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Jrfilftmr FA m 4 3 - m - * * a m Q)(ai) rf3-W-m"(3)"b i . m - m :. 43.

86 m 3rmnr (a)(z)(z)(~)
aw (a) w Ra md3 I


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21 r ? ,
2002 f 0 {m
30. 1924

No.455Nidhayee and Sansadiya KarVa,2002

Dated Dehmdun, December27,2002

In pursuance of the provisions of clause (3) of Article 348 of the Constitution of India,
the Governor is pleased to order the publication of the following. English translation of the
Uitaranchal (ULtar Pradesh MunicipalitiesAct, 1916)(Amendment)Act 2002 (Uttaranchal Adhiniyam
Sankhya 13 of 2002).
As pas& bythe ~itamnchal~ l a l i v &semb$and
assented byhe G o m a o n Decsmber21.


(Acr No. I3 OF 2002)


to further amendihho X a r Pradesh Munic@a/itiesAct, 1916 in r s application in


Shoit title,

or Scction 'I- I

(A) pft11~
IIl1j.r Pndcsll
~a;a:;lr I'alika



o f ~ b cfirs!
prnviso OF


It is hereby enacted in the fifty third year'of the Republic-ofIndia as follows :(1) This Act may be called Uttaranchal (VW Pradesh Municipalities Act, 19.16 )

(Amendment) Act, 2002.

extents to the whole of Uttaranchal
It shall be deemed to have come into force at once.

Sectiot~9-( I )(A) oi'thc Ultnr Prcdcsh Nugar I'alika Adhi~iiyiim.I0 I 0 (Ircrcisi~licr

scffcred to as thc " Principal Acl") thc following sccctio~~
shall bc subs~i~ntcd.
I I ~ ~ I ~ :IC~Y

The electcd meml>cr.s, wl~oscnumbcrs shall bc t l o t Icss Il~;ln4 ; I I I C ~ncll ~iiorctllcn

45, as insy be prescribed by the State Govt. and not iricd in lllc orficinl Ciazu~lc.
Tl1cfirstprovisoofScctioe0-Ao f t l ~ c P ~ ~ i n c i p l A c ~ ; ~ l ~ cfW
o uo~r~J~"c c n " s lbc
substituted for the word "I'wcnty scvcn".
1; section 1 3-0 6f the P r i ~ ~ c i pAc(,
a l s~rb-scciios( 3 ) sl~allbc i~ddcd:



State Elcc!ion Commission shall obtain from all tlrc c.aaGidilIcs a d e c l i l ~ * n tini ~ ~j~
-.: thc foim~of iln affidavit cont:liniog tllc following i~lformaiion;~lnlilny ollicl. '
i t deems ncccssilry and shall, cxccpt inforination contained in clause
(c) and (e), publish the salnc in thc ~nidol.d;lily ocwspal,elvs (or ibc i~lfol-maiio~~
tllc electorate.

Wbclbci. lllc c;t!ldidatc has b c c ~ ~

01' ~ I I I ) .
ci-imisal orfcnct in lllc past atld, i T c~nvicrctl,wllerl~ct.Iic i:llis PLI~I~s!~L-:(
wit11 i r n p r i s o n n ~or
~ ~fine
~ i '?



Prior to six lnontlls of filiag of i~olninatiot,, wl~cthcrthc cimdichtc is

nccused in any pending cast,
a n y cll'fcncc punisl~ablc with
imprisonment for two years or mark, and in which charge is framed or
cognizance'is taken by the Court of law. If so, the details thereof.
The %sets (immovabJe,mwablc, bank balances e@.)of a candidate and
ofhidher spouse and, that of dependants.
Liabilities, if any, particularly whether .there are any over dues of any



publk Financial Institutions or ~ o k m u n m dues.

Hisher source of income and full details of present Monthly/Angual
Whether he/she is rnarrieallunmimied.



N ~ b e of
r Children, their ages, and tbcir educational expens=:.
of hisher income k c ; house tax; projections tadfees payable
annually. .
The educational'qualifications of candid&.
. .

. .


.. , ,
., ..-...'.


,.. - , .



After section 13C of the Principal Act a new subsection Id) shall he inserted :-.

.?. . ,,


of a n e w


He is not a candidah from more than one ward.




Aftersection13-~(d);sub-section(e),13-D(g)sub-seotion(h),a~~-~3-~(k)s~b- B.hSemon
section(i),(m)(n>(o) and (p) i n thc Principal Act, shall be added :-

o f + , ~ ~

He has more than two living children o f whom one is born after expiry of 300


days from the date of notification of this part ;or,

bas been convicted of any offence against a woman or,
has an interest or sharc, in a publication where in advertisement regarding





@I aria (PI

activities of the municipalities can be published or,

(m) is a paid employee of any institution, receiving financial aid:fiornthe
municipalities or, .. -thc person or any member of hidher family or hidher legal heir is in
unauthorized occupation of any land or building owned or managed by the
municipality/ Government or a pubjic road or pavment, caqaI, drain, or is a
beneficiary of such unauthorized occupation ;or,
class of employees of the municipality ;or
has bein convicted of any offcncc illvolving violation of any Act, Rules, Sub(p)
rilles, regulations and Govt. order5 relating to Municipality and has been found
@lty or working against the interest of the municipality.



; 3 .


i. Section 1 3 6

After section-13-E ofthe Principal Act a new section 13-Fshall be inserted :Procedure of voting : Wherever an election tabs place, in any ~ ~ a rvoting
d , shall
be either through secret ballot or voting machi~leand <!ere shall bc no proxy



f i ~2002, $0

[WTWW 30. 1924 7FF


In sub-section (2)(a) of section 43-AA of the Principal Act after subsection (b) of section 13-D, sub-swtion (i),(n),(o),(p),
shall be added.



The Uyaranchal - (Uttar Pradesh Nagar P a l i ~ a Adhiniyam, 19 16)


- (~mendment)ordinance-2002 is here-by repealed.


Not withstanding such repeal, anything done or:any action : UfBranchal

taken under the corresponding provisions of ths ~ h aP3adesh
~ a ~ ~ a l irk aAdhiniyam, 1916 as amended by the ordinance : no. J of
referred to in sub-section(]), shall be deemed to.;have beefi 2002 '
done or taken under the corresponding provisions of the Uttar
Pradesh Nagar Palika Adhiniyam, 1916 as amended by this
Act, as if the provisions of this Act were inforce at all
Material times.

By Order,

Addl. Secretary.