Talking to the Animals

There are some fascinating people on this earth. If we never venture out, we never meet them. My spiritual exploration has put me in touch with many unique and talented people. One of them is Cathy Easterbrook, who is now a good friend. When I met Cathy over 10 years ago, I felt an instant connection with her. As we became better acquainted, I learned that Cathy is a clear clairvoyant, who specializes in talking to animals telepathically. She also is a talented architectural designer and maintains a full-time design business. She generally does animal communication sessions for private clients from all over the United States by telephone in the evening. Cathy has taught many animal communication workshops, one of which I attended. She says that we all can learn to telepathically communicate with animals. During a two-day workshop, I was able to do so as were all of the other 10 students in the class. Since animal communication is not my primary interest, I send my friends to Cathy or one of her students who is now a professional animal communicator. While I

can communicate with my pets, if I want specific information, I call a professional. Here, in her own words, is Cathy’s story

about how she came to be an animal communicator:


Why I talk with the Animals, by Cathy Easterbrook
As a small child growing up in Connecticut, I was always attracted to animals. I never hesitated to pick up a bird that just Looking back now, I think my clear

flew into our picture window.

belief and love may have been a key factor in healing most of those injured birds. There were always cat and dog members of our family.

Being shy I was more comfortable talking with them than with people. I struggled with my clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. seemed other people didn’t do these things. I felt out of place. the time I was eight years old I learned to keep this to myself. grew into my teens and 20’s I was angry that I was different. so much and knew so much by “hearing,” but kept it to myself. focused on my skills as an architectural designer. busy raising my children. still didn’t feel I fit in. While my son was in his late teens and still living at home, our cat, Kitty, started her “work.” One day while I was in my office, It By As I

I “saw” I

I married and kept

Yet even with these “normal” activities, I

Kitty sat in the middle of the kitchen floor in front of my son at the far opposite end of the house. He yelled out to me, as kids like to Immediately I heard that she wanted My learning

do, “Mom, Kitty wants something.”

to go outside even though she was not at the door. sessions continued with similar situations.

Another time she sat in

the middle of the kitchen and wanted food though her bowls were kept in another room. Then I was tested, although I don’t think Kitty planned it that way. My little cat did not come in at dusk as she always did. At the

moment I realized that she was not inside yet, Kitty communicated to me the direction to walk in and the feeling she needed my help. She was calling to me telepathically. I went out the side door of the

house and into the back yard and then into the woods at an angle from the house. Though the leaves were all down from the trees and there I called to

was twilight in the sky, it was dark in the thick forest.

her as I walked on that pre-set direction. There was no answer. The lights of the house were far behind me when I heard a small meow. I

kept walking until it got louder and I heard that it was coming from high above. Some 25 feet up in a tree I could see a silhouette of my Kitty. By paying attention to what I received telepathically, I

walked straight to the tree she was in. Communicating telepathically with animals became a part of my life. It began with my own Kitty and expanded to many wondrous After moving to North Carolina my I was “out.”

animals both domestic and wild.

clairvoyant and telepathic abilities became more public.

When it became known that I could communicate telepathically with animals, people began to call me for help. Then I took the big step

of offering a weekend workshop in animal communications so others could learn. The majority of my private animal sessions involve helping owners change an animal’s habit, checking on a pet’s health or becoming involved with the animal’s death. I always documented the conversations so that I could discuss them with the owner. the notes from this story I’d like to share: suggestion of her veterinarian. So I have

Mrs. H. called me on the

She shared nothing about herself, but

told me that her dog, Marcus, was an 11-year old male terrier cairn mix. Marcus was rusty-colored with white-tipped feet and a goatee and Mrs. H. asked me, “Would you check his health and ask


Marcus if it is ‘time to go’?” I telepathically connected with Marcus while I was in my kitchen and he was at home with his owner. As soon as I began, he Here

straightened up his posture in response to my acknowledging him. is our conversation: CE: M: CE: M: Mrs. H. asked me to talk with you.

She is concerned about you.

I’m not doing very well (and then his mind wandered a bit). What does that mean? My body is giving out. clearly. I have pain. I can’t always think She needs to

It’s not easy for Mrs. H to fuss over me.

take care of herself. CE: M: CE: You are a sweet dog Marcus and loyal too by the sounds. She’s been good to me. We’re best friends.

And as your friend she wants to know what she can do for you. She loves you very much. She is willing to help you be relieved The doctor would

of your ailing body and go to the Spirit World.

assist in putting you into a deep sleep that you don’t come out of, so you can permanently leave your body. Mrs. H. wants to

know if it is time to do that – if you’re interested. There was silence. CE: Marcus? Marcus?

M: Yes. of us. That’s the best thing to do. It would certainly help both

(He sounded like a CEO making an important corporate

decision.) CE: Well I’ll pass that on to Mrs. H. explaining? M: Oh, Yes! That will be great. (Marcus was making more emotional I’ll Do you understand what I was

shifts about it; feeling somewhat relieved and uplifted.) be with her without restrictions. CE: M: O.K. Tell her that.

Is there anything else you want me to tell her?

Neither one of us can go for a stroll any longer, so we do it in our minds. We also remembered the good times and the tough times We listened; we talked and

– how we were there for each other. sometimes did neither. with you. worry.

Tell her: “Afterwards I will still be Don’t

You’ll think I’m at your feet like a pup.

I won’t trip you.

I will also lie next to you (he shows Know that it is I.

me Mrs. H. in bed with him next to her hip). Don’t be frightened. you to join me. CE: M: CE: Oh, Marcus. You’re making me cry!

I will stay near you until it’s time for

That’s how it is between her and me. I certainly believe you and I’m glad we met. Goodbye. Thank you dear.


Thank you!
After I shared the whole conversation with Mrs. H., she told me

that she was an elderly woman who was crippled and that getting around was difficult. Feeding Marcus was a major chore for her and she had

tripped over him a few times recently. Then she told me that all his

life she told Marcus that if he ever “went” first she wanted him to wait for her. We can see that having a conversation with Marcus helped Mrs. H. make plans and go through a difficult experience with more ease. Helping people and their animals is one of the reasons I continue to hold animal communications and teach it as well. But the gift to me

is having the conversations with the animals and what I learn from them. Animals are truly teachers. Animals are naturally peaceful, harmonious and loving. to please those they love and they love without condition. nature is to love only those who love us. They need Human

Animals love everyone and Animals have

allow others to decide if they want to love in return. no anger unless it is taught to them.

They know to make themselves Many of us have We

happy first and then bring happiness to others.

laughed at this “selfish” behavior, but we could learn from it. usually deny ourselves the things that would make us happy. attitude is not more spiritual nor of a higher evolution. Animals are our teachers. That

You probably think that role cannot

refer to all of them because you know of obnoxious, ill-mannered or even mean animals. Well, they learn from us. Domestic animals and

those that are around humans on a daily basis take on our negativity. They also reflect who and what we are. Animals live in the physical Their misbehavior is Stop and think of the

realm and function on instinct not emotion.

learned from us because they want to please us.

programming we have done and the behavior of the animal because of our responses to that very programming. Sometimes I meet animals that reflect the opposite of the owner. A woman called me for help with her golden lab puppy, Sunshine. wanted to play all the time. there. years. The same woman called me six months later because she was given a three-year-old long-haired female cat and wanted to know what kind of role the cat would like to have in her new family. was straight to the point. not powerlessness. This beautiful cat He

She wanted to crawl into bed and stay

She explained that she has been clinically depressed for many

“I will show Barbara that femininity is That it is soft, not weak. It is

It is strength.

clarity with flexibility.

It is nurturing without depleting oneself.”

I was impressed and asked if there was anything else the cat wanted to say to Barbara. self. She said, “Love. Unconditional love starts with

When Sunshine or I do something, stop and look within first.

Also Sunshine needs more discipline and I need more grooming!” The animals’ natural state of being is peaceful and meditative. They want to play and bring us joy. have learned. Anything else is behavior they

If an animal can’t be controlled it is because the What you allow the animal to do, you usually Animals that have chosen to live with

owner is out of control. allow people to do to you.

people want rules, schedules and some control over them to feel they are loved. Allow them to learn respect. A dog that is allowed to The owner is not in

jump on visitors is not being taught to respect.

control and probably does not demand respect himself.

Happiness to an animal friend is a touch, a smile and playing. Give back to them; play with them. the floor with your dog or cat. favorite spot. Join them in what they do. Lie on

Sit in the sun with them in their They will

Notice them watching nature or the sunset. Enjoy them.

teach you the important things of life. other beings as they are.

Animals accept That’s

They do not try to change them.

another lesson we can learn from them. I was driving home on a backwoods dirt road when I stopped to watch a pair of ducks walking in the road. the side to a stream. The female went down off

She complained there were no good pools of The male followed behind her as She came back up and over the road There she also was All the while,

water and the stream was too fast. she went back and forth looking.

to the other side where the stream continued on.

not happy with what she found, and muttered some more.

as I watched, the male duck kept repeating, “It’s just for tonight! It’s just for tonight! We’ll continue on in the morning.” Finally,

she settled somewhere and he joined her. chuckling to myself. Why do I talk with the animals?

I continued my ride home

Each conversation is a precious I am now

gift – a gift where I serve them and they teach me.

comfortable with my clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.

Cathy’s abilities have progressed to the place where she now holds a three-way conversation with animals and their owners without the need to take notes. In that way she and the animal

can hear the questions. Cathy communicates the question to the

9 pet and relays to the owner what has been said. Then there can be follow-up questions or a response from the owner. Recently Cathy mentioned that she received a request for a session from a person whose house had been burgled. As Cathy

spoke with the four cats that lived in the house, they gave a description of the person who had entered their house with a key and took the computer, a television and other equipment. From

her pets’ description, the owner knew that the culprit was a friend of her cat sitter, who had a key to the house. The next problem was how to explain to the police that “my cat knows who did it.” If you want to learn more about animal communication, there are books on the subject and classes are taught in various places around the country. A good place to begin is with Kinship with All Life, by J. Allen Boone. The cover of this book says, “Simple, challenging, real-life experiences showing how animals communicate with each other and with people who understand them.” The copyright on this book is 1954, so animal communication isn’t new. It’s been around a long time and is now getting the attention it deserves. If you have any interest at all in animal communication, treat yourself and your pet to a session. You will be amazed at what you will learn from your four-legged friend. You can contact Cathy Easterbrook to inquire

10 about her workshops or a private session by calling 828-698-8290.

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