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A leading Real Estate company

achieves end-to-end Real Estate
Processes Management with Systems
Limiteds Dynamics CRM implementation

Real Estate
Project Overview
Systems Limited implemented
Microsoft Dynamics CRM at a
leading Real Estate company in
Pakistan that helped them achieve
end-to-end leasing and sales
process automation and enabled
them to provide seamless customer experience in all front-ofce
operations including sales, services
and marketing.
Technology Provided
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Achieved end-to-end leasing and
sales process automation that
helped them save customers time
and hassle while offering
seamless customer experience.
Enabled the company to view
real-time insights and make
accurate and timely business
Better-enabled them to launch
property projects, plan and execute
sales and marketing activities,
manage after-sales and facility
management cases.
Provided them a single platform to
run overall real estate business
with fundamental focus on
enhancing customer relationship.

The Need
It is a given fact that success in Real Estate
industry is demonstrated through satisfaction of
customers and strength of brand. Nothing can be
as powerful as a strong brand with a fleet of loyal
customers. This happens when the real estate
company has a streamlined flow of operations
from managing and maintaining catalogs and
property listing to nurturing sales leads and
keeping up with business insight to make
well-informed decisions.
Our client was relying heavily on manual
management of these functions and was unable
to track various sales and marketing activities,
eventually failing to measure the return on

The Solution
After through assessment of the above business
challenges faced by the company, Systems
Limited proposed the implementation of
Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the Real Estate
company helped them to launch property
projects, plan and execute sales and marketing
activities, manage after-sales and facility
management cases, and run overall real estate
business on a single platform with fundamental
focus on enhancing customer relationship and
providing real-time insights into business for
better decision making and improving the topline.


360o Prole
Communication Log
Prospects and Opportunities
Cases and Active Contracts
Inventory Management
Property Catalogs and Listing
One-button Web Publishing
End-to-end automation of Sales Life Cycle
Automated processes for new lease, renewals,
expiry, termination etc.
Automated processes for new sales, transfers,
split and merge, up and downgrade etc
Approval Log
Notication and alerts
Reports & Dashboard
Expense Submission
Expense Approvals
Tracking & Reporting

Systems Limited offered the following services in

addition to the implementation of Microsoft
Dynamics CRM:

Design Campaigns
Manage Leads & Enquiries
Track Customer Response
Campaign Scoring and Reports

The solution should:


CRM Strategy Consulting


Capture Cases
Categorize and Assign Cases
Case Queues, Process and Log
Reports & Dashboards

Free Mobile Apps
Mobile Native Access to Entire System
Seamless Experience
Outlook Integration
Powerful Reporting Engine
Integration with Microsoft Products
Robust Multi-level Security View

The Real Estate company was able to leverage on
a range of benets that the Real Estate Processes
Management solution offers including:
Manage Property Listing The company was
able to cut the hassle of maintaining various
property listing and catalogs as all critical
documents were maintained within one CRM
solution. The solution also enabled customized
options such as availability of property units
visible on individual portals with a clear
distinction of property units that can be booked
through a third-party entity; all options are
customized with respect to the user. The
solutions ability to be 100% compatible to be
integrated with worlds leading CMS solutions
enabled runtime integration among Real Estate
solution as well as the clients website.
Customers and Partners Prole - The solution
managed detailed proles of the rms partners,
including partnership terms, partnerships
tenure, partner goals etc. The proles, which are
also linked with all communication tracking,
sales and marketing activities, and case
management, enabled the company to have a
360-degree prole view serving as a centralized
platform to manage all data relevant to real
estate activities for their partners and customers.

In addition, the implemented solution also

captures data points to make goal tracking
statistics and analytics available for leadership
around sales process.
Sales and Leasing Process The implemented
solution helps the company to convert qualied
leads into sales and leasing processes, which
are customized based on different property
types. The entire business process for sales is
now customizable in the product and routes any
opportunities from Open to Won stage. Reports
and dashboards are also available to them
throughout the journey of opportunity.
Contracts, Renewals and After-Sales The
solution helped the rm to track an opportunity
from its initial phase till its won and also tie it
up with the respective customers prole to
keep track. In addition, during the leasing term
or after sales activity is conrmed, the solution
enabled them to capture customers request
such as lease renewal, unit transfer, unit
upgrade, split contract etc. routing each request
through respective process workflow. The client
is now able to view detailed data points and
runtime analytics of each case.
Marketing Campaign The sales automation
system, which is equipped with powerful
campaign design and execution engine helped
the marketing team in maintaining statuses of
campaign activities, response of customers and
calculation of overall scoring of campaign
efforts to deduce ROI.
Reports and Dashboards Since the reports
and dashboards in Real Estate management
system is based on powerful CRM and SQL
Server based reporting engine, the company
now leverages on these tools that help them in
designing on demand, scheduled, and ad-hoc
reports. The reporting data is also available to
the authorities in pictorial form and dashboards
to make quick and accurate business decisions.
The system also empowers the client with
dozens of reports with a flexibility of designing
customized reports and views.

Activity Tracking Since the CRM system is

connected with Microsoft Outlook, it helped the
concerned team be notied on site visits and
meeting reminders for sales and marketing
professionals. Sales team is now well-enabled
to update status of their visits and other selling
activities. These visits and activities statuses
are visible for internal audits and approvals.
Performance management of sales force has
also become convenient and can be derived
from activities tracking.

About Systems Limited

Systems Limited, founded in 1977 is
the leading global Technology and
Business Process Outsourcing
service provider, delivering innovative business solutions and technology-led BPO services. With over
2,500 employees globally, our people
help customers around the world
maximize their IT investments and
create specialized solutions that
drive business results. These
solutions leverage our deep technical skills, accelerators, frameworks
and products, industry best practices, and domain expertise to ensure
they achieve the business goals and
creative competitive advantage for
our customers.
Systems Limited brings industry
insights and the business acumen
focused on helping its customer
achieve a high ROI, offers enterprise
mission-critical software solutions,
and brings a deep technology-agnostic skill set which remains
unmatched in the industry. By
delivering on hundreds of projects,
we have developed industry-specic
offerings, plus a suite of tools and
accelerators that enable our
customers to realize business
benets father with increased
efciency and lower overall IT costs.
The winning combination of our
people, best-in-class technology,
innovative business practices and
value-added global alliances help us
team up with corporate and public
sector to deliver value by producing
a signicant return on our clients

Capture and Nurture Leads - The solutions

capability of recording customer interests and
prospects and tying them with the available
property units substantially facilitated the sales
team and external partners respectively. Each
lead now goes through a tailor-made lead


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