Awards for excellence in brand building
DNA Correspondent DNA and the Indira Group of Institutes will felicitate the best performers in the corporate world in marketing and advertising, at the 9th Indira Awards for Marketing Excellence on March 6 in Pune. The awards will be presented to those dedicated to excellence in the field of brand building and to those who have shifted the paradigm in setting new trends. The awards will be presented by the minister for co-operatives, employment guarantee scheme, marketing and parliamentary affairs Harshwardhan Patil. The awards are judged by an independent jury, which comprises business leaders, CEOs and experts in the field of advertising and marketing. The awards ceremony will showcase India’s best talent in marketing, branding, creativity advertising and commu, nication. The theme is ‘Sublime Brands’. The awards will be presented in two distinct categories The Indira Marketing Ex-

Mumbai, Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sachin coaches Here’s a room for several views kids for charity
Malvika Tegta A game of marbles is on at the end of Dharavi’s MG Road. A taxi trying to cut through is brusquely turned away . A camera, however, manages to put the game on hold. The LCD’s attempt at gathering a pushcart resting on a brilliant yellow wall is half-eclipsed by green translucence. “Try that,” one of the players says, holding a marble close to the lens. Children come in twos and threes to get clicked, others orchestrating camera angles from behind. Spontaneity is Dharavi. The Dharavi Shelter won’t be any different; right from its entrance painted by neighbourhood kids to the backyard, the space and its use will be decided by the residents. The shelter, three months into use, is the new neighbourhood space for “learning, sharing, art, knowledge, participation and development”. By Dharavi standards, the space, once housing a half-built construction, is huge. And to think that it was in disrepair for 30 years, lorded over by junkies. Paul Raphel, however, had other plans for his 200 sq m inheritance at the corner of the New Transit Camp. What he needed were ideas. And he happened to know just the right people. The detritus gone, a bare, white room with a verandah and backyard raised, Paul turned to his tenants — URBZ, a collective of urban thinkers and designers. URBZ, with its history of engagement with residents of se-

200 sq metre plot in Dharavi is new neighbourhood hangout for local kids

2 days to ramp up
To raise funds for the Dharavi
Shelter project and get the word out to potential volunteers, the team has planned Dharavi 48, a two-day art event, next weekend, when the shelter will formally be opened. For the two days, the transit camp will buzz from 10am to 10pm with art projects, traditional dance and music, craft workshops, exhibitions, and discussions. Organisation meetings running up to the event will remain open to volunteers.

Linah Baliga It was a day that will remain forever in the memory of seven underprivileged children from the city who got an op, portunity to brush shoulders with Sachin Tendulkar on Tuesday The kids were pri. vately coached for a few hours by the master blaster, who explained to them the nuances of the game. Tendulkar, brand ambassador for the Joy of Giving Week, fulfilled his promise of conducting a half-day cricket camp with 14 corporate executives from Whirlpool, and with the seven underprivileged children from different non-profit organisations (NGOs). Ecstatic about getting an opportunity to step on to a cricket field with the greatest cricketer, Rohit Patil, 14, from the NGO Akanksha, said: “I actually got an opportunity to shake hands with him (Tendulkar). He taught me how to hold the bat and ball.” Another teenager Sheikh Alim, 16, also from Akanksha, felt it was an opportunity of a lifetime to meet the legend of cricket. “Now we know why Sachin is a star. He is well-mannered and a good

Tendulkar at the Joy of Giving function on Tuesday

The 48-hour non-stop concept
was employed by URBZ cofounders Rahul Srivastava and Matias Echanove in Les Paquis, an ethnic enclave and red-light district in Geneva. In its purest version, it involves creating a buzz around a neighbourhood, say Kurla, “with its stereotypes”.

UNIQUE IDEA: While architects, artists will come with background work, residents will engage with them to create a place for rest or a streetscape

lected localities in Mumbai and Tokyo, hopped on board. But what Paul may have expected to trickle down will travel up; the ideas that will drive and shape the Dharavi Shelter will come from its people. URBZ will play facilitator. It’s been three months since Himanshu and Dipti Hingorani of URBZ did up the shelter’s front wall with lo-

cal kids and began holding weekend drawing classes. “The idea is to grow this concept to create a full weekly programme run by volunteers and residents,” says Hingorani. As for possible uses of the backyard, which is yet to be developed, and the room, residents have suggested holding English, computer, dance, and sewing classes, legal and architectural counselling

sessions, and women’s groups’ meetings. It could also house a library and a tea shop. URBZ is currently looking for funding to buy tables, chairs and drawing material for the shelter and to provide lunch for 60 children a day. It is also contemplating the use of old tyres for chairs, discarded wood for shelves, and waste bottles for walls.

human being. He told us not to get scared to make mistakes. He told us that perfection can be attained by making mistakes,” Alim said. The little master himself was overjoyed with the whole experience of sharing tips with the kids. “It was an incredible experience to mix with the boys. One can’t make out in a day if there is talent. But I saw a spark in all the children. When one mixes with the less fortunate, one realises the harsh realities of life. We learn not to take things for granted and appreciate finer things in life,” Tendulkar said.

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