be able to use that connection on another device (bought from the same carrier and the same manufacturer)? Apple has so far been silent about tethering on the iPad, but it’s a question that needs to be answered, perhaps even before iPad hits the market. Tags: 3g, att, ipad, iphone, Tethering

Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo)

Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:40:00 AM

My wife and I joined the NYC

pinball league two weeks ago. I wonder if they would let me play using this brain-computer interface, which was shown at

play using this brain-computer interface, which was shown at by Sean Gallup/Getty Images CeBit in Germany.

by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

CeBit in Germany. [ io9] Photo

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CompactFlash cards go hi g h-s p eed (CNET Transcend 400X cards for $89 for

Transcend 400X cards for $89 for 16GB, $205 for 32GB, and $369 for 64GB. The 600X cards are selling for $107 for 8GB, $200 for 16GB, and $300 for