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Be free. Break free. Live free. (100% Percent Free)

Purity and chastity has always been one of the values that we as Christians want to uphold. These
virtues give us a deeper sense of worth and a greater understanding on the sacredness of the gift
called life. These virtues tell us that we are no ordinary creatures but an authentic child of God.
With this in mind, we are called to live in a matter worthy of being His children, imitating the
ways of His Son Jesus. This hasnt been easy for most of the youth today. In a lifestyle where
influence can be found anywhere and anytime, there has been a growing sense of confusion and
distortion Gods intention for love and freedom.
Secularism, materialism, and relativism are simply few of the many factors that seek to confuse
minds, distort values, and influence the lifestyle of the young generation. As Youth for Christ, we
aim to stand by the life that God has created us for, to live as one upholding the values and
lessons that He has taught from the beginning. The YFC Identities serve as a guide and reminder
of the primary roles that we ought to take on in this life. One of these identities is to live 100%
More than having something to fight for, the freedom to live life as it should be is something that
every person should experience and enjoy. It is a common notion to associate freedom with the
thought of doing anything that we want to do. The world has placed the real kind of freedom that
God has given us into a negative light. As children of God, we use the freedom God has given us
to achieve our main purpose of loving, honoring, and serving Him.
Green Generation for a Greener Nation (Greeneration)
In the story of creation, the Lord created everything else before man. Not just to have a place to
live in but it comes with a responsibility to nurture and cultivate it. Then the Lord God placed
the man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it. Genesis 2:15
The call to take care Gods creation has been one of our purposes; to be stewards of His creation.
But instead of taking care of it, we seem to take it for granted. Its beauty and magnificence
slowly fades because the very hands that is supposed to nurture it, is the same hands that destroy
it. We became selfish with our own comfort.
This call still continues to speak to us as we hear the cry of our environment as we experience
calamities and disasters. It is time that we as members of Youth for Christ take a stand in fighting
the apathy towards nature, and start taking proactive measures in helping reverse the effects of
our previous actions. It is after all in the heart of our mission as Christians to take care of what
was given to us by God. Most of us neglect the fact that in order to love and serve Christ fully,
we must also love, protect and care for the environment that He blessed us with.

YFC Greeneration is an advocacy of Youth for Christ that aims to rally todays generation to be a
green generation for a greener nation. It is an expression of love to God by a generation called to
take care of His creation. This is Youth for Christs response to the call for responsible
stewardship, that is deeply rooted to the attitude of Catholic stewardship. It acknowledges that
everything that we are enjoying right now came to be because of God. From the food we eat, to
the place that shelters us, none of these will be in existence if not for Him. As others mistakenly
adore so much the creation to the point of ignoring the Creator, YFC Greenerations every action
is directed towards the Creator channeled through His creation.
Revolution of Uplifting the Poor (RevUP)
The Lord has a crazy dream for His people. According to Jeremiah 29:11, I alone know the
plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, and plans to bring about the
future you hope for. With this regard, the Lord has two plans for mankind; one is for everyone
to experience prosperity and not disaster, which means that the Lord planned mankind to
experience his grace and the fullness of life in Him and not to feel grief, pain and poverty. His
other plan is for mankind to have a future to hope for, a future that the people would always look
forward to.
Even with His original plan, the reality remains that there are still poor people around us. Sadly
though, people all over the world give donations and alms which help them go through their
days, however their real needs are still being ignored.
Over the years the community of Couples for Christ have been advocating and moving towards
the alleviation from poverty. The community has already been able to start programs to help the
poor, regain their confidence and their lives as well. The CFC with its mission in Building the
Church of the Poor has the program of ANCOP or Answering the Cry of the Poor. This program
aims to alleviate poverty in the country, through education, community development and health
and nutrition. This is the way of CFC to help alleviate poverty in the country.
As Youth For Christ, we believe that as young as we are, we have the capacity to be of great help
especially helping the ones closest to our heart, the youth. YFC are called Champions of the
poor, we are to help out in alleviating poverty in the country by sparking hope in the hearts of
our fellow youth and to start change in the society by changing their minds with regards to
poverty so that the trend of poverty may stop.
YFC REV UP or Revolution of Uplifting the Poor is a call for Youth For Christ to be young
people moved by the Holy Spirit to work with the poor as an expression of Gods transforming
A response to the YFC Identity of being a Champion of the Poor, and rooted on the verse
Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you

did for me. Matthew 25:40. REV UP is an advocacy which aims to spark change in the
society, through the power and passion of the youth, by allowing them to see God even in the
least of our brothers and sisters.
Creating a culture of excellence (A+)
Education is an act that has formative effects on the mind, character or physical ability of a
person. It is a process wherein acquired knowledge, skills, and values are transmitted from one
generation to another. Hence, it plays a significant role especially in molding the minds of the
youth because it teaches one to think intensively and critically. Being one of the basic needs of
man to prepare himself and actively face what the world can offer, education molds and equips a
person for his future and to face the rapid changes in the society.
Despite of the vitality of the role of education in the society, it continues to face pressing issues
from the declining interest of the youth to study, the divided attention of the youth between
learning and social media and computer games, the lack of facilities in public schools, frequent
interruption of classes because of erratic weather, and the alarming number of drop out due to
poverty and other limitations. CFC- Youth for Christ has taken notice of these issues and is
taking active participation in seeking solutions to the prevailing issues on education through
basic paradigm shifting. YFC desires that fateful moment good quality education is shared to all
and social transformation is achieved through education.
This gave birth to the A+, an education advocacy of the CFC-Youth for Christ. Aligned with the
ministrys vision of, Young People Being and Bringing Christ Wherever They are, A+ moves
the young to put their faith into action through education by living out one of the identities of a
Youth for Christ, Models of Excellence. With an anchor verse taken from the book Romans 12:
11, Work hard and do not be lazy. Serve the Lord with a heart full of devotion, the young are
challenged to walk their talk in the hopes that a bright, renewed and united society awaits us.
As students, we have been blessed to be given the opportunity to grow and learn in schools,
campuses, and universities. A+ is an advocacy that calls young to embrace education as gifta
special gift from God. Like every good gift received, we must treasure education with care and
utilize it for its purpose. Education is a gift given to us by the Lord intended to be shared to
others and to transform the society.