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The Translated Bride

People have so watered down the True Messiah we know as Jesus The
Christ, that it seems He is this religious guy, with a bunch of rules to follow
to get saved, if we do this or that then we can be saved, that He was this
weak man who bowed to evil and sin by saying He forgave and on and on.
It was NEVER about that! Following Rules? No Way!

It was about You Dying to your self, through believing what He already
done for you. What does that mean? It means when He died, that WAS
YOU dying! He did not die to Himself. He died, "FOR YOU"!
Since Faith is "As we think in our heart so we are", then when we truly
believe He died for us was us dying, then as we think so we are thus we
are DEAD!

Now that we are dead by Him, Now His Spirit can enter us, because we are
NOT under any Law anymore, as a dead person is not bound to any Law!
So we are truly Free from the Law of Sin and Death! Now His Spirit can
come into you, and raise you back up from the Dead! To be alive evermore!

Now the Law of Faith is "As You Think You Are" so He commanded you
and I to believe that when He arose from the Dead, by Hos Spirit entering

back into His Body, that He did not arise for Himself, but for You, and that
by Faith that was YOU rising from the Dead! To never ever die anymore!

Folk He conquered the last enemy of death right then for YOU! He was and
is The Resurrection and Eternal Life, Right Now in you! You do not have to
die anymore, their is no more death, hell or even a GRAVE for You!!!

If you can believe in Him, meaning what He did for You, that what He was
was YOU! So when He died You literally died and when He arose You
literally Arose from the Dead! When He ascended into glory, that was YOU
ascending into Glory! We are HID in Christ, whom is in heaven because
Heaven received Him, then it received you also! If He is in Heaven, by
divine ascension and that was the exact same as You because He did it for
you, so You was Him ascending, then this explains how You are indeed in
Heaven, Hid WITH Christ!!!!

The Bible said to you and I, We sit together in heavenly places!

That our conversation is in Heaven!
We overcame by the Blood of The Lamb and if we overcome we are sitting
in Heaven in the Throne as He overcame and sat down in the Throne!

Paul said He went to Heaven, just was not sure if His Body was there with
Him or not and I can tell you what Paul did not, that His Body was indeed in
Heaven with Him. You say How can that be? Enoch and Elijah went to
Heaven and took their bodies with them, Jesus our Christ said He was in
Heaven itself, though His Body appeared to be in the Earth, Listen that was
to hide the secret of the change of the body till now, But Christ Body was in
Heaven as He was in Heaven! He proved it right there on the Mount of
Transfiguration when it changed and glowed with Heavens Glory that it was
indeed in Heaven! If any part of Him was in heaven, His Body was also!

Listen....The Word of The Living God said concerning Enoch, That He was
Translated, that His Faith in God Pleased God and therefor God translated
Him, Body, Soul, and Spirit, into the Kingdom of God. Now that same Word
of God tells me and you that in Col. 1:13 - He hath (already) TRANSLATED
us, Into The Kingdom of His Son!.

Christ said to you and I, That "Where I am, there you shall be also"! So
where is He? In Heaven! Where are we? Hid IN Christ who is in Heaven!

Heaven was not some place way off in a galaxy or behind a cloud, thats
you being carnal and misinterpreting the Word, not being Spiritual! heaven
was His State of Being! It was a State of Existence He had came to By
Faith, that emanated from within Him into His literal Outward Body. He
proved on the Mount of Transfiguration He was totally in Heaven, Body,

Soul and Spirit and that One does not have to doe to enter that World, for
that Eternal World is a State of Mind, not in the head, but in the
subconscious Place of the Heart! Where Faith resides!

So when His Spirit enters you, it means you died and are now alive and
resurrected from the dead, you are now in the same State of Existence
Christ was and is and came too! One Spirit, many people in that same
Spirit or State of Existence.

So we see we do not have to wait for a time element to be raised from the
dead or to call the dead forth from the ground, We are Alive evermore right
now! We have already conquered death! He hath (Already) DESTROYED
He that had Power of Death! Death hath no more dominion over you and I
any more! If Christ was the resurrection and life and He is in us and He is
us and we are Him and it says the same Power that raised Christ from the
Dead is in us, then We are Alive already in the resurrection evermore! We
do not have to wait for anything! Christ finished it all and left it for us to
simply Have Faith in it and by that Faith, as We think in our Hearts, So we
are, then it is that way!

The Last Trump is sounded and sounding! Christ, He Himself whom has
appeared in the Clouds of His Saints in their Spirit and Hearts, is He
Himself not us or you speaking but the Heavenly Father speaking is by His
Own Voice that speaks to you even now, is Come, is Returned, by Divine

Revelation, to Reveal this Mystery to You, that y Faith you will believe and
when you do, you will see and be translated into the Kingdom of God! No
longer In This World!

We are they that dwell in Heaven, Body, Soul, and Spirit, to never ever die
anymore! The Great Day is at Hand, How close, the very moment you
believe in what The Spirit is saying to you the Church, it is effective right
then and there! Have Faith in God, by having Faith in the Word of God!

The Law turned our Faith into the wrong direction by empowering the Flesh
and creating the Illusion of this World. Grace crucified that Flesh and that
law and nailed it to the Cross and changed our Faith from Unbelief to Faith,
from Unrighteousness to Righteousness, from Darkness to Light, from
Death and Hell and The Grave, to the Stage and State of Perfection without
spot, wrinkle or blemish Blameless Body, Soul and Spirit, Complete in Him!

The Trump of of The Lord is sounding! The Lord Himself, descending into
our Outer Man from The Kingdom within us, revealing Bodily Redemption
and the Change of The Body! He did it all, we are simply believing by Faith
the Supernatural Divine Revelation He gives! As we think, according to
what said the Lord, So we are!!!!

We are In Heaven, The World is no more, He chose us out of it, He

translated us already into His Kingdom! He can do nothing more for us that
He hath already done! he said, It Is Finished! We must as Enoch did
believe our way out of here! Enoch was translated by Faith in the revelated
Word of The Living God! We made it folks! God will soon remove the veil
from the eyes of the world and they will see this, whereas He is already rent
this veil to His Bride and He has done so secretly in the darkness of the old
carnal mind like a thief, while the world slept in darkness and sin, His divine
Word, His Christ came and translated us into the Marvelous Kingdom of
God! Glory to God!!!! Hallelujah!!! Amen and Amen!!!!

Now do you see the Man Christ Jesus truly was, and what he hath truly
Patrick Henry Nichols I
Se[t. 2nd 2015
Hilton Head Island