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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

64 / Wednesday, April 4, 2007 / Notices 16329

established the Northwestern Hawaiian Services Plan for the Midway Atoll accordance with the requirements of the
Islands Marine National Monument by National Wildlife Refuge, the Battle of National Environmental Policy Act of
issuing Presidential Proclamation 8031 Midway National Memorial, and the 1969 (NEPA), as amended (42 U.S.C.
(Proclamation) (71 FR 36443, June 26, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine 4321 et seq.); NEPA Regulations (40 CFR
2006) under the authority of the National Monument’s Midway Atoll parts 1500–1508); other appropriate
Antiquities Act (16 U.S.C. 431) (Act). Special Management Area, was Federal laws and regulations; and
On February 28, 2007, President Bush distributed for public review in agency policies and procedures for
amended the Proclamation to give it a December 2006. Comments submitted compliance with those regulations.
Native Hawaiian name, chosen by during the Sanctuary designation
Native Hawaiians, that reflects process and comments received on Public Availability of Comments
Hawaiian language and culture. On Midway’s Visitor Services Plan Before including your address, phone
March 2, 2007, the First Lady, Mrs. regarding issues that are subject to number, e-mail address, or other
Laura Bush, presented the new name, decision by the Co-Trustees (that is, not personal identifying information in your
Papahānaumokuākea Marine National already decided by the President and comment, you should be aware that
Monument, to the public. memorialized in the Proclamation) will your entire comment—including your
Proclamation 8031 reserves all lands be considered when the agencies are personal identifying information—may
and interests in lands owned or determining the scope of the Monument be made publicly available at any time.
controlled by the Government of the Plan and during development of the While you can ask us in your comment
United States in the Northwestern Draft Monument Plan. Any additional to withhold your personal identifying
Hawaiian Islands (NWHI), including comments at this stage should be information from public review, we
emergent and submerged lands and focused on any new environmental cannot guarantee that we will be able to
waters out to a distance of issues identified as a result of new do so.
approximately 50 nautical miles (nmi) information or changed circumstances
from the islands. The Monument is since the comment periods identified Agency Points of Contact
approximately 100 nmi wide and above. The Co-Trustees will develop co- FWS: Barry Stieglitz, Monument
extends approximately 1,200 miles management strategies and activities to Project Leader (USFWS); Hawaiian and
around coral islands, seamounts, banks, meet the needs of FWS, NOAA, and Pacific Islands NWR Complex, 300 Ala
and shoals. The area includes the DLNR in the Monument Plan. Moana Boulevard, Box 50167,
Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral The National Wildlife Refuge System Honolulu, HI 96850–5000; phone (808)
Reef Ecosystem Reserve, the Midway Administration Act of 1966 (Refuge 792–9540.
Atoll National Wildlife Refuge/Battle of Administration Act), as amended by the NOAA: T. Aulani Wilhelm,
Midway National Memorial, the National Wildlife Refuge System Monument Superintendent (NOAA);
Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Improvement Act of 1997 (16 U.S.C. 6600 Kalaniana1ole Highway, #300,
Refuge, the Hawai1i State Seabird 668dd–668ee), requires the FWS to Honolulu, HI 96825; phone (808) 397–
Sanctuary at Kure Atoll, and NWHI develop a comprehensive conservation 2657.
State Marine Refuge. The Secretaries of plan (CCP) for each national wildlife State of Hawai1i: Athline Clark,
Commerce and the Interior, and the refuge. The purpose in developing a Special Projects Manager, Department of
Governor of Hawai1i signed a CCP is to provide refuge managers with Land and Natural Resources, Division of
Memorandum of Agreement on a 15-year strategy for achieving refuge Aquatic Resources; 1151 Punchbowl
December 8, 2006, to jointly manage purposes and contributing toward the Street, Room 330, Honolulu, HI 96813;
Federal and State lands and waters mission of the National Wildlife Refuge phone (808) 587–0099.
within the Monument as Co-Trustees, to System, consistent with sound
Dated: March 28, 2007.
collectively protect, conserve, and principles of fish and wildlife
enhance Monument fish, plant, and management, conservation, legal David J. Wesley,
wildlife habitats, including coral reefs mandates, and FWS policies. In Acting Regional Director, Fish and Wildlife
and other marine and terrestrial addition to outlining broad management Service, Region 1, Portland, Oregon.
resources. direction on conserving wildlife and Elizabeth Scheffler,
During the last 5 years, as part of the their habitats, CCPs identify wildlife- Chief Financial Officer, National Ocean
National Marine Sanctuary designation dependent recreational opportunities Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
process, NOAA actively sought input available to the public. The State Administration, Silver Spring, Maryland.
from Federal and State entities, Native maintains its existing responsibility for [FR Doc. 07–1652 Filed 4–3–07; 8:45 am]
Hawaiian leaders, the Northwestern managing State waters in the BILLING CODE 4310–55–P
Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Monument, including the NWHI State
Reserve Advisory Council, and the Marine Refuge and Hawai1i State
public to develop a Draft Sanctuary Seabird Sanctuary at Kure Atoll. NOAA DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
Management Plan (available on the maintains responsibility for the NWHI
Internet at: http:// Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve, included National Oceanic and Atmospheric More than within the Monument, and has primary Administration
52,000 public comments were received responsibility regarding the
[I.D. 022807B]
during the sanctuary designation management of the marine areas of the
process. The Proclamation recognizes Monument, in consultation with FWS. Pre-assessment Workshop and Public
these efforts by directing the Secretary It is the intent of the Co-Trustees to Meeting for West Coast Canary
of Commerce, in consultation with the integrate agency planning and Rockfish, Darkblotched Rockfish and
Secretary of the Interior and the State of operational needs into a single Arrowtooth Flounder
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

Hawai1i, to modify, as appropriate, the Monument Plan. A draft Monument

draft Sanctuary Management Plan for Plan will be distributed for public AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries
management of the Monument. Another review and comment early in 2008. The Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and
document relevant to Monument Co-Trustees will also develop an Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
management, the Draft Interim Visitor environmental assessment in Commerce.

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16330 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 64 / Wednesday, April 4, 2007 / Notices

ACTION: Notice of public meeting. Stevens Fishery Conservation and fulfills this requirement and sets a
Management Act, provided the public course for successful implementation of
SUMMARY: NOAA Fisheries will hold a has been notified of the workshop the goals and objectives of the reserve.
workshop to discuss the data and participants’ intent to take final action A boundary expansion, new facility and
models that will be used in the to address the emergency. land acquisition plans, and updated
upcoming stock assessments for canary
Special Accommodations programmatic objectives are notable
rockfish, darkblotched rockfish and
arrowtooth flounder. revisions to the 1998 approved
This meeting is physically accessible management plan.
DATES: The Pre-assessment Workshop to people with disabilities. Requests for
for West Coast Canary Rockfish, sign language interpretation or other Since the Weeks Bay National
Darkblotched Rockfish and Arrowtooth auxiliary aids should be directed to Ms. Estuarine Research Reserve was
Flounder will be held Tuesday, April 24 Stacey Miller at (206) 437–5670 at least designated, it has been managed by the
through Wednesday, April 25, 2007. five days prior to the meeting date. Alabama Department of Economic and
The workshop will meet each day from Dated: March 30, 2007. Community Affairs. Since that time,
8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., or until Tracey L. Thompson,
state responsibility for the management
business for the day is completed. of the reserve has been transferred to the
Acting Director, Office of Sustainable
ADDRESSES: The Pre-Assessment Fisheries, National Marine Fisheries Service. Alabama Department of Conservation
Workshop for West Coast Canary [FR Doc. E7–6201 Filed 4–3–07; 8:45 am]
and Natural Resources (ADCNR), State
Rockfish, Darkblotched Rockfish and Lands Division. A revised MOU
Arrowtooth Flounder will be held at between NOAA and the State of
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Alabama was approved to reflect these
Commission, 205 S.E. Spokane Street, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE changes. Under ADCNR, the revised
Portland, Oregon 97202. management plan outlines the
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. National Oceanic and Atmospheric administrative structure; the education,
Stacey Miller, Northwest Fisheries Administration stewardship, and research goals of the
Science Center (NWFSC); telephone: reserve; and the plans for future land
(206) 437–5670; or Dr. Jim Hastie, National Estuarine Research Reserve acquisition and facility development to
Northwest Fisheries Science Center System
support reserve operations.
(NWFSC); telephone: (206)860–3412. AGENCY: Estuarine Reserves Division, Three hundred and thirty three (333)
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource acres of state-owned coastal and
workshop is intended to initiate dialog Management, National Ocean Service, submerged lands adjacent to the reserve
between members of the fishing National Oceanic and Atmospheric are incorporated through the boundary
community, stock assessment authors, Administration, U.S. Department of amendment in the management plan
data managers, and interested members Commerce.
of the public prior to the finalization of revision. The expansion provides a
ACTION: Notice of Public Comment broader and more representative
the stock assessment model. The Period for the Revised Management Plan
specific objectives of the workshop are diversity of wetland and water habitats
for the Weeks Bay National Estuarine into the reserve boundary. The new
to: (1) Discuss the data used in the Research Reserve.
canary rockfish, darkblotched rockfish boundary and will provide areas for
and arrowtooth flounder stock SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that reserve related research and education
assessments including details on the Estuarine Reserves Division, Office programs. The tidal freshwater riverine,
collections methods, current observed of Ocean and Coastal Resource emergent and forested wetland
trends, and how the data will be Management, National Ocean Service, communities protected through this
incorporated into the assessment National Oceanic and Atmospheric expansion further enhance the Weeks
models; (2) discuss the rationale for Administration (NOAA), U.S. Bay reserve as an appropriate and
making assumptions in the models, Department of Commerce is announcing ecologically representative site for long-
especially when data are missing or a thirty day public comment period on term research and education.
insufficient; (3) identify anomalies in the revised Weeks Bay National
the data and provide possible Estuarine Research Reserve FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Matt
explanations; and (4) identify data gaps Management Plan which will begin on Chasse at (301) 563–1198 or Laurie
and future research possibilities. the day this announcement is McGilvray at (301) 563–1158 of NOAA’s
All participants are encouraged to published. Comments should be sent National Ocean Service, Estuarine
pre-register for the workshop by within the comment period in hard Reserves Division, 1305 East-West
contacting Ms. Stacey Miller, Northwest copy or e-mail to Matthew Chasse at Highway, N/ORM5, 10th floor, Silver
Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) by or NOAA’s Spring, MD 20910. For copies of the
phone at (206)437–5670 or by email at Estuarine Reserves Division, 1305 East- Weeks Bay Management Plan revision, West Highway, N/ORM5, 10th floor, visit
Although non-emergency issues not Silver Spring, MD 20910. Dated: March 28, 2007.
contained in the meeting agenda may The Weeks Bay National Estuarine
David M. Kennedy,
come before the workshop participants Research Reserve was designated in
for discussion, those issues may not be February 1986 pursuant to Section 315 Director, Office of Ocean and Coastal
the subject of formal workshop action of the Coastal Zone Management Act of Resource Management, National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration.
during this meeting. Workshop action 1972, as amended, 16 U.S.C. 1461. The
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

will be restricted to those issues reserve has been operating under a [FR Doc. E7–6195 Filed 4–3–07; 8:45 am]
specifically listed in this notice and any management plan approved in 1998. BILLING CODE 3510–08–P
issues arising after publication of this Pursuant to 15 CFR 921.33(c), a state
notice that require emergency action must revise its management plan every
under section 305c) of the Magnuson- five years. The submission of this plan

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