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The power of smart technologies: End-to-end HR

platform and services implemented in 3 months
without capital expenditure using BPaaS model
About the client

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd., a startup health insurance

India-based health insurance company

and Max-India Limited, was growing at 100% annually, but its manual, non-


standard human resources (HR) processes were impacting growth. Genpacts


overhaul the companys entire HR operations in under three months, without

Business need
Scalable Human Resources system with
standardized processes to handle Max

company, created as a Joint Venture (JV) of a UK-based Bupa Finance PLC

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solution helped the company rapidly

capital expenditure. The solution leveraged our Smart Enterprise Process
(SEPSM) framework to standardize HR business process operations on a
cloud-hosted, multi-tenant (Oracle HRMS) platform, enhancing productivity
and helping the company grow.

Bupas rapid growth

Genpact solution
Cloud-based multi-tenant HR platform
with standardized hire-to-retire processes
based on Genpacts Smart Enterprise
Processes (SEPSM) framework

Business challenge
Max Bupas HR processes (Hire to Retire) and systems were not integrated
and needed manual interventions for management to take effective
decisions related to people. Moreover, the employee experience for basic
services such as leave, training and payroll were not satisfactory. Data was
maintained in Excel spreadsheets, using manual processes. The chance of

Business impact

incorrect payouts from this system was high. In addition, the formation of

Conversion of capital expenses to

formats, to the European and Indian parent companies, which delayed

operating expenses
Core HR capability up in three months;
all modules fully operational in 5 months
Automated and standardized HR
Enhanced productivity through selfservice learning capability

the joint venture created a need for multiple reporting channels, in various
access to information. Max Bupa needed to consolidate and standardize
its HR structure to support acquiring and training the people it needed to
sustain its growth, and they wanted to do this quickly.

Genpact approach
Genpact enables intelligent enterprises through the power of smarter
processes, analytics, and technology for greater global effectiveness. Built on
our 15-year heritage of Lean Six Sigma, our cloud-based BPaaS solution for
Max Bupa enabled end-to-end HR operations (BPO transaction processing)
run by pre-trained resources leveraging our global flexible resource model.
Services provided included application and infrastructure deployment and
support for the Oracle HRMS platform as well as help in converting Capex to
Opex via a new Per-Employee-Per-Month (PEPM) pricing model with a onetime onboarding fee.

Genpact solution
After an initial assessment to identify the process gaps, Genpact
reengineered Max Bupas existing HR processes and systems to

Created a Shared Service Center to manage HR operations
with SLA-driven metrics

incorporate our proven best practices. The HR processes were

Genpact used a single-technology platform to support end-

then moved to a Shared Service Center operating on SLA-driven

to-end processing as part of the solution and billed on a per

metrics. As all the work was managed by Genpact, Max Bupa

employee/per month pricing model with an onboarding fee.

did not need to buy Oracle licenses or manage any application

Advanced modules in HR functions such as hiring, leave and

and infrastructure deployment or support.

absence, iRecruitment, and payroll were implemented to further

We began the engagement with an initial assessment of
the clients current HR structure and growth plans. Genpact
recommended a BPaaS delivery model, which accommodated
the clients need for a scalable system to handle the companys
rapid growth. It included a variable pricing model which
allowed Max Bupa to unlock working capital to invest in
their core business while at the same time avoiding capital
expenditure on a self-managed stand-alone HR system.

strengthen the core HR capabilities.

The transition took Max Bupa from completely manual
processes, multiple data sources, decentralized HR
administration, and non-standard reporting systems to one
platform with standardized processes and operating structure,
and a single source of information end to end.

Business impact
This BPaaS solution allowed Max Bupa to quickly implement
proven technologies across a broad footprint in a very short

Genpact set up end-to-end HR operations for Max Bupa,

time, without capital expenditures, while boosting productivity,

focusing on three critical areas to drive improvement:

employee skills, and controllership. The company is now able to

Process reengineering:

quickly expand operations into emerging and new markets with

Designed processes and Oracle workflow based on best-

the right mix of trained talent, at a lower cost of its end-to-end

in-class HR practices and benchmarks to drive productivity,

HR function.

accuracy, and enhanced employee experience

The transition achieved:

Set up workforce administration, compensation and benefits,

payroll, and recruitment
Set up Online Learning Management (OLM) for all employees
to enhance on-the-job skills
Instituted self-service to empower managers and employees
with timely, accurate information
Streamlined the Performance Management System for
transparency into the performance appraisal process
Implemented a strong Management Information System
(MIS) to meet all reporting needs
System implementation:

Conversion of capital expenses to operating expenses

Core HR capability operational in three months; all modules
fully operational in five months
Automated and standardized HR processes
Enhanced productivity through self-service learning capability
An intelligent enterprise actively seeks innovative ways to get
aheadand stay aheadof the competition. Max Bupas
choice of this cutting-edge BPaaS solution helped them
maintain their focus on core business growth while attaining
a mature, flexible HR operation that enables the company to
seize opportunities wherever they present themselves.

Set up end-to-end Hire2Retire processes on a cloud-hosted

multi-tenant HRMS platform based on Oracle R12, which can
be rapidly scaled, aligned to business growth

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