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By Robert Heavirland

Monday, June 22nd 2015
Located at:


Summer is at hand so lets get some flying in!! Take

8891 Airport Rd NE
another member for a ride if you have an empty
June 21st - Young Eagles rides and pedal planes at
seat. Take photos of your trips and post on the
Cambridge Airport. Pancake breakfast by the Lions
We hope to see you there!
chapter Facebook or email them to Kirk, Randy or
I so we get them posted. Check out our calendar of
club. Please plan to attend. Volunteers needed!
events for more opportunities to fly. Remember, sharing your trips
with the chapter is not only fun but it lets others know what our June 22 - EAA CHAPTER 237 Meeting night, Food at 6 PM
members are up to and inspires sharing of their experiences as well.
meeting at 7 PM. Presentation starts at 8 PM.
This weekend our chapter will be
flying Young Eagles, supervising
pedal planes and the Aqua Jet at
Cambridge on Fathers Day morning.
Come hungry and stop in for the
pancake breakfast by the Lions Club
and take a couple of hours in the
morning to help out. We need
volunteers to help fly Young Eagles
or as a ground crew person. After
DAD, Ron and I repaired the landing
gear and supports on the Aqua Jet
and it is ready to go. Lex said the
local radio station has been
advertising this event and they
expect a big turn out because of it.

June 27th - Shop visit to Jeff Mullins to see progress on his PegaZair
project. Chapter to furnish Pop, Coffee and Cookies.

July 18th - Chapter fly out to Siren, WI. the weekend before
AirVenture in Oshkosh.

Aug 2nd - Chapter fly-out to the Milaca Fly-in. Camping on airport
Saturday night.
Aug 14th - 8 PM Setup for Chapter Pancake Br eakfast at For est
Lake Airport

We have a very active chapter with a lot of opportunities to enjoy

aviation activities and promote aviation to youngsters and adults. I
do not expect all members to volunteer for all of the events however,
please attend when you can to enjoy sharing with other members.
We need volunteers to help!!

Aug 15th - 7 to 11 AM Chapter Pancake br eakfast. 6 AM pr ep,

Safe flying,
Bob Heavirland

at 6 AM, all other duties by AOPA crew.

Bob informed me that several newer members are inquiring about

who does the chapters custom embroidery for our shirts and caps.
Heres the info:

4 PM tear down. We need volunteer s!

Aug 22nd - AOPA Regional Fly-In Chapter 237 is doing the Pancake
Breakfast. All we need to do is make and serve the breakfast starting

Next video/movie night is Sunday July 12th, 2015

5pm - 7pm Videos and EAA HQ videos
7pm - 9pm MAIN FEATURE Movie
Take a moment and return to the golden days of the theater. Come
and help choose from some great movie choices along with plenty
of videos to watch beforehand. If you would like to bring a lawn
chair to relax in you may. If you would like to bring an some food
or beverages you may certainly do so. If you just want to enjoy a
movie without bringing anything that is fine as well. In May we
enjoyed the movie, Air America starring Mel Gibson. What will
Julys movie be? Come and find out!
Havent attended yet...whats keeping you?

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Webinar Subject

7 pm
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 Features and Attractions
Rick Larsen, Vice President of EAA Communities and Member Programs provides the latest news on what to expect at AirVenture
2015. Discussing some of the interesting aircraft, people and programs that you can expect during the annual EAA convention.
8 pm
Warranty Schmarranty (^)
Maintenance expert Mike Busch discusses the terms and conditions of manufacturer and repair station warranties, with primary focus
on engine warranties. He explains what's covered, what isn't, and how to factor competing warranty terms into your decision to have
your engine field overhauled or exchanged for a factory rebuilt or factory new engine.
7 pm
Tips for Great Landings in a Light-Sport Airplane (#)
The L in LSA stands, obviously, for Light. The lighter the aircraft, the more finesse it takes to land it gracefully and consistently.
Students and experienced pilots alike will learn a few tricks to help make the end of every flight as enjoyable (and as polished) as the
7 pm
Top Propeller Designs
Craig Catto will discuss propeller design and manufacturing on the top Catto propeller projects. He will elaborate on high altitude
propellers to new world speed records and time to climb with the same aircraft and everything in-between! He will briefly touch on
new technology and how it is effecting the development of Cattos Propellers.
8 pm
Perils of Cylinder Work (^)
Maintenance expert Mike Busch digs into the thorny issue of tightening critical fasteners properly when installing cylinders on a
piston aircraft engine, explains why it is so difficult to get it right when doing it with the engine still mounted in the airplane, and
emphasizes the need to be very cautious when replacing multiple cylinders or doing top overhauls.
7 pm
Chapter Chat: Tax Exempt Basics for Chapters - Part 2
Tax Attorney, Patti Arthur has many years of experience helping EAA chapters, continues the discussion of tax exemption and
reinstatement of lost tax-exempt status & determining your chapter's tax exempt status.
8 pm
All About Alterations (^)
Sport Aviation columnist and maintenance expert Mike Busch discusses the complex subject of alterations to certificated aircraft.
He describes the difference between major and minor alterations, and the vastly different approval requirements for each. He explains
how to determine whether a particular alteration is major or minor, when an STC or Field Approval or FAA Form 337 is required,
and when a simple A&P logbook entry will suffice.

(#) FAA Wings Credit

(^) FAA AMT & Wings Credit

Registration is required, and space is limited.

Sign up at:

EAA Chapter 237s

Event date: Tuesday, June 16th, 6pm - 8pm
Covered by: Randy Delfel

"Aluminum Overcast" first flight of the day. You can't just buy a ride, you have to earn it! Passengers hand walk the props before takeoff.

Little sister "Sierra Sue II" watching over her big sister.

A little light rain brought the wine tasting indoors!

Cirrus was on hand to display their aircraft!

Morries was on hand giving

Jaguar and Bentley test drives.


8891 A IRPORT R OAD , B OX C-12
B LAINE , MN 55449