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March/April 2010

14 26
7 They’re Supersets!
by Nancy Edwards-Burnham
14 Zumba
by Elizabeth Linda
19 The Stiletto Stampede
by Lilla Folsom
22 Are You Wearing the Right
Shoe? by Angela Klick
26 Five Fitness Myths
by Robert Word
8 Featured Trainer Clothing provided by Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant.
10 Body Parts
12 Yoga Pose of the Month ��������������������������������
16 Interview Currently Abby Simon is bi-coastal, as she splits
21 Black and White Photo her time between New York City and Charleston,
SC. Inspired by all that New York has to offer, she’s
30 Sports Injury constantly looking for new clothing and shoe lines for
her husband’s store, Gwynn’s of Mt.Pleasant, while
Staff info also selling advertising and representing a jewelry
John Di Giovanni | Editor/Publisher line out of Paris, France. When in town, she trains
Lilla Folsom | Managing Editor with Rob Short at Pitt Street Gym in Mt. Pleasant.
Melissa Weir | Proofreader Abby also participates in indoor cycling at Bluefish
Caroline Kluttz | Intern Fitness Club in downtown Charleston. She is currently
Caitlin Grant | Intern training for IMG NewYork Marathon.
Contributors Lilla Folsom
Lilla Damon R. Angela Ben Managing Editor/Oblique Magazine
Folsom Smith Adams Williams Freelance Writer/Realtor

Damon R. Smith
Local Professional Photographer

Angela Adams Bellin

Mary Jessica Nancy Robert Children’s Fitness Instructor/ESAC
Ford Schwartz Edwards Word

Ben Williams
Professional Photographer

Mary Ford CPT, PTA

East Shore Athletic Club
Angela Elizabeth Caitlin Caroline
Klick Linda Grant Kluttz

Jessica Schwartz MPT, CSCS

Rehabilitation Centers of Charleston

Nancy Edwards-Burnham CPT

Certified Personal Trainer/ESAC
From the Editor
It is time for the annual 2010 Oblique Fitness Expo! Oblique Magazine and
its’ supporters are looking forward to this annual event.

Some of the area’s most popular fitness classes including Zumba, Tae Bo,
Robert Word
Les Mills Body FLOW, Body ATTACK and Boot Camp will be featured District Manager ESAC
and lead by the area’s top fitness instructors. These instructors will lead
participants in two, 2 1⁄2 hour marathons.

Participants will form teams of ten people to compete for prizes and
Angela Klick
raise money for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Oblique is Store Manager
encouraging local businesses, organizations, gyms, aerobic classes, schools, TrySports, Mt. Pleasant
and sports teams to sign up to help support this worthy cause.
There will be activities for children taking place during the Expo. There is
no excuse for fitness enthusiasts not to attend and participate! Elizabeth Linda
Professional Educator
The Expo will take place in North Charleston at the beautiful Riverfront
Park on April 24th , 2010.

For more information visit Caitlin Grant

Oblique Magazine Intern
Oblique Magazine is a bi-monthly publication distributed throughout the Charleston area.
All content of this magazine is copyrighted and may not be copied or reprinted without
consent of the publisher. Unsolicited manuscripts and photos are welcome, but Oblique does
Caroline Kluttz
not assume responsibility of their protection. All materials can be mailed to PO Box 22843 Oblique Magazine Intern
Charleston, SC 29413 or emailed to
Editor’s Office and Advertising 843-478-4537



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Cardio Tennis Fitness
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Ben Simon
...Plus More MUSC Tennis Pro
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(Men’s 30’s)

Non-members welcome 843-792-1494
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113 Wappoo Creek Dr. Suite 5 Charleston SC 29412

6 6
They’re not just sets.......
By Nancy Edwards-Burnham
This is quite possibly the best way to organize a workout
plan if you’re looking to tone up and slim down. Check
this out. Unless you’re a crazy person like me, you’re not
spending 10+ hours at the gym. Most people will dedicate
one hour a day to a work out, but how do make sure
you’re getting the most out of your precious time?
Super setting your workouts will do many things, such
as build endurance for cardiovascular fitness, increase
stamina or continuous fat burning, and allow for more
strength exercises in half the time. I’ll only repeat this one
more time, super setting is the most effective way to weight
train for fat burning and weight loss.

The key to doing a successful superset workout is to

minimize your recovery time. If you are first starting,
keep your break time under a minute and a half. Start
dropping your break time by 15-30 seconds every
couple of weeks, until you are only breaking for 30 seconds
between sets. Embrace this challenge and you will continue
to see improvements in your performance and physique.

Getting Started
Try doing a leg exercise between every set of an upper
body exercise. For example, do a set of standing military
presses with dumbbells, then carry those
db’s while doing walking lunges for
1 minute. Another variation of super
setting is doing a core exercise
between sets. Try holding a plank
for 30 seconds to 1 minute between any
upper, or lower body exercise.

Get in and out of the gym in less time, with more benefits.
Remember, no regimen is complete without cardiovascular
training, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep.
Nancy is a personal and group trainer at ESAC. If you have
any questions regarding this article, you can reach Nancy at


Travis ��������������
Robinson ���������������������������
Travis Robinson Is a 2006 graduate
of Radford University in Virginia ��������������������������
with a degree in Exercise, Sports ��������������
and Health Education. He is a
Certified Personal Trainer with the �������������������������������
National Council on Strength and �������������������������
Fitness, and is currently training ���������������������������
clients at ESAC where he is also ��������������������������
popular Boot Camp instructor. ���������������
His service of skills varies from ��������������������������������
core training, body shaping and �������������������������������
toning, weight loss, strength
training, boot camp style training ������������������������������
and nutritional advice. �����������������
Travis can help every client ���������������
maximize their potential and can
be reached at 540-808-7399 or

Caroline Sampson
Get the results you need
TPWellness Caroline Sampson
in the comfort
Personal Trainer of
Personal Trainer

Get fit in your

Caroline Sampson
with your own home own home or
FORGET THE “Red” office with
TRAFFIC AND Charleston’s best
CROWDED in-home Karen Barrett

GYMS! Personal
In-Home Training Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer,
Lara Wittstadt, is committed
to a daily fitness routine.

Model Ben Wright

Photo By John Di Giovanni


Model Ben Wright

Photo By John Di Giovanni

While working the shoulders or deltoids, it is impor-
tant to realize that you need to train different parts of
the shoulders in order to develop them properly. Your
routine should emphasize front, middle, and back of the
shoulder exercises that specifically hit these areas. It is
often the rear deltoid that gets neglected during shoulder
training. Below you will find five exercises that you can
do that will not neglect any area of the shoulder, and
help you receive the results in both shape and strength
you need. Like with any exercise, proper form is essential
and far more important than the amount of weight you
are using.

1. Seated Front Dumbbell Raises: This exercise

focuses on the front deltoid. While sitting on the front of
a bench, hold dumbbells to your side with palms facing
inward. Raise the dumbbells to chin height while slowly
turning the hands so that the palms face the floor, with a
slight downward turn of the hands. This slight turn gives
an added emphasis to the front deltoid. While repeating
your repetitions, be sure not to swing the weights up and

2. Seated Side Lateral Raises: This is a great exer-

cise for the middle of the shoulders. While in a seated
position, hold the dumbbells at your side with the palms
facing inward. With the elbows slightly bent, raise the
arms out to the sides to about your ear height, To get a
little added focus to the middle deltoids, tilt the hands
slightly downward.
3. Reverse Dumbell Flys: A very good exercise
for the rear deltoids. While lying on the hyper-extention
machine with your thighs resting on the pads and lean-
ing the upper body forward, hold a pair of dumbells out
across from your chin with your palms facing each other
and elbows slightly bent. Keep your chest elevated and
an arch in lower back as you pull the dumbells back and
away from each other until the weights are out to your
side, across from your shoulders, with your palms facing
downwarrd. While repeating your reps, it is important
not to swing the dumbells or drop them below shoulder
level height. This exercise does not require heavy weight
to be effective.

4. Lying Reverse Cable Flys: Another great exercise

for the rear deltoids. Start by lying face up on a bench
between a cable crossover machine. Grasp the opposite
ends of the cable with each hand. Palms will face away
from you with hands crossed. The crossing of the hands
activates the rear deltoids. Fom here, you will pull the
hands wide apart and slightly back. As with the previous
exercise, it is essential that the arms remain straight or
you will lose the focus on the rear deltoids.

5. Seated Dumbbell Press: This basic shoulder ex-

ercise still remains a mainstay in shoulder training and
works the entire shoulder. While seated on a bench, hold
James Island County Park’s
dumbbells just above the shoulders and next to the ears.
Press the weights above the head and bring them slightly
50 ft Climbing Wall
in towards each other. Be sure to control the dumbbells
on the way down to continually keep the deltoids en-
gaged throughout the exercise.

��������� Utthita
Extended Triangle Pose HOLY COW YOGA
Therapeutic Yoga
with Doug Keller
March 12-14
For more info call or visit


Yoga for Golfers
with Tom Pace
March 16, 18, 23 & 25
$49 for all 4 sessions
For more info, call

Yoga Model Camille Key

Model | Catherine Umstetter

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13 13
Yourself Fit!

Photo By Rod Pasibe

he latest fitness craze to take There isn’t much verbal cueing. There isn’t regimen and decided to take a Zumba class.
America by storm, is the Lat- a wrong way to do the steps. What’s im- “It’s a lot of fun and you are losing weight
in-inspired, dance fitness class, portant is that you’re sweating and having while perfecting some great dance steps. I
Zumba (Zoom-Ba). Zumba a good time.” love the music and the energy in the class!”
fuses upbeat latin rhythms she enthusiastically states.
with cardiovascular exercise to create a high Participants, such as Karen Charles, feel that
impact dance class. Zumba is the creation Zumba brings a certain energy that makes Maria welcomes all fitness levels to Zum-
of Alberto “Beto” Perez, who brought the working out fun. “The more you “shake it” ba and encourages participants to modify
concept of a Latin-inspired workout to Mi- the more you sweat! It’s perfect. As some dance steps to their own fitness level. “Par-
ami in the 1990’s and has now become one people really get into it, too! Folks from any ticipants in the class are free to modify the
of the most popular dance fitness classes of- age group love this class. Then comes the steps to what they can do or feel comfort-
fered to participants of all ages and fitness cool down, then you are wonderfully sur- able doing, since it’s a high impact class,”
levels. prised that an hour has gone. That’s how ex- she says.
ercise should be, enjoyable, something you
Maria Graham’s Zumba Basic class, offered look forward to doing,” she says. Zumba offers a variety of class formats to
at East Shore Athletic Club, Gold’s Gym, accommodate all fitness levels. For those
and Eco Fitness Club, consistently has 30- While the format allows you to burn calo- seeking a low impact workout, Zumba Gold
40 participants per class. ries and body sculpt, Zumba encompasses is designed for the active older adult or for
the simple philosophy that “working out” individuals with reoccurring or past injuries.
“I love to share the joy, emotion, and free- can be fun! As Graham explains, “ Zumba The main difference between Zumba Gold
dom of music and dance through Zumba. I is just plain FUN! People always leave smil- and Graham’s Zumba Basic is that Zumba
love to see my students smiling and letting ing and saying, “that was SO much fun!” Gold is done at a lower intensity. For those
their inhibitions go. The energy in a class is People have said how “sexy” and “free” the seeking an added challenge, Zumba Tone
addicting,” says Graham. workout makes them feel. Participants love incorporates 1 lb. weights for structured
the variety in the music and they learn tradi- body sculpting.
Zumba differs from your typical aerobic tional dance steps from different countries.
regimen by allowing students to feel the Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout, which is Graham’s Zumba Basic class is of-
music without getting caught up in mo- why people keep coming to class and love to fered throughout the week at East
notonous repetitions and constant cueing. come to class. Shore Athletic Club, Gold’s Gym, and
As Graham states, “Zumba is different than Eco Fitness. For more information,
other Aerobics classes in that its’ main fo- Kimberlei Richardson, wanted to incor- and other classes available through-
cus is on the students feeling the music. porate more aerobic exercise in her gym out the area, visit

Zumba instructor,
Maria Graham, gets her
class motivated at
Gold’s Gym’s
James Island location. Photo By Rod Pasibe
A Chat

Michael (Mick)
By Angela Adams

Photo By Ben Williams

You have been around Rugby for a long How do you stay in shape for such a de- In Rugby, there are no winners, only sur-
time. Do you mind telling us your age? manding sport? vivors, every time I make it off the field,
it is a memorable experience! I have so
(Chuckle) You get right to the point.... I An active lifestyle! Running, weight lift- many memorable moments, playing all
am 55. I will be 56 in March. ing, riding a bike, or surfing. Surfing is a over the world. In 1999, I played through-
out Europe; Ireland, England, Wales and
great form of exercise.
Scotland. I have also had the opportunity
Tell us about your first exposure to Rugby. to travel all over the country. We have
The sport can be very tough. Have you had played matches and tournaments in many
My first exposure was in 1974. I played any serious injuries over the years? major cities like New Orleans, Reno, San
downtown by the Battery horse lot. One Francisco, Paolo Alto, Baton Rouge, Prov-
day, I saw a bunch of guys playing and I idence RI, NYC, Miami, Charlotte, Knox-
thought it looked like fun. I asked them ville, and Norfolk. We have even gone to
if I could come play, and they said come the Bahamas! A turning point for the
on over. team was a game we played in Savannah in
2003. We beat them 6 to 5, and the team
When did you begin to play organized rug- played with so much heart; after that we
by? made it to the National Championships
for the 1st time.
Prior to 1974, I played football. I played
football since I was a kid; but it was in Tell us a little about the upcoming tourna-
1974 that I began to play organized Rug- ment taking place here in may.
The USA Rugby South Championships on
What were the early days of rugby like? May 1st & 2nd. Two finalists from that
tournament go on to compete in the Sweet
16 Tournament in Colombia. From there,
Then, I was a lot younger then everybody. the final 4 teams go on to Colorado to
Now, I am one of the oldest. When I first compete in the finals. That is the big one!
began playing, I was just out of high school
and everyone else was older, with more es-
tablished lives so now I find that the tables You are certainly an inspiration. If someone
have turned. The uniforms have changed reading this wanted to get into Rugby, what
also. We used to wear cotton shirts. Today Photo By Ben Williams would you recommend they do?
the shirts are made of a tighter fitting, fast
drying, micro fiber. You can’t grab people Like someone told me long ago, come
by the shirt and tackle them anymore like on out.... If you like football, you’ll love
you used to (chuckle). Playing Rugby, Mostly head and shoulder injuries, as well Rugby! Check out the Charleston Out-
and wearing your Rugby shirt, is like be- as I tore a tendon in my ankle, but that laws website at www.charlestonrugby.
ing in a fraternity. People will walk right was caused mostly by wear over time. I com. Our games are on Saturday at 1:00
up to you, start a conversation, buy you a underwent surgery to repair three tendons at McMann field in Hampton Park. We
drink.... Wherever, whenever, anywhere in in my ankle. During a game in 1979, I have home games on March 6th, 20th,
the world. It is a common bond. hit heads with a eam mate. The impact 27th and April 3 leading up to the play-
split his head open, and split my eye open! offs. We have partnered with the city to
Rugby is a rough game. develop Youth Rugby. Currently there is a
How is the sport different today?
combined youth team made up of players
The Charleston Rugby Team has come a from West Ashley HS, Wando HS, JICHS,
Everyone is much fitter today! The game long way. How good is the program? and Burke. That team made it to the play-
is also much safer then it used to be. In offs their 1st season! Porter Gaud and SOA
1985, a man had an aneurism during a also have growing teams. Our team also
game I was in. There used to be broken We are definitely one of the better teams!
We have a lot of respect from the other believes in giving back. We feel very for-
necks during games, and all types of head tunate for our sponsors, and enjoy giving
injuries. Today, safety is a high priority. teams; they really “bring it” when they
play us because they want to beat us. Our back to the community by participating in
Games will be called if the officials deem events like Camp Happy Days, and Adopt
the conditions unsafe. Unsafe conditions coaches keep us very disciplined!
A Highway.
can be anything from roughness by play-
ers, to field conditions. I remember some What would you say is one of the most mem-
of the most fun games being played on orable moments during the years of playing To find out about upcoming games, visit
muddy fields! your sport?

17 17
Visit the
Max Muscle Booth
at the
Bridge Run Expo
������������������������ and the finish!
Max 843.881.0707
Oakland Shopping Center 3026 S Morgan’s Point Rd. Mt. Pleasant (Next to Super Wal-Mart)

Weight Loss Challenge

��������16lbs.���������4 ������
Nick Matutina, Goose Creek

12 Week Program
Nutrition & Fitness Coaching
Call or visit our website fore more details
7671-A Northwoods Blvd. N.Charleston 843.553.2895

18 18
Tongue in Chic Redux
By Lilla Folsom
the Cooper River Bridge Run, the Stam-
pede must seem like a bit of comic relief be-
fore such an unwieldy project as the CRBR.
Race Director Smith commented,”If you
don’t want to chance the race, you’ve got to
maven all in black, and the costume winner, come out and watch. It’s a riot!”

a runway model with an unlikely beard and
run is a run is a run, yawn; feathers. The race winner wore a lovely lilac Need a good laugh? Who doesn’t these
but, when the run is sched- sheath and enough leg hair to make a model days! Join the flashy crowd on Houston
uled to launch Charleston blush! Northcutt on March 13th. There will be
Fashion Week, you know
three separate races: a children’s event and,
it will teeter on the very It was all in good fun! Amusingly, a stake new this year, separate male and female rac-
edge of extreme. Throw in stiletto pumps was a large purse. The “run” winner was es. Gwynn’s will present medals to the kids,
as the shoe du jour, and a costume contest, awarded a check for $5,000 and a matching and a check and gift certificate for $2500
and the result is a laugh-a- minute spectacle gift certificate from Gwynn’s. The top three each to the male and female winners. But
through Mt. Pleasant. costumed winners: Octo-Mom, Marie An- don’t forget to stay for the costume contest.
toinette, and the runway model were rec- The bar was set pretty high last year and
The inaugural Stiletto Stampede was held ognized. The top vote getter was awarded Charleston Magazine is tempting creative
last year in the midst of fashion frenzy a check for $1,000 from Charleston Maga- fashionistas once again to try to top last
and the locals lived up to their reputation zine. year’s confections. What a sweet parade it
of pulling out all the stops. The cast was will be. Don’t miss it!
legendary. I saw Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy It was fun for a good cause. The Children’s
of rainbow fame and, for the more intellec- Hospital at MUSC is rated one of the best For more information concerning this
tual spectators, Marie Antoinette, complete in the US and we’ll kick up our heels to sup- event, or to register for the Stiletto Stam-
with a tray of cupcakes. There were goril- port it in any way maverick race director, pede, please visit www.stilettostampede.
las with dainty purple slippers, a marvelous Julian Smith, can create. Held just before com. or call the hotline at 843-856-1949.

Photo By Laura Ackerman

EXPO April 24th
RIVERFRONT PARK, North Charleston
Group Fitness Mini-Marathons
Form your team of 10 people
and compete for prizes
For more details visit
To Benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters
of Carolina Youth Development
h il
W pr
ck ch 10
& /A
la r 0
B a 2

Model | Lauren Frye

Favorite Team | USC Gamecocks
Photo by John Di Giovanni

Are You Wearing
The Right

By Angela Klick

re you one of some 80% of the only feathering my own nest, but it is a fact a good pair or running shoes; however, just
population wearing the wrong that the average running shoe will last for because a shoe is made by a good brand and
shoe? I hope not, because if about 400 miles. This is because the soft expensive, it does not mean it is the right
you are you greatly increase white cushioning material loses its ability to shoe for you. It is just as imperative that you
your risk of injury. Even worse, you could absorb shock, and if the shoes are not able find the RIGHT shoe.
aggravate an injury you already have or cre- to properly absorb shock, you are going to
ate a new one. You may ask yourself where have problems. 4. Category: If you do not know what the
I came up with “80% of the population”. right shoe for you is, then there is a high risk
Well, this is easy once you have access to This can be very frustrating for people who that you will choose the wrong one. For
the correct data. There are four significant get back into running with thin, old shoes example, if you go into a store that sells run-
factors: from last year (or even the prior year). This ning shoes then you could have some thirty
person will often get injured and give up different shoes to choose from. All of these
1. Size: A few people wear shoes that are with the conclusion that they were just not shoes can be grouped or classified into the
too big, but I can tell you from my personal cut out for running. following categories:
experience that most problems are caused
by shoes that are too small. There is a rule 3. Type: Many people run in shoes that • Motion Control –shoes made for a runner
of thumb, which says that runners should were not designed specifically for running. who requires a lot of support due to exces-
have a “thumb’s width” of space between This list includes walking shoes, aerobics sive over pronation.
their longest toe (usually but not always the shoes, and basketball sneakers, as well as
big toe) and the top of the shoe. The extra cross trainers and bad or “cheap running
space gives your foot room to breath and it • Stability – shoes made for a runner re-
shoes”. The forces involved in running are
should help you to avoid several problems quiring support due to mild to moderate
too great for any of the above; none of them
from black toes to numb feet. over-pronation.
provide the correct support and/or shock
absorption that is necessary to support you
2. Age: A large portion of the population when you run. • Neutral – shoes made for a runner who
wears shoes that are too old. In the long is either a normal pronator or under prona-
run (excuse the pun) this is a false econo- Conclusion So Far: The only necessary tor (supinator) and who requires plenty of
my. Now it may appear to some that I am piece of equipment you need as a runner is shock absorption.

22 22
What is Pronation? When running, you
pronate when your foot hits the ground.
Usually the foot lands on the outside of the
heel and then rolls to the inside as the fore-
foot lands on the ground. The arches can
fall on impact and whereas about half the
population will “pronate” within a normal
range, 40% over pronate (arches fall/roll
outside the normal range) and the remain-
ing 10% supinate (the ankle rolls to the
outside of the foot) to some extent. This
means that neutral runners and supinators
need cushioned/neutral shoes, whereas”
over pronators” need stability or motion
control shoes, depending on their degree of
Stephen Sprinkle is seen using TrySports “Five Steps to a Perfect Shoe Fit”
In summary, add all four (size, age, type, method in helping runner Peggy Klimecki choose the best shoe.
& category) together and I believe 80%
is probably a conservative estimate for the Beginner’s Section a positive note; wearing the right shoe will
population as a whole. So it is not enough significantly reduce your risk of injury, and
to buy a good shoe, you must get the right While wearing the right shoe is a very im- in doing so, you will increase your chances
shoe. portant part of being a runner, doing so of achieving your running goals.
does not make you immune from injury. Angela Klick is the Store Manager for Try Sports,
How do I get the “right” shoe? You need to There are many other variables which you Mt. Pleasant. If you have any questions in regards
go to a specialty running store who will take need to consider: gradually increasing your to this article, or you would like to learn more
the time to get all the pertinent information mileage, stretching and strength training, about TrySports shoe fitting process, feel free to
and determine the correct running shoe for to name a few. A running specialist can ex- contact her at or
you. plain all of this, and more, but to finish on visit their website at www.trysportscom.

������ �����
“Serving Charleston’s
Mortgage Needs
for over 26 years”

“ He who doesn’t PROTEIN
eat bread will
go mad.”
843.769.6400 Real Men, and Machie, Eat Quiche


Emily Reichbach,
understands the
of a sound
fitness program.
MYTHS By Robert Word

hen it comes to exer- to males as they train. Women’s testoster- age of fat at lower intensities than at higher
cise, people will try one levels are significantly lower than men’s intensities, but it is a greater percentage of
ANYTHING if they so they lack the hormonal element to build a smaller number. The key phrase is as a
are told it will help large muscles. Since muscle takes up less percentage. They key to weight loss is an
them lose weight or room than fat, women tend to lose inches overall caloric deficit (calories in < calories
tone up. Unfortunately, there are many when they strength train. burned). At lower intensities, the body may
myths that people swear by in the gym and burn 50% of the calories from fat, while at
what they do not know could be slowing #3: If you can’t exercise hard and often, higher intensities it may only burn 35% of
their progress, or worse, leading them to there’s really no point. calories from fat. At higher intensities you
harm. The following are 5 myths that are burn more total calories and thus more fat
mentioned most often. Even moderate activity is shown to reduce calories OVERALL than you do at lower
your risk for heart disease and stroke. If intensities.
#1. Target Training. you don’t have 30 minutes in your day to
exercise, try splitting it up into 10-minute #5: No pain, no gain!
Belly fat is the thorn in the side of 99% of segments instead. Everyone can find 10
fitness enthusiasts - but many turn to count- minutes to spare sometime during the day! It’s almost embarrassing that this would
less sets of crunches to try and rid them- There are simple things you can do to in- need to be put in this article – but it sur-
selves of it. Unfortunately, the exercises you crease your activity and boost your metab- prises me every day to hear people pushing
choose do not affect WHERE the fat comes olism: take the stairs instead of the eleva- through nagging injuries to workout. It
off as you lose weight. When it comes to tor, jump rope or do body weight exercises is acceptable to be uncomfortable during
trimming up, fat loss is going to come from (push ups, crunches) at commercial breaks, training if you are “sucking wind” or have
everywhere so do not plan your exercises take a short walk after lunch. Any exercise burning muscles, but ignoring joint pain is
around fatty areas. Make sure your exercise is better than none! going to eventually catch up with you.
program includes all major muscle groups,
and if you are working on fat loss make sure #4: You will burn more fat if you exercise Robert Word is a personal trainer and man-
the intensity is high. longer at a lower intensity. ager at ESAC. If you have any questions re-
garding this article, feel free to email him
#2: Women who lift weights will bulk up. We have all seen on the treadmills what they at For weekly
outline as the “fat burning zone”, but un- updates and fitness tips written by Robert,
I have heard this a number of times and I fortunately it is based on faulty math. It IS email ESAC at eastshoremarketing@yahoo
can understand the fear given what happens true that the body burns a greater percent- and request their newsletter.

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north charleston coliseum • n. charleston, sc


Saturday July 31, 2010

North Charleston Coliseum
5001 Coliseum Drive
N. Charleston, SC


By Jessica Schwartz, MPT, CSCS

Osteoarthritis is the wearing of the articular Knee DJD can be diagnosed by a thorough
cartilage lining on the end of bones. Articu- patient history with reported symptoms of
lar cartilage serves as a smooth articulation pain and loss of function or with an x-ray.

of the joint surfaces and cushions the joint X-rays can show early arthritic changes in
he onset of knee pain in a
from compressive and shearing forces. The the joint, including a loss of space or bone
middle age adult may be a
cartilage lacks a blood supply so it is unable spur formation. An earlier diagnoses makes
sign of early osteoarthritis
to repair or regenerate itself once damaged it more likely conservative measures may
(OA), also known as degen-
or worn. Over the years the disease pro- help to reduce the knee pain and dysfunc-
erative joint disease (DJD).
gresses and the cartilage thins, the joint tion.
Most adults who suffer from OA are over
space narrows, and the surrounding bones
55, but it can occur in the younger popula-
and tissues react and can form bone spurs Conservative treatment options for knee
tion, especially after an injury occurs.
and build up fluid in the knee. The Centers OA include medications (non-steroidal
for Disease Control, based on a American anti-inflammatory medication or glucos-
Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons survey, amine and chondroitin sulfate dietary sup-
estimate that in 2005, 27 million adults plements), injections (anti-inflammatory
suffered from osteoarthritis, with OA of the corticosteroids or viscosupplementation
knee being the most common. with hyaluronic acid), physical therapy, and
mechanical aids (braces, wraps, canes, etc).
The signs and symptoms of knee OA can in- Activity modification is the most important
clude pain, swelling, sometimes loss of flex- step to help extend the life of an arthritic
ibility or range of motion, stiffness, “giving knee. Performance of a low impact fitness
way” or locking, and pain with weight-bear- program to build up strength and flexibility
ing activities such as squatting, stair climb- in the muscles surrounding the knee with
ing and sports. As OA progresses to pain help to unload the knee joint and improve
at night, difficulty ambulating community function. Programs can include stretching,
distances, and daily activities become pain- strengthening exercises, swimming, water
ful and difficult, a total knee replacement aerobics, cycling, walking on a treadmill or
may be required. Estimates by the Ameri- outside, playing golf, etc. Higher impact ac-
can Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons are tivities that include pounding on the joints
that the number of total knee replacements along with twisting and turning should be
performed will grow to 1 million per year avoided (running, tennis-especially singles,
by 2016 from the approximately 420,000 basketball, racquetball, baseball, etc.).
performed in 2008.
In many cases activity modification is all a
High-impact recreational activities such as middle-aged person may need extend the
running, jogging, and sports like soccer and life of the knee preventing surgery and fur-
tennis can lead to the wear and tear. Repet- ther loss of function and pain.
itive daily work activities can also affect the
knee joint with stair climbing, squatting,
kneeling, or walking > 2 miles a day put- For more information you can visit the
ting stress on the articular cartilage. Other websites of the American Academy of Or-
predisposing factors for the development of thopedic Surgeons or
Physical Therapist, Jessica Schwartz,
arthritic changes to the knee joint include the American Physical Therapy Association
is seen helping a client through their
trauma, infection or other illnesses, injury, or locally you can contact the
knee rehab at Rehabilitation Centers heredity, obesity, increasing age, and being Rehabilitation Centers of Charleston, or
of Charleston. a female over 50 years old. visit their website at

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