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Vision... by Dawn Seals

Clear Vision Issue She is dancing in a sea of white light
February 2010
Blue of the sky surrounds her
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The Simple Tools 2
Clear Vision 3 Yellow streams of sunlight play on her face

The Importance of 4 She is aware of her life

Creating a Vision
to Achieve Your
She is aware of her truth, she is the dynamic
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Vision Board She is conscious; only she sees life in this array of bright lights

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She is dancing in her sea of white lights

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The Simple Tools by Pearson Lee

Do you want your windows so clear, you swear they are open when they aren’t?

I’ve got just the thing!

Ammonia and newspaper, the simple tools to having streak-free windows (and

Try it one time, I guarantee the view outside becomes crystal clear, and the re-
flection - dust and fingerprint free.

I’ve found that in achieving goals, faith is crucial. But the tools necessary are
just as simple. Are you ready?

Pen and paper.

Yes. That’s it. Pen and paper.

―As selfishness and On the journey toward pursuing our dreams, it is natural for the road ahead to
complaint pervert become blurred and distorted. Maybe a plan we had didn't work out the way we
the mind, so love thought it would; perhaps someone in our corner doubted instead of uplifted;
with its joy clears or maybe what we desired was just not coming fast enough.
and sharpens the
vision.‖ Writing down what we want to do allows us to clearly see where we want to go
– Helen Keller and withstand the attacks of fear, indecision and impatience by reminding us
of what is ahead. By writing it down, we chart the routes toward fulfillment and
see the clear vision of what began on a simple piece of paper unfold before our
very eyes…ammonia and newspaper notwithstanding.

Copyright © 2010 Brooklyn Girl Publishing Co., Inc.

Clear Vision Issue Page 3

Clear Vision by Nina Brewton

My husband has been complaining about his eyesight now for over two
years. Most pictures that I’ve seen detailing his life have included him with ―four
eyes‖. His vision has always needed improving and now at nearly 30 years old, he
has found himself needing yet another new prescription for his eyes.

A lot of Americans suffer from loss of eyesight throughout their lives and it’s not
often that one person keeps the same prescription for a whole lifetime. As the
vision gets more blurred, we have to use wisdom to know when correction is
necessary and even when we do get glasses to improve our vision, we have to
protect our new view from scrapes, scratches and debris.

We have to use the same wisdom when it comes to our dreams, aspirations and
the visions that we’ve seen in the past. Sometimes, our vision can be blurred by
the scrapes, scratches and debris leftover in our lives from past failures,
procrastination or sometimes, simply from distractions from other priorities in
our world.

So, what does it take to correct the vision that was once so clear? To remove the
errors on the lenses of our hearts? A new prescription may be required. There
must be something to remedy the muddied vision that we have acquired.

A prescription is an instruction or a recommendation given by someone with “A wise man will hear
greater knowledge and expertise in a particular area. Just as we would go to an and increase learning,
optometrist to have our vision corrected, we must take the time to seek the And a man of
counsel of someone skilled in whatever area we aspire to succeed in our lives. understanding will
attain wise counsel…”
Be it in business, in art, or whatever is in your heart, continue to seek your vision
and wise counsel while attaining your goals. Proverbs 1:5
The Importance of Creating a Vision To Achieve Your Dreams
by Marleen C. Greenleaf
Even though goal setting and planning are activities that are important to
accomplishing your goals, developing a vision is also an important first step.
You need to first identify what you want to achieve in life. Exactly what are
your dreams? What type of a person do you desire to be? What do you want to
achieve? What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

As you answer these questions, start visualizing how you will be when you have
achieved that vision. Do not dismiss this as day dreaming. Consistent
visualization done daily will attract the right resources to you.

Creating a vision board will help you immensely. A vision board is a poster
board on which you can paste pictures that reflect your dreams and desires.
You could organize the board to represent different aspects of your life, such
as your career, family, spirituality, personal relationship, and so forth.

The purpose of a vision board is to activate the ―Law of Attraction” to start to

draw things from your external environment that will enable you to realize
your dream. By selecting pictures and writing you charge your emotions with
feelings of passion then you will begin to manifest those things into your life.

An excellent idea would be to paste a happy photo of you right at the center of
the board. Place your vision board in a prominent place where you will see it
often and each time you see it, visualize as if you have already achieved what
you have created on your vision board.

The beauty of having a vision is that we can visualize it and create positive
thoughts. We then attract the appropriate energies from the universe to assist
us in achieving what we created in our vision.

Some people question if this can happen every time. People who have
practiced this say that if their vision did not happen, something better than
that happened. Or sometimes, it just took longer but happened at a better
time with greater value.

Creating and using a vision board gives you total control of what your
aspirations can be. In addition, you can have fun (yes fun) creating a vision
board. Every time you look at it, imagine and feel as if you have already
achieved your goals.

So begin creating a vision today, visualize it daily and you’ll see the magic
ensue in your life.
T EACHING AND I NSPIRING Quick Tips for a Vision Board
By Carla Thorpe

We Love Seeing You Persevere Tools for Success

Poster Board Glue
To contribute pictures or Magazines Scissors
articles email: How to create a vision board
1. Define your vision (goals)
2. Collect materials that represent that vision
Alexandria, VA 22313 3. Gather supplies 4. Construct board
5. Place in a central location so you can see it often



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