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Many Sonex and AeroConversions products and kit components come with single- or multiple-page instruction sheets to ease the
installation process.

Replacement instruction sheets are available for download in PDF format* below. Any newly created instruction sheets or
supplemental instructions will also be posted to this page as they are made available.

*Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Sonex PDF files.


Nuvite Polishing Instructions

(Updated 05/19/06)

Multi-page instructions detailing how to achieve that perfect shine using Nuvite products.

Firewall Forward

AeroConversions Air Filter Assembly Installation

(Updated 06/01/06)

Details installation of the AeroConversions Air Filter Assembly.

AeroConversions CHT Probe Installation

(Updated 12/20/07)

Installation instructions for AeroConversions Jabiru and AeroVee CHT Probes.

AeroConversions Oil Separator Installation

(Updated 11/24/09)

Installation instructions for AeroConversions Oil Separator.

AeroVee 2-into-1 Stainless Exhaust Installation

(Updated 05/21/08)

Installation instructions for the AeroConversions AeroVee 2-into-1 Stainless Exhaust.

AeroVee Break-In Procedures

(Updated 11/11/09)

Break-In procedures for the AeroConversions AeroVee Engine Kit.

Cowling Installation Instructions

(Updated 07/13/08)

Supplemental documentation regarding fitting and installation of Sonex Aircraft fiberglass cowlings.
Jabiru 3300 Oil Cooler Upgrade Installation Instructions
(Updated 08/11/08)

Installation instructions for the Sonex/Jabiru Baffle Kit Oil Cooler Upgrade, designed to accomodate use of the Aero-Classics oil
cooler, which is more compatible with current Jabiru 3300 exhaust sytem installations. Note: all new AeroConversions Jabiru
Universal Baffle Kits include materials and installation instructions to accomodate the Aero-Classics oil cooler.

Fuselage Construction

Canopy Installation Tips

(Updated 02/02/06)

This PDF file is a duplicate of the sticker that ships adhered to your canopy.

Fuel Tank Installation Tips

(Updated 04/04/08)

Installation instructions for the rotationally molded fuel tank. Fuel tank warranty is not included in this PDF file. If you have lost
your warranty and need another copy, please contact Sonex staff. Please note that replacement warranty paperwork is only
available to original owners.

General Information

Bending Flat Parts

(Updated 01/26/09)

Some airframe parts require bending, whether bending a flat part to a given angle, or reforming an existing angle (rib flange,
channel flange, etc.) to a proper fit. This can easily be accomplished using simple tools and the techniques illustrated in this
instruction sheet.

Hardware Kit Letter

(Updated 02/02/06)

Letter sent with all new airframe kits explaining our hardware policy. Information can also be obtained on ourHardware Kit web

Laser Flash Explanation

(Updated 02/02/06)

Descriptions of typical laser assist gas "flash" residue and instructions for deburring laser-cut parts.

Reforming Aluminum Extrusions

(Updated 01/20/09)

Some airframe parts require that the 90-degree aluminum extrusion from which they are made be reformed to a greater, or lesser
bend angle. This is easily accomplished with common tools using the techniques illustrated in this instruction sheet.

Sonex Aircraft Fly-In Traffic Instructions

(Updated 05/31/06)

Fly-In traffic instructions (1.4mb PDF File) for all pilots flying in to any Sonex event, including events during EAA AirVenture
Oshkosh. Please note that if you are flying-in during AirVenture, you must also download and study the AirVenture
NOTAM from EAA as well.


Electric Instrument Installation Instructions

(Updated 10/27/08)

Generic Letter with Sonex-Specific recommendations to set up many different makes and models of Electronic Cockpit
Instrumentation for Monitoring Flight and Engine Data.

Landing Gear

Wheel and Brake Assembly and Installation Instructions

(Updated 06/16/06)

Two page instruction sheet instructing how to prepare Azusa Wheels and Brakes for installation. Information supplements drawing

Tail Construction

Sonex Tail Spar Instructions

(Updated 02/02/06)

Instructions for final preparation and assembly of pre-fabricated Sonex Horizontal Tail Spars.

Wing Construction

Gusset Stock Instructions

(Updated 03/30/06)

Instructions for use with laser-cut blanks for SNX-W15-08/09, SNX-W16-07, and SNX-W16-08.

Sonex and Waiex LH Main Wing Spar Exploded View Supplement

(Updated 06/29/06)

Sonex and Waiex RH Main Wing Spar Exploded View Supplement

(Updated 06/14/06)

Supplemental exploded view of main wing spar assemblies for the Sonex and Waiex. Supplement to drawings SNX-W08 and/or

Spar Cap Instructions

(Updated 06/21/06)

Instructions for final preparation of machined Spar Caps.

Spar Spacer Instructions
(Updated 02/02/06)

Instructions for use of Spacer Tools in construction of main wing spar.

Wing Installation/Removal Instructions

(Updated 03/27/06)

12 page instruction sheet on installing/removing Sonex/Waiex wings.

Wing Squaring/Skinning Instructions

(Updated 05/18/06)

Due to popular demand, we have published SNX-W07-02, an instruction sheet detailing a suggested method for squaring and
skinning your Sonex, Waiex or Xenos wings.

Wing Tip Installation

(Updated 11/10/06)

Instructions for installation of fiberglass wing tips on the Sonex and Waiex.