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MARCH 2010 VOL.9, NO 3


Birthday and Anniversary listings are World TB Day March 24

behind the calendar. If your
information is missing or in error –
call me – 439-6473.
For each petal on the shamrock.
This brings a wish your way
CELEBRATIONS IN MARCH. Good health, good luck, and happiness
March is a very busy month. Can you believe For today and every day
we didn’t know it was National Umbrella
May your doctor never earn a dollar out of you
and may your heart never give out.
American Red Cross Month May the ten toes of your feet steer you clear
Steroid Abuse Prevention Month of all misfortune, and before you're much older,
Irish American Heritage Month may you hear much better toasts than this.
National Women's History Month
Poison Prevention Aw areness
Month Part of the Irish traditions is the phrase “Go
National Ethics Awareness Month kiss the Blarney Stone”. Well here is the story
National Umbrella Month of the stone.
National Optimism Month The Blarney Stone is a stone set in the wall of
National Athletic Training Month the Blarney Castle tower in the Irish village of
National Nutrition Month Blarney. Kissing the stone is supposed to bring
National Children's Craft Day the kisser the gift of persuasive eloquence
National Eye Donor Month (blarney). The castle was built in 1446 by
Save Your Vision Month Cormac Laidhiv McCarthy (Lord of Muskerry)
Sports Eye Safety Month -- its walls are 18 feet thick (necessary to thwart
Patient Safety Awareness Month attacks by Cromwellians and William III's
troops). Thousands of tourists a year still visit
Return The Borrowed Books Week March 1-7
the castle.
National Sleep Awareness Week March 7-13
International Women's Day March 8
The origins of the Blarney Stone's magical
National Girl Scout Week March 8-14 properties aren't clear, but one legend says that
Inhalants and Poisons Prevention March 15- an old woman cast a spell on the stone to
Week 21 reward a king who had saved her from
St. Patrick's Day March 17 drowning. Kissing the stone while under the
spell gave the king the ability to speak sweetly Hope you can make it! - Jamie
and convincingly. It's tough to reach the stone -
- it's between the main castle wall and the
parapet. Kissers have to stretch out their back TO ALL MY FRIENDS. . .
and bend backward (and downward), holding
iron bars for support. I really want to thank all of my neighbors and
friends who have helped me through my
difficult time. Having your prayers is making
this easier for me. Thank you. – Mena
Mar Pot Luck
Date: Tuesday, March 2nd

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Place: Clubhouse

Please bring a dish to share – we will provide

the beverages

From Your Activities Chair:

New residents – Cathy & Charles
I w ou ld like to ap ologize for canceling the Pot
Luck in February. I had a soup & salad pot luck Kenimond 222 Osprey Lane
p lanned , bu t felt becau se m ost folks d id not get
their Bugle until after the Pot Luck – and because
I p u t ou t a sign that got ru ined in the rain, the
turnout would not be good.

To those who, I understand, made soup and were

looking forward to the event, I am very sorry. It
was a bad judgment call on my part.

Remember – w e are alw ays looking for

volunteers to host the Pot Luck each month.
Say Hi when you see Jack and
Bingo will be continued throughout the month of
March on Friday nights at 7:00 p.m. If something
Debbie Parker 223 Osprey Lane
comes up that we cannot hold Bingo, we will post
a sign.

KNOW YOUR DAYS Thanks Pat and all the others for providing
us with a unique evening! All of your hard
On March 14 the lawn watering work showed!
restrictions change.
Homes with ODD numbers can water on Submitted by Ann Brisson
Wednesday and Saturday. Homes with
Two boxes of knitted and sewn items were sent
EVEN numbers can water on Thursday and
to Citizen Sam in 2009 for distribution to the
military troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
All items were crafted of 100% wool, face
Water only when needed and not between
masks, helmet skullcaps, neck collars, and
10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Water for no more than
scarves. Pure wool is very expensive and hard
one hour per zone. You can always water
to find. It must be used because it does not
your plants using a hose or sprinkler.
melt, catch fire, and keeps you warm even
when wet. It must be used because it does not
melt, catch fire,

Bulow ladies contributing to this effort were

Bulow Had Talent Maura McHugh, Carol Giambalvo, Maria
Mendez, Polly Morse and Ann Brisson. In
On Feb 13th!
addition Donna Buchar crafted 75 neck coolers,
Bulow had a very special evening on Feb a much desired item in desert areas
13th! Pat Kivlehan organized an evening of
The cost of this effort was covered by ELS,
music and humor presented by Bulow’s own
residents, and money from one 50/50 raffle.

Master of Ceremonies was Ray Ballou, you IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE READING . . .
know him as our HOA president.
Talking Books is a free library service available
Who were these talented people who
to U.S. residents whose low vision, blindness,
performed? Floyd and Lois Bitler, Rusty and
or physical handicap makes it difficult to read a
Sugar Patnaude, Ginger Butler, Linda
Holtsmaster, Sandy Morin, Trudy Dunfee, standard printed page. Local cooperating
Noel Giambalvo, Ray Ballou, Pat Kivlehan, libraries throughout the United States mail
Michael LaCastro, Christine LaCastro, and National Library Service audiobooks,
Edward and Elizabeth Jones. magazines, and audio equipment directly to
Chester Soltis, our stage hand built a enrollees at no cost.
fantastic stage for our performers.
If you are interested in receiving Talking Books,
call or go online. To speak to a librarian in the
Daytona service area during normal business

hours, call 1-800-226-6075 (toll free) and follow
Prune spring flowering trees and shrubs after
the prompts. You can also visit www.elstalking
blooming. To guard next season’s blooms, for more information or for forms to
begin pruning after the last flowers fade but
submit your name for enrollment. before new buds set.

Fertilize palms, azaleas, camellias, and

ornamental shrubs.
provided by TruGreen
Prune shrubs and trees when new growth
Plants and trees have turned yellow or
begins. The end of the dormant season is a
brown and are dropping leaves – This is
good time to prune many trees and shrubs.
normal after a frost or freeze.

When to prune – Prune in the spring once

there is no more chance of more cold
weather. Prune injured or dead branches or In Dec we printed a listing of locals who
twigs after new growth has started. perform odd jobs here in the village. You
should be able to get a copy at the office. Ask
Is my lawn dead? When air and soil temps
for the Bulow yellow pages.
drop the turfgrass stops producing
chlorophyll, which means the grass isn’t
green. Licensed, and insured
The grass goes dormant and waits for warm Reasonable rates
weather. Pressure washing and odd
Watering in winter – Avoid the temptation jobs
and water only once a week if needed. The 386-986-8692
grass simply does not need it and the
delicate roots will literally rot if you over
water during the winter. From Your HOA
Is it time to fertilize? – Yes. The turf and The General Meeting of the Homeowners
plants store the needed nutrients and this Association was held on Wednesday, Feb. 17th
helps them recover faster once the at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse.
temperatures warm up.
Rent issues were discussed and it was reported
GARDENING TIPS For March that a meeting has been requested with ELS.

Bulbs: Plant caladiums for a showy tropical A report was given by the Activities Committee
display all summer. Chair about the “Bulow’s Got Talent” Show.
We would like to give a very special “Thank
Azaleas: If azaleas need hard pruning to shape You” to Pat Kivlehan for all of her hard work
or produce a fuller plant, do it just after plants and enthusiasm that she put into this event. It
finish blooming was a huge success.

We hope you have all had a chance to see the
There was a concern brought up about the new furniture we have at the pool. We are
number of people who have animals in the very excited about it! We will be painting the
Village and that there are several who allow shutters on the clubhouse and the overhang
their pets to go in other people’s yards. If the on the mailbox area soon to match. We ask
grass has been sprayed with weed killer or
that this furniture be taken care of as it is for
pesticides it could be harmful to the animals. It
all residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, in just a
is also a concern that if people are not picking
few short days of being at the pool, someone
u p after their pets, it could be a health issue for
threw one of the new chairs into the canal.
other people’s pets. The Board asks that
Because we have waited for so long to acquire
everyone PLEASE follow the rules in the park
these, we would hate to loose them to
to pick up after your pets and don’t allow them
vandalism. Please respect our community.
in other people’s yards.
Several complaints regarding dog waste not
The next Board Meeting of the HOA will be on remember to pick up after your pets. I have
Wednesday – March 10th at 7 p.m. The next requested that anyone who sees another
General Meeting of the HOA will be on resident who doesn’t pick up after their dog to
Wednesday, March 17th at 7 p.m. We hope to
submit a complaint in writing. Hopefully we
see you there. -- Ray Ballou, President
can eliminate this problem, all it takes is a
Remember to check out our website at: little effort on the pet owners part
Manager’s Corner

Irene Dunn 26 Audubon Way 1 Mar

George Green 208 Osprey Lane 1 Mar
Barb Johnson 54 White Feather 3 Mar
Kay Zimmerman 15 Red Fox 5 Mar
Evelyn Lindahl 228 Osprey Lane 6 Mar
Bud Holzworth 37 White Feather 7 Mar
Claire Grebin 16 Audubon Way 8 Mar
Diana Gruwell 198 Osprey Lane 8 Mar
Janet Walsh 185 Osprey Lane 9 Mar
Robert Mendez 4 White Feather 12 Mar
Eva Ranson 14 Red Fox 13 Mar
Jeanne Widdis 27 White Feather 13 Mar

Martha Sickles 255 Osprey Lane 15 Mar
Yvonne Richards 11 Audubon 16 Mar
Barbara Courtney 22 Red Fox 17 Mar
Leila Wadington 56 Red Fox 17 Mar
Jamie Ballou 248 Osprey Lane 19 Mar
Tim Bennett 40 Red Fox 20 Mar
Owen Conner 42 Red Fox 20 Mar
Dixon Garner 57 White Feather 25 Mar
Vickie Dorais 207 Osprey Lane 25 Mar
Robert Kenny 3 White Feather 28 Mar
Pam Funderburk 196 Osprey Lane 30 Mar
Sherri Bogatzki 229 Osprey Lane 31 Mar

Maureen & Skip Richmond 211 Osprey Lane 1 Mar

Don & Betty Hovorka 204 Osprey Lane 2 Mar
Irene Munson & Gary Hutchinson 233 Osprey Lane 10 Mar
Hobby, Frank & Ruth 238 Osprey Lane 15 Mar
Sardone, John & Donna 265 Osprey Lane 23 Mar
Ryan, Robert & Marion 189 Osprey Lane 25 Mar
Morse, Clayton & Polly 52 Red Fox 28 Mar
Grayland, Terence & Sheila 69 White Feather 30 Mar

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