“Why Is That Eye Your Group’s Symbol?!

Why The TFP Emblem Is What It Is
By Mark Passio Symbolism can be confusing and cryptic, to say the least. It is a language unto itself, and like any language, learning it involves understanding how its simple aspects work first, before one is able to comprehend its complexities. For example, a child learning to read, first learns the letters of the alphabet, then how they fit together to form words, then how a series of words forms complete ideas, or sentences. One could never understand a sentence without the prerequisite knowledge of what each word in a sentence means. To recognize each word, one would first need to recognize the letters that comprise it. This is how language is processed, from the simple to the complex. Symbolism works in the same basic way. To understand the TFP emblem, one must first fully comprehend the meaning of the complex symbol from which it is derived, the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States (Figure 1). I would estimate that less than one in ten thousand people understand the true meaning of this symbol, so I will endeavor to explain it as best I can.

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The reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States is what is known as a Sigil in occultism. This is a complex, multi-layered symbolic seal or inscription, which combines multiple simpler symbols in a specific arrangement, to convey a deeper understanding to the Initiated. By Initiated, I mean those who understand the deployment of such complex symbolic language via the knowledge of simpler symbols, or building-blocks, which comprise its makeup. Keep in mind that symbolism is often prone to misinterpretation, and someone who is not well-versed in it’s basic "vocabulary" may be easily led astray, either to a totally incorrect reading, or to an incomplete understanding of the total message being shown. Sadly, the latter has largely been the case when it comes to the symbolism contained in the reverse of the Great Seal. This sigil conveys a DUAL meaning, as do many complex occult symbols.

Figure 1: Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

Let’s proceed with a breakdown of the symbolic meaning of the seal. First, let's list the individual components of the seal: • • • • • • An all-encompassing circle The Latin inscription “Annuit Cœptis” An Illuminated Eye inside an equilateral trianlge An incomplete pyramid, comprised of 13 courses of stone blocks A banner bearing the Latin inscription “Novus Ordo Seclorum” A series of 9 letters at the pyramid’s base: MDCCLXXVI

Next, let’s examine each component in detail. The encompassing circle represents the World or Universe. In symbolism throughout almost every culture and time period, the circle is the geometric shape which represents wholeness, completion, perfection, infinity, totality, timelessness, and endlessness - concepts usually equated with the World, the Universe, or Creation. The Latin phrase “Annuit Cœptis” means “He/She/It favors our work/project.” Three questions come to mind at this point. Who favors the work? Whose work is it? What is the nature of this work? Answers to these questions will become clear once we understand more about the total symbol. The Illuminated Eye inside the equilateral triangle represents Divinity, God, the Light, or the Creator of the Universe. This eye is the Source of Light in the scene. Notice that the triangle forms a two-dimensional “hole in the sky,” giving the impression that you are peering through into another dimension or world from which this Light is streaming. A triangle is the simplest geometric form which is Figure 2: The three-fold aspect of Consciousness. able to represent the concept of an enclosed space, or a boundary. A “hole in the sky” would certainly constitute a boundary - a portal, or a boundary between worlds. Conceptualizing the idea of God involves considering notions like infinity, totality, timelessness, endlessness, and oneness. The ideas of equality, balance and congruency are stressed by the triangle’s equilateral sides. This is symbolic of the idea of

God as Oneness, Perfection, Balance, and Non-Duality. Non-dual Consciousness is often referred to as the state of consciousness where a being has come into congruency in each of the three aspects of Consciousness (Figure 2), these being Thought (Mind), Emotion (Spirit), and Figure 3: The Blade & Chalice. Action (Body). When we come into this non-dual state of being, we are no longer in a condition of internal opposition in Mind, Spirit and Body. As we think, so we feel, so we act. This is Unity Consciousness, or Non-Duality, and has been described as being the “image of the Divine.” The incomplete stone pyramid represents one version of the “work” or project that has been started, The Blade: The Chalice: which is not yet complete, but in a transitional phase. Fully Masculine or Feminine or understanding what the stone pyramid represents is Yang Energy Yin Energy crucial to the correct reading of the entire Great Seal. To do this, we must examine all its qualities in detail. First, note that if the shape of the pyramid is followed through to it’s completed form, we would essentially see it, from the perspective of the scene, as an upward-pointing triangle. This shape represents the masculine aspect of Consciousness, or Yang energy. In symbolism, this archetypal shape is referred to as the “Blade,” as has been used to represent male, solar, active, aggressive and dominant energies and qualities. The counterpart and balancing aspect to the masculine energies were symbolically represented by the “Chalice,” an inverted triangle which symbolized the feminine Yin energy, or the lunar, passive, introspective, intuitive and compassionate qualities of Consciousness. When balanced, these seemingly opposite qualities form a synthesis which is critical for the healthy development of an individual’s Consciousness. This state of Masculine-Feminine Balance was symbolically depicted through the balanced union of the Blade and Chalice (Figure 4), known by different names such as the Chemical Wedding, the Star of David, or, perhaps most appropriately, the Seal of Solomon (Solomon = Sun/Sol + Moon). In biblical allegory, Solomon is the Figure 4: The Seal of Solomon. Male & Female, Seen & Unseen, Blade & Chalice joined in Balance. As above, so below; as within, so without.

King who commissions the building of a great temple known as the Temple of Solomon. This is not an actual, physical temple, but is symbolic of balanced consciousness through the balancing of the left (masculine) and right (feminine) brain hemispheres. The human brain has three main complexes within it (Figure 5), each one corresponding to one of the three aspects of Consciousness. These are the Reptile Brain, the Mammal Brain and the Human Brain. The Reptile Brain, or RComplex, corresponds to Figure 5: The basic structure of the human brain. the Body and governs motor skills, survival, and fight-or-flight-response. The Mammal Brain, or Limbic System, allows us to experience emotions and corresponds to Spirit. The Human Brain, or Neocortex, makes possible higher order thought functions, reason and conceptual thinking, and obviously corresponds to the Mind aspect of Consciousness. Its functions are what truly make us human. The neocortex is divided into two hemispheres (Figure 6). The left brain hemisphere is the masculine side of the brain. Its general functions include logic, analytical thought, verbal communication, mathematics and linear, procedural thinking. This side of the neocortex could be seen as a

Figure 6: Left and right brain functions.

serial processor and makes it possible for us to live in, and interact efficiently with, the physical world. The right brain hemisphere functions make it possibly for us to engage in creativity, art, music, intuition, compassion, empathy and non-linear, holistic thought processes. It can be envisioned as a parallel processor which enables us to experience the non-material, spiritual aspects of being. When we ask profound questions, like Who Am I?, WHY do I exist?, What is the purpose of Life?, or Why do human beings experience suffering?, we are engaging the right hemisphere of the brain. These two hemispheres must be employed in conjunction, utilizing both left-brain and right-brain functions equally, for the whole brain to function normally and in a healthy manner. If either hemisphere Figure 7: Ventral PET brain scans showing comparisons of healthy and becomes chronically damaged human neocortices. Scan on left displays global E.E.G. coherence dominant over the other, (left-right hemispherical balance). The dark regions in scan on the right proper neocortical function represent areas of electro-chemical and neural dysfunction, in this case from rapidly diminishes, and neural severe left-hemisphere dominance. and synaptic function begins to become impaired. Leftbrain dominance leads to the Reptile Brain becoming dominant and the Limbic System becoming ineffectual. The endresult of this state would manifest as chronic stress, control, domination, greed, immoral behavior and a general loss of the ability to experience empathy toward other human beings. In other words, a sadistic, male-dominator mindset akin to a psychopath. Chronic right-brain dominance creates the reverse. In this state, the R-Complex begins to malfunction and the Limbic System runs rampant, leading to out-of-control emotions, depression, self-loathing, addiction, victim-mentality and the overall loss of the ability to effectively exercise will power in one’s own life situations. In other words, one becomes what amounts to little more than a willing slave. In both situations, the neocortex essentially ceases to function in its proper role as the executive command center of the human brain complexes. Figure 7 shows what a healthy neocortex looks like compared to the brain of someone with severe brain imbalance. The brain on the right shows what the brain of both a dominator AND a slave look like, once such damage has occurred.

Understanding the basics of human brain function, we can can now return to the symbolism of the pyramid and eye on the Great Seal. We saw that the state of brain balance is symbolically depicted as the Seal of Solomon, and Solomon was the builder of the Temple. The brain has been called the “Temple In Man” in esoteric teachings. It resides between the temples of the head, and it is comprised of the masculine left-brain hemisphere (the Sun/Sol) and the feminine right-brain hemisphere (the Moon). Thus, the brain is the symbolic “Temple of Solomon,” the Temple of the Sun and Moon. Mystic traditions throughout history have taught that upon reaching higher states of consciousness through brain hemispherical balance, the pineal gland in the center of the brain, which normally lies dormant, would become active, enabling a paradigm-shifting mode of higher awareness, or the symbolic entrance to “another world” in Consciousness. The awakened pineal gland has traditionally been referred to as the Third Eye, or the ONE EYE. Figure 8 shows the First Degree Tracing Board of Freemasonry, which symbolically depicts the Temple of Solomon. On the left side, we see the Sun above the Doric Pillar of Jachin, which is marked with an “S” for Strength, a masculine quality. This pillar represents the masculine left-brain hemisphere and

Figure 8: First Degree (Entered Apprentice) Tracing Board of Freemasonry, depicting the symbolic Temple of Solomon (Sun and Moon), representative of the soul’s journey from Duality to Unity.

the Consciousness aspect of Body/Actions. On the right side, we see the Moon above the Corinthian Pillar of Boaz, which is marked with an “B” for Beauty, a feminine quality. This pillar represents the feminine right-brain hemisphere and the Consciousness aspect of Spirit/ Emotions. These aspects must be united via the Middle Pillar, marked with a “W” for Wisdom. The Ionic (“Eye On”) Pillar of Wisdom represents the unification of the left and right brain hemispheres, resulting in the emergence of True Intelligence (the opening of the One Eye, depicted above the Middle Pillar), True Care (moral-emotional maturity) and True Will (proper moral action). These three aspects of Consciousness become One through the process of climbing the Ladder out of base consciousness (the checkered floor of the Temple), to the state of Non-Duality, or the realization of Oneness. Notice that when we head in the right direction (away from opposition and Duality and toward the Middle Pillar of Unity), we are traveling East, toward the dawn and the Light of the Creator, represented by the All-Seeing Eye. True Care is the Key, symbolically shown dangling by a thread tied to the Ladder. To receive the Key, we must symbolically become the Green Initiate at the Middle of the Tracing Board. Green is the symbolic color of Balance, Harmony with Nature, and Love/Care. This is why the creators of American money made it green and called it the One Eye (Mon-Ey = One Eye). It is presented as a proxy for Balance and Love. This is one reason why money is so highly desired, even though it can never bring either Balance or Love. The REAL One Eye lies at the center of our minds and hearts, and if we climb the Ladder and use the Key, we can unlock the Door (the Sun/ Star Gate) to the realm of the Creator (Enlightenment). With the understanding of this powerful symbolism in mind, let’s take another look at the Reverse of the Great Seal in Figure 9. The Illuminated All-Seeing Eye, represents the Realm of the Creator, a paradigm shift into Enlightenment. But there is a building project underway, that - if completed - will literally block access to that realm and shut out the Light of the Creator. This “work” is done with Stone. The bricks represent something hard, unyielding, unchanging. It is not fertile ground. It can only take one form (uniform). It is brittle, not malleable. Bricks were once clay, which can take many forms and is capable of change, but it then became hardened (programmed) by too much sun (all male/Yang energy without the balance of female/Yin). This Figure 9: The World In Transition: represents the unchanging minds and souls of the The Dark New World Order is well world, trapped in left-brain hemisphere imbalance under way, but there is still some (ego) represented by the 13 courses of brick (the Sun connection to the Light.

plus the 12 Houses of the Zodiac). These symbolic bricks in the pyramid of stone are our “blocks,” or barriers to the Light. We must remove these blocks to let the fullness of the Light into our minds and hearts. This idea is symbolically conferred in the 13 “Illuminated” Degrees of Freemasonry. Moreover, these “blocks” are being used to complete the creation of the Blade, the male-dominator world of control. This world will look like Figure 10 when completed. The Masters of this New World will be a Hidden Elite with all the “light,” or knowledge and power, and the people of this world will be kept in the Darkness of ignorance, an unyielding “stone” structure, forever unable to be changed - a prison for souls. The name of this “Great Work” is inscribed on the banner beneath the pyramid - “Novus Ordo Seclorum” - the New World Order. This is the “Great Work” of the Dark Builders, Dark Masons, Figure 10: The Dark New World Order completed. Hidden rulers who build with “Stone.” The Dark Forces of fear, control, and unchecked ego is their “God,” and it most who consider themselves God rule a certainly “favors their Work.” population of ignorant slaves. But there is another Great Work that is being done. This is the New World Order of Truth, Love and Freedom that will be built with Light (Figure 11). It will be built through a process whereby each individual that comprises it becomes enlightened to the fact that they are a powerful co-creator with the Divine, and they accept the responsibility that comes with the understanding that each one of us is a Builder of the collective human experience. This involves removing the “blocks,” or barriers to the Light. When we do this successfully, the Light joins with the Earth in the scene depicted on the Seal, symbolically representing the enlightenment of Figure 11: The New humanity through the opening of their AllWorld Order Of Light. The Great Seeing Eye, the awakened pineal gland. Work of Truth, Love and Freedom In addition to the overt symbolism contained in the has been attained. Seal, there is also hidden geometrical and numeric

symbolism. We see that both forms of Masonry (building/creating) are encoded through the hidden word MASON (Figure 12). The inverted pentagram is a symbol of dark occultism, representing the elevation of the material world (the four points representing the elements of earth, air, water and fire), and the suppression of spiritual awareness, the fifth element of Ether or Spirit (represented by the fifth point of the star being thrust downward). Connecting the letters of the anagram for MASON creates an inverted pentagram,

Figure 12: Two kinds of Builders. Left: The Dark World (Blade only) is built through the suppression of Spirit (fifth point), shown symbolically buried under the weight of the stone “blocks.” Right: An Enlightened World is built through Balance, the union of Blade and Chalice (Male and Female energies in Harmony). symbolizing that the Dark New World Order will only be built through the destruction of spiritual awareness throughout the world. Conversely, when we join these letters using the Seal of Solomon, or six-pointed star, the All-Seeing Eye, or Light of the Creator is in the most prominent position, and is symbolically upheld by the Sacred Feminine Chalice of True Care. Numerological symbolism can be seen in the Great Seal by applying an occult technique known as Gematria to the letters MDCCLXXVI at the base of the pyramid. These are Roman numerals which represent the year 1776, a highly symbolic date on two different levels. 1776 was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia (the symbolic beginning of our Great Work). It was also the year the occult Order known as the Illuminati (“Illuminated Ones”) officially formulated its long-term plans for the covert infiltration and takeover of institutionalized structures throughout the world (the beginning of their Great Work). Once again, DUAL symbolic significance is displayed.

Gematria is a form of occult numerology which combines Geometry and Mathematics, or shape and number. Two main concepts must be grasped to understand how Gematria works. The first is that numbers are used to represent concepts, so equivalent numbers represent equivalent ideas. The second is that single digits that comprise numbers may be added together to “simplify” their values. Placing the given Roman numeral values (MDCCLXXVI) around the given shape (the pyramid), with one letter at each vertex of the pyramid (requiring 3), results in the following:










Adding the values at the tops of the pyramids, then those at the bases, results in the following:






The reason that 1110 and 777 are equivalent in Gematria is because they both “simplify” to the same value. Adding the digits of the number 1110 gives us 3. Adding the digits of 777 gives us 21, which also “simplifies” to 3. Therefore, in Gematria, 1110 and 777 are equivalent and may be substituted for each other. More importantly, a very significant symbolic idea is now conveyed by this hidden encoding. 777 (a variant of 1776), resulting at the apex of the pyramid, is the number which represents, in many mystical traditions, the concept of being like the Divine (the All-Seeing Eye). The three 7’s represent being complete, or unified, in Thought, Emotion and Action - or in other words, an Enlightened or Awakened being, embodying the Light of the Creator, or Christ Consciousness. Conversely, the number 666, which resulted at the base of the pyramid of stone (the prison of the soul), represents the Beast, or being trapped in “stone” - base consciousness - failure in Thought (Ignorance), failure in Emotion (Apathy), and failure in right Action (Laziness/Cowardice). In performing the True Great Work, our task is to transcend the base instincts of ignorance, apathy, and laziness, and to transmute them through the Balance of Masculine-Feminine Energies and the Power of Will - to create Holistic Intelligence, True Care, and Right Moral Action. Only then do we become non-dual beings. Only then can we truly UNITE our thoughts, emotions, and actions such that they are not in opposition with each other. And only then will the Three Become One, within each of us. This is the Way to a World of Truth, Love and Freedom - if, indeed, that is the New World we choose to build.


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