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Intro – l
/aI/ - abah
/Ie/ - syed
/r/ - isa
/ŋ/ - aida
/eI/ - izah
/υe/ - ewa
/l/ - kc
/h/ - ain
/aυ/ - zaid
/eə/ - dila
/m/ - aimi
/f/ - qila
/ÞI/ - arip
/əυ/ - haziq
/n/ - wana
/k/ - syafiq
/b/ - pa’an
/g/ - achik
/v/ - zahir
/p/ - n r l

Intro – ll
Choral speakers..!! Are yo ready?
Let’s start.
Wait. Wait. “I want to be the cond ctor!”
Intro – lll
And 1, and 2 and 3
Good morning to the hono rable j dges, lect rers and members of the floor
We, (Maths 1) wo ld like to present to yo , o r choral speaking entitled “L’s ne
ighbo rhood”.
Sappy. Go!
What? Sappy?
Intro – lV
Ping p ng.. Welcome to the Lang age Airport.
The to r g ide will bring yo to explore L’s neighbo rhood
Listen caref lly and don’t get sleepy.
Yo won’t.
Part 1
In L’s neighbo rhood,
There is a family of Mr. Phonetics and Mrs. Phonology.
They have only one child, a brilliant one.
Named segmental.
Segmental has two companies.
Vowels and consonants.
In vowel’s company,
There are 2 different departments.
Short and long.
Part 2
Short has 7 members while long has 5
Long has been hated and isolated
They are very lonely and sad
/ :/ /‫כ‬:/ /a:/ /i:/ /3:/

Short’s members are very gorgeo s and handsome

/I/ /Λ/ /e/ /ə/ /Þ/ /æ/ /υ/
That’s why they got married among themselves
They have 8 children called diphthongs.
Schewa from the short members has 5 beloved kids
He made an empire, triphthongs he named it.
Power - /paυə/ Fire - /faIə/ Royal - /rÞIəl/ Slayer - /sleIə/ Blower - /bl
Part 3
In consonant family, it’s a different story
Voiced voices have always been heard
They are the majority.
Voiceless are very q iet,
They have low self esteem,
They do not vibrate eno gh to been heard.
Part 4
On a very hot day, voiced and voiceless had a big fight
Voiced said
“Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot
We’ll weather the weather, whether yo like it or not”
Hey…“Say that sharply, say that sweetly
Say that shortly, say that softly”
“What noise annoys a noisy oyster?
A noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster”
Eno gh! Eno gh! It’s conf sing me
Part 5
Let’s meet o r neighbo r, Lee Morpheme
Who is Lee Morpheme?
Stop! We know her
She is the tiniest member
B t she is very meaningf l.
Ah Pheme has 2 children,
Free and bo nd morphemes
Part 6
What? Foxes?
Nooo… affixes. A.F.F.I.X.E.S affixes.
They cannot live on their own.
Or else life wo ld be meaningless
Is that tr e?
Cross my heart.
Affix is not lonely.
There are s ffixes and prefixes with her.
They work together to b ild a word.
Un– prefix
Break– stem
Able– s ffix
Stem? I know. I know.
I collect stamps from all over the world.
Tett! Wrong!
Part 7
Who’s that?
Lewis Hamilton?
Alex Yo ng?
Valentino Rossi?
Spark bai…
No lah…it’s M.G.
Mr. Morphology. He’s a spy.
Sappy? Sappy?
C k..c k..c k…
There she goes again
Now, MG is a spy’s trainer
The spies are weirdoes
Sometimes they talk shortly
Sometimes they talk do bly
Math Prof Fan Deli Fl
Goody-goody girlfriend
Fan-bloody-tastic hairc t.
They’ve to work fast
That’s why they blend their meals
They only eat br nch
Between breakfast and l nch
Sometimes when it involves international cases,
They borrow identification from another co ntry,
Like typhoon…
Part 8
Now, let’s meet Mr. Allomorph.
Another one? H h.. So tired.
Hey! Be friendly okay?
Let’s move on.
Chiki.. Chiki.. Chiki.. pon..pon..2x
What’s wrong? What’s wrong?
Hah! My phone..My phone is ringing..
It’s Syntax Officer.
No n phrase and Verb phrase are fighting.
They want to hang aro nd on the same tree.
B t to be together, never, forever.
Accidentally the tree falls apart and blocks the railway.
Please se alternative roads.
Thank yo .
Part 9
Hello, Mr. Allomorph.
Hello. Please meet my children
I’m /s/ I’m /z/ I’m /dz / I’m/∫▒/ I’m /t∫▒/
Sorry b t we’re in a h rry.
I want to meet my nieces, /d/ /t/ /Id/
And my nephews, /s/ /z/ /Iz/

Okay Mr. Allomorph.

Have a safe jo rney.
Part 10
Exc se me 2x.
Is this the ling istics neighbo rhood?
Yess!! B t we’ve called it the L’s neighbo rhood.
Clos re
Now yo nderstand who’s in L’s neighbo rhood.
If yo nderstand, say “ nderstand”,
If yo don’t nderstand, say “don’t nderstand”,
B t if yo nderstand and say “don’t nderstand”,
How do we nderstand that yo nderstand?
That’s all. Thank yo .