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UX AFLE X Interior Solutions


Customised Solutions For Your Home
LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions – Bringing you Australia’s

operating systems. With so many options on offer,

largest range of inspirational shading solutions for

we provide a specialist consultation to ensure your

over 50 years. At the forefront of innovation and

individual needs are met. To get you started, we have

technical excellence, the international company

put together the following considerations, designed

behind the LUXAFLEX Brand develops and designs

to help you narrow down the perfect solution for

many of these exclusive patented products and

inside and outside your home.


Light Control
Light control is the number one consideration for most
homeowners in choosing a window covering. Whether to
darken a bedroom, reduce glare in a living room, or utilise
natural light to brighten a room, different opacities in a
window covering can filter or deflect sunlight depending
on your needs.
Ultraviolet light in sunlight causes damage to your
furnishings, fading wooden floors, furniture, upholstery,
carpet and artwork. Window coverings help protect
against these damages to your home by filtering the light.

LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades are ideal for specialty shaped windows
such as skylights and arched windows. See page 10 for more details.



Above: LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades provide choices to achieve
different levels of light control for your home.

Insulation &
Energy Efficiency
One of the greatest benefits of LUXAFLEX® Window
Fashions is the ability to control the room’s temperature.
Insulation and energy efficiency is achieved through the
selection of the right blind or awning. A well insulated
window can reduce energy consumption as it relies less
on air-conditioning/heating to control the temperature
of a room. Save up to 43%* on your heating cost with
LUXAFLEX® DUETTE ® Architella Shades and reflect between
about 75% and 85%† of the sun’s heat and light when
using an external awning. Combine external awnings and
internal blinds for the best result year round.

LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades are for superior insulation.



The unique
structure of
Architella Shades
traps the heat and
prevents heat gain
and loss.

* Savings are based on the installation of fully-recessed, reveal-mounted DUETTE® Architella Opaque Shades in an average home in Sydney, compared with the House
Energy Rating standard of Holland Blinds from AccuRate, in that home. These calculations have been modelled by an independent third party. Savings will vary based on the
window type and installation. † Results based on CSIRO, Information Service Sheet No. 10-38 of June 1978.

LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters

including integration into ‘Smart Home’ automation systems.Customised Solutions For Your Home Privacy Different rooms have different privacy requirements. Sheers and sunscreens provide daytime privacy. Taking in a beautiful view whilst maintaining privacy is another important consideration for living areas for you to feel secure in your home. With such an extensive Close the vanes or add an extra blockout fabric to achieve night time privacy. repelling dust. Privacy during the day does not automatically mean privacy at night when the lights are on inside. and hosed outside. The Fabric Collection features selected fabrics treated with DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector and Sanitized® Antimicrobial Protection. LUXAFLEX® DUETTE ® Duo-Lite Shades and many other choices our LUXAFLEX® Consultants can recommend to suit your home. sensors can ensure the windows are shaded to provide optimal Motorisation – convenience at the touch of a button. Easy Maintenance A key consideration particularly for those with a young family or those that are time-poor is the ease of maintenance. thermal efficiency in your home throughout the 4 Sanitized® and the Sanitized® symbol are Trade Marks of SANITIZED AG. Home Automation Many of our motorised blinds. LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters can be removed from their hinged panels LUXAFLEX® Products are easy to clean and maintain. This allows control of your window coverings at the touch of a button. Switzerland. . shades and awnings provide the convenience of remote control motorised technology through hard wired or battery systems. See page 23 for more details. LUXAFLEX® Dual Roller Blinds in sheer and room darkening blockout fabric to assure your privacy when you need it. timer or sensor. especially bathrooms and bedrooms. www. registered in numerous countries. The Softshades Range is made from Polyester which is naturally anti-static. In addition to providing the ultimate choice in child safety and convenience. Day and night time privacy is achieved through dual function products such as LUXAFLEX® Dual Roller Blinds. there are many LUXAFLEX® Products that are effortless to care for.


colours. 6 . sales service. We guarantee it. to make it simple and easy. www. for a one time replacement. then you have 20 days to make a claim. and options visit to our Gallery Showroom. If you are not happy with your choice. to ensure we provide customised solutions to your needs. Exclusively available in LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions Galleries. We know Australian homes to meet your personalised needs for your home and and design our products to last in our high UV conditions. Our staff are the best and thoroughly trained. Full terms and conditions are available in the 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee brochure or on our website. We simply ask you to live with it for 20 days.Why Choose LUX AFLE X® Window Fa shions? PERSONALISED CHOICE SERVICE & ADVICE QUALITY EXPERIENCE Personalised Service We understand selecting the right window coverings We provide the ultimate in window shopping experiences solution can be difficult with so many choices in styles. through to the after available to We are committed to ensuring you have a thoroughly satisfying experience and are 100% happy with your selection of your internal window covering. Advice Experience We will guide you through the selection of the right The LUXAFLEX® Brand has been a household name in window covering. from your initial enquiry and operating systems. colour. style and operating mechanism Australia since the early 1950s. we will exchange it for another LUXAFLEX® Product. opacities.

doorways or as room dividers. large windows and coastal We stand behind the quality of our products which environments (salt spray exposure) can be catered for. The exception being LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE ® windows. and clear PVC which has a 12 month warranty. standards and we provide a range of child safe options.luxaflex. 5YEAR WARRANTY Custom Solutions Warranty All LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are custom made to your All LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are backed with a 5 year exact window requirements. so they fit perfectly to your warranty1. 1 Conditions apply. which come with a 20 year warranty1&2 Special conditions such as humid environments.Quality Child Safety It is the quality and technical excellence that sets Keeping your home child safe for your family. provides you peace of mind in the unlikely event Our extensive range has a solution for everyone. Our products comply with legislative safety and thoroughly tested for the harsh Australian climate. ® LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are beautiful products. Our experts will assist you in finding the right solution. Polyresin Shutters. Please refer to the LUXAFLEX® Website special shaped windows. designed to last. pets and LUXAFLEX Window Fashions apart. Many of our products visitors’ children is a critical issue and one that we have are patented and are exclusive designs engineered addressed. 7 .au for more details. something goes wrong. 2 Five Year Warranty applies to shutter hardware.


. The collection provides the entire house solution by coordinating complementary tones and fabrics across different windows and doorways in any room.The LUXAFLEX® Softshades Collection captures the essence of premium styling for your windows with the most comprehensive and unique collection of fashionable soft window fashions.

TRANSLUCENT AND BLOCKOUT SLIDE THE SHADE FROM SIDE TO SIDE EXTENSIVE RANGE OF FABRICS IN A VARIETY OF TEXTURES AND COLOURS The unique honeycomb structure of LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades provides a contemporary striking look whilst providing efficient insulation by trapping air within the honeycomb cell. See page 15 for more options. there is a large selection of styles catering for arches. Easy to care for. Available in 10mm or 20mm honeycomb cell LUXAFLEX® SOFTSHADES COLLECTION 10 Largest range of innovative lifting systems for ease of operation and enhanced child safety. . angles and skylights.LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades LIGHT AND PRIVACY CAN BE CONTROLLED THROUGH 3 LEVELS OF OPACITY – SHEER.

com.LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Architella Shades LOWER THE SHADE FROM THE TOP THE MULTIPLE LAYERS OF FABRIC PRESERVE THE COLOURS AND TEXTURES IN BRIGHT SUNLIGHT.luxaflex. EVEN IN TRANSLUCENT FABRICS RAISE THE SHADE FROM THE BOTTOM THE INNER TRUPLEAT CONSTRUCTION KEEPS EVERY SHADE CRISP AND CONSISTENT FROM FRONT TO BACK AND TOP TO BOTTOM The next generation in LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades is the exclusive LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Architella Shades. www. Three distinct air pockets trap air within each cell defl ecting heat The revolutionary IllumaCell allows a greater amount of light to filter through the Architella Aurora Fabric and enhances the texture and illuminates the 11 . which reduces heat loss in Winter and keeps your home cooler in Summer. featuring a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb structure for superior energy efficiency.

.LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings 100% POLYESTER MATERIAL MAKES IT DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN AVAILABLE IN A CHOICE OF FABRICS FROM TRANSLUCENT TO ROOM DARKENING OPACITIES LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. DESIGN OPTION Signature S-Vane suspended between two sheer facings LUXAFLEX® SOFTSHADES COLLECTION 12 Coordinate with LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers for the entire house solution. feature soft vanes suspended between two sheer facings. with the signature S-Vane. Translucent fabric vanes diffuse the light to provide a warm glow whilst room darkening fabric vanes help darken your room and provide privacy.

com. featuring soft horizontal fabric vanes which can be adjusted to reveal filtered views or total privacy.LUXAFLEX® PIROUETTE® Shadings REVOLUTIONARY INVISI-LIFT SYSTEM WHICH SUSPENDS THE SHADINGS’ VANES FOR A FLOATING APPEARANCE AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF BEAUTIFUL FABRICS IN A PALETTE OF MODERN COLOURS The exclusive LUXAFLEX® PIROUETTE® Shadings are an innovative window fashion allowing light and privacy to be controlled precisely with its unique 13 . DESIGN OPTION Closed for full privacy Contoured for elegance Opened for unobstructed view-through Coordinate with LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers for the entire house solution.luxaflex. www.

LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers FABRIC PELMET CONCEALS EXCLUSIVE SOFTRAK® SYSTEM MADE FROM 100% POLYESTER. . SELECT FROM A RANGE OF FABRICS WITH TRANSLUCENT OR ROOM DARKENING VANES LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers are a visually striking alternative to sheer curtains with the benefit of translucent or room darkening vertical vanes that provide perfect light and privacy control with full 180 degree closure. Rotate vanes open for a soft. diffused view-through Rotate vanes closed for privacy Drawn back for an unobstructed view to the outside LUXAFLEX® SOFTSHADES COLLECTION 14 Available with manual wand operation or PowerRise Platinum Technology Remote Control operation for enhanced child safety.

or any hard to reach windows. split or Duo-Lite Design Options. rotates the vanes and traverses the fabric through a pull cord secured into the wand. ✓ ✓ www.Sof tshades Operating Systems & Design Options DUETTE® Shades SILHOUETTE® PIROUETTE® LUMINETTE® Shadings Shadings Privacy Sheers ULTRAGLIDE® Self lowering feature with a constant cord length for effortless operation. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Standard Cord A basic solution that locks the shade in place at any height. neat appearance and enhanced child safety. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Platinum PowerRise Battery powered remote control or wall switch. centre. Operate the shade with the touch of a button across one or multiple Softshades window coverings. ✓ ✓ Manual Wand/Cord A neat single wand that sits behind the LiteRise Cordless operating system for enhanced child safety. ✓ Motorised Hard-wired to house power. Skylights & Specialty Shapes Operable specialty shapes are ideal for skylights. Raise and lower the shade by hand. motorised shades are controlled with remote control or wall switch. Excess cord is secured around a cord cleat when raised. removes the need for an electrician. Can be wired into home automation systems. sloping windows.luxaflex. EasyRise Continuous cord loop operation for easy lifting of even large 15 . ✓ Travelling Wand A neat single wand that sits behind the fabric and the vanes and traverses the fabric by pushing the wand along the track. ✓ Vertiglide Cordless side-to-side operation. right. ideal for sliding doors in either left.


opacity. texture. Blockout Blockout fabrics offer the ultimate level of privacy. Team different opacities in different rooms to suit your light. Sheer Sheer fabrics give daytime privacy and some filtered view-through subject to the texture and weave. . Blockout fabrics offer room darkening capabilities. They bring texture or patterns to light coming into a room whilst providing daytime and night time privacy. day and night whilst helping to insulate the room. Translucent Translucent fabrics screen out harsh light. Perfect for reducing glare and heat in a room exposed to the sun. Layer with blockout fabrics for night time privacy. Layer with blockout fabrics to give night time privacy. trims. The LUXAFLEX® Fabric Collection provides you with choices for colour. but do not allow a view-through. operating methods and durability.FABRIC OPACIT Y Sunscreen Sunscreen fabrics allow for heat and light control whilst maintaining your view. Ideal for bedrooms and home theatre / TV rooms. heat and privacy requirements.

Their discreet design is the perfect choice for rooms heavily exposed to the sun. HEAT & GLARE LUXAFLEX® Sunscreens allow control of heat. Many LUXAFLEX® Sunscreens feature Enduris® Glass Core Technology making them inherently fire retardant and stable with minimal shrinkage and warpage LUX AFLE X® FABRIC COLLEC TION 18 Motorisation available for the ultimate convenience. Available in the very latest colours. glare and light while maintaining your view. Sunscreens can add freshness with bold colours or a soft glow with warm neutrals.LUXAFLEX® Sunscreens DUAL ROLLER BLINDS TEAM BLOCKOUT WITH SUNSCREEN OR SHEER FABRICS FILTER UV AND CONTROL LIGHT. .

Controlled by remote control or 19 . LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds with Qmotion Technology are the only super quiet battery operated roller blinds. combining sophisticated technology with a variety of durable fabrics ranging from blockout to light filtering. LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds DESIGN OPTIONS Dual Roller Blinds combine the functionality of two different fabrics in the one roller blind system Available with a range of bottomrail. headbox. side channels and decorative trims. www.DUAL ROLLER BLINDS TEAM BLOCKOUT WITH SUNSCREEN OR SHEER FABRICS FOR THE ULTIMATE IN LIGHT & PRIVACY CONTROL LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds with patented EDGE Technology provide a stylish appearance and smooth

All designs can be paired with an extensive fabric range. Options include decorative tassels. LUXAFLEX® Roman Shades are available in 3 unique designs. sheer and selected sunscreens to suit your home and lifestyle. Ballina LUX AFLE X® FABRIC COLLEC TION 20 CLASSIQUE® Impression . timber battons (LUXAFLEX SIGNATURE®) and bottomrail choices. translucent.LUXAFLEX® Roman Shades CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPE OF FABRIC FOR YOUR ROOM’S LIGHT AND PRIVACY NEEDS With a contemporary look and feel. Fabrics range from blockout.

com. protection and an outstanding impression in any room. The blinds are comprised of a series of smooth fabric panels that glide effortlessly sideways on a simple track mechanism. Perfect for a large window. door or as a room divider.luxaflex. making it light and easy to 21 . Opened Closed www.LUXAFLEX® Panel Glide SIMPLE HEADRAIL SYSTEM WITH GLIDER MOUNTED CARRIERS FOR EASE OF OPERATION LUXAFLEX® Panel Glide creates privacy. DESIGN OPTION Available in a range of fabric styles and trim options to suit your home.

modern design incorporating fabric vanes that can be easily tilted or stacked to left. and they are easy to clean and operate. centre or split stacked to set the light mood you want. DESIGN OPTION The Ultimate Vertical Track System is the most flexible solution for large sloping and irregular shaped windows and offers perfect light protection with a 200 degree vane closure to ensure minimal light leakage between blades. right. LUX AFLE X® FABRIC COLLEC TION 22 . A large range of colours and fabrics from translucent to blockout are available to suit your taste.LUXAFLEX® Vertical Blinds SLEEK AND PRACTICAL DESIGN MAKES COORDINATING SLIDING DOORS AND WINDOWS EASY LUXAFLEX® Vertical Blinds offer a sleek. control by iPad. which ÝÛÛI]kaklÛoYl]jÛklYafkÛ^jgeÛjYaf•Ûegaklmj]ÛYf\Û condensation on windows ÝÛÛK `]ÛJYfalar]\® Antimicrobial Protection is free of harmful substances and is recommended by institutions for allergy sufferers ÝÛI]kaklÛgadqÛklYafkÛ^jgeÛkhaddkÛgjÛ^af_]jhjaflk ÝÛÛJlghkÛead\]oÛYf\Û^mf_aÛ_jgoaf_ÛgfÛl`]Û^YZja[ ÝÛÛGjgl][lkÛY_YafklÛl`]Û\]n]dghe]flÛg^ÛZY[l]jaY www. The batteries can be replaced without removing the blinds and will last up to fi ve years ensuring low cost installation and maintenance – No electrician required! A variety of other motorised solutions are available for integration with home automation. Qmotion Technology uses regular D cell alkaline batteries that are discreetly hidden inside the roller tube. registered in the U. iPod or iPhone and many other solutions which can be discussed with a LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions specialist.Roller Blind Motorisation HDRF Qmotion HDRF is the latest in wireless motor technology. Qmotion Technology is the new breakthrough technology for LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds. iPad.. which effectively repels most stain causing agents with its proven. the blinds can be operated by remote control or moved to the desired position by hand. 23 . preventative formula. iPod and iPhone are Trade Marks of Apple Inc. HDRF uses intelligent bidirectional communication between each motor and the remote control to ensure flawless and uninterrupted operation. water based.S and other countries. Your LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions will Many LUXAFLEX® Fabrics are treated with Sanitized® hygiene function. Offering smooth and quiet operation. The HDRF Motor has an integrated radio receiver for simple one plug installation. Available with the modern touch sensitive 4 channel Suite remote control which can operate multiple blinds. Benefits of LUX AFLE X® Fabrics Easy to clean & maintain For freshness & wellbeing in your home Many LUXAFLEX® Fabrics are treated with DURAGUARD ® Fabric Protector. Sanitized® and the Sanitized® symbol are Trade Marks of SANITIZED AG. registered in numerous countries.


The LUXAFLEX® Woods Collection brings the natural beauty of timber and the best of engineered timber looking products to your home. the mood of your room can be created to suit your individual requirements. traditional or modern styling. Providing a classic. .

contemporary design and a clear. 65mm Elliptical louvre 91mm Elliptical louvre LUXAFLEX® WOODS COLLECTION 26 116mm Elliptical louvre The TruView® Hidden Tilt Mechanism delivers a clean. . custom made for your home. unobstructed view through open louvres.LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters SLIDING HINGED BI-FOLD LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters provide the timeless beauty and enduring craftsmanship of real timber. The shutters effectively provide protection from heat and glare. Choose from a range of over 20 paint or stained finishes.

au 1 Conditions apply.LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters WATER RESISTANT. Made from a polyresin compound. 27 .luxaflex.luxaflex. THE SHUTTERS ARE IDEAL FOR KITCHENS. 2 Five Year Warranty applies to shutter hardware. ALSO AVAILABLE IN BI-FOLD. 20YEAR WARRANTY LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters come with a 20 year warranty1&2. HINGED BI-FOLD AND SLIDING LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters are the modern alternative to traditional wooden shutters and are virtually maintenance free. the shutters are unaffected by rain or water and do not for more RAIN AND COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS HINGED MODEL SHOWN. Please refer to the LUXAFLEX® Website www. Louvres can be rotated 180˚ to open or fully close in both directions for superior light control. BATHROOMS AND EXTERNAL AREAS EXPOSED TO SUN. making them perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Find out more about the exceptional qualities of this product on page 30. www.

oiled and lacquered finishes. SUCH AS SLOPING TOPS AND BOTTOMS OR A FIXED ARCH OR TRIANGLE LUXAFLEX® COUNTRY WOODS® Venetians are the perfect choice if you appreciate the look and feel of natural timber. with optional fabric tapes to suit your décor. Both the tilting and the raising action can be controlled by a switch or remote control.LUXAFLEX® COUNTRY WOODS® Venetians SUITABLE FOR UNUSUAL WINDOW SHAPES. Available in a range of colours. . Available in a range of colours in both 46mm Western Red Cedar and 50mm Basswood LUXAFLEX® WOODS COLLECTION 28 Motorisation available for the ultimate convenience.

LUXAFLEX® BEYOND WOODS® Blinds IMPERVIOUS TO MOISTURE MAKING THEM IDEAL FOR ALL ROOMS IN THE HOME LUXAFLEX® BEYOND WOODS® Blinds provide a practical alternative to timber blinds. Motorisation available for the ultimate Control with a switch or remote control.luxaflex. www. they have the stylish look of timber and are perfect for high humidity areas such as bathrooms. laundries and kitchens as they are impervious to moisture. Made from an advanced engineered 29 .

LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters are child safe. Kind to the Environment More than 95% of the polyresin production waste can be granulated and recycled. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Motorised Hard-wired motorised and controlled with remote or wall switch.Woods Operating Systems LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ COUNTRY WOODS® Venetians BEYOND WOODS® Blinds Hinged The standard hinged option is suitable for small to medium window widths. Wind excess cord around the cleats. hinged bi-fold has one panel bi-folding off another. Australian Made The shutters can simply be washed with water to remove dust or marks without affecting the product Supporting local manufacturing. Sliding The sliding system allows you to cover wide widths. Bi-fold on track is for widths and heights greater than those that can be achieved by hinged bi-fold. Child Safe & Non-Toxic Because there are no cords and the polyresin compound is non-toxic. peel. flake. Bi-fold Depending on window size. and can consist of one or more rectangular shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations. Benefits Of LUX AFLEX NEWST YLE® Polyresin Shutters Durable The colour is a permanent finish and resistant to dents. Manual Cord Lock Raise and lower the shade manually and lock in place with the cord lock. LUXAFLEX® WOODS COLLECTION 30 . Fire Retardant Polyresin compound is inherently flame resistant. For enhanced child safety. and is ideal for sliding doors. Can be wired into home automation systems. the shutters can simply be removed and washed with a hose. Sliding systems require the use of a top track and bottom guides or a bottom track. providing quick production and after sales support. Easy to Care For Because the product will not blister. corrode or fade due to water exposure.


25mm and 50mm slat sizes. No visible holes for enhanced light control Double your view with MAGNAVIEW® with TWI-NIGHTER® LUX AFLEX® ALUMINIUM COLLECTION 32 Operate the blind with the optional single wand by moving the slider up or down to raise or lower the blind or turn the Uniwand to tilt the slats and control the light. . Available in many different colours and special finishes including perforated. providing a timeless design that suits many decorating styles and are highly functional for both heat and privacy control. with 16mm.LUXAFLEX® MAGNAVIEW® Venetian Blinds QUALITY BOUNCE BACK SLATS UNIQUE CLUTCH SYSTEM PREVENTS DAMAGE TO THE TILT MECHANISM CAUSED BY OVER WINDING THE TILT WAND MAGNAVIEW® is an Aluminium Venetian Blinds option and is not standard LUXAFLEX® Aluminium Venetian Blinds are simply stylish. © Copyright 2012 Hunter Douglas Limited [ABN 98 009 675 709].luxaflex. 18.2012 33 .LUXAFLEX® Internal Product Selector The following table will give you guidance in making your initial product selection. ® Registered Trade Marks of Hunter Douglas Limited.061 C11676_12. Colours may vary from those shown in this brochure. PRODUCT SELECTOR LEGEND Highest level of protection/performance High level of protection/performance Medium level of protection/performance Low level of protection/performance No protection/performance www.012.

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