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Friends Boys School


9 grade

Science Department
Particles & Solutions

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1. Define each of the following:


a)Aqueous Solution:

2. Sketch the heating curve for
water, between –10oC and
Mark in the temperatures at
water changes state and its
each sloping part of the

state for

3. Can you explain why smells travel faster through a warm room than they do through a
cold room?

4. If you put a cup of hot tea on an accurate balance, the reading will drop as you watch it.

5. the plunger won't go in. What is an example of a frequently used solvent ? a) iron b) water c) oxygen . If you push on a bicycle pump with your finger over the end.. the plunger will go in even though no gas escapes. When liquids dissolve in other liquids. 2. When you open a bottle of perfume it takes a long time for the smell to move across the room. Use your knowledge of particles to explain why.Part II: Choose the correct answer for each of the following: 1. a) True b) False 9. a) Hydrochloric acid boils at room temperature b) Hydrochloric acid is a gas which has a smell c) Hydrochloric acid gives off particles of hydrogen chloride gas which can be sensed by cells in your nose. Perfume particles travel through the air at hundreds of kilometers per hour. 4.. c) The liquid turns to a solid. There is less space between the particles in a liquid. taking up more space. the liquid present in the………… quantity is considered the solvent. What does saturated mean? a) When a liquid has dissolved all of a substance that it can b) When a liquid has dissolved exactly 50% all of a substance that it can 8. c) The particles get bigger when they are heated. You can smell concentrated hydrochloric acid. [20] When you heat up a solid it takes up more space. a) smallest b) largest c) heaviest d) lightest 7. Explain why this is the case. 3. b) There is more space between gas particles so they can be pushed together. If you do this with a liquid. a) saturated b) unsaturated 11. In which solution will a seed crystal cause excess solute to precipitate? a) unsaturated solution b) saturated solution c) supersaturated solution 6. b) The perfume is not strong enough. Why? a) Gas particles are less energetic than particles in a liquid. Why does it take so long for the smell to travel? a) The perfume particles travel randomly. b) The particles in the solid vibrate more. a) All the particles in the solid split apart. Liquids that will dissolve in each other are called miscible. Sugar dissolved in water is an example of a solution. a) True b) False 10. c) The perfume particles are cold. When a liquid has dissolved all of a substance that it can means that the liquid is .

a) True b) False 16. What happens to particles in a suspension if you let it stand undisturbed? a) it precipitates b) it evaporates c) it dissolves 19. What happens when you add solute to an unsaturated solution? a) the solute settles at the bottom b) the solute will dissolve 20. When solvents (like water) are hot. Sand in water is an example of a . a) False b) True 15. Pick the correct list: a) Solvent = dissolving agent. Solutions do not normally separate into solute and solvent when left standing overnight. b) Solute = dissolving agent.12. a) True b) False Good Luck Anan W. Solute = what gets dissolved Solvent = what gets dissolved 17. a) True b) False 14. Saturated solutions have more solute than unsaturated solutions. What are the particles called that does not dissolve and that settles at the bottom? a) diluted particles b) agitated particles c) suspended particles 18. Solvents dissolve solutes. Barghouthy .. a) solution b) suspension 13. they can normally dissolve more solutes than if the solvents are cold..