99, ROME – Required Orientation Make-up Experience
Spring 2015 – Syllabus
Regina Marshall (Director, Student Orientation & Family Programs)
Annette Staebler (Assistant Director, Student Orientation & Family Programs)
Brian Hopkins (Assistant Director, Student Orientation & Family Programs)
Alex Barkley (Graduate Assistant, Student Orientation & Family Programs)
Phone 631-632-6710, Email:

Purpose: The purpose of the ROME course is to fulfill state and University mandated requirements. SBU
is required by SUNY to provide new students with information regarding alcohol and other drugs,
stalking and sexual assault. SBU is also required to provide new students with information on safety and
security, Title IX, academic integrity, support services, and the University Code of Conduct. Thus
orientation programs are mandatory for all new students and attendance is taken at all events. SUNY
mandates are covered through the Stony Brook orientation program entitled, “This Community Belongs
to All of Us” which is delivered during Experience Stony Brook. Please read this entire syllabus,
including the important notes, BEFORE contacting the instructor with questions. Thank you.
Process: Students who did not attend the mandatory orientation programs on January 25 are enrolled
in ROME. This class is noted as SBU 101.99 in Blackboard. Students enrolled in ROME receive a
registration hold in SOLAR that prevents registration for summer or fall classes until the orientation
requirements are fulfilled. Students should complete ROME assignments as soon as possible, in order to
avoid delays in registration.
Required Assignments: Students must complete both assignment 1 and assignment 2 as detailed
Successful Completion:
Upon completing both assignments, the Registration Hold is lifted from SOLAR. You can track your
progress/completion in the grade-book in Blackboard.
• If you have completed an assignment, and don’t see credit issued within 2 business days (MonFri), please contact us.
• If both assignments are complete and you still see the SOLAR hold after 2 business days, please
contact us.

April 01. Day Wednesday. Room W4525 Wang Center. Room 102 Wang Center. Room W4525 Melville Library. Room W4525 Limit 75 75 30 64 71 75 75 75 Important Notes about Assignment 1: • If you are unable to attend any of the days/times scheduled. 2015 Tuesday. Please be sure to arrive on time to the program. or other media devices must be turned off during the program. Room W4525 Melville Library. March 05. 2015 Thursday. March 03. 2015 Thursday. . but please do not enter the classroom more than 7 minutes before the start time of the presentation to avoid disrupting classes using the room before us. March 25. 2015 Wednesday. Arrive early for best seat availability. unless DSS documentation is provided. 2015 Wednesday. contact Orientation after April 2 for an individual appointment. simply show up. • You do not have to sign up in advance.Assignment 1: Becoming a Part of the Campus Community Presentation This program will cover University Police services. MP3 players/iPods. February 18. Choose one of the following days/times to attend. Room W4525 Melville Library. 2015 Wednesday. Events may fill up before start time. March 09. laptops. Lecture Hall 1 Melville Library. • Regardless of seat availability. and support services on campus. 2015 Monday. SB Alert & Emergency Management. students will not be admitted after the start of the program. • Mobile phones and devices must be set to vibrate. • Students must stay until the end of the program to receive credit. Title IX. February 25. Attendance will be taken at the end of the program and credit goes in the Blackboard grade book. April 02. 2015 Time 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm 11:00 am to 12:00 pm 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm 11:00 am to 12:00 pm 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm Location Melville Library. Room 201 Wang Center. These will be offered based on availability Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM beginning April 3.

4. Once you have submitted your verification. you must have a verification email with your name and SBU ID number.” 7. Please be sure to carefully read the instructions below about how to send a verification email directly to our office in order to receive credit for this assignment. Important Notes about Assignment 2 • You must complete the verification process in order to get credit for the assignment. Answer all questions and review all areas of your results including. BAC levels. Comparison. . we will not have proof of your as credit for this assignment. 3. On the Electronic Verification of Completion (EVC) page – select “Orientation Make-up” from the drop-down menu in the field “Send my verification to.” We recommend printing/saving your User ID so that you can access your verification certificate later if needed. you can forward it to orientationoffice@stonybrook. CLICK “SUBMIT”. On the Resources page.” Send an email copy to yourself by checking the box that says “Send a copy of my responses to the EVC program to my email address. Risk Factors. 1. enter your name and email address in the “Verify Completion of Your echeckup to go” 5. Orientation cannot accept the certificate of completion as it does not have the student’s name and ID. On the Electronic Verification of Completion (EVC) page – enter your SBU ID 6.E-CHUG Students must go to the Center for Prevention and Outreach’s website at www.stonybrook. • If you have already completed e-CHUG. Print outs from the website or printed certificates of completion will not be accepted. Click on “e-CHUG” (not e-TOKE/e-Prep) 2. We must receive a verification email directly from e-chug. If you do not submit this information. Click on the START option that says “I have not completed the Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO and complete all seven steps below. We must receive the verification email directly from the e-chug system. Tobacco Use and Making Changes. you will see credit in the Blackboard grade book for SBU 101. Physical costs.Assignment 2: Alcohol Education & Awareness . If you have a copy of your verification email already.