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Monthir Shaikhoon


Block no. 2 Alfayha, Khartoum, Sudan




M o n t h i r S h a i k h o o n .

over 3000 of those are for business and another 2500 are in boxes.thesis Final year architecture student – U of K . the stadium accommodating seats for over 75000 spectator arranged in three tiers. a pleasant environment to linger & ease of orientation round the stadium.Sudan May 2011 A great deal of research was invested to come up with a well thought-out master plan for the entire project and a detailed design for the main venue (the football stadium).U N I V E R S I T Y BACHELOR PROJECT 01 University Project . P R O J E C T Architecture student University of Khartoum . for spectators it provides a logical but meanwhile a sensory structure. the stadium’s form responds to the requirements of the project of creating a national icon out of this venue. broad promenades on level 2 & 7 from lobbies around the stadium to allow spectators' freedom of movement. ` The design concept has emerged from purely functional requirements. the upper lobby at a height of 27m offers a panoramic view over the sports city. The arena is visible from the lobby.

layered roof. Façade enriched with roof layers and exposed structure. Structural system of stadium (highlighted). Shell shaped. Introduction of suspended roof over spectators plaza. they can enjoy watching events through giant screens installed in different locations of the plaza while being protected from high intensity of sun radiation and rain. While this large roof service yet another significant purpose hence it is fitted with photovoltaic thin film cells which should create sufficient energy to light the entire stadium building. Comprehensively studied Master planning.U N I V E R S I T Y P R O J E C T Architecture student University of Khartoum 01 ` Initial conceptual Idea: • • • Soft curved organic lines inspired by nature. A dramatic suspended roof that hovers between the stadium structure and the recreational commercial hub defines a semi enclosed area where spectators who have come to spend the day can enjoy a delightful shopping and leisure experiences. Nature inspired organization and lines for the master plan. .

U N I V E R S I T Y 01 ` P R O J E C T Architecture student University of Khartoum .

etc) this is a building form where forms follow almost directly functions. efficient high volume circulation. • Tough finishing. • (large/wide) areas of car parking.U N I V E R S I T Y 01 Design Challenge: Because sports stadia are so closely geared to accurate functional requirements (clear sightlines. • Inflexible elements. • Gigantic scale. ` 6 P R O J E C T Architecture student University of Khartoum . and the creation of a delightful design was faced by a handful of obstacles including: • The unwelcoming effect of the natural inward looking.

Sudan January – May 2010 Individual design project of a 5 star city center hotel.U N I V E R S I T Y 4TH YEAR PROJECT 02 University Project 4TH year architecture student – U of K . complemented by a technical drawings module for a period of a semester ` MODEL 7 P R O J E C T Architecture student University of Khartoum .

Utilities room 10. Pantry 9. Utilities room 2 6 1 4 ` 6 7 6 11 6 5 12 4 4 10 4 6 4 12 4 12 1. simple yet well thought-out manipulations where made to create the general form. Khartoum. Reception 3. Maid’s Bedroom 8. Verandah 2. Maid’s Bedroom 8. Sudan 6 7 9 8 6 6 6 4 3 4 5 2 4 3 3 A two story villa with a simple modern design. Living room 11. Bathroom 7. Dining room 4. Reception 3. visualization January 2012 .Complete Khartoum North. Bedroom 5. Vast terraces and verandahs where used in the western side of the house for the provision of shading and enhanced natural ventilation. Bedroom 5. Kitchen 6. Dining room 4. 4 1. Pantry 4 9. 4 Terrace Designer / visualizer . Bathroom 7.A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N 03 RESIDENCE 9 Interior Design Project Design. Kitchen 6. Gym 12. Verandah 2.

` D E S I G N R E N O V A T I O N P R O J E C T Architect / Interior designer / visualizer .Under Construction Municipality building. On-site work co-ordination August 2013 . with great attention to technical and aesthetic needs.I N T E R I O R 04 AUDITORIUM RENOVATION Interior Design Project Design. AlQaseem. SA A complete design set was prepared for a proposed renovation of the lecture and seminar’s hall in the Unaizah city municipal administration building. The dropped projections in the ceiling give a sense of depth to the otherwise small room.

A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N SUMMER HOUSE PROJECT 05 Architectural Design Project Design. Project co-ordination.Under Construction AlQaseem. SA The design responded the client’s vision of an aesthetically pleasing and functional modern residence within the landscape. visualization Jan 2014 .designer / visualizer . The landscape occupies most of the site area. the building takes an L shape with an obtuse angle to maximize the visual relationship with the landscape ` Architect .

the spine being the main circulation route in the vertical axis along which all the different departments radiate in vertical axes. Vast green areas separate departments from one another to enhance the micro-climate in the site. moreover.Under Construction Tangasi. ` A conventional spine layout was used. with the Dialysis and Accident ER being the main departments as a response to our studies conducted in the region revealing a great need to these two departments in particular.A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N R E N O V A T I O N P R O J E C T 06 GENERAL RURAL HOSPITAL Architectural Design Project Design. verandahs are used the site over to provide shading to the openings and enhance the natural ventilation which would help greatly in reducing the need for mechanical air conditioning in the hot seasons. Northern State. PROFILE AND FACADES Architect -designer / visualizer . 2015 this hospital is expected to be the largest and the most important health service center in the Northern region of Alshamalia. Sudan Upon it’s expected opening on Jan. visualization August 2011 .

Under Construction AlQaseem. SA ` P R O J E C T Architect / Interior designer / visualizer .ARCHITECTURAL. INTERIOR. LANDSCAPE DESIGN 07 Architectural Design . on-site work supervision July 2014 . Project Architect Design.LANDSCAPE & INTERIOR DESIGN RESIDENCE FAÇADE. visualization.

A nine story office building. Sudan.Project Khartoum. Sudan Office Project.A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N 08 OFFICE BUILDING Architectural Design Project Design. The company’s headquarter occupies the First and second floors. The façade design is a reflection of the clients aspiration to have an iconic building representing there company. ` MODEL P R O J E C T Architect (Designer) / visualizer . with the use of it’s own logo colors as a means of symbolizing the company’s identity. designed to serve as headquarters building for a well known enterprise of Khartoum. visualization January 2013 . while upper floors are planned for leasing.

A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N 09 MISCELLANEOUS DESIGN WORKS ` R E N O V A T I O N P R O J E C T Architect / Interior designer / visualizer .

Khartoum.Contractual process Soba. ` Architect: Technical designer . I was assigned by an engineering consultancy office as an outsource for the provision of technical drawings for a part government project complex.T E C H N I C A L D R A W I N G S TECHNICAL DRAWINGS 10 Technical drawings production December 2014 . my responsibility was to provide well executed technical drawings for four buildings. including two apartment buildings and two villas. Sudan Freelance work For this project.


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