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Many people would say Harmony is synonymous with peace or calm. I say
harmony is simply the energetic resonance between two or more entities.
The outcome of that resonance is determined by the frequency broadcast
from each individual.

It is the signal we broadcast out to the Universe that creates our realities.
This signal is how we draw people, situations, and events into our lives that
act as our mirrors. If you want to know what kind of signal you are
broadcasting, simply take a look at the people in your circle of friends and
family. If you are totally surrounded by loving, compassionate, and peaceful
people then congratulations are in order!

You are broadcasting love, compassion, and peace if that is what you are
surrounded with. If on the other hand, you are NOT totally surrounded by
loving, compassionate, and peaceful people, then I invite you to take a closer
look at the issues they do present to you. What actions in others really push
your buttons?

As you examine and ultimately heal the issues that push your buttons, you
will experience more peace and calm in your life, more harmony. These
buttons are really 'diamonds in the rough' that will lead you to the gemstones
buried within you. When something really gets to you ask yourself, "What is
it really that bothers me?". What is it about ME that this triggers my
frustration, anger, or any other reaction? Perhaps it is something you are also
'guilty' of doing, even if it is to a lesser degree. Perhaps it is giving you an
opportunity to let go of judgment and move into a Graceful Acceptance. I
invite you to use your triggers to diagnose the areas that are asking to be
healed within you. Each one of these triggers can become a beautiful part of
you once they are healed.

As you heal these different aspects of yourself you will feel more and more
complete. The more complete you feel, the more peaceful you feel. As you
continue you this process you grow ever 'lighter' and come ever closer to
remembering the totality of Who You Really Are.

The more you work on yourself, the more you will notice a better, brighter,
more peaceful world around you. You will see these qualities around you
because it is the frequency that you broadcast out into the world around you.
Other individuals broadcasting similar frequencies will begin to resonate
with you, which draws like minded beings into your reality. This creates an
energetic harmony. As you continue to heal and release issues within
yourself, you also continue to raise the frequency of your own vibration,
bringing you ever closer to the Graceful state of Unconditional Love and
Compassion. This, in turn, automatically helps to lift up those around you
simply because of Who You Are and not because of anything that you DO.
It is a state of be-ing not do-ing.

I frequently receive invitations to join in a worldwide prayer session for the

war that is going on in Iraq or for the planet in general. Each time I respond
by inviting all of those same people to not only pray for peace in the world,
but to also spend the same amount of time praying for peace within
themselves. Yes, as a group we can have a powerful impact on the world
around us. Yet, I also believe that we can have an even more powerful
impact on the world around us by focusing on bringing ourselves into a
balanced state of love, compassion and peace.

I wonder how we can pray for peace over there while ignoring the conflicts
within our own souls, our own families, and our own communities.
Remember that would we would choose to see in the world around us, we
must first find inside ourselves. As we bring more and more peace into our
own souls, we change the signal that we send out to the universe. We lift
those around us by bringing our energies into resonance. By changing our
resonance we can change who and what we harmonize with, assisting each
other to reach greater and greater heights. We do this by focusing on
ourselves and doing our own work. We cannot force the world to change
anymore than we can force an individual to change. All we can do is to BE
the shining example of what we choose to see in the world and trust that as
we do so we, send out a resonance to others around inviting them to do the

So I invite each and every one of you to take a stand and do your part. Do
your part by working on yourself. Stop worrying about the things that you
cannot change. Stop worrying about what other people are saying or doing.
Instead, do what you can in each moment of each day to BE a shining
example of peace, love, and compassion. Do this not because you think it
will change other people, but do this because it is what your heart tells you
to do. Open to yourself and allow yourself to feel with your heart, listen with
your heart, and lead from your heart. This is where your wisdom resides.
Use it well, my friends.

There has been a phenomenal growth in employment, wages, benefits

,working conditions ,status of the worker .educational facilities etc, with the
growth and spread of industry .Moreover ,career patterns have also changed
wi9dely by providing change for wide varieties of jobs to the working
communities .This has been possible only through fast industrial
development which, in its turn ,depends on Industrial peace.

There has been an acute necessity in India especially during the post-
independence period ,to industrialise her economy in order to tackle the
multifarious socio-economic problems .In the words of Pandit Jawaharlal
Nehru “ The alternative (to industrialization ) is to remain in a backward
.under-developed ,poverty –stricken and a weak country .We can’t even
retain our freedom without industrial growth.” Hence one of the main goals
of the Five Year Plans in India has been rapid industrialization and more
employment in secondary and tertiary industries .It is also viewed that one
of the essential steps for building up an economically free and self-
sustaining India is, large scale industrialization at rapid and steady growth.

With the attainment of independence and with the launching of Planning

era ,serious and earnest efforts have been made towards rapid economic
development of India .India has been … in the midst of an ambitious and
critically important effort to raise the living standards of her people by a
integrated …industrial and economic development plan.” The size of
Industrial labor in India has increased remarkably due to rapid and planned
industrial development .The increase in Industrial labor led to the formation
and development of trade unions and various social groups. It has also been
recognized that management would be disorganized .ill- equipped and
ineffective It is realized that the concrete co-operation between labor and
management is highly essential to fulfil the demonstrated the fact that,” an
economy organized for planned production and distribution ,aiming at the
realization of social justice and the welfare of masses can function
effectively only in an atmosphere of industrial peace.

All these necessitate the maintenance of harmonious industrial relations so

as to maintain higher productivity to fulfil the goals of the Five Year Plans
in India. The investment in and the scope of industries in India have been
growing plan after plan .Much of the success or failure of Indian Five Year
Plans would be dependent on the maintenance of harmonious employee-
employer relations Frequent industrial conflicts not only affect the
management and labor but also tend to impoverish the community as a
whole. They lead to wastage, ferment class hatred .embitter mutual relations
and inflict damages on the progress of the nation. They affect production and
national income in an adverse manner .They also clogs the progress and
development of the nation .Further, it is not an exaggeration to say that if we
are successful in industry the answers to class-antagonisms and world
conflicts become easier.

Need for Industrial Peace.

The objectives of maintenance of industrial peace is not only find out way6s
and means to solve conflicts or to settle differences but also to secure the
unreserved cooperation of and goodwill among different groups in industry
with a view to drive their energies and interest towards economically viable
commercially feasible ,financially profitable and socially desirable channels.
It also aims at the development of a sense of mutual confidence ,dependence
and respect and at the same time encouraging them to come to closer to each
other for removing misunderstanding ,redressing grievances ,if any ,in a
peaceful atmosphere and with open mind and fostering industrial pursuits for
mutual benefits and social progress ,But the maintenance of congenial
industrial relations ,particularly in a democratic society like ours is not only
a significant task but also a complicated one.

Key definition:
A new culture of peace, preventing wars, terrorism and poverty, is
generated when a natural order of social harmony gives priority to the
of children, parents, and caregivers, who make up 50 to 80% of the
population in any given country.These groups are basically peace-loving,
and provide the social foundation for a harmonious, new culture of peace.
Mahatma Gandhi wrote: "If we are ever to have real peace in this world we

shall have to begin with the children."