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Industrial Services

Tank Services

Tradebe has multiple services available to clean

and manage tanks for production material, products
and waste material. We are the industry leaders in
providing a wide range of tank cleaning service levels
and capabilities. Patented remote-tank cleaning
technology provides increased project safety to
personnel and the environment and simultaneously
reduces the disruption to our clients production time.

We work for Petroleum Refineries, Pulp and Paper facilities

and Chemical plants on large, automated tank cleaning and
maintenance projects. In addition, we also have regional
crews to assist our small to medium sized customers with
Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) and Underground Storage
Tanks (UST) cleaning, maintenance, removal and inspection.

Tradebes automated
tank cleaning process
is accomplished
through the use of
patented technology.

Industrial Services > Tank services

Tradebes automated tank cleaning process

is accomplished through the use of patented
technology. Our technology eliminates man
entry into the tank, and allows Tradebe to deinventory the tank while it is in service.
Our capabilities include:

SPOT Sludge Profiling for Oil Tanks:

Locate and Quantify Sludge Banks
in Oil Tanks
With SPOT, Tradebe
can profile sludge bank
locations and depth through
sonar technology. This is
beneficial to determine
disposal volumes, mixing
patterns, roof landing and
other information necessary
to control costs. During
each 360 sweep, 240,000
soundings are developed and directed to our proprietary
software for analysis, improving overall accuracy. The
survey is carried out in one day and the process is
performed while the tank remains full of oil. The SPOT
system has many advantages over manual dipping
methods including safety, accuracy, practicality and cost.
The equipment is ATEX/BASEEF certified.
The measurement accuracy is typically within 5%.
Tank entry is established through small entry points on
the tank roof (minimum 4)
The results are presented in a report showing
schematics in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

SRS Solids Reduction System:

De-inventory and Extract Sludge
from Tanks
Tradebe has a unique technology to fluidize and extract
waste material through any valve 6 inches or larger with
no personnel tank entry required. The Solid Reduction
System (SRS) inserts 2 inner pipes contained in an outer
pipe in through the tank valve. The first inner pipe is a 2
inch high pressure wash diluent stream, which fluidizes
the sludge and suspends it in the tank. The second 4 inch
inner pipe captures the suspended sludge and diluent
stream with suction. The material is then pumped into
our separation equipment and the diluent is reused in the
process. The sludge is directed to a roll off box for disposal
or reprocessing.
Closed System benefits are:
Simplified cleaning process
Minimization of costly diluent downgrade
Minimization of diluent reprocessing impact
Waste material can be drawn from the tank in minutes.
SRS can process up to 200 tons of sludge per day.
Double block valve with packing
gland for leak protection
Self leveling using hydraulic control valves
and pin locks

The Ruff Unit

Camera Manway Cannon:

Re-suspend and Extract
Sludge from Tanks
Fluidic Nozzle System:
Re-suspend and Extract
Sludge from Tanks
Tradebe has the technology to resuspend and dilute sludge banks in
tanks with a floating roof. Since the
Fluidic Nozzles are introduced into
the tank through the roof man ways,
no cold cutting is needed. The
system works 24 hours a day. The
tank contents are drawn from the
import/export lines and recirculated
at a rate of 1320 gallons/minute.
The liquefied sludge material is
run through a heat exchanger, over
the shell of the tank to the Fluidic
Nozzle keeping the roof suspended
or floating above the liquid.
The large sludge banks are diluted
using 6-7 bar of pressure with the
roof floating, eliminating the need for
nitrogen blanketing and minimizing
hydrocarbon emissions. The
recirculating system allows Tradebe
to remove large banks of sludge
before the roof reaches the bottom
or lands on the sludge banks.

The Camera Manway Cannon is

robotic technology that liquefies
sludge while the tank remains sealed.
This is a benefit to our customers and
the environment because The Camera
Manway Cannon enables compliance
with stringent emissions regulations.
This sludge is then pumped out
of the tank and can be separated
by processing with our separation
equipment, such as filter presses,
centrifuges or thermal desorption units.
The Main Features are:

Sludgebuster Cannon:
Re-suspend and Extract
Sludge from Tanks
Tradebes Sludgebuster cannon
is stainless steel robotic equipment,
which can be folded and fitted
through a 24 manway. It is capable
of tracking forward and backward and
passing solids up to 2 in diameter.
Tradebe is the industry leader with
this technology because we own
the patent for the equipment and
process. The process includes the
Ruff unit, which is a trailer mounted
with a removable skid consisting of
hydraulic pressure pack, fluidization
pumps and fuel oil storage tanks everything required to complete your
tank cleaning project.

 ank remains sealed while

robotic cannon liquefies sludge.
The liquefied sludge is then
pumped out of the tank.
 ludge can be further
separated by processing with
our Separation equipment.

Our technology

No need for Vapor Recovery

equipment, which saves time,
money, and disposal costs

entry into the tank,

No need for personnel to enter into

the tank during the cleaning phase
Enables compliance with stringent
emissions regulations

eliminates man
and allows Tradebe
to de-inventory
the tank while it
is in service.

Tank Cleaning,
Maintenance, Removal
and Inspection
Tradebe also offers traditional tank
cleaning services. Serving numerous
industries, municipalities and utility
companies, we are equipped to
handle a broad spectrum of cleaning
from residential oil tanks to six
million gallon refinery tanks.
Our services include:
Aboveground Storage Tank (AST)
and Underground Storage Tank
(UST) Removal
Tank Maintenance and Inspection
Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning
Utility Manhole and Vault Cleaning
Tank and Vessel Cleaning during
Decommissioning and Industrial

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