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Law Makers Seek VAT-Free Expressway Toll
Searched By Antonio Bonsubre
Some 81 members of the House of Representatives have filed a bill seeking to exempt expressways
toll from the 12% value added tax (VAT).

Author of the proposed bill said the VAT Law is unclear on whether expressways are covered by the

There will be a chain reaction because of the exemption of the expressways toll from the value
added tax (VAT). This will trigger a chain reaction of price adjustments on basic commodities and services,
especially agricultural products.
P7.2 Billion in PCSO Charity Fund
Searched By Antonio Bonsubre
Considering that a former PCSO official, Director Manuel Garcia, was recently charged for allegedly
demanding at least 40% commission from advertising agencies that were given contracts under the
agency’s billion-peso public relations and advertising funds.
The former PCSO chairman admitted that he had a P25 million PR fund but he did not use it. This
means the previous peso board members were given million of PR funds for her disposal.
Alexander Quisumbing and Ludovico Yuseco last month filed the complaints against the forme peso
official, who used to PR the advertising and promotions.
Investment in Region-10 up by 44% in 2011-DTI
Searched By Christian Alcera
Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental (PIA) – A total of P11.92 billion in investments was noted by
the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in N. Mindanao or Region 10 for the year 2010, higher by 44%
compared to P8.29 billio recorded in 2009.
Contributing the highest share of 45% of the total regional investments was the province of Misamis
Oriental with P5.37 billion, followed by Bukidnon with P3.52 billion or 30%, Lanao del Norte with P1.81
billion or 15%, Misamis Oriental with P965.32 million or 8%, and he island province of Camiguin with
P251.63 million or 2%.
We can expect that Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental will have its agricultural products and
animal inventory. Misamis Oriental will have more business opportunities, maybe create airports and
develop their tourists’ spots to earn more money for the future use.
House Acts on Prices
Searched By Paolo Carlos
The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a bill that will include bottled
water, instant noodles, liquefied petroleum gas and fruits among the commodities that will be protected
against hoarding, price manipulation, and after unfair trade acts in times of emergency.
Getting unanimous support from congressman, House Bill 4801 seeks to amend the Price Act by
adding more basic goods in the list of commodities and survive that may be placed under atomic price
control in areas hit by natural or man-made disasters.
The bill provides that price ceiling may also be imposed when there is a threat, existence of effect
of an emergency wide spread acts of illegal price manipulation, independency, unreasonable increase in
the price of the basic necessity or price-commodity and whenever the prevailing price of any basic
necessity or price commodity has risen to unreasonable levels.

more poor and needed people will gain their needs because in 2012 they will lower the price of goods specially can goods.Prediction: We can foretell that this will have an adverse effect on the sellers who are increasing the prices of basic commodities in times of emergency.99 B in the first two months of the year from $8. this will be good for the people who were hit by natural or man-made disasters. independency. the Philippines and China will have a closer relationship because they agreed on the contract that Pres. This will also lessen the crimes of illegal price manipulation. and unreasonable increase in the price of the commodities Philippines. This money we get in importing our own products.865 B in Jan.98 B deficit in the same period last year.19 in the same period last year. The deal was one of the agreement signed by foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario and his counterpart Presidents Aquino and Chinese President and Hu Jintao’s bilateral meeting at the Great Hall of the People. The Philippines will be more beautiful and will invest more to a country that will help us develop a bright future. Prediction: In 2012. The National Statistics Office reported that total exports were up by 10% to $7. Prediction: I believe that in 2012.99 B in 2 Months Searched By Aldrian Anisco The Country’s import bill posted a 22% growth to $9. P5-B Calamity Loan ng PG-IBIG sa Nabiktima Ni Pedring Searched By Paolo Carlos Inihayag ng Pamunuan ng Home Development Mutaual PAG-IBIG fund na naglalabas sila ng P5 bilyong pondo para sa mga miyembrong nabiktima ng bagyong “Pedring” Sinabi ng PAG-IBIG deputy chief executive Emma Linda Farin na bukas ang Tanggapan ng ahensya sa pagbibigay ng calamity funds sa kanilang mga miyembro na lubhang nasalanta ng kalamidad. In time of calamity people are able to buy there foods and the government will give them goods from the calamity funds they earn from the people. Prediction: The Philippines will grow more and get richer because of the continuation of increasing imports to other countries. China Sign $60-B %-year Dev’t Program Searched By Paolo Carlos The Philippines and China yesterday agreed on a five year development program for trade and economic cooperation that is expected to generate $60 billion in bilateral trade by 2016. of 2011 from $7. . The Philippines in 2012 will be more develop more foreign people going in and out the country and more improve than before. agriculture and more.125 B during the 2 month period in 2011. we use this for better future like building projects for education. the Department of Finance band yesterday. etc. Trade deficit reached $2. March Budget Deficit Narrows to P18 B Searched By Aldrian Anisco The Aquino Government’s budget deficit on March was significantly lower from planned due to controlled spending.15 B in 2010. higher than the $1. Aquino present. noodles. but on the other hand. Imports Grow 22% to $9. to Feb.

you take the people’s money out of projects that don’t work and put in into projects that do”. Big Oil Firms Hike Gasoline Searched By David Joaquin Big oil players raised pump prices at the start of the week to reflect movements of international petroleum prices. Mayor Herbert Bautista made available for distribution some 26 flat screen computer units to the city’s libraries in the city’s barangays to accommodate the increasing number of internet users in the city’s 21 branch libraries that serve more than 12000 student researchers mostly from public schools who have limited access to internet. Abay said that in the first quarter. President Benigno Aquino III has ever postponed the August 2011 ARMM pulls to synchronized with the May 2013 national elections to give his administration to institute reforms to the ARMM such as the cleansing of voters’ list and the removal of private armies. Council Seeks Free Internet for Barangay Searched By Aldrian Anisco The Quezon City council approved a resolution asking the senate and House of Representatives to pass a law providing internet access for research in barangays all over the country.3 B after they reviewed the project cost assumptions made by the Department of Public Welfare and Highways. Councilor Gian Carlo Satto and Eutemio Lagumbag both of the city’s third district said that resolution Nos. “The concept of zero based budgeting is simple. s-2010 strongly pushes for the bill reportedly pending before the senate that will establish internet access for public school children particularly in depressed areas they can use for school research needs.1 billion budget deficit in March. Prediction: The people’s money will get corrupted because government officials were just saving it for them.7 B for the month. Prediction: There would be growth for the student grades because of these projects in providing internet access for research all over the country but there is also a big corruption that will happen because of the government in unequal budgeting for each barangay in the Philippines. Budget and Mangament Secretary Florencio B. asking clear performance based guidelines. They are waiting for the right time how they will corrupt this money they get from people like vat. . The government expects continuous improvement in the revenue path on better economic prospects complicated with the serious campaign. the president said.C. the government has already saved roughly 1. lower by 71% compared with the same period last year and lower that the programmed P59. House Majority Leader Shermin Tugma of Cibac prty-list has called on the government to pile charges against those behind the at least P2.6 B Searched By David Joaquin Asst. Q.The government posted a P18. ARMM Ghost Deals Cost Taxpayers P2. Government Eyes to P7 B Savings This Year Searched By Aldrian Anisco The government is looking at 6 B to 7 B savings this year that will be set aside to finance country’s badly needed infrastructure. the Department of Budget and Management said yesterday. SP-5054.6 billion ghost deals in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) that turned up in a Commision od Audit (COA) probe.

Prediction: Because of this increasing price control of gasoline.” Ochoa said. food. during the three-leg state visit that began on Tuesday. telecommunications and equipment requirements. we hope to close investment deals that will be beneficial for all those involved. but up to now. P0. The Philippines will also have a shortage on gasoline. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. announces an increase of Po. Local Charges for Shipments of Eurasia Shanghai CO LOADER/ ULTIMATE CONSIGNEE LCL CHARGES 550/ 800 CBM ( Php ) TUNR OVER FEE 550/ 850 BL ( Php ) BL B/L FEE 500/ 850 BL ( Php ) THC 300/ 400 CBM ( Php ) DOCS FEE 30/ 30 BL ( USD ) MANIFEST FEE 550/ 850 BL ( Php ) HANDLING 550/ 850 BL ( Php ) CIC (USD/cbm)usd 4. and foreign investors are waiting for any government action when will they implement this program. and given the potential of both our economies. The government has planned to embark the Public Private Partnership (PPP) as the in order to attract foreign as well as local invertors. the amount will cover expenses for the special commercial flight.. after more that one and a half year since Aquino became president. transportation.5/usd 5 w/m COLLECT FEE 5% ..35 liter for unleaded gasoline. Cheveron (formerly Caltex) Philippines Inc. this is the only way the government will get investors’ confidence. the government has not yet made the first step for this PPP program. there is no sign that these businessmen are going to invest. The three international oil companies adjusted their prices on Tuesday (August 30)/ Other oil firms did not announce if they would also raise their prices accordingly buy they have generally followed each one’s price movements in the past.15 liter for kerosene. According to Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. GIAN’S GROUP Local and Foreign Investment There had been no significant foreign investment from the time the new government of President Aquino came into power last July 1. State Visit to China to Cost Government P25 Million Searched By David Joaquin THE government will shell out some P25 million for President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s five-day state visit to China that seeks to expand trade and investments with one of the world’s biggest economies.In separate text messages. the government has to respect the contracts entered into by the previous government in order to attract more investors. and Total (Philippines) Corp. among others. 2011. however. More importantly.50 a liter for regular gasoline and P0. hotel accommodations. We still have to see the promise made by the Americans when President Aquino visited USA in September 2010 when American businessmen promised US$4B investments into our country. “President Aquino will be meeting with Chinese businessmen and economic policy-makers. the people’s money will be spending on this gasoline instead for their needs and wants.

with good agricultural output. which is set on November 24. development and utilization of indigenous energy sources. it will be a big blow to the BPO/call center business which has employed millions of Filipinos. government should spend more money in this sector like the farm to market roads and post-harvest facilities. the same goes true with the garment sector. budget execution and budget accountability. many of our OFWs had to come home. Resource allocation is done through the local budgeting process which consists of the following phases: budget preparation. not only USA whose economy has been in bad shape. especially the electronics sector due to big drop of orders from the USA. PREDICTIONS ON PHIL ECONOMY FOR 2012 1) Philippine economy may be gloomy for 2012 considering the continuous downturn of the country’s quarterly growth rate since the new government has been installed in mid-2010. shipbuilding. The summit also seeks to showcase the salient investments destinations from the eight Luzon regions. In the first nine months. “The investment opportunities will target inclusive growth to uplift the poor and marginalized as expressed in the Social Contract of President Aquino to the Filipino people. if they are not able to find jobs in other countries. budget authorization. tourism projects outside designated tourism enterprise zones.9%. “A key feature of this year’s IPP is the inclusion of private-public partnerships projects to tap the private sector in the improvement of the country’s infrastructure system. if this happens. President Aquino earlier issued Memorandum Order No. the government will have to help these manufacturers in looking for other market potentials. the government should also resolve the objections of church group about these mining business which they claim causing environmental destruction. then this will also pose a big problem as their remittances has been helping our economy. 7) Should there will be more countries rejecting the deployment of our OFWs. 2) Slowness in the economy traced to plummeting exports as global markets weekend. and the manufacture of alternative fuel vehicles and electric vehicles. aims to boost the investment opportunities in Luzon. 3) Mining industry should be encouraged.” Domingo said. exploration. 20.VAT 12% CAF 3% Income and Expenditures of the Government Income covers “all revenues and receipts collected or received. it has dropped to 3. which details the Investment Priorities Plan of 2011. at the New World Hotel. this will add to more unemployed in our country. 5) The Agricultural sector had to be fully supported by the government as this employs so many people. from other local government units (LGUs) and from creditors. It started in early 2010 at about 8. 4) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) should be more encourage. forming the gross accretion of funds of the local government. the Board of Investment and the Philippine Economic Zone . The DTI said LICON. many countries progress because of their mining industries. CZARINA’S GROUP Income and Environment (foreign and domestic) DTI to offer 51 projects in Luzon to investors The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on Thursday said about 51 funding-ready projects are open to investors in the Luzon Investment Conference this month.” DTI Secretary Gregory Domingo said in a statement. with the problems in the Middle East and Africa. Of the thirteen items included in the list of preferred priority projects. the government should also monitor the proposal of a US lawmaker that American companies outsourcing their operation should not receive incentive from the government. however.2%. six were new entries: PPP projects.Local government income comes from different sources and revenue measures. 6) The manufacturing sector has also suffered a slowdown. it can help the country’s Gross Domestic Product. but the last quarter of 2011. The income generated by LGUs through different sources are allocated across various expenditure items which should ideally support the provision of essential services that would promote development and raise the quality of life of the LGU’s constituents. Some are generated internally –in the form of local taxations while others are sourced elsewhere –from the likes of national government. low-cost mass housing.

06 billion worth of approved investments. Luxem Bourg. In the same period last year. and Hong Kong. Philippines Prices of some food products. The people will have to increase their budget for the cooking oil. The forecast for hot money this year.9% of flows considered as highly volatile money and speculative in nature. Investors from United States. If . On the other hand. the United Kingdom. with a low of P58 and a high of P100. Foreign Portfolio Investment Jump 230. Consumer Spending Prices of food products on the rise. Finance Secretary. now retails for an average of P70. up by 57 percent from the P286.2% year-onyear to $3. Prediction: The inflow of investment will slow down in the first half due to the uncertainties in the U. Exactly a month ago.7 billion last April. Gov’t eyes partner in high-speed train project The Aquino administration is eyeing to partner with the private sector for the construction of a highspeed train that would connect the Diosdado-Macapagal International Airport in Clark. The high-speed train would help the passengers be transported to the airport in fastest way. the prevailing price of the same amount of cooking oil stood at P30. This train would be among the big-ticket infrastructure projects under the government Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program for infrastructure. and Europe markets.2 billion have to born sale transactions in the 2011. a long neck cooking oil bottle (750 mL). mostly due to global factors such as high petroleum prices and escalating global demand. The demand for the oil will be decreased if the price continues to increase.Authority recorded a total of P450. There were instances when the navigational aids in airports in Manila failed and has caused flights to be diverted to Clark. In the same period last year. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said about 89.1 billion at the end of the year. Pampanga to Metro Manila.2% The central bank reported that the country’s Foreign Portfolio investments surged 230. and government securities. higher than earlier of $1. have increased over the past weeks. also included in the top five investors country are largely expected to continue to place investments in emerging economies such as the Philippine in the wake of the U. Prediction: It is common for the food products to have an increase in price. Prediction: There is a good chance that this project will be approved this year in order to maximize the utilization of the Diosdado-Macapagal International Airport in Clark. which is invested in stock. this could affect their monthly budget and saving. trade execs say MANILA.51 billion generated in the same period of last year. came from Singapore. a project that would entail over $2 billion in investments. the price was P15 a bottle. The Department of Agriculture. particularly cooking oil and canned goods. Cesar Purisma said over the weekend. 10. It is common for the Filipinos to complain about the price hikes. and Europe market uncertainties. Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo said local cooking oil prices were being driven up by an increase in global demand. Bureau of Agricultural Statistics reported that the prevailing price of a lapad bottle (375 mL) of cooking oil stood at P35 as of Feb. has been set at $4.S. The high-speed train is free form any traffic that is why it can go directly to the airport. the average price of the same bottle of cooking oil was just P32.S. with a low of P29 and a high of P50.

Banayo said that given the volatile prices of other commodities. it will go to the consumption of the oil. If this continues the people will be happy and this will help them to decrease their stress by this remain of price. Banayo said yesterday. This remain of price of NFA rice will help the people to save money for this season. The public vehicles could also complain about the price because their money spends in the oil increases. Aniya. Chevron. But this price increase could be affected by the world market. with this the people can buy more foods and some gifts for their love ones during this season. Shell and Total increased the price of gasoline by 90 centavos per liter and 70 centavos per liter of kerosene and diesel. Philippines .this will continue. but it is not always like this. Prices of Oil products again Oil campanies again jacked up their prices on Tuesday. prompting the Kilusang Mayo Uno to hold a prescientrally in front of the Petron’s office in Ortigas. most especially if it uses a lot of oil. According to Banayo. Banayo said the NFA does not need to increase its prices because it would put additional burden on the masses or to the class D and E communities who buy NFA rice because of its low price. Ayon kay Recto. No plan to hike rice prices . P7B savings gamitin sa LRT Hiniling ni Sen. The NFA Road Map. If it is possible the people will find cheaper alternatives for the oil. Prediction: This news is very helpful. may P25 bilyon budget ang DOTC ngayong taon kung saan tiyak . hence. an increase in the price of rice is not necessary at this time. Ralp Recto kay Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Manueal Roxas na gamitin ang P7 bilyong natipid ng naturang ahensiya para maiwasan ang pagtaas ng singil ng pasahe sa Metro Rail Transit (MRT) at Light Rail Transit (LRT).NFA MANILA. instead of few savings. and the President decided not to increase prices of NFA rice. There are also possibilities that if the oil price continues to increase. the fair of the public vehicles will also increase. the people will continue to complain about the price. he sought President Aquino’s guidance on the matter of further increasing the NFA release prices. because there will also be a time that a certain product needs a price hike and we cannot avoid that.The National Food Authority (NFA) has no plans to increase the price of rice this holiday season. The people could suffer and their budgets could be affected. NFA would still have enough supply of rice during the holidays. aabot sa P7 bilyon ang natipid ng DOTC kabilang P2 bilyon mula sa regular na budget at P5 bilyon naman mula sa PublicPrivate Partnership Program (PPP). The budget of the people will not be affected because of the unchanged of the price. NFA Administrator Angelito T. there are food products that will increase the prices. recommends that the retail price of rice be adjusted upwards each year to conform to market realities. especially it is holiday season. Banayo gave this assurance during the year-end Food and Agri Business Conference entitled “The Business of Food & Agriculture: Where is it Headed?” held yesterday at the PLDT Hall of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). as part of the Agriculture Department’s Food Staple Self-Sufficiency Program which aims to achieve no rice imports by 2013.000 metric tons this year. This news is really good. Prediction: If the oil companies continue to increase the price of the gasoline. the NFA still has enough stocks for the holiday season. Pasig City (Metro Manila). Despite the series of typhoons that hit the country in the third quarter and the lower import level of only 860. so they must also increase their price for the fair.

Ralph Recto favored to the agency. Dahil ditto. Customs in January also surpassed its monthly goal of P20 billion by at least P582 million. If this favor will be approved people from the middle class can save money for their families to be used for other needs. as well as the pick-up in spending by the Aquino Administration. By adding more monetary values to our government fund. ang pagtaas ng presyo ng kuryente at ang napipintong pagtaas ng pasahe sa MRT at LRT. Inaprubuhan ng DOTC ang umento sa pasahe sa MRT at LRT pero hindi pa maitakda kung kalian ito ipapatupad. .9% expansion penned in the first quarter of the year. Prediction: I predict in this article that the fare of lrt and mrt will slowly decrease because of what Sen. there has been an increase of our country's production during the second quarter of the year. preliminary figures indicate as of Monday Morning.17B The Bureau of Customs. nag-VAT na kayo sa toll.1B ones the month’s target and in higher by P3. Sinabi pa ni Recto na palaging mga middle class ang tinatamaan sa pagtaas ng bayarin katulad ng pagtaas ng toll fee sa South Luzon Expressway. In this case the people from the middle class will be grateful because of the price decrease. ang pagpapataw ng Value Added Tax (VAT) sa toll fee. This report connotes that more tax revenues are coming into our government and that the said government sector is doing its job very well. our government can function more. buwi at iba pang pangunahing bilihin. “Don’t squeeze the middle class.” ayon kay Recto. has surpassed its collection goal in March by P1. which accounts few a third of government taxes revenue. By using this data I predict that our economy will have a good head start this 2012.17B. Prediction: According to the said report the Bureau of Customs has declared that they have surpassed their target collection. however. BSP officer-in-charge Diwa Guinigundo said the Grows Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the second quarter of the year would likely be higher than the 4. Prediction: GDP known as Gross Domestic Product is an indicator of a country's economic health.9 billion compared with the actual collection in March last year” said Alurey. Judging from this analysis by the Bangko Sentral of the Philippines. may MRT-LRT increase pa sila kung gagawin nila yun. Customs surpassed March goal by P1. BSP sees faster GDP growth in Q2 The Bangko Sentral ng PIlipinas (BSP) sees the country’s domestic output growing faster in the second quarter of the year on the back of strong capital inflows. makahingi ang middle class sa sunod-sunod na pagtaas ng gastusin tulad sa toll fees. mayroon pang PSALM sa ERC. produktong petrolyo. reboot remittances from Filipinos aabot lamang sa P18 bilyon ang magagastos dahil patapos na rin ang 2011 na pwedeng gamitin para ang pagtaas ng singil sa pasahe sa MRT at LRT. Customs last year collected about P252B last year’s collection. were 17% higher year-onyear. our excess wasa P1.